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this fandom is hilarious. apparently Sasuke's been searching for Salad's eyes (bc that new guy stole her eyes) That's why he's been gone. And Sakura is totally pregnant with baby no 2!

I’ve been seeing those theories and they’re filled with so many holes. Even if that were the case that doesn’t mean Sasuke couldn’t meet or contacted Sarada in any way. 

The way Sarada speaks gives us the impression she has never spoken to him at all. For example, she was asking Shizune about her father and what he was like. 

If Sakura is pregnant with baby number two, we should take note that since she’s not showing then she would be in the very early stages of pregnancy. Meaning Sasuke very recently visited, knocked her up, but didn’t take even a second of his time to meet his daughter. I have no idea why this is a theory. We better hope that theory isn’t true because goddamn if it’s true that means Sasuke and Sakura are the worst parents for lying to their daughter and keeping her in the dark while they continue to have a relationship.

But yeah i doubt that’s the case. 


Mod2: are you even for real.