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roy was kinda stunned stupid for a second there, but good news, his photoshoot gig went well… in a penthouse letters kind of way

(for @joyfire-week “no capes!AU” – so, underwear models au??? I guess??)

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Operation Happy Jeff™ - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Can I request an angsty/cute Jeff x Reader where he’s having a relly really crappy day and nothing seems to cheer him up so they do all these cute things to make him feel better. Can you also add the promt “There’s that smile” to it?”

A/N: Beware the grumpy Jeff. Sulky and adorable.

The room was so dimly lit that you were struggling to see. In fact, it took you a good few minutes to make out Jeff’s cocooned figure in the corner. You sighed. You knew something was up. He’d been acting strange over text and refused to let you call him when you asked. So, you did what any good friend would do and risked a speeding ticket driving over to his place as soon as you could. You did what any best friend helplessly in love would do.

The first step in what you were now calling; ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’, was to get some sunlight in. Jeff still hadn’t acknowledged your presence, but you swaggered over to the windows and violently pulled the curtains nevertheless.

“Ow fuck!” He squinted. “Y/N, what the fuck are you doing here?” He remained curled in the corner shielding his eyes.

“I’m taking you to Disney-world.” You crossed your arms earnestly.

“Fuck off are you taking me to Disney-world.”

“Well, no. You know my monthly income wouldn’t even cover a day trip for one person, but that’s not the point! It’s metaphorical. The point is that by the end of the day you are going to be so ecstatic that you’ll feel like you’re in Disney-world.”

“I don’t think that’s-”

“Come on! Get up!” You yanked up the complaining Jeff and coaxed him downstairs.

“Your piece of shit car couldn’t get us to Disney-world anyway.” He muttered under his breath. You hit him round the head.

“Talk shit about Herman again and i’ll leave.” You crossed your arms, watching as he sat at the kitchen counter. Despite his protests, he didn’t really want his best friend to leave, he was grateful when you’d turned up.

“I’m not going to make you talk to me about it until you’re ready.” Your tone had softened now. Step two of  ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  was now ready to be set in motion. Wildlife Watching.


“No. No?” He protested after you’d told him the plan.

“Why not. It’s a great way to relax and the sun will release your endorphins.” You stomped out into Jeff’s garden, him dragging his heels behind you.

He rolled his eyes. “But it’s so boring!”

“That’s what a boring person would say.”

“We’re not going to see anything from my garden anyway.”

Half an hour later, you’d seen a few birds, and a worm- but Jeff was still not impressed. ‘Did you know the brown stuff in their bodies is their poop?’ he’d said with disgust. Time for Step Three you guessed.


“How is giving you a piggy back meant to make me feel better again?” Jeff grumbled, walking you around his coffee table.

“You’re helping others!”

“But you can walk.”


“No way-”

“GALLOP.” You pulled at his t shirt slightly as though it were reins.

He gritted his teeth and galloped lacklustredly round the table, warranting a loud cackle from you.

He put you down and turned to you. “You’re just making me feel like an idiot.”

“My favourite idiot.” You placed a hand on his cheek and wobbled it slightly. He rolled his eyes again.

“Look, Y/N, it’s pointless. You might as well give up now.” He threw your hand off of him.

“I’m not giving up on you Jeff.” Your eyes bore into his, more serious now.

“I wish you wouldn’t say crap like that.” He slumped on to the couch.

“Why? You know how much I care about you and how I hate seeing you like this?”

He shook his head, trying to prevent himself from saying something stupid. Sensing his discomfort, you flopped down on the couch next to him. Step Four.

“Guess it’s time to watch Mulan then.”

Mulan was Jeff’s favourite, he could never not sing along, and the funny bits sent him into fits of laughter. Not this time, though. You were growing more and more concerned the more stuff you tried that would usually cheer him straight up. Nothing was working. You stopped the film halfway through, it was useless.

‘Operation Happy Jeff™’  Step Five really had to pull it out of the bag. Making Cookies.


“Now, is the butter at room temperature?” You asked, mindlessly playing with the whisk.

“Uh, I don’t have a temperature stick thing…you know the…”

“Thermometer? You don’t need one, silly.” You chuckled. “Just tell me if it looks kind of soft.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Jeff shrugged, handing you the tub of butter. He didn’t seem much happier, but he’d definitely put his focus into baking these cookies.

“Measure 125g on the scales.”

He scrunched his face up watching the numbers on the scales, causing your heart to lurch and uncontrollably smile. He was too cute.

“Okay.” He nodded, handing you the bowl. You poured the butter into the sugar.

“Hold the whisk at the top here.” You pointed to the spot above your own hand. “We’re whisking this bitch together.”

