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I won’t say I'm in love! (MGG x reader)

AN: so like love is something I have a hard time with, and this came from the song ‘won’t say I’m in love’ cause I love that song. and megara, so any way. enjoy 
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Love was something you enjoyed the thought of, enjoyed reading about, watching in movies and seeing your friends jump for joy in there heart eyed wonder, it was wonderful for them, and you jumped with them in support. But for you nope, love was a stupid thing that the high gods above liked to trick you with, every relationship you had was doomed. At first you believed the fairy tales of a handsome prince coming to sweep you off your feet and make you his bride while doves flew around and angels sang. But now being an actual adult, you knew that for you that was pure bull shit, I mean sure you found people cute, and have been known to sleep with a few, only to do the not so to you, walk of shame, I mean shit getting laid is not a shame in your book. All your friends told you the person of your dreams would find you, and then you’d feel it, the feeling of flying and butterflies and all the shit Disney pounded into kids heads in the early ’90’s to mid 2000’s, you knew it was probably nice to not be the only one drinking alone at weddings and or congrats parties, well if you didn’t count the weird people who seemed plenty nice but not your type, good to throw back shots with but thats it. And thats where you find yourself now, a dress, nice decent flats because as much as you lied to yourself heels were never a good idea, standing alone at the bar watching your coworker chat around his soon to be husband next to him, raising your glass at him in congrats when his eyes caught yours. They were cute, true soul mates if that shit was real.

Sighing you found yourself looking around, most of the party goers were taken by either the closest drink or significant other, leaving you alone, well until the spot next to you was taken up by someone. Turning you came face to face with a tall as balls guy, looking up slightly he had to be 6’1 maybe 6’2, messy mop of medium brown curls, he looked good, smiling you nodded to him, turning back to the party floor.
“So you also here to drink the sickly sweet taste this party has left in your mouth” you turned back to him at that raising your eyebrow
“You mean the sickly sweet lovey dovey romance taste? Yes, vodka and coke does that wonders, the burn lets me remember the flames of hell that these parties submerge me in” he snorted at that laughing, he had a nice laugh, big smile all teeth, he was lanky but he wore it well, a simple dress shirt and pants, he looked nice, a beard growing made him look extra good.
“Thats a new way to speak of the beautiful bond of man and man, together till death or divorce do them part, so you a friend of the groom or the groom?” I laughed sighing
“Um groom that works helps me not drown myself, we work at a fashion magazine, i’m the personal assistant to the head lady, barley see her but she seems nice” You smiled at him realizing you had yet to ask him his name or tell him yours
“Oh shit, I’m (Y/N), by the way” holding your hand out he took it smiling you felt warm when he touched you, fucking vodka makes you flush gotta remember that.
“I’m Matt, Matthew, Matthew Gray Gubler if you are my mother and mad at me, but um just call me Matt to Matthew..which ever and I am rambling” you smiled laughing slightly
“Its cute, the rambling I mean, so Matthew, do you know groom one or two?” He smiled letting your hand go
“Oh um number 2, he works sound on the show I’m on, Criminal minds, I play the wonderful info machine Spencer Reid, ya know normal guy with a 187 IQ, possible schizophrenia, and did drugs for a bit, ya know totally normal for an FBI agent” your eyes widened at that, you knew of criminal minds, often having it on in the background while you cleaned or read,
“Oh shit, for real? I watch it but I don’t like…watch it…I have the attention span of a goldfish so…its nice background noise and I do at times scream at the TV when some crazy shit happens, my neighbors think I am insane I am sure” he smiled nodding, looking around you bit your lip
“Hey..I know its forward but fuck it 3 vodka and cokes and I am just the image of confidence, you wanna get out of here? Like I know a pizza place thats open till like 3am…” he looked around nodding holding his hand out to you, grabbing it you walked with him.

It had been a total of six months since you had meet the ball of…pure strange minded sunshine that was Matthew Gray Gubler, he was amazing, and great in bed, he was sweet and caring, he was amazing.
“So you and Matthew? Any…ya know…” sitting on your couch, your friend next to you, you shrugged
“Me and Matthew what? What are you on about?” Her face said it all the judgment the look of ‘you fucking know what I mean’ you groaned
“Nope, me and him are friends and thats it, he’s awesome and good for a drunk and or not so drunk sideways tango, like ever have like sleepy morning sex? Like he’s real good at that, and like shower sex is real nice, mainly cause his shower is bigger then mine and like he has really nice smelling soap, oh but like after party sex is the best, like super Dom and like sloppy is just” the smirk on her face would put the grinch to shame, you looked at her
“What? What?! Just because I enjoy sleepy sex with him does not mean I love him” the smirk was only getting bigger
“Okay then why is his art that he gave you the weird self portrait that looks like you mixed with a fucked up dinosaur on acid, right next to your bed, on the wall so you see it every morning, or why are his photos of you and him, the only ones you framed, I mean he’s real good with a camera but, seems kinda like you love looking at them and smiling all school girl has a crush style. Or why can you both sit in a room and not speak for hours, I have seen it, and just not get annoyed at each other, like you just laying in his lap, but when its like that with us you wanna scream and kick me out after a half hour, or how about the CD he made you of him performing your favorite poems? and thats the only CD you have still, like is it the age thing? I know 17 years is a lot but like he’s dated young chicks since like forever, like wasn’t he like 25 dating a 15 year old? Come on, admit it…” you looked at her mouth opening and closing trying to come up with some form of retaliation.
“I mean…he and me…I..Fuck I love him don’t I?” her smirk and nod said it all. Fuck.

