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Request from anon for a Happy x Reader using the following prompts:

#75 - “Can you stop poking me?!” “I’m not poking you.”

#81 - “It’s locked!” “You mean we’re stuck in here?”

#83 - “Hey! I was watching that!”

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You make a sound of disgust as you pinch your nose with your thumb and index, spraying the air freshener aggressively. You understood when you came to Belfast that you weren’t going to be living in a five star hotel with luxurious facilities and chocolates left on your pillow, but still, you at least expected your company not to be complete pigs.

Satisfied that you’ve used enough spray to cover up the vulgar smell of shit, you wash your hands, before stomping your way to the living room. Currently, it was just you and your number one nemesis left in the residence, the others and Gemma having left for whatever reason a couple hours ago.

“Seriously, you didn’t think of spraying something to cover up the smell of death in that bathroom?” you scold as you reach the sofa, Happy sprawled out across it, his attention solely focused on the tiny TV in front of him.

He shushes you rudely, batting you away with his hands as you stand near his entertainment, him not giving a rats ass about what you’re saying. Scoffing, you turn around, yanking the TV plug out of its socket, sounds of annoyance leaving Happy’s lips.

“Hey! I was watching that!” he growls, standing up from his relaxed position and going to reach around you to put the plug back in. You push him backwards, raising your eyebrows sternly as you demand to be listened to. He shrugs his shoulders in question as he stares at you. “What?”

“Spray next time you shit, it’s that simple.” You glare at him as you wait for your message to sink in, Happy’s eyes in slits as he looks back at you. Once you’re satisfied, you flash him a sickly smile, walking to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea.

“You know, you might get fucked by an Irish man if you remove that stick that’s jammed up your ass.” Happy says, the TV restored to its previous state, some gritty horror film playing. You slam the cupboard in response, pouring the boiling water into your mug and wishing it was Happy’s skin instead.

“Thanks for the tip. Better not remove the stick in your ass, I dread to think what might come out.” Happy laughs sarcastically as you take a seat with your drink, your mind already whirring with ideas to piss him off. You smirk to yourself as you bring the tea to your lips, slurping obnoxiously.

You act unaware as you pretend to watch the screen, Happy’s angry eyes burning into the side of your face. After a few more slurps, he curses under his breath, throwing the remote in your lap before he heads for the door. “Off so soon?”

He flips you the bird over his shoulder, an accomplished smile sliding onto your lips. He rattles the door handle loudly, desperate for an escape from your company, but to no avail.

“Did you forget how to open a door?” you ask after the rattling continues, the channels on the TV flicking as you search through. Rolling your eyes, you get up, reaching the door and pushing Happy over to the side. “It’s left, not right. Genius.”

Happy watches you smugly as you fail to unlock the door, your brows knotting in confusion as you turn it the correct way, yet nothing happens. You attempt it a few more times, but again, nothing.

“I think it’s locked.” Happy says, loving the fact that you’re not right - for once. He rattles the handle once more for good measure, before smirking at you. “Definitely locked.”

“Thanks for the input, Sherlock. You mean we’re stuck in here? I’m stuck in here, with you?” Happy almost looks offended for a moment, before he walks and slumps back down on the couch, the remote being scooped back into his possession.

“Looks like it, Princess. Better get comfy.”

You grit your teeth, breathing in deeply in an attempt to stop yourself from attacking the man next to you. The torment continues, your last little bit of resolve crumbling. “Can you stop poking me?!”

Happy looks taken aback with your outburst, before his shock changes to smugness. “I’m not poking you.”

“Who’s doing it then? Casper the pokey ghost?” Happy laughs deeply at your words, a small smile tickling at your lips. You catch yourself, however, your serious expression remaining in place. “You’d think that with your job title you’d be able to pick a lock.”

He shrugs in response, the two of you facing each other on the couch. “Who says I can’t?”

Your eyes widen as you stare at Happy in bewilderment. You wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t, as if he’s waiting to test your reaction.

“Are you saying that you’re choosing not to open the door?” you ask, slight anger but mostly just confusion brewing inside of you. If he could free the two of you from each others company, why wouldn’t he?

“Yeah.” You gesture with your hands for him to elaborate, a smile on his lips like he’s enjoying tormenting you. “Is my company that bad?”

“Well, no.” Happy’s smile fades as you hesitate, and suddenly you feel as if you’ve offended him somehow. “Wouldn’t you rather be away from me? I mean, we’re not exactly best friends.”

