number one song on your date of birth

Quick Shawn Imagine:
You and Shawn met at one of his concerts, he pulled on stage and asked if you could sing a song with him. Of course you said yes. He instantly fell in love with you and asked if you could hang out after the show. At the end of the night he drive you back to your hotel and he gives you his number. Many years pass of texting, and dates and one night after an award show you guys do ‘it’. Few weeks later you find out your pregnant, Shawn of course is excited about having his first baby with you. Eight and a half months later you give birth to your baby girl, you name her Kelsey Aliyah Mendes (if I spelt Aliyah’s name wrong I’m sorry).
Shawn makes more music and you guys couldn’t be happier. He’s been away on tour the last three months and you are home with your three year old daughter.
“Mommy is daddy coming home soon?”
“I don’t know Kels we will call him before you go to bed ok?”
As the day goes on you start to back a bag for you and Kelsey, she didn’t know that you were planning to surprise her and Shawn by going to his concert in New York. Kelsey is in her room playing her little toy piano, learning to play a song Shawn had shown her, you tell her to take a bath and to get ready to leave to visit grandma and grandpa y/l/n. You get the bags ready and get Kelsey in the car. She falls asleep on the way to the airport and on the plane ride over to New York. You get to your hotel with your little girl in your arms. You take a picture of her just asleep with a toy that Shawn had given her and post it on Instagram.
“My sweet little girl misses her daddy. See you soon @shawnmendes #proudmommy #mendesfam”
The picture get millions of like and comments. When Kelsey wakes up you get her dressed and you put on a pair of high waisted shorts and a white top with a cardigan over it. You start to make your way to the concert and hang out behind the stage until you see Shawn. He looks so sad and so distracted. Kelsey sees him and yells out “ Mommy its Daddy” when Kelsey finished her sentence Shawn looked up and instantly smiled. He stars to run to yall and Kelsey fights her way out of your arms and starts to run to her dad. He picks her up and spins her around and kisses her cheeks. “I’ve missed you so much Kels.”
“ I missed you too daddy.”
He sees you and wraps his arm around your shoulder and and kisses you on the lips so passionately. “I’ve missed you most of all.”
“I missed you too.”
After the concert you head back to the hotel and lay on the couch just watching Disney movies until you all fell asleep. Kelsey on your stomach and your head on Shawn’s lap.

*sorry if this was bad I’m in school and I had to do this in a hurry lol hope you guys are liking them if you want a request just send your name and age and the guy you want and I’ll see what I can do have a awesome day guys*