Now sitting next to Matthew on his couch, a random campy horror movie playing, you found yourself, noticing every thing about him now, his smell, his laugh, his beautiful fucking face. You sank into the couch crossing your arms,
“Hey you okay? You got the look of someone who just saw their parents fucking? Whats up?” You turned
“My friend thinks I may be in love, which like I may be” his eyebrows furrowed
“Well who are they? Do you think they feel that way towards you?” You sighed shrugging
“I mean, I don’t know, we get along like super well, and she was just listing off these things that are big neon signs of me loving him, like apparently liking sleepy sex with him is a sign which like he’s really good at it, cause his voice is all rough and he’s slow an its awesome…but like…that doesn’t…that can’t….it does doesn’t it?” the look on his face was one you could classify as trying not to be either really jealous or sad, or both
“I mean I’d say that means you really like them, maybe love, who are they a friend from work?” His voice changed, a tinge of something, anger maybe
“No…he’s a stupid actor/director/artist that makes me amazing art” his jaw clenched you smirked
“Should I call him, tell him, maybe you can help me through admitting it? Please” a second later you hit call waiting, watching his face as he heard his phone ring, a slow smirk appearing on his face as he answered
“Hello? Whats up?” You smirked looking at him
“So..I know..its fucking dumb, but I really love you, um and was wondering if you wanted to like…be all gross and date me? Cause I wanna date you…” smiling he ended the call pulling you in by the back of your neck pressing his lips to yours, puling back
“Yeah, lets be fucking gross and date” maybe love was real, maybe it wasn’t, but this was something and you liked it.

INFP and INTP Relationship
  • INTP: * sees INFP* *gasps hard enough to inhale an entire air balloon*
  • INTP: * runs at mach 30 speed* BBBAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEE * violently glomps*
  • INTP: I WAS AT SOUP!!!!!!
  • INFP: 4:20 XD XD XD
  • INFP: * yawns*
  • ISFJ: I don't understand and I'm scared
  • ( Note: This is just my experience (´・u・`)~)
Top 5 Moments: Joss Carter

Lionel Fusco || John Reese || Sameen Shaw || Root || Harold Finch || TM

1. “You work for me now” (Razgovor, 3x05)

Holy Freaking Badass! I’m sure it’s no surprise for anyone to see this moment on my list, but what I want to highlight is how ruthless Carter is in her quest to take down HR. Carter tells Laskey that he’s scared of her, and honestly, he’s absolutely right to be. She toys with Laskey this entire scene, kills the pretend bartender with Laskey’s gun and then blackmails him into working for her. It’s smart, it’s meticulous, it’s cool and it’s goddamn terrifying. Carter is entirely in control during every minute of this scene, and it’s especially great to see her to smack down Laskey after he was a misogynist and racist asshole and called her an “arrogant bitch who didn’t know her place”. 

2. The decision to let John go (Number Crunch, 1x10)

Throughout this episode, we saw Carter struggle with the notion that the lawful thing might not always be the good thing. She was clearly conflicted when she told Snow where to find John and never expected him to straight up try to kill John. This is the moment when she realizes that yes, she’s a cop, and yes, there are rules that she can’t and won’t break, but John is a good person who is doing good things and she also can’t stand by and allow Snow to execute him. 

3. Carter’s loyalty (2 Pi R, 2x11)

Carter’s parts in this episode are fascinating to watch. She let John go in Number Crunch because she didn’t think he deserved to be gunned down like an animal, but she protects him here because he’s a friend. She puts on an alluring dress and is all fake smiles while drugging a man to get a DNA sample from him, and she’s wholly confident that she will succeed too. The lengths Carter is willing to go to and the number of rules she is willing to break (”that line you’re talking about? I crossed it a long time ago”) all to help out someone she has decided is worthy of her efforts is vastly intriguing. 