“Forget it.” Happy gets up swiftly, the mood tense. You huff in annoyance, hating the fact that you can’t tell what he’s thinking. Getting up, you follow him as he goes to the kitchen, his hands yanking open the drawers as he loudly throws stuff around.

“Hap-” You reach for his arm, him shoving you off roughly, your back slamming into the counter behind you. You make a sound of pain, rubbing your back to try and ease the sting, Happy looking at you apologetically.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry.” he says, his tone completely sincere, not that it helps the damage that’s already been done. You turn around, heading for your bedroom to at least lock yourself away, but a grip on your wrist stops you from moving. “Let me explain.”

You spin around, pulling your arm out of his hold. You’ve never seen him look so vulnerable, his eyes unusually soft as they observe you, asking you to give him a chance. “Explain what? Why you’re so confusing? One minute you’re a dick and the next you actually seem decent but-”

You yelp as you’re pushed backwards, your back pressing against the wall as your mouth stays parted slightly in shock. You go to speak, though you’re halted, Happy pressing his lips roughly against yours.

Your eyes are wide as you try to comprehend what’s happening, you unresponsive against Happy’s actions. Noticing this, he goes to pull away, you gripping his shirt before he can. You pull his face to yours, kissing him with just as much hunger as he kissed you.

It’s hard to believe what’s happening as you stay pressed against the wall, the heat coursing through your body something you’ve never felt, something you never thought you’d feel from kissing the man in front of you.

Breathless, you both pull away, your cheeks flushing under Happy’s prying gaze. He pulls away swiftly, cursing under his breath as you hear the door unlock, the others flooding in as Happy disappears into his room, leaving you confused, cold and slightly aroused.

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Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  Imagine you get yourself in trouble and you end up getting like kidnapped but Joker finds you and saves you

Hey, can I request a Jared Leto Joker imagine, where the reader is kidnapped, and the Joker finds potential in her and saves her and she becomes his soulmate and partner in crime


How you got yourself kidnapped? Well, it might have had something to do with you being a very ambitious reporter who didn’t take no for an answer and stuck her nose where it definitely didn’t belong. Who kidnapped you? That, sadly, you had no idea. Who saved you? Back on track again, it was the man you were trying to find information on – The Joker. He fascinated you, in a way: Arkhams number one villain, Batmans arch nemesis…You expected him to be darker, angrier and, well, not as attractive, but what you found was a handsome young man with a lot of mental issues and a beaming smile.

You walked behind him through the dark corridor of an abandoned hospital, your uniform dirty and torn at some place but your expression was strictly neutral. Suddenly, the green haired man stopped, making you blink as he turned to you with a  joyful grin.

“Say, Reporter, I never got your name.” He cooed lowly, his eyes finding yours in the dark. You gulped, feeling your heart jump in your chest as he spoke.

“(Name) (Lastname).” You introduced.

“It is a true pleasure, miss (Lastname).” He mockingly bowed, keeping his tone leveled, “Put in a good word for me in the press, will you?” You were about to ask more questions when a loud explosion ringed from above, The Joker flashing you one more mischievous grin before he swiftly turned a corner and went upstairs to his presumably colleagues. You stood alone, in that same lonely corridor, feeling your cheeks heat as you heard voices from above.

This wasn’t the last time you will see him, you will damn make sure of it.

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madd09  asked:

Any chance your gonna write any more hope Scott fic ???

Yes! Well, mostly Scott/Hope and I was planning in some family fluff with Cassie and Han :) ~ Now, I wanted to answer you since you left this here but I couldn’t come with something good to write. So I hope you like this little fic I ddid for you :3

Title: Don’t tell anyone
Paring: Scott Lang/Hope Van Dyne, mentions of Hank Pym/Janet Van dyne
Word count: 1365
Rating: G
Warnings: none
N/A: In which Hope is having none of Scott and Hank’s shit. As always. 

(on AO3)

Don’t tell anyone

Hope was looking at him with those firm eyes, no blinking, just staring like a mad cat and Scott was feeling odd again. They were alone, Hank was about to go to bed and was in the kitchen taking his hundreds of medicine while saying he hated it almost as much as he hated Stark back in the days. But this woman was looking at him like if she has lasers in her eyes and oh god, why? What has he done to her to be treated like this? Okay, sexist old widowed father who chose you to be the one, sure thing It can give you his daughter to be your number one nemesis, but this is ridiculous. They were supposed to have passed this already. She punched him! Multiple times! 