You thought you may have caught him in a small smile, but it was so fleeting you weren’t sure.

The whisk buzzed on and you and Jeff moved your hands together in circles, making sure the butter and sugar were creamed. Jeff was so close you could smell him, in all his minty-vanilla glory, and his big hand overlapped yours slightly. You added the eggs and vanilla with your spare hand, and continued to swirl the mixture. Jeff readjusted his grip, brushing your hand slightly.

“That’s done.” You stated, realising that had been a bad idea. “I’ll measure the flour, you can do the chocolate chips.”

He nodded, moving to the other counter to do the chocolate chips.

You poured the flour into the bowl. “Jeff?”


“Do you want to whisk it while i grease the trays?”

“Uh, yeah.” He nodded again.

It all happened pretty quick. The whisk was on full blast and you’d forgotten to tell Jeff to fold the flour in first, and he ended up spraying flour all over the room. All over himself. All over you.

“Oh my god!” You squealed, laughing. Jeff looked shell-shocked. You lobbed the lump of butter in your hand at him, hitting him in the nose.

“Fuck off.” He growled, wiping the butter from his face and lobbing it back at you. Your mouth fell open as the cool substance hit your neck. You shook your head in disbelief, immersing your hand in the bag of flour before running toward him and coating him in another handful. He blew through his mouth, creating a flour cloud, which hit you in the face. And, seeing you coated in flour and grinning at him, his mouth twisted up into a gorgeous beam, his teeth standing out white even against the flour.

“There’s that smile.” You bit through a grin. He looked down at you warmly.

“You did it, you cracked me.” You were so close that his voice was soft and quiet, but still audible. “It should be illegal for you to look so cute covered in flour.”

You scoffed. “I can’t believe Mulan didn’t work but throwing flour at me did.”

“It wasn’t just the flour, really. It was the whole day. I know I complained but I can’t believe you really did all this for me.” He shrugged.

“You know I would do anything for you, Jeff.” You urged.

“That’s part of the problem.” He backed away and leaned against the kitchen counter, wiping his hand down his face. The smile had gone.

“What? I’m sorry I’m… confused.”

“Well part of the reason I’ve been in such a funk today was that for some reason my baseball game was completely off, I really could not play. Realising why was the other reason.” He sighed.

“Why?” You edged closer to him.

“It’s been ever since I saw you and Zach yesterday, I can’t get it out of my head.” Admitted Jeff.

“What do you mean?”

“I couldn’t stand the thought of my best mate with the girl I love.”

You froze. What? What? Were you hearing this correctly?

“Fuck.” He muttered, kicking the counter.

“Jeff I really don’t-”

“I’m gonna regret this.” He inhaled, swiftly moving over to you and cupping your face in his hands. Dry, floury lips were pressed to yours in an instant, shocking you. It took a few beats to register that this was actually Jeff, and press your hands against his warm chest. His heartbeat was fast against your hands, and his own hands warming your cheeks. The way flour met your tongue was kind of gross, but you couldn’t care in the slightest. His right hand moved to your waist, pulling you flush against him. His mouth opened hungrily providing room for your tongue, but instead you bit down on his bottom lip sensually.

He breathed what resembled fuck, and you smiled into his mouth.

“I concur.” You whispered, breaking off and resting your forehead against his. Both of you were breathing roughly and heavily, holding on to the other for stability.

“I guess this is better than Disney-world.”


The morning found Jeff’s arm slung over you, and the success of ‘Operation Happy Jeff™’ .

like if eiffel/minkowski are the jester/mentor soulmates, eiffel/hilbert are the ethically ambiguous ‘what are we’ subject/scientist duo, and eiffel/hera are just…fuyckn…in love, then eiffel and lovelace have the potential to have the best brother/sister dynamic:

  • eiffel and lovelace who constantly rag on each other, teasing and giving the occasional (read: at least once daily) punch in the arm as a sign of affection; except Lovelace’s punches do considerable damage to Eiffel, but he is King Of The Noogie
  • [From the other room]: ‘MINKOWSKIIIIIIII!!!!! LOVELACE BROKE MY SCALE MODEL REPLICA OF THE MILLENIUM FALCON!’ / ‘It was made of a post it note you dweeb!’  
  • *so many momkowski head shakes*
  • ‘that’s my toothbrush’ / ‘umm, no it isn’t.’ / ‘[together]…shit.’ 
  • the pair of them confessing to one another that they’re gay as heck (Eiffel as a bisexual space disaster, and Lovelace as the perfect astro lesbian we all know and love) which a) leads to ‘i bet i can get that girl’s number first’ squabbles when they both go weak at the knees for cute girls in bars and b) Eiffel probably losing and c) Lovelace compensating by scoring him the number of the lead singer from the live band all in the space of ten minutes
  • They become the ‘ride or die’ siblings; Eiffel making sure that Lovelace knows that he is there for her no matter what, and ready to tackle any problem head-on with her, and becoming one of the only people Lovelace feels immediately comfortable around. Building on their rocky start, his welcoming demeanour and ability to instantly sympathise becomes charming, and something she admires
  • Lovelace assuring Eiffel that she’s got his back in whatever fight, but reminds him that she can still kick his ass if he gets out of line with the drinking again; ‘We’ve both gone to hell and back multiple times alone, but now I’m here to wrench you back out of it’
  • cinemasinning together
  • eiffel giving a heartfelt speech at Lovelace’s wedding which nobody understands because he’s speaking in references again, but cut to Lovelace and she’s in tears of joy and love
  • telepathic sibling conversations via distinct looks such as: ‘minkowski is going to kill us’ and ‘please don’t kill minkowski’ and ‘there’s extra pie in the fridge, I’ll distract her while you stealth in there and I’ll meet you back in my room in fourteen’

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On a scale of one to ten, how cute would you rate you and Robin ? (I give it a solid nine thousand)

There is absolutely no rating I could give him that would say how cute he really is, cause as soon as I pick a number I think no one more than that and oh no one more than that!

too cute to have a freaking rating…


*** Ok so I don’t want anyone reading this to think ‘oh this is cute but it isn’t for me, I’m too big’. It is for you. It’s for all of you who are self conscious about your weight and how you look. It’s for anyone that weighs more than they’re 'supposed’ to. I don’t care how big you are. This ones for you. Don’t ever feel like you aren’t beautiful or enough because of a number on a scale. There’s people out there that love you and will be there to love you in the future and anyone that doesn’t because of such a superficial and foolish reason? Fuck em.❤️**

“What, is she like 7 feet tall or something? Is she in her 60s?” The guys laughed and so did Juice. Tig had been badgering him going on 2 weeks now about meeting you. The rest of the guys had slowly caught on as well that everytime there was an opportunity to meet you, something would happen where you didn’t make it. You and Juice had been together already 3 months and they still hadn’t even seen you. They couldn’t understand why he was hiding you from them and they’d been after him for the last week along with a Tig once they caught on. Now they were playing a guessing game of trying to find out what was wrong with you that he didn’t want them to meet you.

“No. We’re just trying to take it slow you know. Just make sure we’re good together before we start getting other people involved.” That was actually a complete lie. You hadn’t been together for long but in the time you had been together, you’d gotten to know each other pretty well and you both trusted each other. He knew his bothers would love you. You were sweet, loving, affectionate and loyal. You were also very shy though and you didnt look like the rest of the girls around the clubhouse, both croweaters and Old Ladies.

You were bigger, overweight, fat, chubby. However you wanted to describe it. But you were beautiful both inside and out to many people and especially to Juice. He’d met you at a coffee shop and he’d thought you were beautiful from the moment he’d laid eyes on you. It had only gotten better when he’d worked up the courage to talk to you and learned how sweet of a girl you were. He was calm and happy around you. A quick run to get Gemma some coffee had ended up being a 2 hour break or just talking with you and the rest was history.

You’d gotten together and neither of you had mentioned your weight the entire time because it was irrelevant. It didn’t come up u tip you brought it up to him when he’s asked you to go with him to a party his club was having. You’re weight had never even really occurred to him until then but he began to understand your hesitance, even having some of his own.

The guys were used to thinner girls. Some were just skinny, some were toned and muscular, some had a couple of extra pounds but he didn’t think he’d ever seen an Old Lady or Croweater with a body like yours. He didn’t have a problem with it but he slowly began to get a little nervous that maybe his brothers wouldn’t be very accepting or nice about it. He’d never really heard them make any comments about a girls weight, in fact he noticed that Tig and Chibs often took the more curvy croweaters over the thinner ones but he was still nervous. He’d heard Gemma make comments once about “Nobody likes a fat Old Lady.” and the thought of her saying something that would hurt your feelings was enough to postpone the meeting and let you skip the party.

Everytime he brought it up, the way you would look down and kinda hide yourself would automatically make him change the subject but his brothers were beginning to catch on and he feared that maybe he was making you feel worse. You knew they wanted to meet you but he always would put it off and the last thing he wanted was for you to think he was embarrassed so tonight he wasn’t going to back down or put it off.


