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its so refreshing to see other people acknowledging how *young* shiro is. i feel like, there's a tendency in the vld fandom to view "adult" characters as a homogenous group, as though everyone over the age of 20 suddenly has their shit together (maybe this is because the fandom is quite young, on average). there seems to be little distinguishment between an adult such as coran and an adult such as shiro, when in reality these two would be in very different stages of their lives.

I think this is actually a common attitude you see sneaking around in a lot of stories, where, you are either a teenager or younger, or you’re an Ancient, Sage Mentor, and, as a result, it creates a lot of weirdness.

On the one hand, you have a problem that I think the Sonic series is awful for, where character ages feel like really arbitrary weird numbers. Yes, no two people are the same or develop at the same rate but Tails does not act like an eight-year-old. Why is Rouge, a government-contracted espionage agent that owns her own club on the side, eighteen? You can’t wave your hands and say every single person in your setting is a prodigy, here.

Often coming hand and hand with this, though, is the idea that anyone older than twenty is a sage, veteran adult who is also forcibly shuffled out of the plot and out of importance, because a great message to tell people is if they don’t have their magical life-changing adventure while they’re still a teenager or younger, their life is over.

The thing about VLD is… these people are young. And nobody really wants them to be there. There’s a reason Coran is so worried about these people’s welfare- he’s six hundred years old, which, developmentally, for Alteans, seems to put him in somewhere like his mid-fifties. He looks at the paladins, all of them, and sees… kids.

But the reality of this situation is the empire doesn’t care if their enemies, and these kids have a better shot armed and fighting than they do sitting there waiting for the empire to come after them.

That said, the empire itself seems to normally hesitate at employing young people themselves- at bare minimum the commanding elite appears to consist entirely of… the actual age range you would expect of military commanders. They’re all middle-aged and older, and this is considered normal. Lotor is an exception, but Lotor is in a uniquely abusive situation- Zarkon’s not going to permit his son to have a normal childhood, and Throk even calls Lotor a “brat” and cites it as a reason Lotor’s unfit to lead, and shouldn’t be doing this- “Why is he not at his father’s bedside?”

So even the empire- while Haxus claims and later opponents not even hesitating at Pidge or the other paladins supports that they don’t care if their enemies are young- for their own people, do have age standards. And by those standards, Lotor is young, the paladins are young, Pidge, at fifteen, is “a child”. Hell, this applies even to other organizations: with the rebels, Captain Olia seems young, but Ozar and Te-Osh seem older, and having a handful of youthful prodigy characters out of a much larger organization is a lot more realistic than “nobody here is old enough to buy a drink in the US.”

Kolivan would seem to be an old man, suggesting he’s spent most of his life working to his position as leader of the Blade.

By the Garrison’s standards, Shiro is not the kind of person who should be leading missions- he was on Kerberos under Commander Holt, who was a far older man. If everything else hadn’t happened, he might’ve moved up into the commanding ranks of the Garrison…. by the time he was forty.

TL;DR I think popular media has desensitized us to the concept of prodigies and given us really weird standards about what we think is a “reasonable” age so I’m not all that surprised people misconstrue Shiro as a Wise, Sagacious Veteran and not a young adult.


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Name: Erfa

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“You’re cute.”

[An AU in which the BoM are on a diplomatic mission to ally themselves with the Alteans in the fight against Zarkon]

[prints available]


It’s really been over half a decade since we lost you, Paul. We’ve been without your face, your music, and your touching nature for six years. We can only say so much for how much you’ve impacted the entire world, how you’ve saved lives and given hope to countless people of every age and race. You’ve created a monster that is growing in size and creativity and this monster is Slipknot. This monster has grown into such proportions that you’ve got millions of people that love you and will always have you in their hearts.

“The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you… The world will never know another man as amazing as you…” – “Skeptic”

We miss you, Paulie. That laugh, smile, adorable horseplay, and that awesome lefty playing. Keep watching over the Maggots. We love you.

.For Paul Gray. 

April 8, 1972 - May 24, 2010


a comprehensive list of things that give the Duke of Detroit a boner

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*first chapter posted in dec. ‘15.

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Is there more Altean Lance on the way? Ps. Feel better. *gives you soup*

I actually have plans for an Altean!Lance/BoM!Keith comic/doujin! 

The idea is that the BoM send a delegation to Altea to negotiate an alliance in the fight against Zarkon - it’s a tentative and uneasy alliance, but both parties know they need each other. Shiro (rescued by the BoM) and Keith (part Galra, obv) are part of the delegation and Lance is part of Allura’s party, probably her brother or cousin, but also a strategist because I love strategist Lance. Lance is his usual flirty self and they dance around each other in typical klance fashion while the negotiations go on in the background *waggles eyebrows*

In a rare peek inside The Notebook (which you’ll have heard me refer to in my streams - it’s where I scribble my ideas), here is a little snippet of my plans. As you can see, my prelim sketches are…not exactly the cleanest, but they’ll suffice as long as I can work out the gist of the scribble!

And as a bonus, here we have Shiro and Allura bonding over how hopeless both Keith and Lance are:

Save them.

Dad, just because you didn’t get to hit that Malfoy arse doesn’t mean you have to take it out on mine and Scorpius’ relationship.
—  Albus Potter to a VERY Angry Harry Potter