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Tonight I was working in the penalty box at my brother’s hockey game when one of the guys from the opposing team got a tripping penalty. So, as my job requires I have to get his jersey number so I can record it and put it up on the score board with his penalty. I asked him for his number and…well…he gave it to me. His phone number

Poor kid went beet red after I explained I meant his jersey number, not his phone number. I talked to him after the game to make sure he was all good and such, and he said, oh my god, “keep the number, just in case you’re ever looking for anything besides a jersey number.”

Smooth as fuck.


Fayum Mummy Portraits, dating from around 30 BC to the mid 3rd century AD. 

The portrait heads were attached to Egyptian mummies of the Roman period, covering the faces of the deceased In the top pictures, you can see now they were bound to the mummy. Dating from the time of the Roman occupation of Egypt, they are closest to Graeco-Roman artistic traditions. Around 900 are known to survive and they are some of the only surviving evidence of Classical panel painting traditions. Due to their burial in hot, dry conditions with the bodies, many have survived in excellent condition. 

The term Fayum comes from an area of graveyards (necropoli) where they were found in large numbers, buried in communal catacombs. 

Painted on wooden board (and sometimes on cloth), either in encaustic (wax) or egg tempera. 

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Guzma, we know, you love Guzma so much, they’re the light of your life, you love them so much, you just love Guzma, we KNOW , you love Guzma you fucking love Guzma ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE GUZMA. WE GET IT.

So this picture

was taken during the filming of tonight’s episode (2x11) as evidenced by Maggie’s jean jacket (so gay)

 and Alex’s long sleeve tan shirt

There obviously wasn’t a scrabble playing scene at the bar so Chyler and Floriana were just wasting time on set and one of them (most likely Chlyer, let’s be real here) said “I have an awesome idea. Let’s kill the Sanvers fans.” And BAM! The scrabble board was rearranged.

“King H-O, y'all should know by now, but if you don’t know, uh, millions on the wall in all my rooms, niggas couldn’t fuck with my daughter’s room, niggas couldn’t walk in my daughter’s socks, Banksy bitches, Basquiat…" 

Jay Z, dressed as Jean-Michel Basquiat, standing next to his 1986 piece "GE (Alert)” by Basquiat and Andy Warhol. What you know about Jigga’s art collection? He puts numbers on the board.

“Oh well this episode will be shitty anyway-“

[Sherlock]: “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.”

[Mrs Hudson - aside from being a badass]: “He needs you”

[John fucking Watson]: “No, he needs someone else”

[John ‘I don’t know what to feel about him’ Watson]: “Why don’t you call Mycroft or Molly”

[Number one johnlocker on board]: “They don’t matter. You do”

[Mr. High as a kite]: Freaking drank from a vase

[The only one stays dead in the show]: “Yes, he is a monster. But he’s OUR monster”

[Molly ‘I slapped you once don’t think I won’t do that again’ Hooper]: “I’m stressed. You’re dying”

[Mary deserved better]: “The game is on. Do you still miss me?”

[John ‘I don’t know what to feel about him’ Watson]: beat Sherlock into a bloody pulp

[Sherlock]: “He’s entitled. I killed his wife”

[My dear poor tortured boy]: “I’m scared of dying”

[Sherlock ‘taking “I’m ready to die for him” to a whole new level’ Holmes]: “I don’t want to die”

[I forgive him I FREAKING FORGIVE EVERYTHING]: “No. I’m not okay. I’ll never be okay. I just accepted it”

[The true founder of adlock fandom]: “The posh boy loves the dominatrix. Ohh he doesn’t know how terribly cliche that is”

[Shipping adlock since day one]: “Text her. Just text her. That chance will be gone before you know it”

[I forgive him I FORGIVE HIM MY POOR SMOL BOY I’M SORRY]: broke down crying

[True love, and no, I did not just mean it as only romantic love]: took John in his arms the awkwardly tucked him in his chest. “It’s okay”

[Bus lady aka Eurus aka THE FUCKING MISTERY BROTHER]: “Don’t you think Mycroft’s secret brother might just be his secret sister?”

Me: Call the ambulance, alert the authority, I’m having cardiac arresttttttttt

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Jessica Jones Hires All Women Directors for Season 2

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg said that in the second season of the superhero show, she had wanted to increase the number of female directors — a goal that Marvel was completely on board with, she noted. 

Given how in-demand many women directors are these days, she and her fellow producers had set their sights on booking women first, she said, and contracting male directors later in the pre-production process. But then someone else involved in the production — she didn’t specify who — floated the idea of booking only women as directors.


Rosenberg was honest about the fact that she hadn’t contemplated that concept prior to that conversation, but she said she quickly jumped at the opportunity.

odd jobs

After years of struggling to make it as an actress in LA, I tore a phone number off of a community board flyer. The slip said “don’t call us, we’ll call you” and as soon as it was in my hand, my cellphone started ringing. I was invited to a white warehouse on the east side of the dusty Los Angeles river, where a skinny man in a faded beret told me that I was perfect. Walking home that night, I found a membership card for the Dream Actors Guild in my purse. Now every night from 10 PM until sunrise (and sometimes in the middle of the day for particularly long naps), I slip into your dreams and I am a pale shadow monster, I am your fourth grade teacher, I am your sense of falling, I am your lover’s whisper and how it tastes like heartbreak. The pay isn’t great - but it beats waiting tables.
How three black women helped send John Glenn into orbit
A new film, Hidden Figures, tells the story of the maths wizards who Nasa relied on
By Edward Helmore

When John Glenn was waiting to be fired into orbit aboard Friendship 7 in 1962, there was one person he trusted with the complex trajectory calculations required to bring him down safely from his orbital spaceflight: Katherine Johnson, an African-American mathematician who worked in Nasa’s segregated west area computers division.