“Okay, what?” he finally said, she crossed her arms over her chest.

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I Call Bulls#*t on Katherine's Death

I would like to preface this post by saying that I have not been keeping up with The Vampire Diaries since around episode 5x03. I’ve only been “watching” it vicariously through gif sets, posts on Tumblr, and reading the occasional recap. So, last night when I get home and log-in to Tumblr to see that Katherine Pierce had bitten the proverbial dust, I was surprised and outraged. In the final moments of the episode, Katherine had accepted her fate and was ready to pass peacefully to the otherside, but when she touched Bonnie in attempt to crossover she was instead dragged off into “hell”, presumably as a punishment for a life terribly lived.

In the past five seasons, Katherine has been one of the most developed and intriguing characters on TVD. A lot of people toss around the term love to hate, but Katherine is quite the opposite. After all the horrible things she’s done throughout her run on the show the audience– like most of the characters–find that we hate to love her. But let’s be honest, most of us just love her. Katherine has gone from villain to victim and back again; she’s outwitted and outrun every enemy she’s had for centuries. Her misdeeds were bound to catch up with her, but time and time again we watched her scrape through mostly unscathed.

That was, until the end of last season, when her current number one nemesis/doppelganger Elena Gilbert shoved the humanity cure down her throat and turned the badass vampire bitch back into a simple human girl.

Part of the goodness of season 5 (which face it, there isn’t a lot of goodness to be had on that show anymore) was watching Katherine cope with being a human after five hundred years as a vampire. She had to deal with things like getting sick and relying on others. She couldn’t double cross people like she had in the past, because her list of allies was short, and even those on the short list still kind of hated her.

There have been a lot of villains on TVD, some short lived, others have stuck around–some have gotten their own TV shows. We’ve watched Katherine go from nothing more than a straight up baddie, to someone with a past and a vulnerability and a soul. While the audience might not always agree with the justifications to her character’s nefarious choices, we get it. She was a teenage girl who made some bad choices which led to punishment which led to escape which led to more bad choices which led to making even more difficult choices in the name of survival.

There are two main reasons why Katherine’s death is bullshit. One of them: Klaus. Klaus was a character who made the same journey from villain to anti-hero. However the writers seem to make deliberate choices to make the audience care more about Klaus than they did with Katherine. When The Originals spinoff began, there was a lot of talk about his character finding “redemption”; whether it be through love, family, or humanity remains to be seen. On TVD, we saw his rough history, we watched him fall in love and face rejection…all things that developed another side of his characters and got the audience to feel a little bit more deeply for him. Same happened with Katherine before. We watched her have her newborn child ripped from her arms at the tender age of sixteen. We saw her unwillingly swept up into a centuries old plot concocted by Klaus, to serve as nothing more than a sacrifice. We saw her fall in love and face rejection many times over by Stefan, Damon, and Elijah.

Arguably, Klaus has done way worse things than Katherine over his thousand year existence, with almost no valid reasons behind them, but would he face the same fate should he finally be killed?

Maybe Katherine didn’t deserve a happy fairy-tale ending. But I find it hard to swallow that Katherine’s deserves death and punishment any more than any of the other characters on TVD. They all have similar sob stories as to why they’ve done terrible things (love, family, selfishness, etc.) but what makes one worse than the other?

The second reason I call bullshit is: Elena. Katherine is quite arguably a gigantic foreshadow of Elena’s existence; they look the same, they were both thrown unknowingly into the hands of a terrible fate, and they have the same taste in guys. The more and more Elena falls into her life as a vampire, the more she has begun to resemble Katherine. And the both of them have one very interesting character trait in common: the ability to justify their actions. Elena Gilbert has become an almost unrecognizable character on TVD from seasons one to five, and not just because she’s grown up, but because she’s grown into an entirely different person. The things that have happened to her have shaped her in a way that has made her more ruthless and willing to do awful things (like risk the lives of her friends or plot to kill an original vampire that would result in the death of hundreds). Katherine was also an innocent teenage girl at one point, who has been shaped by the misfortunes of her life and has become someone who is at times evil and selfish, but still capable of love and emotion.

