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Reason number 1 why I should be allowed to have a gun in my dorm: some acquaintance of my roommate attempted to rob my roommate at gunpoint, in our dorm room.  This happened an hour ago.

No one was seriously injured, no shots fired, we’re all okay.  But we didn’t have any feasible way to defend ourselves other than literally going fist-to-fist with them, which is what my roommate did (and won, what a fucking badass).

But there is a possible future that all five of us–me, my three roommates, and a guest–who were minding our own business could have been shot and killed and we would have been helpless because of the narrative that guns are scary and evil and therefore we non-scary and non-evil people have no legitimate reason to own and carry them.

I want that on the record.  If I had died tonight, it would be completely the fault of the state that I had been a victim, rather than there being a fight on approximately equal footing.

Fuck your gun control.

Ziva and I can never be just friends. I wrote down a list of bullet points why Ziva and I should be together, and I’m going to find the perfect moment today and I am going to tell her. Number one: “Ziva, you and I are soup snakes.” The … and the reason is… because… in terms of the soup, we like to- that doesn’t make any sense. We’re soul mates. Ziva and I are soul mates.
—  Tony before Ziva boards the plane to leave

one major reason why trump’s muslim ban is going to fall pretty swiftly is that it reeks of poor management of imperialism. obama managed to keep muslims out of america pretty darn well, and liberals never complained (he even bombed thousands of them without a peep). “Pew Research Center said last October 38,901 Muslim refugees entered the United States in fiscal year 2016 from all countries - almost the same number of Christian refugees, 37,521.” the incoming syrian refugee total was 1% of lebanon’s, and again biased towards christians. the bush presidency actually built a database aimed at collecting as much biometric data on muslims as possible and subjecting them to numerous migration restrictions. obama kept it for 3 years and then suspended it because another biometric program pulled even more data and did so for everyone, not just muslims. none of this aroused any kind of anger or mass protests from liberals the way the current muslim ban is, and that was just how the american state apparatus preferred it. more than likely, this ban will fall in due time, and we’ll sit around crowing about how we defeated evil once again, while the previously mentioned issues will continue to plague muslims attempting to come to america.

On lists of “words to replace ‘said’”


Replacing “said” is this trend apparently, either Snobby Writers or misled schoolteachers are telling you that using this word is bad. Using it improperly is bad, i.e.: 

“I’m going to work,” John said. 

“Okay,” Maria said. “See you later.” 

“Bye,” John said.

That is bad writing, But it’s bad writing for a number of reasons, and if you replace every instance of “said” with “hopped angrily”, it’s still bad writing. Using the word said, or any replacement thereof, is supposed to be done sparingly, i.e.: 

“I’m going to work,” John said, reaching for his coat.

Maria didn’t look at him. Instead, she kept her eyes focused on her bowl of cereal, shifting the spoon aimlessly. “Okay.” 

He sighed, shaking his head, shrugging the coat on and opening the door. He paused, turning his head over his shoulder. 



Relying on said, or any other verb, is bad writing when you’re relying on it to tell the story happening around it. But I argue that when you must use an descriptive verb like that, 75% of the time you should use ‘said’. Do you know why? 

When it isn’t every other word, you don’t even notice ‘said’. 

I find that most of the time, a ‘more creative’ synonym for that word jars the reader and breaks suspension of disbelief. Instead of thinking about what’s happening ,they’re thinking “oh, that’s different”. 

And while it might be novel for a second, I don’t care about being novel. I care about suspension of disbelief. 

So there, that’s why the endless river of tumblr posts decrying the use of the word said really irritate me, because high school English teachers and snotty English students have decided to tell the unwashed masses that using a perfectly useful tool in your writing arsenal is bad just because They Say So. 

