number one nemesis

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Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  Imagine you get yourself in trouble and you end up getting like kidnapped but Joker finds you and saves you

Hey, can I request a Jared Leto Joker imagine, where the reader is kidnapped, and the Joker finds potential in her and saves her and she becomes his soulmate and partner in crime


How you got yourself kidnapped? Well, it might have had something to do with you being a very ambitious reporter who didn’t take no for an answer and stuck her nose where it definitely didn’t belong. Who kidnapped you? That, sadly, you had no idea. Who saved you? Back on track again, it was the man you were trying to find information on – The Joker. He fascinated you, in a way: Arkhams number one villain, Batmans arch nemesis…You expected him to be darker, angrier and, well, not as attractive, but what you found was a handsome young man with a lot of mental issues and a beaming smile.

You walked behind him through the dark corridor of an abandoned hospital, your uniform dirty and torn at some place but your expression was strictly neutral. Suddenly, the green haired man stopped, making you blink as he turned to you with a  joyful grin.

“Say, Reporter, I never got your name.” He cooed lowly, his eyes finding yours in the dark. You gulped, feeling your heart jump in your chest as he spoke.

“(Name) (Lastname).” You introduced.

“It is a true pleasure, miss (Lastname).” He mockingly bowed, keeping his tone leveled, “Put in a good word for me in the press, will you?” You were about to ask more questions when a loud explosion ringed from above, The Joker flashing you one more mischievous grin before he swiftly turned a corner and went upstairs to his presumably colleagues. You stood alone, in that same lonely corridor, feeling your cheeks heat as you heard voices from above.

This wasn’t the last time you will see him, you will damn make sure of it.

Requests are opened!