4. At a crossroads saving Elias (God Mode, 2x22)

Carter’s arc had been building up to this moment for the longest time and it was such an awesome place to take her character. She was someone who genuinely believed in the law, and has been discovering just how corrupt it is. This is Carter setting aside the law that has failed her and beginning her war on HR. What I find very IC for her is that she doesn’t abandon the law completely though. She sees something wrong with it, breaks up with it temporarily to set it right, but succeeds in bringing in Quinn properly and handing him over to the authorities at the end…  with a little help from her vigilante and criminal friends!

5. Carter’s smirk (Endgame, 3x09)

Carter’s. smirk. The End. 

(But also, the fact that she thought about this, called John and Harold, and asked for their help demonstrates such beautiful character development from when she did everything alone (had to do everything alone) back in s1.)

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•so like he would be the hitmen and is like always on mission because he’s good at taking people out
•people are always surprised because
•'wtf is he gonna do, he’s like 5’
•then it’s like
•'ohhhh I take back everything I said’
•pretty great at his job if you forget about the first one he went on
•he mostly stays quiet if there’s a girl in the room cus he’s still a shy lil bean
•doesn’t like to fight girls but does it anyways
•as for visuals
•a white T-shirt, jeans and boots
•even tho Jin always complains about him wearing white t-shirts because blood stains are hard to get off
•Jungkook doesn’t listen tho and like
•boi get in here im about to beat your ass
•has a history of making victims let their guard down with his cute bunny smile
•that’s okay, at least you’ll die looking at his face
•how he got in the Mafia, no one really knows tbh
•I mean there’s a rumor he just showed up to Namjoon’s office and said ‘let me join’
•there’s another one
•someone said that he was Namjoon’s long lost brother or something and that’s why he’s in
•my personal favorite is how they said that he fell through the roof of the building and Namjoon was like ‘you’re in’
•not like it matters, everyone is just curious because he was there before a lot of people
•and everyone who was there before refuse to tell the story
•no one will ever give up on solving the mystery of Jeon Jungkook
•as for how he met you
•y'all have been homies since diapers
•legit you knew each other since you were born
•you knew everything about him
•or so you thought
•I mean you knew everything about his life except for the Mafia part
•so let’s say he started when he was like in his senior year or something
•you noticed he started being shady and you’re like
•'wtf is going on…’
•you let it go at first but then he started missing your guys Friday movie nights
•like ain’t nobody taking away your Kookie
•especially since it was his turn to pay for snacks
•so you confronted him about it one day
•'hey you with the face!’
•cue a shook Jungkook
•'where tf have you been going and leaving me to buy food for myself’
•'I swear if you don’t give me a good reason, I’ll chop Mr.Snuggle’s tail’
•'okay okay okay pls don’t hurt Mr.Snuggles’
•'I’m waiting’
•'so like I got a job and that’s why I haven’t been around’
•I’ll bet you his hands are sweaty af when he was saying this
•you reluctantly let it go since it sounds legit
•technically he wasn’t lying
•he just didn’t go in specifics
•now time skip to when he actually showed up to one of the movie nights
•y'all were just lounging on the couch and watching Finding Nemo or something and he suddenly gets a text from Namjoon
•'you might want to run, I heard there were some guys in your area’
•Jungkook has an ‘oh shit’ moment and his eyes widened
•you were watching him and immediately knew something was wrong but didn’t know what
•'yo Kookie you okay dude’
•before he can answer someone knocked and the door
•here’s Kookie ‘oh shit’ moment number 2
•you’re still confused why Jungkook won’t let you go open the door
•you’re even more confused when he pulls you up and hid you in the closet
•'okay wtf is go-’
•before you could finish, he shut you up with a kiss and closed the door
•so you’re just standing in the dark and wondering what’s happening
•and of course blushing
•while outside Jungkook was busy beating up people and waiting for somebody to show up
•eventually Namjoon showed up and finished up the other guys
•Jin was there too in case someone got hurt
•and that was when he pulled you out of the closet and pulled you into a big hug
•you hugging Jungkook back until you noticed you had an audience
•'um hi?’
•'don’t worry they’re pretty harmless’
•sure they are
•and then Kookie finally explained everything to you The End

Math Magic!

Alright folks, I’m going to teach you how to do a pretty cool party trick using only the power of your minds: Squaring large numbers!

No? doesn’t sound impressive? Well, ok then, don’t learn the cool thing. Move along, dummy.

Still here? Ok cool! So, pretty much everyone learned their times tables, so your 1 digit squares are already learned.  But can you do 2 digits? 3 digits? 4 DIGITS!? You will when I’m done with you!  So lets go!

