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Modern au were Hux meets up with his high-school ex Ben, discovering that he is not only attending the same collage as him, but raising their daughter Rey, and doing a pretty good job of it on his own, much to Hux's shock. Just Hux cock-blocking anyone who tries to date Ben.

There were a few crushes back in high school that Hux really wasn’t proud of.

Firstly there was Phasma, who happened to be the first woman in their school to be allowed a Captain title on the football team. Who would blame someone for having a crush on her, though? Clumsy, awkward and an overall sweetheart under the masculinity she portrayed, Phasma was now more of an older sister than a love interest. So yeah, number one on the list of embarrassing crushes was his best friend.

Number two and three weren’t so bad. Just some boys in his class that caught his eye once or twice. He’d confessed to both of them at a friend’s birthday party when he was stoned so that’s why they made the list. They never looked at him the same after that, and honestly he didn’t blame them.

Four and five were sisters, no, they were twin sisters. Which meant he loved one of them….but the other looked just the same so he could never remember which one it was. He got beat up by their older sister in middle school, 7th grade if he could recall correctly. She said something to him about being Irish and then proceeded to beat the shit out of him. Yet, he didn’t dislike her afterward. He found himself quite intrigued by her brute strength, after all, she was the only one in the class who had given him a broken nose for being so snotty to everyone else. But he didn’t love her. He loved the twins. And when he found out that they had both the looks and the strength, well, who wouldn’t be infatuated?

So, number six…well, it was the only crush Hux ever acted on. His first partner, lover, ….boyfriend, if he could force himself to even go so far. Beside Phasma, Ben Solo had been his best friend for many years. He was quiet and shy, with long limbs and a thin frame, desperately awkward and the complete nerd of their misfit group. He was what Hux would describe as perfect.

And he came from a rich family, too. His mother was a politician like Hux’s father, his uncle was a world renowned astrology lecturer, and his father briefly owned a multimillion trading company before he took off just like Hux’s own mother had done. They were similar, both broken by family betrayal, and in many ways they envied each other. But the constant bickering and fighting meant nothing when they lay in bed together. Hux saw something in Ben, his own dreams perhaps, and he long sought after a life that included his inelegantly beautiful lover alongside him.

But then, without so much as a warning, Ben and his family moved away.

He left; deserted Hux just like his mother had done some seventeen years ago. And of course he blamed himself. What else could one do after growing up with an abusive father who had a habit of wrongfully blaming the one who did no wrong.

So, number six. A silly, stupid, nonchalant crush. Just like the rest, he decided. Just like the rest.


The lecturer was as boring as the class.

“Now, in order to maintain leadership in society,” his alpha tutor reminded, “One must always ensure dominance toward the weak.”

Now, if his teacher of this All Alpha Health Class happened to be David Attenborough, then maybe something might have already peaked his interest. But no, it wasn’t David Attenborough who brought them through the nature of an alpha’s dominance, it was some small, old, sweaty man with a horrible accent and a very sexist view on everything.

“An Alpha should do this. An Omega shouldn’t do that. A Beta isn’t capable of doing anything.”

Never in his life had he been more inclined to take his pen and lodge it between a man’s eyeballs.

Now, don’t get him wrong, Hux himself was a firm believer in a superior race. Call him a villain but as his father had said before “there is a reason why Alphas are the way we are, and that’s to be on top, to easily dominate the ones who happen to be weaker”. Hux couldn’t have said it better himself because that’s just what he believed. However, the fact that he was currently being forced to listen to someone else tell him what his father always said was heavily draining. He didn’t even sign up for this class.

So there was a window that he liked to turn to when he got bored. From it’s weird angle one could see straight into another class where a nicer looking woman was teaching the omega health class. It wasn’t unusual to see one or two pretty girls sitting by the window he could see into. The class was full of potential mates for an alpha to easily claim.

But today, there were no pretty girls sitting by the window. For the first time ever, there was a man.

The rarity of a male omega was usually celebrated, because having this rare gene in the family meant serious wealth for parents. Female omegas were often rather expensive for households to breed, boys, however, were widely looked for which meant the mate paid the parents rather than the parents having to pay the mate. He found it rather strange that a male was even allowed to go to college given that at this age he should already be mated off or at least bred. Once that happened, omegas were forced to stay at home, leaving the alpha out there to do all the hard work.