“Maybe we could do it another time? We’ll have other chances.” Juice frowned and shook his head, reaching out and putting his arms over your shoulders and holding you close to him, your hands settling on side sides. “They really want to meet you tonight for the party. They keep asking. They’re dying to get to know you, I don’t want to put it off anymore. I want everyone to know my girl.” You smiled and leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to his shoulder before resting your head against his chest. “Ok. Well do it today.” “If you don’t want to…” “No I do I just, you know.” He nodded and tucked your hair behind your ear. “I think it’ll be ok. You’re beautiful. They know a beautiful girl when they see one.”

He heard a muffled laugh and you looked up., eyes sparkling. “Thank you Juan.” He answered with a gentle kiss your your lips. “You’re welcome babygirl.” “If they say anything, can we leave?” “Yes. We’ll be gone.” You nodded and smiled as he patted your ass. “Go get dressed so I can show you off.”


“You look so fucking good.” You blushed as Juice eyed you, his lip between his teeth and his hand low on your hip as you stood by his bike. “Thank you.” “Hope I don’t have to fight a brother for not keeping his hands to himself.” “Oh shut up.” “ I’m serious.” He’d been throwing nothing but complements your way since you’d agreed to come. He always complemented you because you always looked nice to him but seeing you tonight was really driving him crazy. Nothing was sexier than confidence and seeing you look at yourself in the mirror before you got dressed with a smile as he stood behind you, pointing out all the things on your body he loved was enough to get you to come out your shell and when you’d walked out your room in a dress that showed every single one of your curves while still being covered, he’d thought to keep you home for a whole different reason.

“Let’s go.” You walked into the clubhouse with him and took in the atmosphere. Girls, booze, weed and music. Everyone was talking and laughing, having a great time. You couldn’t deny that there was love in the room. You just hoped there’d be some for you. Some girls twirled around the poles and others were in the laps of Sons but all of them were thin and you felt your confidence go down a bit. Juice noticed by how your shoulders fell some and came to the rescue. “That dress might’ve been a bad idea because I kinda don’t even want to share you with anyone tonight. Those legs…”

You blushed and pushed him away lightly, a smile coming to his face as he saw you open back up. He lead to over towards the pool table where his brothers were sitting on the couches. Chibs noticed you first and smiled warmly at you. Jax, Tig and Hap all followed his eyes and smiled as they saw you walking over with Juice. “Oh god.” Juice chuckled and placed a hand on your back bringing you with him. The men stood and Chibs was the first to speak to you. “So this is the lass. Nice to finally meet you.” You nodded and placed your hand in his as he held his out and and blushed as he brought upon up and kissed the back of it.

“Nice to meet you.” He was pulled away by Jax who smiled a beautiful smile at you. “Hi there Darlin’. I see our Juicy here lucked out.” He winked at his brother and Juice smirked, knowing exactly how lucky he was as Tig joined in. “Yeah. Thought you were slick keeping her all to yourself.” The positivity around you had you feeling your best and the fact that no one mentioned anything about your weight made you feel silly about how nervous you’d been. You felt beautiful and confident, as well as welcomed and you began to talk to Chibs about something random, not noticing as Juice watched you with nothing but pride adoration.


Brahms - Piano Concerto in D minor, op. 15 (1858)

If you can’t decide between a career-defining symphony and a more introspective piano sonata, why not mash the two together? That’s what Brahms did with this early masterpiece. 

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It is freshman year
And everything is about fun
And parties, and boy’s
And making sure you look cute
And making memories
School is in the backseat
Being cool takes the front
Catch everything on Snapchat
Or else it doesn’t count
And one by one
It seems your middle school friends fade
But not before the whisper behind your back
About how you have changed.
And all you can think about is
“Well, I will stay the same.”

It is sophomore year
And everything has dulled
Nothing seems as bright
Or quite as nice
As it did last year
Everyone is immersed in their homework
The numbers on the scale are all that matters
And suddenly, food isn’t necessary
And suddenly there’s talk of college
Your gpa just doesn’t seem high enough
And suddenly your best just doesn’t seem like enough
Not enough hours in the day
Not enough weeks in a semester
Not enough friends to help you through
And from that night you messed up
The only thing left is shame
And all you can think about is
“I thought things would stay the same.”

It is junior year
And your lack of sleep is tangible
Your grade wanders the halls
With droopy eyes and small smiles
And everybody is braving themselves
For the storm of questions
About college, which used to seem so far away
And now it seems like no one will stay
There must be something higher than an A
How many GPA points is your sanity worth?
And everything seems to suffocate you
Everyone is screaming
“It’s too much, it’s too much.”
But you are nothing but a statistic to them
So they silence you by shoving more useless “knowledge”
Down your throat.
And now nothing is a game
And all you know are college names
And all you can think about is
“Will things ever be the same?”