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Ok, take your number, lets say 23, and think about it like what squaring a number means; 23^2 is just 23*23. Now, round one number to the nearest 10, as in 23 rounds down by 3 to 20. Then, move the other number the opposite way by the same amount, as in 23 up by 3 to 26.  Now you have 26*20, which is SO MUCH EASIER. 26*2 is 52, *10 is 520.  Now you just have to bring that number you shifted by earlier back in, square it, and add it to the end. We shifted by 3, 3^2 is 9, so our total is 529.

recap: 23^2, 23*23, 20*26 (shift 3), 520, 3^2=9, 529.

or maybe try 86.  You have to round that up by 4 to get to 90, so the other 86 goes down by 4 to 82.  90*82 is 7380, then toss a 16 (ya know, 4^2), and you have 7396.

But what if it ends in a 5?  Save your ass some time and brain juice and do this quick trick: take the tens place and multiply it by the next bigger number and throw a 25 at the end. 55? 5*6=30, 3025. Done. 75? 7*8=56, 5625.

And of course 2 digits ending in 0 are just the one digit square with 00 at the end, but, I mean, if you can do this in your head you knew that.

Anyways, you need to master this 2 digit process to do the rest of the harder ones, because you use this to simplify them.  Work smarter, not harder, right?


So it’s tempting to want to square three digit numbers as (abc*abc) but then the longhand gets really jumbled. Don’t bother, cut that shit down to (ab*ab) and make the first two digits into one! Instead of doing, say, 523^2 as (500+20+3)^2, you could just do (500+23)^2 because we already know what 23^2 is! Here’s the process we’re going to use:

our number won’t be longer than 8 digits, so picture this: 0000 0000.  See the gap? Square your first two digits and put it to the right of the gap, square the third digit and put it to the left.  So 523 will look like 0025 0529.  Remember those two numbers.  How? Hold on, we need to learn something else!


make those numbers WORDS! Words are easier to store in your brain.  Numbers use short term memory and you have a limit of about 7 objects and your short term memory is always purging. Convert the numbers to words and you an use your parietal lobe and lock that shit away in long term memory.

0 = s and z sounds, like Zero
1 = t and d sounds. 1 and t/d have straight spines
2 = n, because one bump
3 = m, because 2 bumps
4 = r, like fouR
5 = l, kinda hard but thing roman number 50 is L.
6 = sh, ch, soft g, j, all those sounds you push through clenched teeth.
7 = k and hard g. 7 and K are both sharp and angular.
8 = f and v.  8 looks like a cursive f.
9 = p and b. P and b both have a line and a bump like a 9.

You can use these to make words to store away your numbers.  Our 523 process above has 25 0529.  That’s “anal sail nub”.  Now you can memorize that hilarious phrase, possibly with a little image with it, and move on to the next step.


We have “anal sail nub” stored away, so now we multiply the two numbers together and double them. 5*23=115, *2=230.  Drop 230 right in the middle of our number (00here00), 00023000.  Then we bring the rest back.  Nub, N,B, 29, 00023029. Sail, S,L, 05, 00023529. Anal, N,L, 25,00273529. 273,529!

You keeping up? Brain hurt? Well hold on, because we’re not done yet! Do you have the brain power to add one more digit!?


Do the same thing as the 3 digit, but 2 sets of 2 digit squares.  (1000a+100b+10c+d)^2  becomes (100a+b)^2.  Lets use 9523 as the example.  Start with 95 and 23.  95^2 is 9025 and 23^2 is 529. Make number blocks 9025 0529. Menmonic major statements “Pez Anal” and “Sail Nub” committed to memory. Move on to 95*23, but make like easy and do 100*23 and then just take 5*23 away, 2300-115=2185. Double it, 4370. Stick it in the middle, 00437000. Recall “Sail Nub”, S,L,N,B, 0529, 00437529.  Recall “Pez Anal”, P,Z,N,L, 9025, 90687529. 90,687,529!

Alright, no go impress people at parties, because I know you guys go to the good parties where this is totally something that impresses people…. right?

We are number One Lyrics... but the Bad Bradley // NotActive Town Bootleg version

Are you a true bad guy?

Have you captured an existing good guy?

Have you ever wore a costume?

Alright, I now see that I have to lecture you… how to be… BAD GUYS!

I am Number 2
I am Number 2

Now pay attention

Here’s a little lecture in the art of pranks
Everything we do will forever last
If you wanna be a bad guy number 2
You have to catch a hero that’s on the move

Just follow my steps and take a peak
And Try not to speak



I am Number 2
I am Number 2

Ha ha ha

Now look at this cloth that’s just laying here
When I give the sign, get ready to fling
Fling it at him not me
Ugh, back to the drawing board

Now listen, watch and make sure you’re hush
We slip when someone steps on this husk


do-do-diddly-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do-do-do
I am Number 2
do-do-diddly-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do-do-do
I am Number 2
do-do-diddly-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do-do-do
I am Number 2
do-do-diddly-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do-do-do
I am Number 2

Will I See You Again? (Part 4)

This is a continuation of Will I See You Again? which you can find HERE. 

