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A very happy 70th birthday to my favorite guitarist of all time, Stephen James Howe!

I talk about him all the time which must be really annoying by now, but I can’t really place my love for Steve on a scale. I see myself in him, actually. Introverted, creative, brimming with passion. A male version of what I wish I could be. I wish I could be as driven as he is, and that I had his creative genius. I think that’s what’s drawn me to him in the first place. I saw something in him that I felt maybe was somewhat obtainable. Maybe I could be like him someday.

I’m not there yet. In fact, I don’t think I’ll entirely reach my goal that I’ve set for myself, but I can damn well try to get as close as possible. I owe so much to Steve Howe and I hope that I’ll be able to tell him that myself someday.

Keep on rockin’, Steve. I love you with all my heart 💜✨💖


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Pairing: Seth Rollins X Reader


 For poor baby Seth because he’s hurt and needs to be out of action and i feel like he needs some loving and TLC. (no, not tables, ladders, and chairs) Also for my lovely @lunatichuganomics I hope you like it babes!

These were always the moments you looked forward to. You didnt care that it was the middle of the night, the cold night air making you shiver as you walked into the airport to greet your love.

He had given you all the details to his flight per your request. He wouldve rather had you not wait for him in the middle of an empty airport by yourself, knowing how much of freeze baby you were and also the whole ‘alone’ part but you refused, him knowing you just wanted to see him as soon he got home after being away for so long.

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i rmr being so confused when i first learned that 1d has been an opening act for big time rush, i became a fan during tmh era when they were already 'the worlds biggest boyband' and everytime im seeing your posts its like......... its so hard to imagine that they used to be an opening act and even the xfactor tour and all those small performances before that and it always gets me a little bit (a lot) emotional

Ohhh ja definitely feel, bud–I became a fan almost five years ago to the day now and they were literally ~this band from the UK I can’t remember their name have you heard of them I think? I love them??~ and everything was sort of this hushed excitement and like. This was their “set”:

Just that cheap dinky fuckin banner and nothing else and then just two years later they were back HEADLINING THEIR OWN STADIUM TOUR, complete with fireworks and streamer cannons and a fucking obstacle course to trip over as they belted chart-topping hits from their three record-breaking number-one albums:

They took their baby steps just like everybody else, but they took them so fast it was more like a baby sprint.


151227 Gayo Daejun

Ask me about my cat

Send me a number and I’ll answer for my cat

1. Name?
2. Fur color?
3. Any family you know (other than you)?
4. Age?
5. Favorite toy?
6. Nicknames?
7. Cinnamon roll or problematic fave?
8. Length of fluff?
9. Any funny habits?
10. How old were they when you met?
11. What does their food bowl look like?
12. Indoor or outdoor cat?
13. Recent picture?
14. Old picture?
15. Cuddly?
16. Ever changed their name?
18. Eye color?
19. How do they express love for you?
20. How do you express love for them?
21. Any theories on what breed?
22. Do they ever wake you up?
23. How much do they meow?
24. Any hiding spots?
25. Do they enjoy guests?
26. Lofty objects to sit on?
27. Wear a collar?
(and describe collar?)
28. How much shedding?
29. Do they enjoy brushing?
30. Ever drink from the toilet?
31. How do they get your attention?
32. Embarrassing thing they’ve done?
33. Weirdest thing they try to eat?
34. Are they like your siblings, children, or friends?
35. What time do they eat breakfast?
36. Do you cut their nails?
37. Do you think they understand you?
38. Ever make fun of them?
39. Do you take their picture often?
40. Ever hiss at you?
41. Ever try to scratch or bite you?
42. If you try to grab their paw, what do they do?
43. Do they ever eat bugs?
44. Canned or dry food?
45. Weight?
46. Ever got lost?
47. Do you buy them presents?
48. Do they respond when you call?
49. Do they ever see other cats?
50. Declawed?
51. Funniest expression?
52. Favorite place to be pet?
53. Worst thing they’ve destroyed?
54. Give them a head kiss.
55. What time of the year is most exciting for them?
56. Are they good at hunting real prey?
57. Do they ever attack nothing?
58. What are they doing right now?
59. How long have you had them?
60. If you could have them stay as a kitten forever, would you?
61. Ever baby-talk to them?
62. Favorite napping position?
63. Have you ever stepped on their paw?
64. Ever tripped you on stairs?
65. Any ear hair?
66. Favorite view from a window?
67. Describe why they are precious.
68. Fit the cat stereotype?
69. Chaotic neutral?
70. Do they enjoy following/ keeping you company?
71. Are you their favorite human?
72. Do they like tv?
73. Favorite noise to make?
74. If they were a Neko Atsume cat, what would their momento be?