number 615

I just got tagged by @justanothermaraudersblog, thank you sweetheart! 

Name: Carole

Nicknames: None (any idea?)

Gender: female

Starsign: Gemini

Height: 5′5

Sexual orientation: straight

Favorite color: Brown and purple

Favorite animal: giraffes and owls

Average hours of sleep: dépends on how much work I have… between 5 and 7

Cat or dog person: DOGS

Favorite fictional character: SIRIUS, Caspian, Aragorn, Enjolras

Bands & singers: … so many of them!!!! Sara Bareilles, Mika, Of Monsters and Men, Panic! at the Disco, Passenger, Ed Sheeran, I am currently obsessed with Amir’s new album

Dream trip: UK,Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan

Dream job: Researcher 

When was this blog created: Beginning of August this year

Current number of followers: 615 !!!!!!!

Time right now: 1 : 04 pm

When did you blog reach its peak: …. no idea…

Song stuck in my head: Have yourself a merry little Christmas (Ella Fitzgerald version)

Last movie I watched: Star Wars IV

What I’m wearing right now: jeans, warm pullover, warm scarf, gloves (the Library is so cold at University…)

Last show I watched: The Big Bang Theory

What kind of stuff do I post: fanfics

Do you have any other blogs: no, but I’m seriously thinking about starting one for Tolkien stuff…

Do I get asks regularly: yes, but you can never receive enough of these !! :)

Why did I choose my url: Sirius is the love of my life

Lucky number: none

Following: 98

Let’s tag people…. @drinix, @haritini2000, @deerprongs, @snarledblack, @benbarnesescape, @benbarnesfanforever, @marauders–mischief

The Wild Card (Extended Tiva Ending OneShot)

A/N: This explains why Ziva didn’t tell Tony about Tali and how she survived the bombing. It is long but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Description: Tony and Tali go to Israel and Paris and find Ziva and live happily ever after


Faces fade in and out; they swirl around his head like a swarm of flies that won’t leave.

She’s dead. The farmhouse burned. She’s gone, DiNozzo. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m-

He jolted awake from the same nightmare he’s been having for days. The same nightmare in which the love of his life has died and his friends try futilely to console him. The same nightmare that he refuses to accept is his new reality. He is the wildcard, after all.

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