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I used to be the nice guy type when I was young and while I wasn’t the fedora/neckbeard type, I did carry a lot of their ideals. Now that I know how twisted that mindset is I’d like to say something.

Every single one of these assholes is a god damn liar. “I just want a loving, faithful waifu (lol) that I will treat like a princess.” No. The truth is that that nice guy is going to try to get you too blow him and then ignore you the same as the dick head jock will. They yell “friend zone” as often as possible, not because their heart is breaking but because they now have to confront the fact that they simply aren’t attractive enough to be the player they wish they were.

This victim complex doesn’t come from unrequited love, it is a selfish need to stack numbers that will secure their place on top of the masculinity hierarchy. When they fail to get enough trophies they realize something is wrong and it can’t be their fault so all women must be frigid bitches.

Don’t feel bad for them. They aren’t sincere, misunderstood, and sensitive, they’re just working an angle.

Study Dates (1/4)

Summary: Finals week is approaching at Midtown High School and with her grades beginning to slip, the reader spends her time at the library with Peter Parker. 

Word Count: 1076

A/N: hi i’m back school is over and i was inspired by my own stress from my math class to write this. let me know what you think!! i had fun writing this :))

Part 2

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Her eyes were glued to her screen, staring at the numbers and letters stacked upon one another that read the current grade for her most challenging classes. Her brow furrowed out of frustration and her hands tightened around her phone.

PHYSICS: 85.1%


“Shit.” She cursed at herself, thinking of ways to bump her grade up. The end of the school year was creeping up and finals were right at her doorstep. Y/N knew the only way to get decent grades in these classes were if she scored really well on the upcoming tests. Being that they were the only classes she had difficulty with, she had to study until her mind is made up of nothing but physics and calculus.

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we talk to the moon
like the time we’ve
been missing is sitting
behind every interpretive
gaze & this next breath
won’t fill my lungs with
deflating stacks of
roadblocks torn from
the same smile

I’m the place people call
home when they’re lonely

& I still fumble for your
skin at 4am when you’re
not beside me
& it’s not like I’m empty
I just don’t know what
to do with my hands

(but sad hands hold on the longest)

the proposition of an
outcome that doesn’t
exude more silence
than writing your name
into this sentence has
deduced emotion to this:

I have lips to press against
your spine to remind you
that I’ve always got your

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Dad's reacting to someone who is obessed with books. Like there are piles of books everywhere. Constantly is reading and tends to make a obscure reference to a book no one knows about.

Joseph: He’s a bit troubled by the sheer number of books stacked everywhere around the house, but he’s glad MC has found a wholesome pastime. He loves listening to MC’s excited rants about whatever book he’s reading at that time, the light in his eyes and the bright smile on his face just too adorable. He sometimes picks up one of the books, just so that he can make sense of all the random quotes MC throws his way.

Craig: surprisingly, he wants to start reading too. Books had had next to no appeal to him before, but seeing the light in his bro’s eyes as he goes on and on about his favorites gets him curious. He and MC start something like a two-man book club, reading together and discussing the book as they go along.

Brian: Cannot see the appeal of having so many books, but is supportive. This is the one thing MC can truly beat him at, spouting quotes and trivia that Brian can never understand. He definitely tries, and sometimes pretends he’s read the book already, citing not wanting to spoil it for MC as his reason for not discussing it. MC saw through his charade since day one, but thinks it’s cute that he tries.  

Mat: honestly? He doesn’t see anything strange about it. He has stacks and stacks of records in his own house, what’s the difference? He does like it when MC recites poetry or poetic literature, because he can hear a subtle music behind it. Sometimes he tries to put them to songs, which MC finds both hilarious and adorable, neither of which he’ll admit aloud.

Hugo: he loves to just watch MC read. He thinks it is adorable how intently his boyfriend stares at the pages, how fully engrossed he is with the story. Sometimes he purposefully snuggles with him and pretend to read along, when he’s really watching MC’s face as he reads. He makes it a point to listen to his explanations on whatever obscure quotes he makes.

Damian: he’s overjoyed when he sees Victorian literature amongst the piles of books in MC’s home; Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, etc. He’s already read them a thousand times over, and eagerly engages in firing off quotes from all of them. MC takes him to the graveyard sometimes specifically to read by candlelight, and Damian thinks it is the single most romantic thing anyone has ever done for him.

Robert: he’s actually an avid reader as well, he just hides it better. He prefers ebooks, because he can read them right from his phone whenever he wants, and avoid unnecessary clutter. As you would expect, he’s into horror and sci-fi novels, and often makes direct quotes during his explanations of cryptids to see if anyone can call him out on it. MC does— Robert will never admit how much he loves it.

