number 3 is my favorite

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s “Spring Night” (ft. Inuyasha & Kagome) 

And dedicated to @little-known-artist // @miyori999 who I love with all my heart! I hope you have many more birthdays to come, and are filled with endless waves of inspiration  just how you’ve inspired me. Im so happy to call you my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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I love this scene for a few reasons:

  1. Robo-Dad ready to blast any nasty clones that dare come near his kids
  2. Tommy and Lola just hiding and watching from the toy shelf
  3. Activated Robotboy’s face when he’s deactivating because of low batteries. “Oh, for the love of-not again! Not now! My beans need me!”
  4. Just seeing the size difference of Ro in his three modes: Superactivated>Activated>Deactivated in one scene (it’s like a Pokemon evolutionary line if you look at it the other way)
  5. Tommy’s and Lola’s faces

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Reunion for Emeldir and Risha

Thanks for the ask! (and asking for these two dorks) 

How many times can I write a reunion for Emeldir and Risha, you may ask. The answer is: until I get a real reunion in game that will probably be a disappointment, and then some after that.  


The war for Iokath had started and passed. Malavai Quinn and a reluctant Elara Dorne had put their faction differences aside and joined the Alliance, already proving themselves invaluable. Acina had backed off when he made it clear that when he said he was allying with the Empire he was not giving her power over the Alliance and Jace Malcolm was dead. The super weapon was disabled, as it should be. Without a major crisis that required Emeldir out in the field to occupy his mind he had thrown himself back into the search for his lost crew, something that had been put off for far too long. No progress had been made over the two year search and he was working on his last thread of hope. 

Just as that last thread of hope was tearing he found something. A lead that led to another lead that led to a location that led to Risha. Contact had been made immediately, though the call was not much more than overjoyed exclamations, tears and promises that they’d see each other soon. Soon had seemed to take an eternity. 

But now Emeldir was practically running down across the base on Odesen to where a shuttle had just landed, stopping as the ramp descended and the very person he had longed to see for so long walked down it with all the grace of the queen she had been meant to be. Her eyes locked with his and the remaining distance between them was covered in a matter of seconds. 

“Emeldir.” Her voice was rough as she paused in front of him, hands tentatively reaching up to brush across the scars across his face, sliding down to rest on his jaw as they both reached for a kiss. The years apart faded from between them as they drew back, just to press against each other in a tender hug filled with unspoken words and anguish from over the years. Emeldir closed his eyes, arms wrapped tightly around her as she pressed her face against his shoulder. She was familiar, so familiar, and he rested his head on top of hers murmuring words for just the two of them, soft enough so that gathered onlookers could not hear. They didn’t need to hear, the tight embrace as if they were afraid to let go spoke volumes.

me @ me: why are you so trash for reading fics in which jake meets amy’s family?? they’re all basically the same. jake meets them, he’s charms them all, everybody loves him, amy loves that everybody loves him. they’re so typical. you can stop reading them now

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for theatre asks: your favorite number(s)

18: Favorite musical number(s)?

I was originally writing out a huge long list for this because there are so many amazing musical numbers I’ve been obsessed with over the years, but then I realized it’d just be easier to talk about the one I’ve never stopped being obsessed with, which is Heaven on Their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar. 

That song is frustration and fear, and you can feel it. If you haven’t seen it I am literally begging you to listen to this, and while you’re at it, go back and watch the whole movie adaptation from 1973. It’s not a religious musical at all (in fact it was super controversial with Christian crowds when it came out) so don’t let that turn you off of it. It’s sung by Judas, and it is my favorite Broadway song of all time, as well as my personal favorite composition of ALW’s. I know it forward and back and have for as long as I can remember. lsnglanklgda I’m gonna stop because I could literally talk about this musical for hours, just go watch it!!

Get to know me meme

I was tagged by: @emrys-knight Looks like fun!

Nickname: J or my full name which is just JJ but it’s also sort of a nickname. 