It is senior year
And sleep is a thing of the past
Nobody cares about you anymore
Just about your future.
Apply, Apply, Apply
Prepare, don’t smile, Prepare some more
They say you aren’t ready
For the real world
But you’ve been living in it
The fear of student loans
Everyone’s voices are just like drone
And the headache just won’t go
You say you don’t care anymore
That you just want to be done
But that’s a lie: you care
Everything just makes you scared
Application essays
Less and less days
Memories that fade away
A happy feeling that just won’t stay
You think
You breathe
You hope
You pray
An Aspirin just to get through the day
All the pressure has dulled your once bright flame
You used to want things to stay the same
But now you are
And you have one aim:
All of this bullshit has to change.


The youth are crying. 

Hear us. 

oisuga fic rec list

oisuga has been my otp for a long time now, and i’ve read some amazing fics and made some great friends while doing my time in hell. i’d like to share some of the fics i feel like are both fantastic and easy for people to read, especially if they don’t often read fic or have just gotten into oisuga.

i don’t like angst and i don’t read porn, so for the most part this list is full of fluffy, sweet fics. i’m also not claiming this is an exhaustive list of all good, fluffy oisuga fics out there. these are just the ones i especially liked and want others to read.


Stargazing, by grandAce
He didn’t know much about stargazing, but apparently he didn’t need to.

i can’t very well start a rec list without including this fic, which i think is the origin of oisuga + space/star themes. it’s about oikawa and suga going on a date, while suga keeps oikawa from getting too worked up over making it perfect.

Stuck in the Middle With You, by overlymetaromantic
It’s not the kind of blossoming relationship either of them would expect, but maybe, just maybe, it could lead to something good.

this fic is seven chapters, one for each prompt of the first oisuga week. it’s all about oikawa and suga’s awkward courtship while they try to figure each other out. somewhat canon compliant, takes place during high school.

A Boy Like Me’s Just Irresistible, by overlymetaromantic
(A continuation of this, in which college is a little more fun when there’s someone by your side.) 

a sequel to stuck in the middle with you, but taking place during university. it’s funny and adorable, and i love how the author keeps their dynamic fun even after they’re in a relationship. 

Hold The Sugar, by transtobio
Oikawa Tooru had walked into Karasuno cafe with the intention of finding Kageyama and teasing him. He didn’t expect to meet the most attractive barista of all time, but what can you do?

the coffee shop au we all want and deserve. featuring oikawa not being as smooth as he’d like, and suga being charmed despite himself.

Due Season, by aroceu and memorde
The documentation of a relationship that’s more than a brief encounter, longer than a week in summer, and closer than any distance that words can’t cross.

these two are my favorite oisuga authors, so it makes sense that when they team up for a fic, it’s amazing! due season is not yet complete, but it’s well worth the read anyway. in an au where aobajousai and karasuno have a training camp together, things progress a little differently.

Coincidence, by memorde
coincidence • n. 1 a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.

i’m going to be perfectly honest here: coincidence is the entire reason i wanted to make a rec list for oisuga. if you’re going to read just one fic, make it this one. it’s about oikawa and suga meeting through a series of coincidences (or not-so-coincidences) and how their relationship progresses from there.

How (Not) To Share A Bathroom, by memorde
A love story in two parts, told in passive-aggressive post-it notes and cluttered bathroom shelves, late nights and early mornings, locked doors and near misses.

the transition to university is stressful, especially when you share a bathroom with someone you’ve only communicated with in sticky notes. it’s even worse when you develop an embarrassing crush on him.

To and From, by memorde
Thanks for leaving me your number last night~! I’m flattered by your interest, but I’m not looking to date anyone right now. Have a good day~! n_n

someone should stop isy from writing perfect oisuga fics so often, tbh. suga gets a wrong number text from someone one morning. even though the text was a rejection, the wrong number weirdo keeps texting suga.

hung the stars, by aroceu
Tooru loves aliens. Koushi happens to be one.

i love, love love creative and silly aus, so of course this one tops the list! oikawa meets an alien one night when he’s young, and they visit a few more times over the years.

first bet, second guess,  by aroceu
This is all a very bad idea, in Suga’s opinion. He is not looking forward to waking up accidentally spooned against the guy he likes.

bed sharing… yes. featuring another one of my favorites: oikawa being so taken by suga he sucks at doing what he wants to do.

Marvel Scale, by Volleybird
Oikawa believes in many things. And sometimes, they’re actually real.

the mermaid au i’ve been carving for too long! features oikawa sharing his human food with mersuga, and their mutual curiosity about each other.

Phone Tag, by Icie
Oikawa goes on a quest for Sugawara’s number - he didn’t actually expect to get it.

all of my favorite things in one fic: cute texting scenes, suga throwing oikawa off guard by flirting back with him, and exploration of how similar they really are.

