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he aims to be lionhearted but he can’t stop his hands from shaking. when he was just a little boy, he wondered what it would take to be loved, because the person monster who raised him were not the kind of person who taught self love and acceptance, but the kind who stripped it away entirely. it wasn’t until he found love, and found the people who made him feel like he was worth something, that he recognized that it takes an enormous effort to detach yourself from painful memories. 

trigger warnings for: shitty parenting, homophobia / internalized homophobia, emotional and verbal abuse ( parent to child ).

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also 📔 please if ur feelin it

secrets, running over my soul. accepting.

for a secret sketchbook they keep (bonus: share a sketch or doodle within it!)

Hells yeah i’m feelin it! Answering ooc though bc i think it’ll be easier to explain this way.

n/b: i can’t draw for shit but luckily tumblr exists; credit to all the respective artists, you’re gonna be clicking on links to their blogs anyways so check out their other work if anything catches your eye!

So: Georgiou doodles all the time in the margins of her PADD/notebooks, depending on verse. She does simple little space-y things, like this or this or (especially) this.

(that last one is especially pertinent bc Philippa definitely doodled on her skin as a child, but nowadays professionalism and some form of long-sleeved uniform in most verses gets in the way of that. although sometimes your muse will find a bunch of space doodles on her arms anyways while undressing her)

Her actual sketchbook is either a) a private folder on her personal server that has existed since her Academy days or b) a blank notebook she originally bought to take notes in in university. There are a few pages of space doodles in there, too. But the sketchbook is important mostly bc it’s the only place where she does her dotwork.

The one non-space-related thing she likes drawing are flowers, like this or this. When she does fancier shit like this, it usually takes her months; she adds a few dots at a time and then forgets about it while she’s out there saving the universe and generally just being an awesome space unicorn.

This is probably the fanciest piece she’s ever created, and it took multiple failed attempts over the course of a little more than a year. She’s very proud of it.

In the rare event that someone on her crew is upset about not being able to learn a skill as quickly as they’d like, she may break out the sketchbook. It sure as hell doesn’t look like it, but there’s over 30 years of work in there; you can see how she grew and improved as an artist, even though it took her so long. Cue inspiring pep talk about how it doesn’t matter how long it takes or if you don’t end up mastering whatever it is you’re trying to learn, as long as you enjoy it, you should keep at it anyways.


So now the it is officially The 21st Night of September, I would like to just casually slide in here and remind you all once again that my Birthday is on the 22nd of September, and the forces of the universe granted me the most fucking epic Birthday Eve song ever

Pro tip never speak to your neighbors because apparently they’ll remember you AND CALL YOU OUT OF NOWHERE I AM SCREAMING HOW DID HE REMEMBER ME SO CLEARLY AND HOW DID HE HAVE MY NUMBER that’s it I’m becoming Ron Swanson from parks and recs and burning every information I have about myself so no one will ever know how to contact me including Tumblr SEE YA

     ❝ you don’t… SEEM human. ❞   walton wasn’t sure what the male was, but it wasn’t mortal.  mortals had a distinct feel to them, which this one didn’t have.  it was odd to him, made him feel weird.  if walton still had a heart, it would have been beating like crazy.      ❝ what are you, if you’re not mortal, that is? ❞

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     ❝ don’t talk to leota, unless you want to know when you’re going to die. ❞   walton stared at the female, knowing damn well she came here to just to visit.  nearly all the other ghosts may have had lighthearted intentions, but walton was one of the few who didn’t care for mortal life.  constance hatchaway and that ghost with his hatbox were the other two.  hatchaway murdered her own husband, so of course she had malicious intent.  but, the female obviously wasn’t here for her.      ❝ and stay away from constance, unless you’d LIKE to have your head removed from your body. ❞

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The latest annual story focuses on pre-V3mon S-ymby back when it was still attached to P3ter. And the entire thing is from its POV back when it still adored him. And nearly every piece of narration is just S-ym being concerned over P3ter’s wellbeing. Or talking about how much it cares and appreciates him. They really did that just for me and like three other people.

You know, Black Mist’s whole thing about wanting to become God is kinda depressing when you consider the fact that he’s actually just a fragment of Don Thousand, an actual God, and he can never be what Don Thousand is because he really is just a small meaningless fragment. In the end that’s what he turns back into, and Vector then parades his empty husk of a body around as a puppet, symbolic on how he never had any control of his own life because his life was never his own. He was always just a small part of a whole and never a whole himself.

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What was the last musical you saw live?

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, for the second time, I went with a friend and it was still absolutely amazing. We sat in a box over the stage like those two old muppets. Srsly awesome show!!!


- i’ll go with uncle donald because, well, he’s devoted to his family. unlike others. 

- yeah, and he’s thoughtful. 

-don’t forget passionate!

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