number 1 pet peeve right here

lj2-4-blog  asked:

My retail pet peeves 1. Where's the bathroom ? 2. Do you work here? 3. Can I checkout here? 4. Do you take chip? 5. Can you throw this away? 6. Where is this item (when said item is right next to you) and number fucking 7 . DISCOUNT? or ANY COUPONS!!!!!

Or the second most asked question (number one is “where are the bathrooms”) at any park that’s not the Magic Kingdom is “How do you get to Disney World from here?” TADA! You’re here. Then I give them directions to Magic Kingdom because that’s what they meant.

My most frequent questions are…

1. Where are the bathrooms?

2. How do you get to Disney World from here?

3. What time is the 3 O'clock parade? (Now we all assume they mean what time does it pass this spot but more people then not ask the question.)

4. Will it rain today? (The answers yes) it rains every day in Florida. Maybe for 5 min maybe for an hour. But it always rains.

5. How to I get back on the monorail at this park? (Asked at Animal Kingdom at least 10 times a day.)