Over the Moon, by togekissies
If there is one thing Tooru is absolutely positive of, it’s that he needs to break off this thing he has with Suga.

i feel silly putting my own fic on this list, but, well… i feel like these are good, easy fics to read. in this au oikawa and suga share an apartment while they attend university, and oikawa somehow accidentally started dating suga, then convinced himself he wants to break up with him.

Mess, by togekissies
Fact one: Oikawa and Suga are not dating.
Fact two: Oikawa seems to have forgotten fact one.

mess takes place in the same au as over the moon, though it’s chronologically first. i wrote and published it months later and both can be read in any order. mess shows how their relationship started.

BONUS! (it’s not primary oisuga, but i love this fic so much i’m gonna rec it anyway)

do me (a favor), by meguri_aite
“I would be forever in your debt if you could date Daichi for a bit,” continued Sugawara in a conversational tone that was probably appropriate for a wide range of subjects, but, Kuroo thought dimly, not this particular one.

this is a kurodai fic, but it’s kicked into action because suga wants to date oikawa–and is afraid he may think suga’s already taken by daichi. so his brilliant plan is to ask daichi to pretend date kuroo for a while, so oikawa knows he’s available. too bad (or good thing?) kuroo’s nursing a crush on daichi!


Patch design series 2! : Sacred Geometry!
The followup set to the cute creepy occulty patches which are all now sent out to their new homes! Their sizes range from 3x5 in. (the geometry Mary) to the smallest being 2.4x1.5 in. (the bonus eye) to give you an idea of scale. These ones over all are larger than the last batch. Depending on preorder numbers you may also receive a free bonus tiny geometric eye patch!So spread the word n everyone will get something extra!
They will not be sold individually outside of the set/series so grab them while they’re cheap! CLICK HERE!

Other examples of our patches can be found here! [ X-FILES ] & [ STEVEN UNIVERSE ]

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I love medical aus so could you do a list of your favorite nurse Dean fics.

Originally posted by malectrash256

There’s way too many great nurse Dean fics to choose from, so I think I might have to do a part two for this theme sometime in the future! I kind of like nurse Dean more than doctor Dean, I have no idea why but I really have a hard time picturing Dean as a doctor. I’m again having the worst flu ever with fever and everything so I really don’t have enough brain power to ramble on more about nurse Dean… so here you go, I hope there’s something here that you haven’t already read.  - Admin A

Ps. Here’s links to our previoys medical related posts:
Medical AU
Nurse/Doctor Dean
Nurse/Doctor Cas

Title: Give You Pins and (Knitting) Needles

Author: Soupernabturel

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 4,004 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Another chubby Dean fic… Seriously I feel like that’s all I’ve been reccing lately :’D Anyway, again this chubby Dean thing isn’t really a thing in this fic so don’t get scared and ignore this fic just because of that, okay! Dean’s not really a medical nurse here but he’s a nurse working in a retirement home so it counts! I don’t know really what else to say about this except that it was super cute in a very weird way :’D

Summary: Dean has been watching Castiel’s videos for years, he just never expected to meet the ASMRtist in person.

Well… meet was a generous way of putting it.

(Read here)

Title: The Great Escapist

Author: 8sword

Rating: Explicit

Words:100,534 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Nursing student Dean and his roommate pre-med student Cas, what more can you ask for?! I might have read this more than once…. okay more like five times and I still love it! I really love long fics like this where Dean and Cas start off as friends and then their relationship evolves into something more in a slow paces and realistic kind of way instead of them meeting for the first time and suddenly they are madly in love after just few paragraphs… so yeah, I seriously recommend reading this fic if you guys haven’t already!

Summary: Dean spears him on a green-eyed look through the open passenger door. “Why do I get the feeling you just want us to spend the night together?”

“Because you’re paranoid and ridiculous,” Cas says. “I sleep five feet away from you every night; I could watch you sleep at home.”

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Title: Serious Moonlight

Author: MooseFeels

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 8,605 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Deaf Cas is the best… but please for the love of god, do not break your 8k story into 16 parts. 1k and less words/chapter is never acceptable!

Summary: The Festival was a bad idea, but maybe it’s not all bad.

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Title: The Incidental Merits of Analgesia

Author: HalcyonStars

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 4,740 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This was so adorable! Everything this author writes is pure gold and this fic is no exception!

Summary: “Your heart rate is a little high. Are you in p-pain?”

“My leg is broken,” Castiel deadpanned.

“Yeah, that was a st-stupid question. On a scale from one to t-t-t-ten, how much pain are you in?“

“The subjectivity of pain makes that a difficult question. After all, different people have different pain thresholds. If a ten is getting my arm amputated, then I’d say what I feel right now is relatively low.”

