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I used to be the nice guy type when I was young and while I wasn’t the fedora/neckbeard type, I did carry a lot of their ideals. Now that I know how twisted that mindset is I’d like to say something.

Every single one of these assholes is a god damn liar. “I just want a loving, faithful waifu (lol) that I will treat like a princess.” No. The truth is that that nice guy is going to try to get you too blow him and then ignore you the same as the dick head jock will. They yell “friend zone” as often as possible, not because their heart is breaking but because they now have to confront the fact that they simply aren’t attractive enough to be the player they wish they were.

This victim complex doesn’t come from unrequited love, it is a selfish need to stack numbers that will secure their place on top of the masculinity hierarchy. When they fail to get enough trophies they realize something is wrong and it can’t be their fault so all women must be frigid bitches.

Don’t feel bad for them. They aren’t sincere, misunderstood, and sensitive, they’re just working an angle.

The Seven would totally play games of “How many things can we stack on Leo’s head before he notices” when Leo gets absorbed in his work or falls asleep in the bunker

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Can you explain the Dalmatians to me & how they work?

(*´◒`*) Hey Anon!

Dalmatian medals have been a recent addition to JP KHUX All 101 dalmatians have been hidden in story quests,raid boss drops,material and evo quests and proud quest+. 

The good news is that each puppy has its own number (and its own album spot), and are tacked to their own quests (though some are heavily RNG). We’ve already found all puppies for you, so I’ll post a location list + tips at the end!

About the puppies & inventory

Dalmatians are pretty much useless by themselves, and since they’re all individually numbered, they won’t stack. Your inventory will treat them like separate medals unless they’re the same number.

Puppy no.2 + Puppy no.3 = no stacking
Puppy no.2 + Puppy no.2 = Puppy no.2 (x2) [stacks]

The week when the puppies got added, JP KHUX players got inventory campaign, meaning we only had to spent half as much to increase our inventory space.

About sets

The good news is, you can merge puppies in sets of 6. Puppies 1-6 can be merged into the ‘no. 1-6 puppies’ medal, as can 7-12, etc. However, if you’re missing even a single puppy from a set, you can’t merge them. Merging them as soon as you’re able will save you space, since it brings 6 spots down to 1.

Those merged puppy sets can also be merged again and again, until you have 2 sets left: first half and second half. Merging those two will give you the 6 star medal: the family medal.

About the family medal!

This is what it’s all about. Once you have the 6 star family medal, you can use 5 star Pongo (dad) and/or Perdita (mom) to dot them, guilt them, and even reguilt them!
You only have to go through the puppy farming thing once! Yay! You can also use more family medals to dot/guilt/reguilt, but why go through the trouble again when you can just use the parents for it, which drop from their own respective quests?

Why should I even do all this smh

Because the family medal is a random hitting, 4 gauge recovering speed type medal, which is super useful! 

..Just kidding.

Because guilting the family medal will give your burst a +1 boost. And max guilt level will give you a +100 burst boost, for a total of…+101. This can go a long way, and any means of increasing burst, especially by leaps, is great!

Are they permanent?

When the dalmatians were added, JP KHUX got a notification explaining its use. While we got a date for the introduction, there was NO date for removal. For now, they are a permanent addition to JP KHUX.
Even if you’ve already completed the family medal/guilting/requirements/already have no.X puppy, they will still drop.

Locations + Tips!

HERE is a link to the list with all locations. (Original tweet here.)
I’ve color coded them for quest attribute when applicable, so you can filter & search them more easily. Tips/reminders below!

– Salt

Prime Numbers Visualization.

A prime number (or a prime) is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. Primes are special numbers, then what makes primality so special? Don Zagier, an eminent specialist, said: Upon looking at these numbers, one has the feeling of being in the presence of one of the inexplicable secrets of Creation.
This image is created using circles with consecutive prime number diameters stacked on top of each other and repeated from a common origin. For each natural number n, we draw a periodic curve starting from the origin, intersecting the x-axis at n and its multiples. The prime numbers are those that have been intersected by only two curves: the prime number itself and one. The currently highlighted number show sum of divisors σ(n), and its aliquot sum s(n) = σ(n) - n, which indicate whether the number is prime, deficient, perfect or abundant. 

Lessons from Human Anatomy

Right before your conception, just right after your last moments as a sperm, you were able to outswim 250 million others to the finish line, which coincidentally was also your last moments as an egg. To say that the numbers were stacked against you is a severe understatement. There were 250 million different outcomes; 250,000,000 other possible fetuses. You had 0.0000000004% chances of being conceived. You were born because against the odds, you’ve persevered. You are here because you are a fighter.

