Week Ending July 6th, 2015

  1. Chris Pratt
  2. Kylie Jenner
  3. Kendall Jenner +1
  4. Misha Collins +1
  5. Jensen Ackles +1
  6. Chris Evans −3
  7. Dylan O'Brien +2
  8. Zendaya +9
  9. Cara Delevingne −1
  10. Tom Hiddleston
  11. Donald Trump +8
  12. Jared Padalecki
  13. Kim Kardashian −1
  14. Karlie Kloss
  15. Darren Criss −1
  16. Gigi Hadid 
  17. Arnold Schwarzenegger −2
  18. Shia LaBeouf −7
  19. Emilia Clarke
  20. Laverne Cox −7

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

minimist asked:

Number 7, ross and demelza

Ross was making his way gingerly down the lane when he heard a screech flowed by a clang of pans.

“God!” he groaned, “Jud!!! If I find out you’ve been in the gin a-”

He was cut short by the sight of Jud sprinting from the house across the yard to the stables.

Ross had not seen Jud run once in the twenty years that he’d been on the farm. Not even when threatened with the cane. So he naturally assumed some awful disaster had struck Namara.

That “disaster” took the form of a very angry and loud wife.

As he approached the kitchen her loud cursing came to an abrupt stop. Not a good sign.

When he entered the room proper she abruptly turned her back to him and made a show of scrubbing the huge copper pots he’d bought her last spring.

“My Love?”

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greywardens asked:

Would you do number 7 with Alistair x Mahariel?

kiss meme, “I’ve missed you kiss”, featuring the return of an accident-prone Alistair.   I might have stalked your Kenna Mahariel tag just a bit.  Hope that’s alright.  :D

She always took him on missions.  Always.  

“Except for this time,”  he muttered under his breath.

Blast that ogre that they’d come across four days ago.  Curse him for being right in it’s path as it fell.  Even with Wynne’s healing magic and multiple health poultices, his body still ached with every move he made.  

He’d stewed all morning on his bedroll next to the fire.  She’d left with Morrigan, Leliana, and Sten three days ago, giving him a quick kiss on the crown of his head as she barely roused him from sleep to say goodbye.  He’d wanted to pull her to him, bring her lips to his, but his arms hadn’t been cooperating with him at that early stage in his recovery.  He knew he’d have to be satisfied with what he had gotten for the next while.

She should be back soon.  How long could she possibly be?  The camp had been only a day’s march from Denerim, if she’d only been there a day, she could on her way back to him now.

He thought about how he’d greet her when she came back, now that he could move again.  He’d march right up to her, take her in his arms, and he’d kiss her.  Not just a kiss on the crown of her head, but a real kiss this time.  He’d tell her how he’d missed her, even if it only had been three days, as his lips would follow the lines of her vallaslin up nose.  He’d litter her forehead with kisses before moving back down to her beautiful full lips, his fingers trailing up into her blonde hair.  

It seemed silly how much he missed her, he was sure that Morrigan would sneer at him if she knew.   Three days.  It had only been three days.  And yet waking up in the morning without her beside him had been torture.  After this, he never wanted to be away from her side again.  He played with the woven bracelet she’d given him in secret weeks ago.  Embrium leaves woven together into a band that had barely fit over his large hand.  Her cheeks had darkended as she gave it to him, saying it was just a silly thing she’d liked to do since she was a child.  He told her he’d wear it always, sometimes hidden under his gauntlets, but it was always there, reminding him of her.

He head whipped around when he heard her mabari bark at the edge of the camp, a grin spreading across his face.


He wasn’t as agile as he had imagined he would be in his head only moments ago, his legs still a little wobbly with the pain, but he made it over to her.  She smiled as his arms wrapped around her, meeting his lips with hers.

“I’ve missed you.”

10 People I want to know better

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Birthday: January 7th
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn 
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic/Asexual
Favorite colors:  Purple, Red, and Black
Lucky number: 7 and 8
Last thing you googled: Short Brown Hair and Brown Eyes
Happy place: My room, alone with quiet or on walks with music in the rain
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Favorite fictional character: Atm Its Tsubaki Yayoi and Akoya Gero
Favorite famous person: Markiplier or Jacksepticeye
Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johanson????
Dream Trip: Maybe England??? Japan??? Australia???
Dream job: Cartoon Creator 
What I’m wearing right now: Jeans with a floral print thing on one side, a blue “Jade Festival” t-shirt, and my glasses

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Name: Guadalupe

Nickname: Lupe, GG, Loops

Birthday: March 12

Star sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Sexual orientation: Straight

Average hrs of sleep: Like 6

Lucky number:

Last thing googled: Mr. Robot episode three..