“Get the girl, check the numbers,” Glenn said before boarding the rocket. “If she says they’re good, I’m good to go.”

Johnson was one of three female African-American mathematicians known as the “computers in skirts” who worked on the Redstone, Mercury and Apollo space programmes for Nasa. Now, thanks to an award-tipped movie, Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan are about to become more widely celebrated.

The film, Hidden Figures, stars Taraji P Henson of TV series Empire, soul singer and actress Janelle Monáe, Octavia Spencer from The Help movie, and Academy Award winner Kevin Costner.

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Okay, so for any artists out there who can’t think of something to draw, I’ve found that the Bean exercise is a great way to warm up your arting muscles and really get into the groove. Now for those who don’t know the bean exercise is quite simple. 

Step 1) draw two circles close to each other in any configuration. 

Step 2) Start adding humany bits. the great thing about the beans you just drew is that they become a spring board for any number of fun dynamic poses, best part being that you literally just come up with these poses as you draw, no prior thought needed for the most part! :D

Or if you’re like me and you just want to cheer yourself up, you can always use the beans to make fuzzy lil animals. >w<


Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.B in the exercise. Clearly visible round access hatches for the brakes, typical for this modification
Instead of candle pendants Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.B received by spring, the number of rollers increased to eight on Board

Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.C. Well visible two main differences from previous versions – new commander’s cupola and a redesigned suspension

Loading Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.C, 1939. The tank was modernized in the stern appeared to install smoke grenade launchers

Redesigned the chassis of the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.D

The Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.D made during the Polish campaign

The lubrication chart Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.D, which demonstrates how leaf suspension “ate” the internal volume of the tank

Destroyed in the course of the Polish campaign Pz.Kpfw.III early series. It is clearly seen that the shells of the Polish 37 mm anti-tank guns armor Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.D did not seem to notice

Most taken in winter 1940 the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.A-Ausf.D was transferred to training units. Some of them lost their towers and turret boxes

Broken and abandoned in the fall and winter of 1941, Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.D with the tower of Ausf.Composition B from Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V.40. Later this tank passing part dismantled for parts

I think one of the more entertaining and confusing things in animation school is, like every school, each prof thinks they teach the most important class and is the most important in the field

for instance my storyboard prof and layout prof this year constantly have a lot of opposite ideas. layout prof says memorizing perspective and layout mechanics is the number one thing in successful boards, meanwhile storyboard prof will sort of disregard it and say it’s not the most important thing. layout prof says you always need establishing shots, storyboard prof says she’s exhausted of regularly seeing them, etc

it just goes to show that literally everyone has their own opinions on what’s ‘right’, including two professionals who both worked for Disney

Huge let down...

I met a woman wearing a planchette pendant with the lettering, numbering, and wording of a Ouija board on it with a moonstone in the center. 

Me: That’s a beautiful planchette! 

Her: What? 

Me: Your necklace. It’s beautiful. 

Her: Oh, thanks! I love it! 

Me: Do you use Ouija boards? 

Her: *confused* No. 

Me: Oh. That’s what that’s used for. That’s why I asked. 

Her: Oh, no. I just like the way it looks. 

Me: Cool.

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Prompt by the beautiful @akerith

You smiled to yourself when you saw where you were listed on the Dauntless rankings board. You were number two.  You were two! You wanted to scream from the rooftops but you suppressed your much-needed outburst.
“Don’t get to comfortable there Stiff.” Kevin whispered angrily in your ear. You looked over at the Dauntless born and did not flinch. He thought he scared you but he just came off comical to you and just to piss him off more your smile widen.
“Bitch!” he hissed at you before he bumped into you hard enough to cause you to stumble back a little but you held your ground and watch Kevin and his minions walk away. He was pissed that he ranked below you at three.
“They giving you a hard time?” You turned to Four who was standing close behind you.
“I’m not scared of them.” You told him unconsciously stepping back a little.
“That was not my question.” He said stepping closer to you. You wondered why Four made you nervous. He seem to be a nice of enough guy as he gave you combat advice from time to time. As you gazed at his handsome face, you noticed how sad his brown eyes were.
“No they are not giving me a hard time.” You lied. You could handle Kevin yourself and did not need a leader butting in making you look like a crybaby. Four looked at you for a long moment as if trying to gage if you were lying to him. You shifted on your feet and looked away from his penetrating gaze.
“Alright then.” He said before walking off.
“What was that about?” Your friend Jen asked walking up to you.
“Nothing. He was just wondering if Kevin was giving me a hard time.” You told her as you tore your eyes from Four’s retreating backside.
“Did you tell him what an ass Kevin has been?”
“Why not?!”
“Cause I can handle Kevin.”
Jen shook her head at you. You were so stubborn and proud. You were definitely in the right faction now. You smiled at your friend who had a worry frown on her face. You pulled on her ponytail.
“I will be fine Jen. Come on lets go get lunch.”

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