Within our bodies, there is over 65,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries combined. 65,000 miles. The circumference of planet earth is barely 25,000. If we lay down your blood vessels end to end in a straight line, they could circle the world more than twice. Imagine endlessly pumping eight pints of blood delivering them around the word two times over, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your heart is capable of great things but your heart is also overworked. It needs some tender, loving care. But don’t expect others to take care of your heart. Their hearts are just as overworked.

Unless your skin is dry or flakes off easily, you wouldn’t notice it shredding. But the truth is, most of the dust in your house are your old skin cells. We lose 600,000 particles of skin every hour. We change our outermost layers every two to four weeks. Within a lifetime, we will have one thousand different skins. Those lips that kissed the first love who broke your heart, those are no longer your lips. Those hands that fought dirty in kindergarten bullying weaker kids, those are no longer your hands. And that face, that face which you sometimes call ugly whenever you look in the mirror, in less that 30 days that will no longer be your face. Do not underestimate your capacity to change. You have been changing all your life.

We are all made of atoms constantly moving in a constellation of push and pull. Their main objective is to keep everything of us together. But there will be days, or nights, when you would feel like you are drifting away and you can’t find any gravity in your center to hold you and keep you from falling apart. When this happens, remember that you are not orbiting towards oblivion; Remember that you do not reside in the darkest recesses of space. You were born from the big bang. The oxygen in your lungs. The iron in your blood. The carbon in your flesh. Each element in your body once belonged to interstellar stuff. Do not let the brilliance inside you flicker like a dying flame. Burn up and spread the light.

note: There was an older version of this poem posted a little more than a year ago, but since then I revisited and revised the poem for stage. This one is more or less (save for a few phrase changes or additional sentences I would insert here and there depending on my mood haha) the version that I am performing on spoken word events

the office of naval intelligence is excited to announce that, in light of yesterday’s revelation that cortana has hired the grunts to serve as front line bullet sponges, we are officially hiring the drones to serve as a new legion of well paid but underperforming pilots. all pelicans will now each be piloted by a number of drones, stacked on top of each other, wearing trench coats. 

Right, so, it took a little longer than an hour. Sorry, Anon.

Here’s a rough-ish, quickly typed up version of that meeting between Darcy and Natasha. I apologize for typos and whatnot. 


The fourth, and most intriguingly mysterious, member of Tony’s new superhero boy band, turned up at the Tower about a week and a half after the battle.

It was early, too early, the morning barely more than a rosy blush across the sky. Darcy was in the kitchen, her chin propped on one hand, while she clutched her mug of coffee like a lifeline. Next to her sat Jane, reading off numbers from a massive stack of papers, and quizzing Darcy on their research. Across the table, Tony was working on his tablet while simultaneously irritating Jane by interjecting his thoughts, theories, and suggestions into her one-sided conversation with Darcy.

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Rexsoka Week 
    Day 3 :: Chasing Shadows

Memorial Wall stood inside the GAR compound on Coruscant, emblazoned with the number of every trooper claimed by the war. The base’s harsh floodlights easily illuminated it, but the permanent soldier presence, the red-painted Coruscant Guard, walked right by on their rounds without a glance at the wall or the blue trooper standing in front of it.

The numbers, stacked in thin columns and grouped by companies, battalions and brigades, dwarfed the only clone to pay them attention. 

Captain Rex slid a glove over the numbers of the 501st, brothers who had served under his command. He recognized so few names. So many casualties in only two years and—if anything—the war just seemed to be intensifying.

The 501st list was about to grow again; Rex had come in person to deliver the casualty numbers from their most recent mission, reclaiming Umbara from the Separatists. He usually transmitted the tally to GAR headquarters electronically, but the deathly silence of the barracks was not what he wanted to face at the moment.

Rex leaned a hand against the wall and bowed his head. 

The entire hyperspace journey back from Umbara, Ahsoka had found her way into his office at regular intervals, asking if he wanted to talk, and pouting with shining eyes each and every time he turned her down. It was too soon to relive those battles; his choices; the outcome. 

It was also too soon to return to the barracks. 

Given the opportunity, the rest of the 501st collectively decided to go out into the blinding oblivion of Coruscant’s constant lights, crowds, and noise. None of the troopers had invited him along, and even if they had he would’ve declined. 