Will I See You Again? (Part 2) is HERE

Will I See You Again? (Part 3) is HERE

Will I See You Again? Was originally going to be just a oneshot, but now I am turning it into a long fic :D

Hope you like it, jwalkerz ~

-Admin Kitty

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You padded into the kitchen and took two mugs out of the cupboard. You picked yourself your favourite - the Hello Kitty mug you had got when you were seven. For Jay, you spent more care picking, eventually deciding to give him the bright pink one you had got last year as a present that read, ‘Little Miss Cutie Pie’. You pictured him drinking from it and laughed outloud quietly. You wondered how he liked his coffee and then stopped and wondered how your life got like this. You were stood in the middle of the kitchen making Jay Park coffee and if you tilted your head really far, you could see his leg on your bed through the crack in the door. You smiled to yourself, not quite believing it was happening to you. Lazy slow music played as you let yourself grin at the thought of him. Suddenly, a loud bang was heard and then you heard Jay cuss quietly, “Shit!” You laughed to yourself, he must have ran into your bedside cabinet when he woke.  He sounded sleepy as he called out, “Baby-” Your heart melted and then he changed his sentence, “______?” Had he just…called you Baby? The door was pulled open and Jay was smoothing down his hair as he walked into your kitchen, he smiled when he saw you, “Hey, I’m sorry I fell asleep.” “It’s  okay…how do you like your coffee?” “Nuh-uh.” He shook his head, holding up a finger,“Rule Number 1: Always make pancakes in the morning first.” You laughed, “But Jay…It’s not morning anymore!"  He walked forward and pressed his finger to your lips, smiling, "Rule Number 2: Whatever time you wake up, is called morning.” He let go of your lips and ran around the kitchen attempting to find things to make pancakes with. You laughed at him when he found nothing. “Jay, the flour is in the-” “Shh! The Pancake master,” He pointed to himself, “will find it!” You giggled at him and lifted yourself up onto the worktop to watch him struggle to find anything but cutlery. “So, what are these rules of?” He grinned, “Morning time.” “But…it’s not morning!” “Silence! Rule number 3: Never argue with Pancake Masters or Amazing K Pop stars!” He joked and you smiled at how goofy he was being. “But Jay…” You pretended to be serious, “You are neither!” He whirled on you, pretending to be offended and then smirked, playfully, “The posters in your room would suggest otherwise.” You blushed which made him chuckle. He walked forward towards the worktop you sat on and kissed your cheek lightly, still laughing a little. He found a pan and held it up the sky, like a trophy, “Aha! Success!” You watched him find the rest of the ingredients and start to make the mix. Everyonce and a while, he’d turn his head to smile at you as you watched him whisk the mix. “Come here, you gotta pour it on.” He held his hand out and you took it, pulling yourself down from the worktop to stand next to him.  “I always suck at this part…” You muttered. “S'okay. I’ll teach you.” He pushed you infront of him and told you to use the ladle to pour on the mixture, but you found it hard to concentrate because his hand was holding on to your waist. He carefully instructed you on how to pour it and eventually you did it without any holes. He smiled at you and then said, “Rule Number 4: Always smile when you make pancakes.” He put his hands on your face and pulled your mouth up into a smile by the corners with his fingers. You cracked up, “Isn’t there meant to be five rules?” “Hmm, ” He dropped his hands to your waist again, pulling you in to him, “Rule Number 5 is: always kiss the Pancake Master.” It was cheesy and you both laughed. Your smile left your face and you turned serious when you felt his lips brush against yours. You didn’t know how long you kissed, all you knew is when he pulled away, you missed his lips on yours. He served the pancakes and you ate pancake after pancake until you both couldn’t eat anymore. “Those pancakes were really good…” You murmured finishing off your last one. His lips tugged up into a smile, “Come here."  He leaned over the table and wiped sugar off the side of your mouth delicately with his thumb. You blushed, you were never going to get used to him touching you or kissing you. You smiled at eachother softly, but then his eyes widened as they focused on the clock, "Oh shit! I was meant to be at my schedule two hours ago!” He got up from the table and ran into the bedroom to grab his phone, returning around 2 seconds afterwards, staring at his phone, “I’ve got 27 missed calls from my manager…” You bit your lip, “Sorry, Jay. I didn’t realize…” He shook his head and smiled, “It’s okay. I should have kept an eye on the time."  He pulled his shoes on and stuffed his phone is his pocket, bending down to give you a chaste kiss on the lips before leaving, saying he’d call you later. The next few days, you and Jay text eachother back and forth, but he was always busy and it was difficult to see him because of it. He always apologised for it and you couldn’t really be upset because, well, his new album was coming out so he was working very, very hard.  Then, after not hearing his voice in days, he called you in a lecture. When your phone buzzed wildly in your pocket, and B.A.P’s one shot played outloud, you were embarrassed to say the least. You hated drawing attention to yourself, especially in class. Everyone stared at you and you ducked your head down to get your phone, trying to hide your blush in the process. You grabbed at your phone and hastily clicked the answer button. ”________! This class is not an office for your personal calls!“ Your professor shouted. You said back, "I’m sorry. I need to take this.” “Be quick!” You nodded and ran out of the room as you heard Jay’s voice on the other end, “I miss you…” You were taken aback. You’d spent all this time thinking about him and missing seeing him, but it never really occured to you he might be missing you just as much. A smile seeped into your voice, “Really?” “Yeah. Come see me…” You laughed, “Jay, you’re at work remember?” “I know…but, I get a break for lunch at half twelve. Come see me then?” “My lunch isn’t until one.” You sighed. He sighed aswell, “How’s the lecture?” You huffed, “Boring.” “Then come see me!” You could almost hear the smile in his voice.
