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Quick Notes: Chapter 543

Let’s go!

  • I think that Avatar had some pretty solid moments, despite the whole arc being eh. Some of my favorite chapters are in this arc.
  • I feel like the idea of making a boat of ice in a sea of burning ships would cause a bigger riot than the nothing this scene got.
  • I can tell the panel of Natsu and Lucy leaving Hargeon was a redraw. I don’t know what that means about me.
  • Okay, did Wendy get injured off-screen or did casting take too much out of her? Acnologia didn’t touch her in of the past few chapters.
  • “True dragons are.. super strong and noble… and nice“ What Grand Magic Games arc? Or were they not “real dragons” because they came from the Eclipse Gate?
  • It’s kind of funny how Natsu’s family (including him) and village were also destroyed by dragons, and Acnologia should be able to relate to Natsu on some level and I feel like I’m reading too much into this.
  • AC’s joke. Again.
  • Everyone is questioning how Lucy is in Aquarius Star Dress instead of asking the more important question to me: Why is Lucy in Aquarius Star Dress? She wasn’t helping Juvia with the ship.  You could say it’s because Aquarius was her strongest spirit, but she only gets part of her power anyway. So even though her spirit is out of commission, she can get a bigger boost in power from her Star Dress than any of the others?

And I think that’s everything. Next week will be a slightly longer chapter, so this should be fun. See you then!

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anonymous asked:

Really? Reblogging a straight up harassment post? I'm all for public discourse over social media and bashing racists, but putting someone's private data online is crossing a line. An illegal one, actually. I thought better of you.

You’re lost. 

First of all, you can keep your trash opinion and your garbage condescension. I have a law degree but keep trying to tell me what’s illegal lol. 

Second of all, educate yourself. “Private data?” Where? Douglas Beltz called Black people monkeys on a PUBLIC website using a profile that included his government name. A simple Facebook search on the PUBLIC internet brought up his PUBLIC Facebook page where he PUBLICLY revealed that he works at Akron Children’s hospital in HR management. Then, his photo and the description of his job (again he’s a racist working in HR management at a hospital) were on his PUBLIC website. And the links provided were literally the PUBLIC Facebook, Twitter, website, and email of the hospital where he works so that he can be reported. So again, I ask, private data? Bitch, where?

Third, even if it was private, ask me if I give a fuck? Spoiler alert: I don’t. The KKK straight up went to Black people’s private homes, dragged them out of their beds, raped, abused and lynched them. The FBI spied on MLK Jr., the Black Panthers, Malcolm X, etc., in an effort to tear down Black liberation movements. The FBI is keeping tabs on the leaders and activists at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement today. But you want me to be worried about the “privacy” of an unapologetic racist white dude WORKING IN HUMAN RESOURCES AT A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL?! He’s a racist. He hates my people and has the power and ability to harm and oppress us. So believe me when I say fuck him completely and sincerely–him, the kids in his Facebook profile photo, his spouse, his mama and daddy and mawmaw and papaw, everyone who calls him a friend, and his entire lineage. I hope he loses his job, can’t find another, and then dies nameless alone. 

I. Do. Not. Give. One. Solitary. Iota. Of. A. Fuck. About. Antiblack. Racist. People’s. Lives. Or. Wellbeing. Much less whether or not a Tumblr post penetrates the penumbra of privacy the Supreme Court stitched together from a Constitution written by long dead white men who cared about my rights exactly as much as I care about the racist white asshat who put all his information on the open public world wide web so that it could be easily compiled into said Tumblr post. 

So, just in case anyone forgot: 

And here again are the links and numbers folks can use to make sure racist asshat, Douglas Beltz, doesn’t continue to work at a children’s hospital in HR since he’s made it abundantly clear how he feels about Black children and Black people:




email them:

Phone number: 330-543-1000 (operator) OR 330-543-2000 (to ask a question)

And you can keep your “OMG privacy rights for unapologetic racists” garbage out of my inbox and go coddle white supremacy and white privilege somewhere the fuck else. Lol “I thought better of you.” You don’t know me and I don’t want to know you.