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′11″

Last thing you Googled: SEAL Team 6

Favorite Music Artists: Panic! at the disco, Bruno Mars and Imagine Dragons

Song Stuck in your head: Good time Good life

Last Movie you watched: Top Gun

What are you wearing right now: jean shorts and a green t-shirt

Why did you choose your URL: it just sort of came to me

Do you have any other blogs: not right now but I will probably create one in the future

What did your last relationship teach you: don’t keep dating someone you don’t love

Favorite color: yellow

average hours of sleep: 4-5

lucky number: 3 

Favorite Characters: Oh my goodness I have so many! Peter Quill, Jay Halstead, Steve McGarrett, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Matt Casey, Will Halstead, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Thor, Killian Jones, Bucky Barnes, Thomas (I have so many more but i can’t think of anymore of the top of my head)

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2. A light sheet and a normal blanket for when I get cold. 

Dream job: Pilot. I’ve always loved flying and I started when I was 13. I am currently training to fly fighters for the US Navy. I have a pilots license and I fly a Cessna 182. I have 3 more weeks of training and then i will have a license to fly and operate fighters. I have been very blessed to make my dream come true!

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@kae-popx Thank you so much for tagging me!! Let’s talk more! :D <3

Gender: Female
Star sign: Leo
Height: 5′3
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Hogwarts house: Slitherin! 
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Leafy sea dragon! (They are so cool!)
Average hours of sleep: like 7 hours
Cat or dog person: I love both! 
Favorite fictional character: My favorite changes so often but atm I would have to say  Kim Bok-joo   from weightlifting fairy <3
Number of blankets: 4 
Favorite singer/band: BTS is my favorite K-pop band and P!atD is my favorite American band
Dream trip: I would love to take a trip all around asia!
Dream job: A Baker
When was this blog made: uhh a couple of months ago!
Number of followers: lol 11 , Idk how to get more >->
What made you decide to create this blog: I fell in love with K-pop and wanted a place where I could find new friends and could stay updated!

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Creative Challenge #3 - Fanmix

  • Come Away to the Water - Maroon 5
  • Help, I’m Alive - Metric
  • Run Boy Run - Woodkid
  • Adiemus - Miram Stockley
  • Breath of Life - Florence + the Machine
  • Molly on the Shore - Percy Grainger
  • Our Solemn Hour - Within Temptation
  • Circus For a Psycho - Skillet

*I tried to put a bit of everything into this one, and most of them are what I feel the race itself feels like - or at the least the beaches of Thisby. Please tell me what you think! The first three songs are really my favorite, especially number 3!


Baekhyun Scenario (Fluff OneShot)

burning-clown said: Hi again, i think you have lot to do but if you have some time would you mind doing exo scenario where baekhyun thinks that her gf is cheating on her and he tries to get her back by making cute surprises and stuff for her? * Turns into small fluffy unicorn with puppy eyes * No need to hurry! 👌🏼

A/N: Since I’m on a scenario mood, I decided to fullfill your request, I hope you like it since this is my first Baek Scenario, and I’m glad I’m writting it for you, since I know that you’re a very loyal follower,so thank you for everything and here comes puppy Baek for you <3

“She doesn’t even talk to me as she used to!” Baekhyun whined to his friend Chanyeol. “That doesn’t mean a thing hyung, she’s probably feeling nervous about something” “Yeah, like getting caught for cheating on me?!” “No!” Chanyeol rolled his eyes “Hyung you know Y/N would never cheat on you” “I don’t know anything anymore” “Ah, don’t be so dramatic, why don’t you do something for her? Show her you’re her boyfriend, whatever it is she will tell you” Baekhyun stopped to think “I think you’re right, I’ll try to surprise her, tonight.” “Okay, spare me of the details hyung, I don’t need to hear about it, I will come back tomorrow then,so you can have privacy” And with that Chanyeol left giggling and Baekhyun was alone with his own thoughts.

What’s wrong with her? Baekhyun thought. She was always distant now, and she was always spending time with that friend of hers which he didn’t even knew much about, they were about to do 4 months of dating and she was already giving up on him? What could he possibily have done that was so wrong? It didn’t matter anymore, he was going to get her back. He decided make sure everything were her favorites for this date, he texted her saying that she should cancel any plans she had for tonight so they can meet, she was a little taken back by his determined mood but accepted.

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Numbuh 3 was my favorite character since the very begining because I had a lot in common with her when I was 10 years old:

  • I only have one younger sister.
  • The number 3 has always been my favorite number.
  • My room is a plushie jungle (well, not as much as it used to be before, but I still have a lot).
  • I have to admit, green was not my favorite color, it became after her, but it used to be pink (Kuki´s second color).
  • Her personality trope in general was very relatable for me back then.
  • I always had hair bangs.