number line to 30

Math time

Ok, so I have this thing for math rigt, where I need to get at least 30 different prices of data so I can make a number line. This means I need to interview 30-50 people.

No way am I doing that. That’d mean socialising. And since she isnts making me write down names of the people i talk to i figured i could you lovely people on the Internet to help do my math.

I’m taking a poll on who’s the most popular padalein in Voltron, legendary defenders. But see, I can’t go into school with that, school has that whole, no nerd stuff allowed so we’re going to go off of colors.


Comment or reblog with your favorite paddling and I will enter it into my math plot. Come on people, if you help me out I’ll try my best to draw the least crappy self-portrait of the winner I can. (I’m an average artist, but I try )

So what do you say, will you help me not fail?

nip thy affections (in the bloome); 2/??

Title: nip thy affections (in the bloome) [AO3 / FFN]
Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn 
Warnings: none?? probably none.
A/N:  i got weirdly attached to this jumbled mess of writing and cannot leave it alone.
When Reborn says, You can do it, Sawada Tsunayoshi, he always means it. Because this is not the first obstacle, nor the first time.

You can do it. You have to. The others did, so you must.

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WHAT AN INCREDIBLE MORNING. We sold out of tickets for our Big Papi event in 45 minutes! Patrick O’Connell from Woburn got in line at 3:30 and got ticket and book number 1! Thanks to Susan and Matt from our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts for the donuts with the B that fueled our early morning booksellers and bookhaulers. 

anonymous asked:

my stepmother says when your birthday day lines up with your age number I.e. Phil Jan 30. Turning 30) it's a golden birthday get pumped

2017 is A Gold Year if we’re being honest

Chapter 64 Translation Correction

And it’s the same thing that got me last time, too.  *shakes fist at Japanese and its obsession with using passive voice and no pronouns which makes it difficult to tell who’s talking about who*

On page 30 (numbered 32 in my files), there’s this line, which I misinterpreted in my translation due to misunderstanding both who was talking and who they were talking about:

Because there are no “tails” on the speech bubbles, pointing towards an onscreen character, or inverted to indicate an offscreen character, I thought this line belonged to just any random god like the lines preceding it did, and was following up on the random gods talking about how no one was aware of the “Seize” spell.

The troublesome bit was “友を諭す間もなくその首を刎ねるなど“, which is literally “without time to warn the comrade, that head would be taken”.  I thought “comrade” referred to the other gods, and some random god was complaining that they weren’t warned about the “Seize” spell and were almost caught in it themselves.

But, I had someone point out to me that this is actually Yatagarasu’s line in response to one of his crows wondering why he didn’t participate in the spell, and that the “comrade” he’s referring to is Bishamon.  In that case, the actual interpretation of the line would be “Taking a fellow god’s head without even a chance for a warning”.

NBHD Concert Experience- 3/14/14 The Pageant in St. Louis

*This is long*

Okay so me and five of my best friends got to the venue at like 1:30 and got in line and there were barely any people there so we were so excited. We had to wait for only around 4 hours, because at The Pageant in St. Louis they give out early entry wristbands to the first 50 people there under 21, and we were numbers 23-28! So yeah we got out wristbands at 5 and were told to line back up at 6:15 to go in, so got to walk around this area called The Loop for a while until then. At 6:15 we lined up in number order and went in around 6:30, and I ended up standing a bit to the right of the middle of the stage in the third row at first.

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