First word that comes to mind: Instagram

How many blankets do I sleep under: One big one..

Favorite fictional character: Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska)

Favorite famous person: Matt Mcgorry

Celebrity crushes: Jonathan Dos Santos, Neymar Jr, Diego Reyes

Im a hoe for soccer players

Favorite animes: QUe?

Favorite musician/band(s): 1D, 5sos, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP ROCKY, Luis Coronel, 

Favorite games: Fifa 

Last movie seen in cinema: Pitch Perfect 2

Dream holiday: Summer in Cancun 

Dream job:  Idk but here’s a quote: “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it really, really well.”- ANdy Dwyer

Wearing right now: Tank Top & Sweats

Last book I read: Paper Towns by John Green 


jurgendam lovelybutfrigid arianasgrandefrappuccino alejandios felicia-the-writer-xoxo chiicharit-hoe nikeneymar quierocreermx chisharito durmeyer 

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NAME: Scott
NICKNAME: Scotty and Scooter (only if i really love you) and sometimes scotty too hotty, scoot (but only kali)
BIRTHDAY: February 18th
STAR SIGN: Aquarius
GENDER: Mail lol 
HEIGHT: 5'6"

TIME AND DATE ATM: 7:04 July 6th
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: maybe 8 if im lucky sometimes more

LAST THING I GOOGLED: Blue Devils Sterling



FAVOURITE FAMOUS PERSON(S): Chris Pratt, Miles Teller, Keira Knightley
FAVOURITE FOOD: Anything Italian
FAVOURITE TV SHOW(S): Over the Garden Wall, Amazing World of Gumball
DREAM WEDDING: Favorite people are there all i need

DREAM PROFESSION: Drum Corps Percussion Caption Head
WEARING NOW: a grey shirt and khaki shorts 


I tag: censored–y0uth h-amartithia thereturnofgingerunderduhstairs andrea-marie23 sofa-king-tuba splantamello drumcorps5ever r2d2likesdrumcorps beuphonium chicanaspice yolobrass

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1.Name? Chloe
2. Where’re you from? Lots of places, most of them in my imagination
3. Favorite color? Either dark velvet red or royal purple
4. Favorite number? 7
5. Favorite band/artist? Ugh, I can’t choose just one! I’ll put one for each genre, as a compromise
-Indie: The Head and the Heart
-Folk: The Weepies
-Rock: Lumen, Goo Goo Dolls
-Punk(-ish): Green Day, MCR
-Pop: Wir Sind Helden
-Classical: Chopin
(As you can tell, I’m a music fanatic)
7. Tag 8 people you’d like to know better. At this point you guys probably know that I am incapable of staying within these tagging limits, so there’ll be more than 8 (more like 15) Sorry, I love you guys too much.
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•name: alyssa

•nickname: dont have one

•birthday: august 25

•star sign: virgo

•gender: female

•height: 5'3

•sexual orientation: horny

•fav colour: green

•time right now: 3:18pm

•average hours of sleep:maybe around 3-5? anymore and it just makes me tired

•lucky number: 7

•last thing i googled: “do nipple piercings affect breast developement?”

•words that come to mind: shower, tahoe, paint

•happy place: this amazing place up north right on the coast, i stayed in this adorable little house with a piano in the front room, the sky was so clear i didnt even know that many stars existed, and this adorable cafe right near the beach

•number of blankets i sleep under: 1 or 2?

•celeb crush: myself

•fav book: oh god uh many mansions, series of unfortunate events, wicked, and elizabeth of acquiatane 

•fav bands: cyber bully mom club, brand new, bleachers, marina and the diamonds (does she count as a band?)

•last movie i saw: Chicago and it was amazing

•dream trip: anywhere out of America

•dream job: man i just wanna travel and learn

•what i am wearing: over sized tee shirt and panties


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Meet the Blogger

Name: Erin
Birthday: April 7th
Sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2" & ¾
Sexual orientation: Mostly straight
Favourite color: Green
Time: 1:33pm
Average hours of sleep: 6-8-ish…
Lucky numbers: 7 or 13
Favourite fictional character: Umm… Probably Lando Calrissian from Star Wars…
Favourite famous people: All the guys in Earth Wind & Fire
Celebrity Crushes: Kevin Pillar, Lucy Lawless, Debbie Harry, Lee Pace, the list goes on…
Favourite Books: I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak, Yeats is Dead! by fifteen Irish authors, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, and even though I’m not done yet, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.
Favourite bands: Earth Wind & Fire, The Manhattan Transfer, The Strokes
Last movie I saw: Sleeping Beauty
Dream trip: Macchu Pichu or the pyramids at Giza 
Dream job: Event planning

I’ll tag accordingtojess, buried-at-sea, and shorelyknot

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Thank you!!