Hermione and I can never be just friends. I wrote down a list of bullet points why Hermione and I should be together, and I’m going to find the perfect moment today and I’m going to tell her. Number one, “Hermione, you and I are soup snakes.” And the reason is because in terms of the soup, we like to… That doesn’t make any sense. We’re soul mates. Hermione and I are soul mates.
—  Ron Weasley

I saw Moana today, and there was so very much to love about it.  But I think I’m just going to talk about one thing for now.  And that’s the “princess upgrade.”  (Well, that’s what I’m calling it.)

Moana has the usual Disney heroine trope of “I want more than being a princess/royalty/whatever!”  (It’s a good trope for a fairy tale.)  But with a lot of Disney princesses, there’s really nothing for them to DO as princesses.  They exist, and that’s good and right for the kingdom, your prince will come and evil will be defeated, the end.  There’s no actual ruling or governance or anything you have to be trained for, don’t be silly!

Moana is the daughter of a chief, and the main point her father uses to keep her at home and out of trouble is saying, “hey, you’re gonna be chief someday, here are your people, you’ve got to take care of them!”  And the next montage shows her…doing exactly that.  We see her making decisions in day-to-day life, talking to her people, doing her job to keep the island and her people happy and prosperous.  We see her, in short, being trained to be a leader.  Her birth position is both a job and a serious responsibility that has to be performed right to keep things good.  Destiny, of course, has some extra things in mind for her, but those things are also in the best interest of her people.  They’re tasks that need to be done, and she was the person picked for the job.

That was EXTREMELY refreshing to see.  And that alone would have made the movie worth it to me, but again, there was SO MUCH MORE TO LOVE.


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

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Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

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Here we go, this is gonna be LONG (sorry!).

NUMBER 5: The first time they holded hands is absolutely a fav from my part, Gray comforts Juvia and gives her (cough cough as always) an increase in her morale while fighting Lyon and Chelia, as a consequence, a lovely unison trust which defeated their opponents WITH THEIR LOVE POWER

NUMBER 4: SECOND TIME HOLDING HANDS I’M SCREAMING GRAY. The reason why this moment is a step higher than the unison raid is because this memorable phrase of Gray: “I’m here with you” (Not “Fairy Tail”, not “our friends”, not “Don’t worry”, I, GRAY FULLBUSTER -your future husband btw- AM WITH YOU) This moment is absolutely warmer and more private with a lot of physical contact than the last one, even the atmosphere screams “this is love” and is beautiful. Please appreciate it for a minute more before passing to the next one

NUMBER 3: THANK YOU. Here, kinda similar to the “I’m here with you” moment, exists a lot of physical contact and is very private, which I like a lot because everything screams romance with this pairing. I liked (and screamed and jumped btw) where I read this was the mutual understanding and this mixture of feelings: Guilt and pain turned into warm and grateful feels that made me cry because the impact. What I love about Juvia is her honesty and her loyal love to Gray (damn you lucky man). Juvia, our cutie encarnation of love giving up on Gray because the guilt of killing (indirectly) Gray’s FATHER? Not running away pretending nothing did happen, but to face her guilt to GRAY? My heart was in pieces indeed. I won’t deny I was SCARED of Gray’s reaction, because If I try to empathize with him, he has all the right to be angry or even be violent, and that scared me, but it didn’t happen, he was GRATEFUL that Juvia gave Silver the rest in peace he needed, not before feeling sorry for her to coming  trough all this, because he knows it was a hard choice for him, and for Juvia. THANKS MASHIMA.

NUMBER 2: If the last one was a truly precious moment for me, this is better since this is practically a summary of what I talked before. Is the first time I can see Gray so clearly and direct towards Juvia’s presence and is a page that has all my appreciation. I can’t stop reading it! If there is a reason why I prefer this moment than the Tartaros one even if this one doesn’t have physical contact (but does have the privacy) is Gray’s position: He is (finally cough cough) facing Juvia’s feelings and giving both a reason to keep living after the war. This is so beautiful Mashima, thanks so much for this, is precious.