In my hc, Near really dislikes chocolate–the taste of white and milk he finds sickeningly sweet, dark is too bitter, the texture too sticky and dense. He only consumes it in homage to Mello–and Mello is the only reason why every November 19th (the anniversary of their reunion) and every January 26th (the anniversary of his death), he’ll bite off a few blocks from a bar the same brand he knew Mello preferred. Aside from those two dates he usually can’t bring himself to eat it, however, it means a whole lot to him to make sure he always has some stored at HQ, at any time of the year. He wants to keep spare bars with him; the glinting silver foil carefully unwrapped, a number of blocks thoughtfully stacked on the floor. On top of a completed tiny chocolate construction, a blond-haired finger puppet stands.

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I'm sorry if this is a silly question, I've only played FFXIV for couple of months, but what exactly is a tank buster?

Haha no need to apologize for a simple question!

Basically, a tank buster is a single target attack or invisible cleave that will strike your tank for a massive amount of damage compared to the boss’s other attacks. It’s important for tanks and healers to know what tank busters are between different bosses so a) the tank can use a CD to mitigate the damage and b) the healer can be ready to heal that HP back. In a lot of high end fights, tank busters will result in a dead tank if the damage isn’t mitigated or they aren’t immediately healed afterwards due to being vulnerable to an auto attack.

Now tank busters come in many different flavors but the most popular one is a choreographed tank buster indicated by a cast bar on the boss. Example: Stormsplitter in both Susano HM and Susano EX. Other flavors include:

  • The “Voice queue only” tank buster: This tank buster will be indicated by the boss speaking before unleashing it. There is no cast bar but there may or may not be a pause in the boss’s auto attack. Example: Final Boss of Ala Mhigo when he says “kill” he is about to unleash a massive combo attack on the tank.
  • The “it’s not really a tank buster until you get hit by it” tank buster: This tank buster is the most annoying because while it’s scripted, it will hit unexpectedly. No cast bar. No pause in auto attack. It’s a high damaging strike that will occur between auto attacks. Example: Every 8 or so auto attacks in Susano Extreme, he will suddenly slap your tank for 70% of their HP because he’s an asshole.
  • The “debuff” tank buster: Also known as “The Tank Swap”, this is a choreographed tank buster in most Extreme level primals and raids in which the tank buster can be heavily mitigated but it leaves behind a stacking debuff which will cause the tank to take increased damage. With these, after a certain number of stacks, the tank will die or take way too much damage if they get hit by the same tank buster again so they must switch with the off tank until the stacks wear off. Example: Titan Extreme (Mountain Buster), Susano Extreme (Stormsplitter), several tiers of Alexander, Omega v4 (Single target Thunder III).
  •  The Moving Cleave: This is a tank buster that comes in the form of a cleave. Now, while not normally being considered tank busters, these are an extremely important tank mechanic. This particular type of attack will be indicated by a cast bar on the boss and when that casts ends, the boss will turn and unleash it in the direction of the person with the highest threat aka the Tank. If you fail a tank swap or the tank just plain isn’t standing in the right place, a tank can very easily wipe an entire raid with one of these. These are attacks that do 40k+ damage to anyone who isn’t a tank. Example: Shiva’s sword fan attack in her story mode fight.
  • The “Stacking” Buster: This is my favorite. Sometimes tank busters will require the entire party or a least the off tank to stack. I call it a tank buster because it’s a heavy attack exclusively targeted to the tank. Failing this type of buster results in a dead main tank. Examples: Twin Bolt in Omega v1, Shiva’s sword fan move in her Extreme fight and that stupid fucking stacking punch’o’matic party wipe bull shit at the last boss of Dun Scaith.

I’m sure I’m missing some but these are the ones that come to mind. Please feel free to add more guys!

– Mod Mhi 

Anti-Form: A Quick Guide

Quite possibly the biggest “fuck me” in the entirety of Kingdom Hearts.

Anti-Form is a specific type of Drive Form in Kingdom Hearts II, that Sora has the ability to transform into any time throughout the course of the game after obtaining Valor Form. It cannot be triggered manually, but rather through a mechanic called the revenge value.

There is a hidden revenge value in the game including Drive Forms. Since Drive is basically the best way to get out of a boss fight with your life, they made it so each time a drive is triggered, the numbers stack. The more you use Drive, the more likely it gets each time that’ll you get Anti-Form. 

Once you get Anti-Form, you are unable to revert out of it manually. You are also not allowed to use limits, reaction commands, summons, items or magic. The pick up is that Anti-Form has great maneuverability and great attack speed. There isn’t much damage drop off versus using the dual-wielding Keyblade forms, but it’s not much better than just fighting normally.

Due to circumstances, you most likely decided to Drive because the enemy you’re facing is too difficult and you were losing your health too fast. This is where Anti-Form turns into a pain in the ass. In this form, attacking needs to be done with great care because any damage you take is permanent until you can revert back and recover (unless you’re fighting enemies that drop health orbs upon death).