Name: Nikki

Nickname: Sunshine or Sweets are the two most common. Both given to me by family.

Birthday: February 23

Starsign: Pisces. And let me just say that 99.99999% of the Zodiac posts on this damned site are biased against Pisces. 😡

Gender: female

Height: 5’ 5.5" just average

Sexual orientation: hetero

Favorite color: black

Average hours of sleep: maybe 6-7

Lucky numbers: 23 all the way

Last thing I Googled: variable vs attribute

Words that come to my mind: it’s hot in my apartment

Number of blankets I sleep under: one sheet and one quilt right now

Favorite fictional characters: Elizabeth Bennet

Favorite famous people: Morrissey and Brandon Flowers

Favorite bands: The Smiths and The Killers

Last movie I saw: in theaters, Jurassic World

Dream trip: I desperately want to go to Manchester, but I really want to go to Iceland

Dream job: independently wealthy so I can travel all the time

I don’t know who to tag! So, aint-wealljustrunaways beautifulbrandonflowers my-sams-town meowriahh only if you want and if you haven’t done this already. :-)


I have been procrastinating on all these tags and I am so absolutely, superbly sorry to those who tagged me months ago. Anyways, thanks for tagging me and here goes nothing! (I collated all the tags/challenges so most of ya’ll will be getting more than you asked for! I apologize in advance if my face makes you uncomfortable! I hope this would not be confusing!) Enjoy! :-) <3

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Name: Marissa
Nickname: Miss Riss, Riss, Rissa, Marbear, Mira
Birthday: February 1, 1988
Star sign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2″
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual 
Romantic Orientation: Polyromantic (I took a quiz to find the right terminology!) 
Time/Date: 5:44pm July 6 2015
Average amount of sleep: 5-8 hours
Lucky number: 7
Last thing I googled: paint inside shelf 
1st thing that comes to mind: I should probably be answering those queue calls instead of filling this out…>.> 
How many blankets you sleep under: Sheet, heated blanket (not always on), comforter. 
Fav famous person: Hayley Atwell, Chris Evans, Taylor Swift…those are the first few that come to mind. 
Celebrity Crush: Josh Hartnett, Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Eva Green, Paul Rudd, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Eddie Redmayne, Domhnall Gleeson…
Fav movie: About Time, V for Vendetta, Howl’s Moving Castle…way too many to name? 
Last movie I saw in theatres: Um…I think it was Jurassic World? Have I really not been to a movie since then? 
Dream Holiday: New Zealand, Europe, anywhere really…haha, I’m so easy to please. 
Dream Job: Something that would allow me to watch TV/movies, play games, read, eat, and hang out with my friends and get paid for it. 
Wearing rn: Jeans, t-shirt, and Birkenstocks.  
Last book I read: Currently reading House of Leaves…still…but I’ve made a lot more progress since last time! 

Tagging: magmatron, krafayis-of-provence, joriahsmind, metalarmsandwands, ummitsmikeagain, lux-nitida, neelik, amerkindream, little-superstitions, ralphio, thewookielife And whoever else wants to do it! Tag me in the tags. :) 

[7:00:46 PM] imanie: WHATS UR FAVE NUMBER…..
[7:00:54 PM] snat: 9 WHY DO YUO ASK JFSKDSG
[7:01:00 PM] imanie: BECAUSE IM JUST ASKING
[7:01:11 PM] snat: uhm sweatie thats gay..
[7:03:42 PM] imanie: um sweetie… my fave number is 6 :’)
[7:03:48 PM] imanie: and 9 is a gayn umber
[7:03:51 PM] snat: 69
[7:03:53 PM] snat: ?
[7:03:55 PM] imanie: YOUVE DONE DAMAGE-
[7:03:56 PM] imanie: bue
[7:03:57 PM] imanie: bey
[7:03:58 PM] imanie: bye