Until the date, this is my favourite Gruvia moment ever! What I love about Gruvia is how often Mashima shows us a lot of their development, synchronization and true feelings they have for each other (Even if Gray’s are kinda indirect since he is a man of action) And this moment is the cherry of the top (Thanks Invel, without your chains we wouldn’t have this awesomeness).

Mashima shows a very human Juvia, vulnerable but brave. Scared to die, like every human, but a very strong woman who can win a battle of feels (And I loved that perspective, I could feel how precious is live) And Gray? Well, the same with him obviously. After all they did the same sacrifice.

But Giu, how about that moment were Gray died for Juvia in Eclipse? Yeah! I loved that moment too but THIS one is perfection, if I have to compare, the double sacrifice is 10000000 better. Both doing the same thing, at the same time, because they are too precious (LOVED) to give damage to the other one. Giving up their LIFES and EVERYTHING they had to live for not hurting the other IS A PRECIOUS PROOF OF BRAVE AND LOVE. THANKS FOR GIVING US SO MANY GRUVIA FEELS MASHIMA.

Careful - (AU)

This is a very personal piece to me, for a number of reasons, but mostly because I’m going through a lot of things right now and this is the best way I know how to deal with them. So, I dedicate this to all of you darlings who’ve stuck around through my hiatus and all of my ranting.

Legs tangled and clothes disheveled, a forgotten movie playing in the background, too lost in the feeling of his hands on your skin to pay any mind to the scene playing out.

“You’re gonna have to rewatch this one,” He says with a yawn afterwards, pulling you back into his chest. “It’s good, but we missed it.”

“Mm,” You hum, lazily drawing lines up and down his arm, which is tucked underneath your head. “Should have watched it instead.” You squeak when he pinches at your hip, wiggling away only to have him grab you again. You settle down, commenting here and there on the ending of the movie (ruined now for you, in the best way possible), picking up random bits of conversation from earlier in the day and continuing them now.

You can barely keep your eyes open when he says he has to go, fumbling to dress in the dark. You want to ask him to stay- it’s on the tip of your tongue every time he gets out of your bed. But you know you can’t, just like you can’t ask the million other questions that burn your throat but melt in your mouth.

You have to be careful.

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please read and pass along so queen Vic sees it and comments on it/ reblogs (part one)

okay y'all. im goons try to keep this short. over a year ago, i began reading red queen. it was by far one of the best days of my life. im writing this for three reasons. one, i want queen v to see it and know just how much she means to me. two, today i got scared. i got really scared that one day red queen will no longer make me feel the intense love i feel now. three, i had this dream that i was a number one nyt bestselling author and me and queen vic went to go have lunch. queen vic if you read this hmu. i know some pretty gucci restaurants in ri. haha. 😂 okay so back to the beginning of the story, i was walking around bn before gs came out and i saw this book … with the most gorgeous cover i have ever seen. and then i read the back. i instantly connected with this book. i loved it so so much and i hadn’t even read it yet. my depression and anxiety were so bad at this point and i had already started cutting. so then i started reading this book, it was AMAZING. i just felt this connection with mare, as if she were real and i could just talk to her. and i felt so … not alone for the first time in a long time. it was this unimaginable love. it made my heart hurt in the best way possible. glass sword came out by the time i finished reading it. i was so so in love. ask anyone, there is not a day have gone without having a conniption at least one since i started reading it. so the next year was really hard. the arrival of kc kept me going. during that year, I MET VICTORIA AVEYARD in east long meadow at kidly winks in June of 2016. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. it was the most personal thing to me so im not gonna describe what happened other than HOLY SHIT. I WAS ON CLOUD NINE ☁️ FOR WEEKS. she was just so amazing. idek what to say. after we left the store, I cried. and honestly i miss her sm. i gave her a million hugs and was honestly an awkward but. i hope she didn’t judge too much. it was great. we hugged, complemented each other, our moms talked to each other. I STILL can’t get over it, but quite a while after that, things got so bad that i couldn’t function anymore. i was NEVER happy. i hid my rq books because i didn’t want to see them and have them lose their meaning in this dark time. so, then i was admitted to bradley, a children’s psychiatric hospital, an intensive outpatient program. the first day i was there i was determined to die. i said i would kill myself before kc because i waited so long and came so far, i just had to make it until then, right? wrong. so while i was in Bradley, i was happy for the first time in a while, but not until kc came out. everyone there, even my psychiatrist said it helped immensely with my recovery. everyone told me i look so much happier. even in that hellhole they call school. my mom said that i was the happiest she had seen me in a long time. my best friend the hope, the sparkle in my eyes was back. it made me realize how much i love some of the things in this world. when i left Bradley, everyone said i was the red queen and positive messages about how strong i was like mare. I still carry those letters around because there still are low points. they never just go away. but now there’s a difference. im happy. i have hope. for that, i am immensely grateful. i love you so so much queen vic. and let me just say, i absolutely support the end of kc. of course im sad, but i understand that as an author sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. and just like kc gave me hope in my life, i have hope and faith in queen vic and what you do with rq4. stop hating on her y'all. again, i just want to say thank you and *anxiety takes over* please don’t think im crazy. (Btw just thought of this, im gonna post some pics right after bc idk how to put them in here) i just want you to know this because you deserve to and honestly, it was helpful for me to put it all down and not try to cram it into you’re ask box in a few asks as possible. again, thanks and love you. ❤️ @vaveyard