To revert back, one of the following criteria must be met: 

-You end up dying during the fight, cancelling Anti-Form 

-The Drive Gauge runs out of power, be it by attacking and running down the meter or just trying to survive without much action

Once Sora triggers Anti-Form and then successfully reverts out of it, the revenge value is reset to it’s basic. From then on, it’s repeated: every Drive transformation will amp up the possibility of Anti-Form being triggered until it eventually is and the player successfully survives with it. 

An important thing to remember that everyone seems to forget is that the revenge value will stay with the current save. If you trigger Anti-Form during a boss battle, survive with Anti-Form, but then die within that same battle, the revenge value is still the same when you come back to try the fight again. This can be avoided by going somewhere else to trigger Anti-Form so it’s less of a nuisance during the boss.

the world is cold and life’s not fair, baby [Yoongi x Reader]

Demon!Yoongi x Reader - Angst

Rated M (for violence, blood, strong language*)

*more warnings will apply in future chapters

Words: 6.7k

Pt.1 of 3

       Curling up inside a dusty wardrobe and struggling to maintain steady breathing despite fear bubbling up with every noise is not how Y/N pictured the day going when she woke up this morning.

       One particularly loud creak just outside the door sends a spike of panic through Y/N’s chest. She tries to make herself even smaller in the pitch black darkness of the wardrobe, but thankfully the footsteps wander close for only a moment before they fade away into another room. Y/N risks a soft sigh of relief, the ridiculousness of the situation almost forcing an incredulous laugh from her as well.

       How did this even happen?

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Could I request a short drabble? A challenge to keep it under 500 words - Juvia and Gajeel Brotp - They help each other shop for gifts for their significant others for any reason you like - Xmas, anniversaries, valentines, national weird gift day - anything ^^


Here it is, I hope you like it. As my first attempt at writing to someone’s request I’m pretty pleased with it. May I present, Valentines fluff!

Juvia put down yet another trinket with a groan before turning away and leaving the store. Outside, Gajeel was leant against one of the many pillars holding up the roof to the mall. He had his arms crossed and a number of bags stacked around his legs which helped to reduce the foreboding atmosphere enshrouding him.

Seeing her approach, he stood up straight and gave her an expectant look. Despite his prickly persona, Gajeel had a particularly soft spot for his blue haired friend. They had been friends almost since she had joined the Phantom Lord guild so many years ago. Why it was that they got on so well no one could say, but for whatever reason the two had been thick as thieves ever since.

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@fuckyeahtos‘s Favorite Character Poll:
Question #1: Favorite Party Member

Thank you, everyone who participated! We had over 100 responses, which was so thrilling! Here are the results for the first question: favorite party member. Competition between party members (besides Zelos, whose winning margin was, well, wide) was really close! 2nd-5th place were separated only by a few votes, but here’s how the numbers stacked in the end!

Mod Responses:
Colette♡: Colette Brunel
Sheena: Kratos Aurion

Holding On To You

Can you write an imagine where Gerard is like punk and y/n ’s neighbor and he likes her and always makes comments towards her and stuff and one time he finds her all sad and stuff and comforts her so basically fluff

So I know I’ve kept it kind of fluffy on here, but I do have a few smut requests/ ideas so hold tight! (also, would it be beneficial for me to make some kind of FAQ about what requests I accept/don’t or should I just tackle them as they come in?) This one seems to have a lot more backstory/ introspection and less dialogue, but I really like how this turned out! (it might be a bit cheesy, but it is fluff) I kind of took a different route with this one so I hope you like it! x

Side note to my side note. I just wanted to thank you all for following and sending in these awesome requests! I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them ! xx

Warnings: Just a wee bit of angst is all. :)

y/c= Your city

Since you were 16, you had lived alone in a rundown apartment in y/c. Not because you wanted to. Life alone was hard, and you’d trade anything to have things back to the way they were before. But because on one seemingly normal day, you lost both of your parents in a car accident. With no close relatives you had been forced to figure things out for yourself since then.

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Hi. Umm. I'm just wondering. If ever i bulk order your charms and resell it, would that be possible? Of course i won't take credit and i'll let you know. I'll credit it to your name. I just want to help others by saving shipping fee here in my country. But if it's not okay, i'm cool with that. Anyways thank you for the charms. I love them :)

If it’s amongst friends then that’s acceptable? I know there are people who buy the bulks and split it amongst friends so it’s cool!

If you’re actually reselling it, however, at a con or just to people in your area, I recommend going off anon and discussing that with me directly.
Cause if you go buying a number of stack of my bulks then it wouldn’t be fair for other people who do plan to bulk order my charms. I only put up a LIMITED AMOUNT of stock for bulk orders because it’s discounted!
Singles are unlimited!

So please dm me privately so we can discuss that further if you do plan on doing that because there are procedures for this. If I catch any preorders that is just stocking on a bunch of the bulks strangely, I might get suspicious so please please please discuss it with me first! I’m v reasonable and won’t bite!