number 1 weakness

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So I was thinking about athelstan and since I'm majoring in living in denial I only just remembered that they fucking cRUcIFIED HIM??? SINCE WHEN IS THAT OKAY?? the world is a cruel place why do they want to hurt him he's a besutiful cinnamon roll. whyyyy.

I KNOW RIGHT?! I mean what else do you hate to be able to hurt him?! Sunshine?!  Kittens?! CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES?!! Look at



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Pidge. Odd numbers.

1. their physical weak spots

i mean, the typical weak spots of the human body, but i bet you her stance is kinda weak so if you hit her anywhere below the knee she gets unbalanced too easily

3. scars or painful spots

no scars, but her back constantly hurts cause she sucks at keeping a good posture while hunched over her computer someone please get this child proper back support or a desk and chair, please-

5. guilty pleasures

head rubs, whether it’s a casual pat, or a full on head massage, that’s her jam. they never fail to brighten her mood or help her relax. can and will use puppy eyes to make you give her a head massage

7. their tickle spots


9. humiliating memories

her belt loop on her shorts got caught on a part of a machine she was working on once and the ladder fell out from underneath her so she was hooked and stuck like 10 feet in the air and the two people who heard her calling for help were hunk and lance and lance never let her live it down

11. bad or petty habits

blackmail extraordinaire, usually only uses it on assholes, and lance, but only because lance is also a petty binch and can respect that

13. what gets them flustered

people complimenting her freckles!

15. what it takes to make them cry

she’s pretty tough, but anything bad happening to her family tears her up inside already. if she were to actually SEE bad things happen to them…yikes.

also, on a lighter note, cute robots that speak in cute lil robot voices and don’t really have a purpose outside of saying cute phrases. gets her every time.

17. regrets

not getting to give her mother a proper goodbye

19. people they’ve hurt or indirectly killed, and how it affected them

i’m sure it’ll hit her - and everyone else on the team - eventually that they’ve probably already got blood on their hands. there’s no way none of those HUGE galra battleships didn’t have a single living being on-board. she’ll have mixed feelings, i’m sure, but in the end a life is a life and that’ll probably hit her pretty hard. i have a feeling she’ll be reminded of the line keith said to her: “everyone in the universe has a family.” no doubt she tore some apart just to get hers back. she’ll probably be burdened with guilt for a long time, because she’s just a kid, y’know? she’s just a kid trying to get her family back and stay alive and protect her friends, and she’s now had to kill people just to do that.

21. turning points in their life

her mother teaching her how to build a computer, matt teaching her basics of how to hack and code, her green-energy powered robot winning first in her 7th grade science fair, matt making it into the GG, sam and matt being chosen from the kerberos mission, sam and matt not making it back from the kerberos mission, discovering the huge coverup the GG did about the truth of the mission, her mom thinking she’s going to a private high school affiliated with the GG when instead she hacked into the GG to register herself into an advanced class under a fake identity, picking up alien chatter on her scanners, rescuing shiro, finding the blue lion and subsequently landing at the castle of lions, learning her brother and father were still alive (probably…), becoming the green paladin of voltron, forming voltron for the first time, and last but not least: deciding to stay.