One of my biggest gripes about TVD over the past two seasons is that the “heroes” of the group always seem to come out unscathed.  Bonnie and Jeremy died, but they both got to come back. The consequences all of them have seemingly incurred as a result of their actions are either short lived or overcome within a few episodes. There really isn’t any comeuppance in their world. However, Katherine Pierce, of all the characters on the show, is the one to finally suffer a fate worse than death? And what’s more, the writers have clarified that her demise is indeed, for good. No takesies-backsies on dying this time.

I would say that Katherine Pierce’s death could be a foreshadow for the end of the entire show. If we are going by a formula that has been set up by Katherine’s demise, then nothing should end well for most of these characters. From this it should be established that no matter the justification for the things they do, there is something terrible waiting for them at the end of the road. However, considering the tone and pattern of the show thus far, I find it hard to imagine that TVD will end with anything less than the “heroes” coming out on top.

This is why I call bullshit on Katherine’s death. It’s another harsh example of poor judgment on the writer’s end. Sorry, it’s just not working for me.


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 256}
                  — Bev’s Black-Out & Blitz  — 

Bianca: “ Oh Come on! Your not telling me you believe this flake, Beatrice? [wink]… I mean what a load of nonsense! There’s no such thing as visions and ‘seeing the past!’ Spooky bullshit! You don’t know our ancestors, hell you don’t even know us!” Bianca was testing the stranger, what If she wasn’t the one?
Beverley: “ Seriously!! You HAVE to believe me pleeeeeease! Or at least hear me out. I’ve come such a long way and I know I’m on to something. I had a clear sighting of your ancestors day in 1947. I saw everything she did that day.
Bianca: “ Okaaay, so what happened in this so called vision of yours?”
Beverley: “ [deep breath]…. It was during an air raid in World War Two. Roaring Heights was under attack by a Nazi invasion and a Russian spy, called Dottie also known as Black Widow landed from a parachute straight from an enemy plane!” Beatrice and Bianca jumped at the words ‘Black Widow’… There’s been more of them? Was this Black Widow connected to the Russian spy who’d tried to kill them? *.*.*.*
“ For some reason my vision showed me this Russian spy woman killing innocents. Your ancestor wanted revenge on her for killing her fiancé, Howard.” Beatrice and Bianca looked at each other and then straight back at the girl, eager to hear more. “ There was this scientist [thinking] and a Hollywood actress… It felt so real. The actress was actually a murderer and her Hollywood status removed her from being a suspect to her killings. She was responsible for Black Dhalia!! [scared] She was a real blonde bombshell… I’m sure you’ve heard of Whitney Caliente.” Beatrice’s heart almost froze at hearing the surname. A relative to Doreen Caliente? The witch who was their number one nemesis until they finally killed her last Christmas. “ The spy and the actress threw acid over this scientist. I can’t quite remember why. ”
Beatrice: “ — Hold on, where does our ancestor fit into all of this?”
Beverley: “ Your ancestor turned the actress into a rat!”
Beatrice: “ A rat!!?” Beatrice felt like this girl could connect all the missing pieces to the puzzle. Every night when she woke up in the forest mysteriously she’d see a rat. Beatrice is almost the certain the rats she saw while under the cruel spell are connected to her killer.
Beatrice [thoughts]: (Hmmm, Hollywood actress… Whitney Caliente. Who is that?)
Beverley: “ Yeah, a rat! Bessie tried to turn Dottie into a rat too but she was super agile and dodged her spells. Bessie was firing some kind of beams from her hands. Hey! I’m not crazy! This is really what I saw, almost like I was in the same room. Your ancestor also saved countless lives that night! She was a hero! The vision cut short just before Bessie and Dottie broke into a fight.”
Bianca: “ All of this came from touching a photograph?”
Beverley nods and looks down at her hands.
Beverley: “ I don’t think I’m like normal girls… And I have a feeling you know what’s up with me or can at least help me. You said that woman was your ancestor. YOU DID! If she had powers then I just thought maybe you’d know about it…”
Beatrice smiles at Beverley’s premonition. Something to look into; Dottie, Bessie and Whitney are very intresting women and Beatrice wants to get all the information out of Beverley by honing her powers to their true potential one day - she seems to be extremley gifted with visions.
Beatrice: “ She’s the one. [smiling] What’s your name, dear?”
Beverley: “ My name is Beverley. Beverley Williams.”
Beatrice & Bianca [telepathic]: ( Starts with the letter B.)