Hazel and I can never be just friends. I wrote down a list of bullet points why Hazel and I should be together, and I’m going to find the perfect moment today and I’m going to tell her. Number one, “Hazel, you and I are soup snakes.” And the reason is because in terms of the soup, we like to… That doesn’t make any sense. We’re soul mates. Hazel and I are soul mates.
—  Frank Zhang

Ok last thing for tonight but I also love that it consistently is Yuri who takes the initiative and advances their relationship. It would have been so easy for this show to go for the cliché of Victor, the idol, being the one to get rings to motivate Yuri etc. I feel like this kind of thing happens in most rom-coms, but not here and it’d such a healthy and also refreshing portrayal.
Just reason number 245894 why I love this show.

About the upcoming Oasis map and Reaper...

About the lore of the map, of it being like a “sanctuary” for scientist and researchers to cross the lines and boundaries of modern medicine and science and such. The moment I heard about the lore of the map, I immediately started to think about Reaper and how he might be connected to this map.

I am just going to go straight to the point with this theory of mine: I think, and I may be wrong about this. I think Oasis is where Gabriel Reyes became Reaper. Someone found him in the ruins of the Swiss HQ, brought him to Oasis for whatever reason, and the researchers and scientist there brought Gabe back to life as Reaper.

The number one thing that “tipped my jar” so to speak, or made me speculate even harder about this since the announcement of the map, is the ball of black goop that hover in the spawn on the third point of Oasis. 

Yes, sure the ball is more of a cluster of tar than anything that resembles smoke or fog. But I still have a strong feeling about this map being connected to Reaper in one way or the other. Because for what reason would that thing be there? What is it anyway? What is it for?

This really made me wanting to know much more about the lore of both the map and Reaper, and I can’t wait for the map to be completely finished with eastereggs and (hopefully) new voice lines that relates to the map and additions to the overall lore of Overwatch.

I just wanted to get this off my chest since I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now. I don’t know if anyone else has brought this up yet. I haven’t seen anything floating around here so I just figured I post this here and I might hear some of your theories about this if you have any. :)

Have a good day!

On Living In A Bubble: Real America™

Every day I read or hear that “coastal elite liberals live in a bubble and are out of touch with Real America™.” It is one of the main reasons given why Donald Trump won the election. Journalists, pundits, talking heads…trot out this theory without a second thought and without any critical analysis.  If you go to the comments section of any article about the election, “coastal elite liberals live in a bubble and are out of touch with Real America™.” comes up quickly and often from both Republicans and Democrats. It is taken on faith that those living in a bubble are those who live in urban areas and those living in rural Real America™ do not.  Having lived a number of years in both, this view is completely backward.

