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the thing about writing a ship is like y’all realize there are aspects that AREN’T supposed to be realistic, right? this was something i learned way back in the day when i watched how i met your mother and i realized the writers had no clue how to keep barney and robin together and make it interesting and engaging. the thing that worked with barney and robin was the almost-maybe-will they-won’t they aspect of it. once they got together and stayed together, their relationship grew stale and boring. and that’s not to say it couldn’t have been interesting and well done, but the writers, in my opinion, sort of failed in that regard. where they succeeded with marshall and lily, they dropped the ball with barney and robin.

that stupid show is the reason why i’m very conscious of how i write ships and especially how i write slow burn. i don’t want to have all this build-up, chapters and chapters of build-up, only to get the two characters together and have them be constantly together all the time and everything is perfect and then you get bored of their relationship. or maybe bored isn’t the right word for it; it’s more just like you’re accustomed to them being together so it doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore. 

like, when an author only has the ship kiss once every three chapters, then i’m going to cling to those kisses with all i’ve got. i’m going to cherish those kisses and get a tingly feeling inside when i read those kisses. if the characters kissed every paragraph, i’d get used to it pretty quickly and then it wouldn’t feel special anymore. is it more realistic to kiss a lot? probably. is it better storytelling? debatable. 

there is of course a place for these characters fuck all the time!!! fuck for four chapters straight!!!! nothing but sex!!!! but there’s also a place for gentle touches and small gestures and refraining from constantly touching each other. 

is any of what i’m describing “realistic”? probably not. but sometimes you have to sacrifice realism for the sake of good narrative engaging storytelling, and hopefully you do it well enough that the audience suspends their disbelief and forgives you for not writing something 100 percent realistic. 


top ten favorite seventeen moments as specified by fans on the 2016 carat survey [video links: 10 9 8 7 6a/6b 5 4 3 2 1]

Okay, but the Stydia of it aside, you know what makes me really emotional? In the Jeep ride, Lydia is so nauseated and sick from holding back her screams but she’s literally trying to SWALLOW them because Scott and Stiles are in the car with her and she can’t ever let anything happen to them, they are her boys, her best friends, the only ones that have been there for her since the beginning of all this, and she has to protect them.

{ WELL SHIT I GOT 13 SING THINGS AND TOO MANY SONGS TO PICK FROM I am a very indecisive person oops }

  • We Are Number One
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Jar of Heart
  • Pokemon Theme Song
  • Heathens
  • Sigma (feat. Take That), Cry
  • Born To Be A Winner
  • Deepthroat by CupcaKKe
  • Lost In Thoughts All Alone
  • Bitches Ain’t Shit
  • Stop! –Joe Bonamassa
  • All Star
  • War - Sick Puppies
  • Colors of the Wind
  • Bringing Sexy Back
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The day she met them; Rhiannon was the youngest (and newest) of a core group of bartenders and the only one remaining when the rest of them graduated. She’d formed friendly bonds with them and would miss the conversation but she wasn’t necessarily sad to see them go. The days Celeste and (later) Zella started at the bar, Rhiannon was just as cut off and cold as she was with everyone else. Something about the two of them wouldn’t let them just accept her at arm’s length and they quickly started breaking down the tall and thick walls she built up around herself.

The day she first laughed with them; Almost serious to a fault, Rhiannon was not the girl you ever saw laughing loudly with a group of friends. Though the girls had their fair share of casual and humorous conversation, the most reaction they usually got from Rhiannon was a smirk or a nod. But one evening before they opened they were telling Rhiannon about a guy they ran into on their way into work and she started to understand their personalities for the first time. Listening to the two of them talk and relay the story had her doubled over laughing. No one had cut down her defensive exterior that well – that fast – and Rhiannon knew these girls were something special.

The day Celeste cussed out a drunk customer for her; Working at the most popular bar in town guarantees a certain number of drunk people you have to deal with nightly. Usually their customers were great but every once in a while they had shit heads. One shit head decided it was a good idea to start shouting rude things at Rhiannon once she cut him off and, before she could take action herself, Celeste stepped up and tore into him like he was the turkey on Thanksgiving. No one had ever stood up for her like that before. That night Rhiannon started looking at Celeste as a friend and not a co-worker.

The day Zella stepped in the middle of a fight she was having; Rhiannon got into her fair share of physical altercations at the bar and people were used to it happening by now. One night, she was stepping up to a guy almost twice her size who looked like they type of guy who wouldn’t think twice about hitting a girl. Rhi wasn’t going to back down and, knowing this, Zella put herself between the two and proceeded to diffuse the tension verbally so it didn’t come to blows. After that night, both Coyotes had Rhiannon’s trust.

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Once upon a time, there was a demon who was contracted to a 13 year old boy. The boy was good at being sassy and pissing off the demon and in return, the demon was good at being a sick bastard yet a dork. So they fell in love at the 10000000000th sight because each is more dense than the other. And so they lived happily ever after, of course, after taking over both earth and hell.

The End :D

For @xlovelessangelx because she cutely asked me to write her a fanfic :3


Chris Evans in What’s Your Number? 2011; My move for evanschess 

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