As it should be, Hux thought to himself.

Still surprised by the phenomenon, he turned around to Phasma, poking her twice to get her attention. She looked at him with tired eyes.

“Look,” he whispered, pointing out the window, “A male Omega.”

Phasma found his amazement rather amusing. “Yeah,” she hummed casually. “Kind of reminds me of Ben.”


He looked over again, this time actually looking instead of just peaking. The boy who sat there had the same dark hair (only it was a bit longer and messier than Ben’s was) and long, lanky features as Ben had. But, there was no way that could be him. He knew Ben was an omega too, but this was another state. They couldn’t possibly have ended up in the same college…could they?

He shook his head dramatically. No, no. His mind was tired or just playing tricks. Ben wasn’t there…he couldn’t have been.

“Class dismissed,” he barely heard the teacher say because he was out the door too quickly.


When he got outside, the Omega health class was just after finishing up too, so he was immediately thronged by a class full of people. It wasn’t too hard to spot Ben, though, his tallness along with other remaining attributes of his youth made him stick out. He was talking to another girl when Hux rushed over. Their eyes meant only briefly but Hux suddenly started to sweat.

Great, he thought, now I’m going to look like a complete freak.

The second time Ben looked at him, he knew that there was some remembrance in his eyes because his gaze lingered for far too long. He immediately lost interest in the girl he was talking too and turned to face his past. Hux could feel his shadow. It covered him like a tree and that frightened him more than he’d like to admit. So, not to abide by the fear, he stood up as straight as he could, brushing down his jumper and flattening out his back, trying to look as neat as he could, just like his father had taught him some many years ago.

Just a few steps. He could do that. He was an alpha. Right? Right.

“Benjamin Solo,” he said smoothly. The omega barely looked at him. “I see you’ve finally caught up with me again. How many years has it been, now? Two? Three? Fou-”


Hux paused. “Mommy?”

It took his brain a moment to realise that it wasn’t Ben who said that (obviously) but a cute little girl with two brown pigtails who couldn’t have been more than four years old. She ran over to Ben with her arms outstretched and a big smile creased across her face.

“Mommy,” she said again as he lifted her up. She was so tiny compared to him, it reminded Hux of a child perched atop of a tree. He really needed to stop comparing Ben to a tree.

“Hello, Armitage. Long time no see,” Ben said, the voice that came with it was so undeniably ridden with snide.

Hux bit back an insult. Not yet.

“You - you have kept yourself busy I see.” He made a vague gesture at the child.

Ben laughed. Wow, how many years had it been since he’d heard that? “I have, haven’t I?” he asked rhetorically. “Forgive me for being so rude, this is my daughter, Rey.”

Rey. What an unusual name for a girl, was his first thought. But as he played it on his tongue it sounded better. Rey. A memory provoked and he was forced to remember how much Ben loved the uncommonness of a name. He often babbled on about how his own name was just too ordinary.

“My mother is Leia, my grandfather was Anakin and I’m Ben,” he’d said as they lay together out on the fields by Hux’s house. “It’s so widespread. Why couldn’t my name be something unusual? Ren, perhaps. That would get people talking.”

Hux recalled laughing at him. He liked the name Ben. “At least it’s better than Armitage.” How many times had he said that?

“Oh, hello.” He waved awkwardly and the little girl turned in toward her mother. “I, uh, didn’t know you were mated.”

Ben sighed, looking disappointed in himself. An illegitimate child than, like himself.

“I’m not mated,” he said quietly. It was almost as if he was too embarrassed to admit it. “Actually I haven’t had the chance to be with that many people. Most usually stray away from an omega who already bares the child of a different alpha.”

He hummed to himself, basking in the truth of that statement. “So the father….does he…”

“No, he, uh, he doesn’t know. Yet.”

“Oh, so you plan on telling him?” Hux asked innocently, leaning back on his heels.

Ben blushed. “Maybe…that depends if he wants to know. I mean I haven’t spoken to him in years.”