“Just a number, Mr. Novak.”


In which Castiel finds out that painkillers can reduce intellect to zero, but that’s okay, because Dean finds it cute.

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Title: Scale from One to Ten

Author: syrasynn

Rating: Explicit

Words: 14,107 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I wish all the nurses in my local hospital would be male and as cute as Dean… unfortunately I always get stuck with the angry overweight female nurses that think it’s their duty to make the visit as uncomfortable and painful as possible :’D

Summary: Dean’s a nurse, Castiel is one of his patients.

“They removed my appendix through my belly button.”

“They sure did. On a scale from one to ten, how is your pain?”

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Title: Preacher Comfort

Author: almaasi

Rating: Mature

Words: 42,799 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think I recced this fic in our priest Cas tag… Seriously guys, I know I’ve said this like a million times but almaasi is like the best SPN fanfic writer ever… Lol I know admin J is going nuts with me claiming every AU as my favorite but what can I do, I just love AU fics :’D

Summary: Dean Winchester works as a nurse at an after-hours medical clinic. He’s a champion at what he does, but for him, professionalism has its pitfalls: good-looking patients make him flustered. Luckily, his fly-by-night infatuation evaporates within minutes, since most patients only swing by once. Castiel (fondly known as Bee Sting Guy around the clinic) is one of those iniquitously handsome fellows – and he keeps coming back. He’s also a Catholic priest, 94% asexual, and in need of the tender love that happens to be Dean’s speciality.

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For acoustcmichael’s plus size!5sos blurb night

Shopping for clothes was supposed to be a fun experience but for you it was anything but. None of the cute clothing items you picked up ever were your size and the things that were deemed plus size worthy were always less beautiful than the “skinny” clothes. You couldn’t understand what was so hard about adding a little flair to clothes for bigger people, didn’t they deserve to feel pretty just like everyone else? 

Defeated, you sulked home that day empty handed. You didn’t really need new clothes but Michael had mentioned talking you out on a nice date this weekend and it would have been nice to have a cute dress to wear instead of your normal ratty jeans and plain blouse. 

Michael had texted you while you were on your way home that he was going to be home shortly, meaning you only had a few minutes to sulk. Not wanting him to see you worked up about your weight, you locked yourself in the bathroom so you could cry in peace. The bathroom wasn’t the best place for you to hide though, seeing as that’s where the dreaded scale was stored. You knew you shouldn’t get on it. It had been a rough day already not to mention that pizza you ate earlier definitely wasn’t going to help the number on the scale. And yet, you stood on the scale, watching the blinking dashes until a number reveled itself to you. You tried to blink back the tears but you couldn’t, all you could see was the horrid three digit number in front of you. 

As if on cue, you heard a knock on the door followed by the voice of your boyfriend. 

“Babe? Are you alright in there?” 

“Yeah I’m fine Mikey,” you sniffled. “I just stubbed my toe on something.” 

“Well, open the door so I can kiss it better.” 

Reluctantly, you opened the door not even bothering to check your reflection in the mirror. Michael took one look at you and immediately knew you hadn’t stubbed your toe. He knew that these were tears for another reason. And when he saw the number blinking on the scale he knew exactly why you were crying. 

“Rough day?” 

“They just don’t make cute clothes for fat girls,” you huffed, a few stray tears still falling. “I used to be so cute. I could wear all those cute clothes those skinny girls wear. I use to wear shorts!” 

“Baby,” he whispered, hugging you tight. “You’re gorgeous. And I for one think you’d look sexy in shorts. Your legs are too die for.” 

“Maybe if I was skinner.” 

“You know I don’t like you talking like that. We just aren’t skinny people okay. Look, I have a tummy too,” he said, pulling up his own shirt. “We’re not meant to weigh the same as we did when we were 15. Let’s go watch a movie and then we can talk about where I will be taking you shopping tomorrow.” 

This was so long and the ending kind of sucks but I just couldn’t pass up sharing. :) 

Flapping Flippers (Mermaid! AU) Chapter 2

A/N: Back by popular demand! I think I did good?  @grapefruitwannabe @inu-fiction @kagsandinuyasha @mikobabe @shinjiteflorana 

4 weeks earlier

            Inuyasha swore loudly as he tripped over one of the nets, his foot slipping into the hole cut into the side.

            For the past two weeks, when he pulled up his nets, there would be no fish inside and a large hole that appeared to have been cut with a knife. At first he thought the net was caught on a sharp rock or something but when he moved to a different spot about 2 kilometers away, it continued to happen. He caught no fish which meant no pay check which meant relying on Miroku and random jobs he managed to pick up. It was not enjoyable. He was determined to figure out how his nets were being sabotaged. Whoever it was had better be prepared to pay dearly.