Rex’s hand slipped. He wandered back toward his transport much slower than the Guards moving around him. 

He was the only passenger on the LAAT/i as it lifted off the ground, its destination the barracks next to the ship yards. The open doors displayed a glittering Coruscant, beckoning and frivolous, and everything soldiers like Hardcase and Dogma would never again experience, even though it was planets like this they’d fought for. 

The Jedi Temple, almost a dark spot on the grid with its comparatively meager illumination, loomed in the distance, lights and life and modernity speeding by all around it. 

Rex’s mouth had long been dry—the minimal conversation required to hand over Umbara’s death toll to the administration was brutal—but he cleared his throat as he accessed his list of comlink numbers on his HUD screen and started to scroll through. So many numbers of his troops, automatically entered upon receiving new clones to the unit, were grayed out, another automatic update when they died. 

Finally, he reached the number he needed. The trilling beeps he counted as he waited for the call to connect grew to a worrisome amount… after all it wasn’t that late. For Coruscant, anyway.

The beeps gave way to a familiar mumble.

Even a second attempt at clearing his throat couldn’t stop him from sounding hoarse. “Hey, sir… do you still want to talk?” 

The longest silence followed. 

“Yeah, Rex. I do.” 

A day late and a dollar short. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


So the @mtv Ship of the Year fan awards are happening right now. 

It’s kinda hard to see how the numbers are stacking up since the posts are scattered among the different fandoms, so I thought I’d collect it into 1 post.

This is a “snapshot-in-time” of the standings 10 hours into the voting. And I’m obviously very biased towards Stucky. 

Guys, we’re literally 200,000+ notes behind first place. @marvel fans where are you????


Remember, ALL notes count (likes and multiple reblogs)

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Jurassic World Has $82.8 Million Opening Day, The Third Highest Of All Time
Jurassic World has roared up a massive $82.8 million for its Friday opening day returns, [...]

Jurassic World has roared up a massive $82.8 million for its Friday opening day returns, earning the third highest-grossing opening day of all time.

The Jurassic Park sequel is expected to pull anywhere between $180-$200 million this weekend, stomping past most analyst’s expectations. Friday’s performance follows Jurassic World’s strong Thursday night numbers, which stacked $18.5 million for the Colin Trevorrow-directed film. In becoming the third-highest opening day film of all time, World only sits behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows: Part 2.

Meet and Greet

His head rung painfully as he pulled himself up out of the bed. Rubbing his eyes a bit, Kankri looks around blearily. When did he get in a bed? He was pretty sure last he remembered he was just about to get the shit beaten out of him. Had one of his coworkers helped him? Or maybe he was dead and this was the afterlife.

The room was unfamiliar but a lot of its contents weren’t. A good number of stacks of his papers were in here along with his typewriter and books. He grabs one of the nearest papers and scans through it quickly. Yep definitely one of his papers. This one was about the Derse market system involving exotic foods. But… there was only about twenty pages of it, hardly a third of the original. And there was no way that the small amount of papers in this room was anywhere near it’s original amount. Where was he?

Crossing the room in a few steps it only takes a few brief moments to figure out the door controls. At least he wasn’t stuck in the room but this seemed far too advanced for Derse. Outside was an empty hallway that seemed to curve on both ends.


His tentative voice echoes quietly down the hall. Was there anyone here? He starts down the hallway his hand brushing against one of the walls to help keep track of were he was going. The hallway seemed to continue in a curved path. One side of the hallway had doors spaced out at intervals, however, he couldn’t figure out how to open them. It took a while before he came upon a door on the other. Oh an elevator? At least this was something. The controls were a little… odd. They weren’t just vertical but seemed to go in multiple directions. After playing with the controls for a bit it brought him to a new door, this one with a palm reader.

Cautiously, he places his hand on the reader. Text springs up on the screen in… Carapician? Before he can try to decipher it though it switches to Alternian.

Name: Kankri Vantas

Species: Alternian (mutant)

Class: Seer

Aspect: Blood

God-tier: Negative

Origin: {string of unintelligible text}

Status: Active

What… What was this? And what did active mean? Active in what? He jumps back a bit as the door shoots up opening to… a control room? What sci-fi was he dropped in? Or was this an Alternian ship? That would be an issue, especially since the ship already had records of his mutation and he still had dried blood on him from the bar fight. He slowly enters the room, keeping himself on high alert.

Hell9? Is any9ne in here?