How is it people who live in predominately white small towns, who rarely travel very far from home, who belong to a small handful of religious sects, who are surrounded by people just like them, who grow up, live, and die in a few mile radius are the ones who don’t live in a bubble?  How is it the people who live in large, multi-cultural, ethnically and religiously diverse big cities, who are exposed to different people, different belief systems, different views are the ones who live in a bubble?  How is it the people whose belief systems are overwhelmingly similar to each other the ones who don’t live in a bubble and the ones who live, work, play in areas where there is a lot of belief diversity, don’t?  Somehow, we’ve allowed this bubble claim to go unanalyzed, unchallenged, and the effects have been damaging to everyone.  The people with the least diverse belief systems, Real America™, think they are the ones in touch with reality.  The people who don’t live in a bubble, start second guessing themselves and they come up with political strategies that cannot, will not do a damn thing to penetrate the Real America™ bubble.  

What does it mean to live in a bubble?  When I think about “living in a bubble,” I think of John Travolta in “The Boy In The Plastic Bubble.”  But, instead of having a compromised immune system, people who live in a bubble have a compromised belief system. Instead of an immune system incapable of fighting off germs and bacteria commonly found in reality, people who live in a bubble’s compromised belief system are unable to fend off the reality of facts and evidence.  A compromised belief system is unable to fight off things that attack it.  In order to protect the host, they need to live in a bubble to protect them from the real world.  With John Travolta’s character, this protection came in the form of a plastic bubble that he could wear so he could be in but not part of the outside world.  With people who live in a bubble, their “protection” isn’t physical, but it is a mental bubble that allows them to experience some of the outside world, but not really be a part of it because their system can’t handle it.

This mental bubble allows them to make calls, text, and do searches on their iPhone while they bitch and moan about trade with China.  It allows them to drive trucks, cars, and farm equipment that is made of parts from around the world while they are adamant we need tariffs.  It allows them to drive down to the bank every month to deposit their unemployment/disability check while bitching about “those people mooching off the government and their hard-earned tax dollars.”  It allows them to make signs that say, “Keep Government Out of My Medicare/Medicaid,” without making the obvious connection.  It allows them to demand they can do whatever they want to do, say whatever they want to say because that is their God-given American right, but gays shouldn’t get married, women shouldn’t get contraception, and minorities should live in their own neighborhoods. This bubble is a protection against the hypocrisy of their own beliefs and actions.  Nothing contradictory is allowed in because they either believe they are completely correct and/or they are deeply afraid they aren’t and then they’ll have no one but themselves to blame for all the things they bitch about.

Anyone anywhere can live in a belief system bubble.  It is just a lot easier and part of the cultural dynamic to live in one where diversity is lacking.  When this happens the bubble is expanded out from the individual to the community.  This gives the illusion to an individual that they really aren’t living in a bubble.  They get “outside” confirmation they are right.  But, “outside” is nothing more than the same thing as the “inside.”  With relatively no conflicting beliefs and opinions allowed in, whether the size of the bubble is individual or communal is irrelevant.  Add to this a constant barrage of  “outside” news and talk radio that reinforces their beliefs and they are absolutely positive they are living in reality and not a self-controlled bubble because they have “outsiders” telling them they are right.  After awhile, believing they are right becomes much more important than actually being right.

People who feel the need to live in a bubble learn how to do so regardless of where they are or where they go.  I’ve watched white, upper-middle-class students from predominately white neighborhoods and schools come to widely diverse universities and ensconce themselves in fraternities, sororities, groups, cliques… that are nothing more than a satellite bubble of where they came from.  The opportunity to get to know different people, learn different cultures, be exposed to different ideas is intentionally avoided for the psychological comfort of a familiar bubble.  I grew up in an area where a small percentage of kids went to college, but the majority of those who did went to either a private two-year or full university that are run by the religion they were brought up to believe-satellite bubbles.  They were not just encouraged to attend these places, the social pressure to do so was constant.  They were the bubble approved colleges and anything else was severely frowned upon.  The community’s natural instinct is to protect itself from outside “germs” because on some level, I suspect they know they don’t have the mental immune system capable of fending them off very well.  Building a bubble is much easier than running around with your fingers in your ears saying, “La la la la la la la la la…”