“Jay! I can’t just skip a lecture!” “It’s only half an hour…How much can you miss in half an hour?” You smiled,“Jay…” “______, please~” He whined down the receiver. “But-” “Pretty please? For Jay?~” He said cutely and your heart melted down to the floor. You’d find it difficult to say no to Jay anyway, without the added cuteness, but now he was being all cutesy for you…You could feel your resolve slipping as he whined. “Okay.” You bit your lip, wondering how you were possibly going to explain this to your professor. He sounded smug, “Okay, I’ll text you the address!"  You hung up and sighed, slipping your phone back into your pocket as you walked back into the classroom. ”_______! I said to be quick!“ "Um, sorry,” You began, “I’m going to have to…go. There was an home.” You knew your excuse was pathetic, but he seemed to buy it so you just quickly apologized again and left.  On the way, you bought the two of you chicken nuggets and chips and a diet coke for yourself, all the while receiving texts from Jay asking you to hurry up.  You got to the studio as quick as you could, and pressed the buzzer. Someone buzzed you through, but before you could head into the elevator, you were approached by a severe looking woman. “Excuse me? Can I help you?” Her tone was unfriendly and her eyes mean. You panicked, you hadn’t actually thought of what you were going to say. “Um, I’m here to see…Jay. Jay Park.” You stuttered. “We don’t allow fans here, sorry.” But she didn’t sound sorry at all. “Oh…I’m not a fan…” “So who would you be then?” She stared at you, her eyes piercing your skull. It was a good question: what were you to Jay? “I’m…a friend. He asked me to come here.”
“Do you have a name?” She asked, rudely. “S-Sorry, I’m ______.” She pursed her lips, “Hold on.”
She picked up the phone on the desk and dialed a number, “Mr Park there is a girl here saying you sent her.” She nodded her head a little, “Okay…Yes…Right…Straight away?….Okay."  She tilted her head towards the elevator, "Go up.” You ran to the elevator and punched in the button, relieved to have got in. Getting out of the corridor, you counted the doors until you got to the 9th one along, the one Jay had told you to go to, food in your hands. You opened the door slowly, and music blared out. Inside the room, Jay was b boying with 4 other backup dancers. He caught your eye and then said, “Okay guys, we’ll take lunch now."  Everyone filed out of the room until it was just you and him left. He walked towards you slowly, panting. As he got closer you noticed droplets of sweat were cascading down his face and his cheeks were slightly flushed in exhaustion.  "Hey.” He smiled tiredly, panting as he spoke, “Will you pass me that towel?” You picked up a towel off the bench and gave it to him and he smiled, “Thanks.” He wiped his face and then let it hang around his shoulders, “I would hug you but…I’m all sweaty.” “Okay.” You smiled and then mentally kicked yourself. You wished you had just let him hug you. He may have been sweaty, but you couldn’t care less. He looked hot. He wore some basketball shorts and a wife beater that made it hard for you to not stare at his arms. “Come on, we’ll sit outside.” He held out his hand to you, which you took gladly. His hand was warm and strong as he pulled you out and sat you down next to him at a table. “You brought food?” He seemed shocked, but glad. You gave him his and then began eating, yourself. You were quiet for a little bit as you ate, and then you looked up to find his eyes gazing at you. “What?” “Nothing…,” A slight smile touched his lips, “I just missed you, that’s all.” You blushed lightly, drinking some of the coke through your straw, “Me too.” “Yah! How come you get a drink and I don’t?” You shrugged,“Because I assumed you’d have one since you’ve been dance practicing.” “Well you assume wrong…Let me have some of yours?” You decided to tease him, “Nope. Get your own.” “But, I need a drink.” He pouted. You weren’t giving in that easily, “Nope…” He started to do aeygo, “Baby girrrl~” You couldn’t help it, you started to blush. He’d just called you baby girl - what else could you do? “Can I have some now? Babyyyyy~” He puffed out his cheeks and you gave in and held out the drink to him. He ducked his head down instead of taking the drink off you and put his lips around the straw and took a drink.  When he’d done he pulled back, “Ha. You’re blushing."  He leaned forward and poked your cheek, making you blush harder. "You’re adorable, you know that?” He leaned forward and kissed you on the lips, wrapping his arms around your waist. Finishing off your chicken nuggets, you gave the last one to him.  You struck up the courage to ask him something that had been on your mind. “Jay? Can I ask you something?” You immediately regretted it when he looked at you and smiled, “Sure.” You felt embarrassed, but you pushed through, “Do you date…much?” He shook his head, “No. Not really. I haven’t dated anyone seriously properly really…” “Really?” You were pretty shocked. This was Jay Park. Jay freakin’ Park. He was gorgeous and sexy and cute and funny and intelligent and sweet and…perfect. You were sure he wasn’t short of offers, “But you’re…” Sexy. Perfect. Amazing. Hot. He raised an eyebrow and smirked, “But I’m what?” You bit your lip, “Nevermind.” He grinned, “Tell me.” You shook your head in embarrassment. “Come on! You can’t just start a sentence and not finish it.” “I don’t remember.” You lied. He saw straight through it, and feigned seriousness, “If you don’t tell me, I won’t kiss you for the rest of this week.” You looked up at him shocked and he burst out laughing, “Tell me, then I’ll kiss you.” You closed your eyes, unable to look at him as you said it, “G-Good…Looking.” He chuckled and then brought his lips down to kiss you hard on the mouth. That night, you lay in bed and thought about him. You thought about the way his mouth looked when he smiled, the way he licked his lips and the way his lips felt on yours. You wished he was there right now, but you comforted yourself with the knowing that you could see him tomorrow….and the day after that…and the day after that… Your phone suddenly lit up and buzzed loudly. You reached for it and there was a text that read: Goodnight Baby ~ You grinned at your screen. He was so perfect.
Reaching You- Part 2