Tapped by two-three-foreskin

Name: Kirri
Nickname: Kiz, kRIRI
Birthday: May 16
Starsign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Height: 5′6″
Sexual Orientation: Why not?
Favorite Colour: Blue and peach
Average hours of sleep: 7
Lucky numbers: 16
Last thing I googled: “are shorts pants”
Word that comes to mind: Biscuit
Happy place: At a gig, right at the barrier / Overlooking the water
Number of blankets I sleep under: It’s Winter so i’ve got an electric blanket, a sheet, and a doona
Favorite fictional characters: Jo March, Rizzo, Penny Lane, DJ Gavin Kavanagh
Favorite famous people: That band I talk about a lot, Josh Homme, Mae West, Johnny Depp, Mamrie Hart, Calamity Jane
Celebrity crushes: Jonny Lee Miller’s getting me a bit tingly despite the mystery that is his hair. Also, Keegan-Michael Key for all the reasons.
Favorite books: I done made a list and everything
Favorite Bands: Oh, that’s funny.
Last Movie I saw: Lucy (though I only started on it last night - let’s say it counts)
Dream trip: A road trip deep into the CA desert; going ‘round the South Pacific islands on a boat (which i’m doing soon, yiss); the silent retreat in Bali; you know what, fuck it, I want to see what Burning Man’s about
Dream Job: I reckon I could be a fluffer for a day
What I am wearing at the moment: I’m having a sickie so it’s lounge wear and Uggs. That’s probably a turn-on for someone.

Rules: Tag ten blogs you want to get to know better..

I was tagged by gnarleybae she’s my fave!!!

Name: Felicia
Nickname: Chupe, big butt, little Luiz
Birthday: June 15
Star sign: Gemini
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Average hrs of sleep: 8
Lucky number: 7
Last thing googled: uti symptoms
First word that comes to mind: Boo
How many blankets do I sleep under: Two
Favorite fictional character: Don’t have one
Favorite famous person: G dragon
Celebrity crushes: Jonathan Dos Santos, Neymar Jr, Giovanni dos Santos

Favorite animes: don’t have any
Favorite musician/bands): miguel, earl sweatshirt, GD, CL A$AP ROCKY,
Favorite games: Fifa
Last movie seen in cinema: DOPE
Dream holiday: AT RIP TO DUBAI
Last book I read: DONT KNOW

I tag jese-hotriguez neyfinha
wiftty naaraixo

tag ten followers you’d like to know better.

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Name: irie! (pronounced as eye-rii since a lot of ppl find themselves pronouncing it incorrectly)
Nickname: sissy, gayby, iroo
Birthday: april 19th
Star Sign: aries-taurus cusp bc gdi im not letting other cusps do this alone
Height: 5′3″
Fave Color: i don’t rly have a specific favorite per se, but more or less a style of colors, which is pastel!
Time rn: 8:46pm
Average hours I sleep: 5-7
Lucky number: 14
Last thing I googled: “sailor moon pixels”
Word that comes to mind: jellyfish
Happy place: chamberlain, south dakota (which is where i am right now, but im leaving for home tomorrow :cc)
Number of blankets I sleep under: one! i live in henderson, nevada (aka location of satan’s asscrack) so yanno 
Fave Fictional Character(s): its a clear cut tie between mirai kuriyama and usagi tsukino
Fave famous person people: marina diamandis, dan smith, chris pratt, nicki minaj, nick petricca, rihanna, grimes, malala yousazfai, laverne cox, yanno lots of amazing ppl
Celebrity Crush(es): marina diamandis, dan smith, chris pratt, chris evans, chris hemsworth (aka the marvel holy trinity of chrisses), michael j. fox, nick petricca, a lot of ppl still
Fave Book(s): 1984, brave new world, fahrenheit 451, to kill a mockingbird, night, etc.
Fave Bands/Musical Artists: marina and the diamonds, bastille, walk the moon, grimes, the 1975, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, lisa lisa and cult jam, major lazer, i rly cant pick a select group lmao
Last Movie I saw: inside out!! ♥♥♥
Dream Trip: anywhere that has a great beach + forest population + good amount of rainfall
Dream Job: author/columnist for any popular news site like buzzfeed or smth
What I’m wearing now: walk the moon shirt + high waisted light washed jeans + watermelon socks

tagging: steve-stan, nerdbabysteve, steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve (there are a lot of steve stan blogs in here but that’s obvs expected lmao), simmba-quil, herorosalyn, ashybeach, official-swag-money, shinydarkraii, thedarknessoftheendlessmaze, pjo4life