People who feel they need to live in a bubble often do so because that is how they were taught.  Parents who live in a bubble construct bubbles for their kids and then teach them how to protect and maintain it.  People who have compromised belief systems and live in bubbles are the ones who often home school their kids, tell them that interfaith, interracial dating is wrong.  They don’t want their bubble kids to be exposed to different beliefs and ideas. Again, this happens with progressives but not nearly to the same degree and rigidity as conservatives.  I don’t know how anyone can separate out the nature of their religious belief systems from their social one because of the position of power and superiority their religious beliefs hold.  I’m not just talking about devout, zealot fundamentalists.  Those people are easy to see and understand why they live in a compromised belief bubble.  The problem is much more widespread and insidious.  Even if you aren’t a “devout believer,” it doesn’t mean your belief system isn’t poorly constructed.  People who learn how to not be self-critical, how to not reevaluate beliefs, not be open to counter-evidence have a belief system that is susceptible to being harmed by reality.  The details they believe inside this type of system is irrelevant when it comes to rigidity. They were trained to be rigid and rigid they often are.  Whether or not they attend church every Sunday or follow all the doctrine doesn’t change the fact they live in a bubble.  

This point was lost by critics of my article “On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t the Problem.”  They often got wrapped up into the level of faith or devoutness a person had and not the structure that gave rise to and helped protect their bad beliefs.  A very lax Catholic with a closed off belief system is just as problematic often as a devout Catholic.  A Cadillac right off the assembly line that has a bad engine isn’t any different than a twenty-year-old one with a bad engine when you are assessing how they work and what is the problem. A Mormon who occasionally drinks alcohol who doesn’t believe in climate change because only God can affect nature is no different than a stone-sober Mormon who has the same climate change belief. The underlying problem isn’t in whether or not they are a “true” Mormon.  The problem is the type of belief system they have.  A system that is closed off and one that would be “compromised” by counter-evidence and reality is what they both have in common and this is the real problem.  They view counter-evidence and reality as “bacteria” that they need protection against.  It is people who have this type of belief system and approach to facts that live in a bubble, not those who are open to new and counter-information.  

When you treat science, research, facts, evidence, counter-arguments as an enemy to your belief system, the problem isn’t reality.  The problem is you.  You are more concerned about what might possibly damage your belief system than you are the condition of the system itself.  That is living in a bubble.


(Happiness Post #9 - Brad)

Name: Bradley Will Simpson

AKA: Brad, the bear, baby bear, baby bear Brad, Bread/Breadley, idiot number one

DOB: July 28th, 1995

Nationality: British

Group/Band: The Vamps

Role: Lead singer, guitarist, idiot number one, the baby of the band but not really

Fun Fact: When he was first asked to join the band his mom thought it was fake and was skeptical about letting him go to London. But in the end everything worked out lol

Reason I Like Them: bc he’s a glorified idiot but also talented as hell. He can’t do anything without having some fun first. I really admire bc he gets the most hate out of all the guys and ofc it gets to him but he always pulls through for us.

he caused Sportacus to hang off the side of his blimp (if he fell, of course, he would’ve died because he was so high up) the only reason he didn’t die was because of the kids. and not only that, when he managed to get into his airship, he nearly crashed into a house-

I mean, talk about going from 1 to motherfucking 10 Robbie, jesus christ.
‘i want Sportacus to leave town.’
'i want Sportacus to DIE.’

I still ship sportarobbie though, I mean, later on in s3, Robbie goes insane without everyone and gets super sad. (I’m pretty sure he hugs Sportacus too?)
So yeah. The relationship kinda changed over time.