OMG…Thank you so much everyone…I was just doing this for fun, because I absolutely loved the head canon and I feel like I might botch this up, but here’s part 2.

His mind whirled with the images his Sharingan had copied in the scant few minutes he had interacted with the Hyuuga. Red tinged and detailed, he analyzed every aspect of the letter she had held in her hands, noting the slight tear stains decorating it and the trembling emotion evident in the widely looping scrawl.

He felt nearly nauseated as he remembered the sweet and encouraging words, a bittersweet happiness lacing the letter and he swore he could smell some kind of bakery scent coming from the paper…or was it the girl? He wasn’t sure, and he couldn’t give a damn, but when you had your senses enhanced in that manner, every detail became clear and loud, distracting even.

Then he had seen the number 5 at the corner of the worn envelope.

‘Five…that means there are at least four more of those things in existence.’

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I think I’m in a place of relatively unique perspective on this, considering I didn’t watch the movie until a bluray rip leaked, and I was forced to watch all these stupid arguments that made me want to stick a gun in my mouth.

So let’s start with the conclusion - no, I don’t think Rey is a Mary Sue. I think the complaints about her exist for two reasons (and spoilers: neither are sexism) which are:

  • People are still thinking of things in terms of the prequels, which is wrong.
  • Rey is so poorly fleshed out in this movie that she’s almost a plot device rather than a character.

Let’s hold that first one for a second and focus on the second.

Rey is bland. Sorry, but she is. The movie’s biggest problem is that all the characters are established WAY too fast (Finn goes from supposedly indoctrinated Storm Trooper to to quirky loud comedy dude in like .5 of a femtosecond and Poe becomes besties with him even faster, and while I can make excuses for both of those things I shouldn’t have to make up my own headcanon on how First Order indoctrination works to justify that kind of thing.)

I mean, I get it, they had to set up these characters and do the movie and some things were gonna suffer, and there was no way that you could do a movie with as slow a start as A New Hope had in 2016. I get it. It’s still a flaw.

Rey really needed a couple more scenes of bantering with people to better establish her personality (probably Han, considering how the way the movie is now she like, INSTANTLY imprints on him as a father figure which seems a little eeeehhh) and what she really needed was a backstory. If you compare the movie to A New Hope (because.. it basically is A New Hope) and Luke, within like the first 20 minutes of that movie we know everything about Luke (or so we’re lead to believe.) I feel like this is due to the fact Episode 5 and 6 were probably just ideas in Lucas’ head for him to later let more competent people make, meanwhile I’m sure the basic plot beats for all 3 movies of this new trilogy were laid out before they even started rolling on TFA.

