Jongin’s jersey number 88 trending in Japan and his goods sell the most at Japan SUM (7net)

There was A-nation concert in Japan yesterday and this is something like SM town concert where all the different fandoms gathering together in one place. which means a lot of them don’t know about EXO. after the concert ended, other fandoms started talking about them online and Jongin and Baekhyun got the best response. (apparently Jongin gained many fanboys from this concert too..they were saying how his smile was cute and etc ) 

Since they don’t know the members’ names, they just searched things up with their jersey numbers and only Joingin’s number 88 made it on searching words ranking. and you can see other suggested search words under his number like..
( number99, EXO, number12, number94, number61, KAI , EXO fan, ballad)

And there’s this list about SM artists goods sales at Japan SUM and their online shop on 7net.. there were two items (a bracelet and a t-shirt) for each EXO member in the top 200. DBSK is still doing so good in Japan, 1th~22th were DBSK’s and the 23th was EXO’s (as a whole) and Jongin’s bracelet was in the 24th, Xiumin’s was the 26th and other members’ were like 34th,36th, 51th…

and for the t shirt, Jongin’s was the most popular one again, it was in the 99th and 105th too (large size one was 99th and the medium one was 105th) and Xiumin’s was in the 124th and Chanyeol’s was in the 130th and etc.

Do u know what’s Jongin’s nickname among Japanese fans? it’s ‘Asia’s first love’ LMAO..some people say that he got that nickname from yesterday’s concert but no they’ve called him that since Japan fanmeeting in April 2015.