He had just cast the net out a few minutes ago with fake fish thrown at the bottom of it. It wouldn’t be long now.

            The rope that attached to the net twitched and he immediately sprang up over to the crank, pulling up the net. The rope shook violently, vibrations spreading up along it.

He growled as he had to use both arms to rotate the crank. Whatever was in the net was unusually heavy.

              The signature splash of water was heard as the net rose over the surface of the water. He barely could restrain his added strength with his growing anger.     

              Hastily, he locked the crank in place, so that the net would not fall back into the sea. He stomped over to the edge of the boat and peered over, his ears glowing with anger.

             “You’ve got some nerve, you-” The beginning of his angry tirade came to an abrupt halt as his eyes widened.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering how many followers you had, because I've been following this blog for years and was telling a friend how amazing I think it is how many lives you've positively impacted. I can already tell that regardless your follower count you've had an impact on so many people, but I was curious so that I could show her the scale of that impact. If its private or you don't feel comfortable sharing I completely understand! This blog has always brought me a lot comfort. xx

haha that is very cute. It’s around 22k followers which is crazy especially as I am so absent from here these days. Thank you for your kind words and remember that 22,000 followers or 1, it honestly doesn’t matter! Man I really hate numbers, of course I am grateful to have been able to reach a lot of people but making a difference in one persons life is equally as valuable and important x


Drunk giggly Mickey booping Ian’s nose for grumpyvich. That is all.

Ian enjoyed getting Mickey drunk. It wasn’t because it was easier to take advantage of him or something gross like that (like some people seemed to think… coughLipcough), but because Mickey was so goddamn cute when he drunk. Downright adorable, actually. Of course, Ian valued his head where it was, placed safely on top of his shoulders, so he never said anything about it.

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winter challenge - day 1

Title: ugly sweaters
Fandom: fairy tail

The snow batted against the window, flurries fluttering down to the steadily growing piles on the ground. When Levy had gone to sleep last night, the skies had been cloudy but otherwise clear, and now … now she was pretty sure the snow was up to her knees. 

She hadn’t prepared for this kind of cold.

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So shameless screenshot posting of Celyse in her new digs ^_- (look no spindly legs anymore, yay!) And as much as her butt does look super fab in the lovely blue number, I really love the boots and the design of the scale mail, plus I figured she’d walk around most of the time at least mostly protected, so yis.

And I most definietly did not replay all the Cullen scenes last night. Nope. not at all. LOOKIT THESE BEAUTIFUL BEBS I love them soooo T_T

Especially that teeny smile one HOW CUTE IS THAT ONE

are you guys totally over my progress pics yet?? 😁😁😁

I took the one on the right today because I felt cute and I like the way this shirt fits and also I have a new bra and IT FITS (ladies you know that’s a big deal haha) and overall just a primo body posi day for me 👍🏼

Left picture is from May 2014 when I was constantly bloated, wearing sweatshirts to cover my belly out of shame, just feeling insecure and unhappy and blech. My mom took that picture several times and I hated each one.

There are many reasons to lose weight. Seeing a lower number on the scale is one, wearing smaller clothes is another, but the biggest one for me has been the attitude change.

I AM SO HAPPY. I feel SO much better. When I’m stressed out, I don’t lay in bed and eat and sleep all day - I put on my running shoes and get outside or lift heavy things or go to the dojang and stretch.

I AM SO CONFIDENT. I am smart! I have good ideas, and I speak up now! Past Stephanie was also smart, but she kept her opinions to herself and barely spoke up at school or work, and if she did speak, it was through tears. Not anymore. I look people in the eyes. I’ve led a department meeting in front of 100+ people, without notes, and received so many nice comments about how natural I was at public speaking. I carry myself differently. I initiate conversations. I am a leader.

I AM HELPING OTHERS. In real life and in messages on tumblr, people say things like “because of you, i didn’t give up” or “your story is like mine, we started at the same weight and I want to be like you” or “you’ve encouraged me to try again” and that means SO MUCH to me. Like when I feel like giving up, I’m motivated by the reminder that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. sometimes I post things on here and it’s a bit like shouting into the void but you never know who’s watching. you never know the influence you have.

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wondering if i could leave a tuckington prompt? idk I kinda got the idea in my head of wash as a website designer and tucker as a graphic designer and they have to work together on a job, but they annoy each other but have a slight crush on the other.. You can take it wherever you like from there :)

Hello Anon! Thanks for the prompt :) I hope this is okay~

Tuckington! Cheesy/cute Tuckington.


Although Wash loved what he did and liked the people he worked with, he had a problem. Two, actually. One Big one, and one Little one.


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