That’s obviously going to lead to some weaknesses in the first movie of the three (like, consider this movie alone vs. A New Hope alone - A New Hope can stand totally divorced from the others but TFA can’t.) and this is part of it. Rey really should have had some ‘fake’ backstory. Maybe they thought it’d be TOO MUCH like Luke, but I think as long as it was distinctly different from Luke’s, it would have been fine (actually, if I had to bet money, I’d bet that first draft Rey was raised by Tusken Raiders and was from Tatooine, considering she still has a fucking Gaffi Stick, but that’s neither hear nor there)

And as for the second point, let’s go over the four big things I see people bring up regarding: Rey is a Mary Sue.

  • Rey flies the Millenium Falcon on her own when it needs a co-pilot
  • Rey does mind trick without training
  • Rey does force push/pull without training, and overpowers Kylo Ren
  • Rey beats Kylo Ren at all

Number one is so much reaching I roll my eyes just looking at it. Even addressing it was a fucking one-off line. It’s nerd hyper-rationality at its finest. Some things need to be let go.

Number 2 and Number 3 go back to my bit about people thinking of these movies in terms of the prequels. The prequels may as well not exist anymore - obviously they can never write them out, but they’re pretty obviously trying very, very hard not to address them at all (Like fact the planet destroyed by the Starkiller Base was probably initially Coruscant before they decided it was better to just mention NOTHING from the prequels.)

The Force in the OT was always about mysticism and spirituality - it was basically magic. It’s easy to take Yoda’s initial concerns about Luke’s age to be more about someone older not having the capacity for belief and faith required than anything else. Fuck, Obi-Wan says one sentence to Luke and he’s able to start seeing with his eyes shut, and he goes from a shitty scrub who Vader was toying with to a Master Jedi in a year of unsupervised training.

And furthermore, Rey being able to mind trick the First Order trooper makes fine sense. It was established they’re indoctrinated, and can receive re-education, implying they’re suggestible to that sort of thing, and Rey had already felt it, considering Kylo Ren tried to do it to her. 

So in the original spiritual context of the force, that makes complete sense. Rey felt what it was like and was able to do it to someone else - since it was someone weak-minded, it worked. Same thing with the Force Pull, Ren used that on her too (and really, if we’re talking about the Lightsaber part, she pulled it PAST him to her - she pulled with him and made it overshoot.)

And the last one, damn son, how many disadvantages does the script have to pile on Kylo Ren? While I think Rey did win a little too easily (probably a ratings thing or just a disney suit honestly, probably didn’t want their heroine getting graphically injured or slapped around), come on. Dude was missing half his side cause of the bowcaster (which had been established to just MURDER dudes wearing ARMOR) and spent the entire time after it happened jabbing and aggravating it cause MUH DARK SIDE, Finn clipped his dominant arm (I think it was his dominant arm) and while the script has its flaws, it firmly established that killing Han actually made Kylo Ren weaker.

So, Rey - bland character yes, Mary Sue no.

And one day when you’re 80 years old, happily married with kids who by then will have kids of their own, you’ll find yourself thinking of his name from time to time, wondering how he’s doing, and you’ll realize that there’s a difference between moving on and letting go, as you have moved on years and years before, but you have not yet, and never will, let him go.
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Flizzy, My girl got mad because she want's head EVERYtime we have sex, but I'm not putting my face down there unless she recently had a shower and I don't let her go down on me if I'm not "spring time fresh" I'm not giving no salty/musty dick. She be like "it shouldn't matter if you love me" I say fck that, Especially when I know that she took a number 2 earlier that day. Women really out here letting guys go down there after dropping a load and not showering?? Animals! What say you?

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Errmmm, let's go with lucky number 2 :3

Clara didn’t remember what happened. All she could remember was how sad she had been. She’d been sad, and angry all at the same time. It was the day she’d lost her mum. She hadn’t said anything to make anyone worry. She didn’t think it was that bad.

Till she was alone. He’d gone out for some research and left her at the flat. That’s when it all came back, the thoughts of it being her fault. It wasn’t of course, but she couldn’t help but think that. She couldn’t take it.

Two cuts was all it took, deep ones too. She was shaking as she dialed his number, tears on her cheeks. She didn’t want to die, and now she was terrified. She called John next, he picked up and she begged him for help. He’d gotten there and got her to the hospital. She had to get more blood, to make up for what she’d lost.

John had called him while she was in getting a transfusion and told him what happened.

Now Clara was laying in a hospital bed sleeping, her pale face void of emotions as she slept.

Top Ten Favorite Christmas Songs

Top Ten Christmas Songs

Now, here’s a little Christmas Present from me to you all.

What I’m doing here is I’m listing my favorite Christmas tunes like hearing each year, but I’m also posting my favorite renditions of each. Enjoy!

10. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree


9. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

8. The 12 Days of Christmas

7. Sleigh Ride

6. Little Drummer Boy

5. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

4. O Holy Night

3. Mary Did You Know?

2. The First Noel

And My number 1 is…

1. Let it Go


1. Carol of the Bells