Hux made a noise he didn’t know he could make. Somewhere between breathing in and choking. No, this wasn’t good. Rey’s familiar scent caught his nose. He knew this kid. He knew her even before she was born. He knew her when he sat beside Ben on the rooftop, merrily drinking his dad’s liquor even when Ben refused to take it. He knew her when he held back Ben’s hair as he threw up claiming that it was just ‘a 24 hour thing’. He knew her when he and Ben lay beside each other in bed, drenched in sweat and trying to catch their breath.

He knew her.

“You didn’t-“


“And I wasn’t-“


“And you weren’t with anyone else-“

“No one.”

“So she is…”


No. No. No.

“My father’s going to kill me,” he wheezed. “A daughter! I have a daughter.”

“Well, you’ve had a daughter for the past four years now,” Ben said dryly.

“Yeah, one that you didn’t bother telling me about!”

Rey obviously sensed the anger in her father because she started crying and Ben glared at Hux before trying to calm her down. It was a weird sensation because not only did he have no clue who this child was, he suddenly felt the oddest urge to protect her. Any Alpha that passed was a threat to his pup. Everyone around him was out to get his daughter.

“Would you calm down,” Ben scolded. “Your insanity hormones are scaring her.”

“My-” Hux was suddenly back in the moment. “Sorry, I - shit, I didn’t mean to be so standoffish.”

“It’s okay, she’s just not used to you yet,” Ben said as he wiped away her tears. She bowed her head slightly so that Ben could kiss her forehead. It may just have been the cutest thing Hux had ever seen.

But then.

“Yet?” Hux asked, sounding angrier than he’d expected.

Ben went pale. “Sorry, force of habit.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. You- well now that I know I have a kid I can be involved, right?”


“Right?” Hux pressured.

Ben looked away. “Look, I appreciate it, but I’ve been doing this on my own for four years now.”

“But she’s my daughter,” Hux said sadly.

“Yeah, I know, but…”

“But? Ben, she’s my daughter.”

“No!” There was the angry Ben he knew….Okay, probably not the best time. “I welcome you too see her every now and again but she is mine, okay? I’ve been doing this on my own since she was born and that’s how I want to continue. I’m sorry, Armitage, but that was four years ago now and I don’t think I can go back there.”

Hux’s heart dropped to somewhere that definitely wasn’t in his chest because trust him to be upset about someone he met barely two minutes ago. “Yeah, I get it. That’s only fair.” His head dropped. “But if you want any help make sure to call me, OK?”

Ben nodded slowly. “Yeah…” he said, in a way that Hux knew meant he wasn’t ever going to call. “Then I’ll see you around, I guess.”


How awkward was this. Ben and his kid walking away from him and he couldn’t even do anything. He hated it. Hated Ben so badly in that moment. And yet, here he was, finally thinking about Ben again.

He sighed as he walked back to the dormitory, alone and annoyed and angry.

God, he wanted Ben back. And he’d get him. Oh, he was sure he would.

But first, he needed to devise a plan.
Fic Update: The Trouble with Us - (Luke/Sana, M, 8369 words)
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Sana Starros has two rules: always get paid, and don’t get involved. Hanging around the Alliance waiting for Han Solo to pay her breaks rule number one. And if she doesn’t take off soon, Luke Skywalker is going to make her break rule number two. In a big, big way.

I apologize in advance for any heartbreak. But there’s kissing!

Zany fans: can little mix stop using zayn for promo?! It’s so annyoing..they’re such flops

Little mix: sorry we can’t hear you over being number one for two weeks in a row. Having sotme being number 1 3 weeks in a row. And having the biggest UK tour of 2016. Not to mention we’ll be touring America with ariana grande..then touring half the world on our own….you were saying?

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Oh now he reckons it’s because his wife Bronagh has “endured many lonely nights” and his adult children have been put under “extraordinary levels of intrusion.” Number one, Stephie and Max Key are the most attention-seeking little toerags outside the Kardashian family, number two, if I were married to John Key I’d be flipping delighted if he stayed out all night.


*claws my way out of procrastination by using the pretty setters squad as motivation*