At the sleepover and we are about to watch this….

And considering the trailer sent us into hysterics….

In an Alternate Universe...
  • JB: I hate it when Yugyeom calls me Hyung
  • Mark: *constantly screaming*
  • Jackson: Hello I am the calm and collected member of Got7
  • Jinyoung: I have no children
  • Youngjae: I hate dogs
  • Bambam: Eww! Dabbing that's so mainstream- that's awful
  • Yugyeom: I don't really like dancing
  • Me: Got7 is not the best thing that ever happened to me

I know I’ve been relatively inactive recently because of school pressure, and one of those school pressures was a 20-minute presentation on sapphic women in the victorian era. Would anyone be interested if I posted the presentation and my notes? It’s a lot of material, and I know I try to keep this blog mostly aesthetic, not pictures, but I thought it was really interesting and yall might think so too

they love each other, okay. 

song is “If I Could Fly” by One Direction

please do not repost anywhere else! 

all the love xxxx