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Favorite America’s Next Top Model Contestants: Natasha Galkina (Cycle 8)

“I feel like I’m always being talked about, like I was always in the center of all the conversations, but it’s better to be talked about than be not noticeable.”

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hi! Can I get headcanons where the RFA meets MC in real life for the first time, only to find that she's super short? Like 4'11'' or less? Thank you!

Hello Anon. Me myself.. I’m short as hell. So this is no problem for me. 
I used to be 4′11″ but I think I’ve grown a little! I hope… Gah… I need to measure my height now.
Alright! Let’s let this going!  (V and Saeran under the cut~)

- Mod V.


  • He honestly thought you were a tiny monster at first. 
  • Or a child.
  • To him, Children are the worst monsters.
  • Once he gets over the whole monster ordeal, he just scoops you into his arms and gives you a deathly tight hug, just squealing about how tiny and cute you are.
  • He often teases you about your height- calling you things like Tiny But Mighty or Little Spoon
  • Those are the simple ones.
  • He gets very original with these names.
  • Whenever you cant reach something, he’ll get it for you… Only to hold it up out of your reach and laugh like an evil villain.
  • Oh, You want to kiss him? Cue him getting onto his toes and looking down at you, chanting “Kiss me” as you whine.
  • He actually thinks you’re the cutest thing to have ever walked the earth.
  • Does he worship you as his god now?
  • “MC… Please grant me the strength to finish work today.”
  • You’re now having to explain that you’re not some goddess.
  • He’s now given you the title “Goddess Of Cuteness”
  • He won’t stop
  • He won’t listen to reason
  • You’re trapped with this new nickname.
  • Now he’s got Zen doing it?!?
  • Anddddd now he’s back to teasing. He just loves switching between these two modes.
  • He also really likes giving you piggy back rides.
  • and carrying you bridal style
  • he just loves holding you


  • Oh my god…Does this mean he’s no longer the small one?!? YES!
  • He had no issues with this from day one.
  • Yoosung is suddenly proud of his height. Like… Really really proud.
  • Is this what it’s like to be taller than someone?
  • This feels like a superpower
  • He loves helping you when you can’t reach something-
  • It makes him feel needed.
  • He’s started helping you reach things you easily get on your own…
  • But you still love him regardless.
  • The cute smile he gives you when you say “Thank you” makes it all worth it.
  • Poor little cinnamon roll offered to let you sit on his lap at dinner. So you wouldn’t have any trouble.
  • In front of the entire RFA
  • He can’t understand why Zen is looking at him that way…
  • He seems to really like when you sit on his lap while he’s playing LoLoL. 
  • It’s so easy to play even though you’re right on top of him.
  • You fit into his arms so perfectly. Cuddling is just a bliss.
  • He has given you a new nickname!
  • …Bunny. He calls you bunny.
  • Why? Because they’re smal and cute,of course!


  • This first meeting was certainly interesting.
  •  He had to take a moment to process the height difference.
  • He quickly took a liking to resting his chin atop you head.
  • He has no problem with crouching so he may kiss you.
  • …Well he didn’t
  • But now its starting to strain his neck
  • Well… He’s bought you a stepping stool.
  • Does he expect you to carry it around with you everywhere you go?!?!
  • “Just in case of emergency kisses~”
  • He purposely hide all of your shirts so you’d be stuck wearing one of his!
  • … And now he’s given himself a nosebleed.
  • He can literally never be mad at you because you’re so damn adorable.
  • His neck and back really ache from looking down at you all the time
  • But your adorable face distracts him from the pain.
  • He’s forever amazed by how much talent, wit, intelligence and love can fit in a package so beautifully tiny.
  • Nothing is as cute as you trying to reach a jar of coffee or sugar from the top shelf.
  • Hugs are the best feeling ever… It’s the perfect opportunity to kiss your forehead.
  • He has a million reasons to laugh. Like- even when you wear heels, you’re still shorter.
  • If you’re ever upset- He’ll probably be too busy thinking about how cute you are to actually be upset with you.
  • If you ever need to reach something- He’ll lift you up so you can get it.


  • Oh my god… it’s a real life kitten!
  • Well…You know he had to ask how old you are.
  • He doesn’t seem to bothered by it… He doesn’t really tease you- but you always notice the smile that lights up his features when you have trouble reaching something.
  • His favorite moments are when you pull him down so you can whisper in his ear.
  • What a perfect armrest he has obtained!
  • He’d never admit it… But he loves the fact that you have to get on your toes to kiss him.
  • And even then you struggle- D’awww…
  • Don’t worry… You’ll never have to worry about your pants being to long again!
  • He’s had clothes custom made just for you and your petite little body~
  • Seeing you and Elizabeth the 3rd cuddling is what he lives for. 
  • He literally treats you like a kitten when it comes to psychical affection.
  • You can not make him happier then when you decide to sit on his lap.
  • He’s really possessive- so if anyway flirts with you, he’ll lift you up by your shirt and kiss you.
  • Once he notices that your feet aren’t touching the ground- he actually chuckles! 


  • When first meeting you- she’s not sure what to think. 
  • “You’re so short… N-Not that that’s a bad thing!”
  • She feels really bad about commenting on it.
  • She does offer help when ever you need it, but she doesn’t do anything unnecessary.
  • She wants you to know that you can do things on your own- Your height won’t drag you down.
  • The praise you get from her after achieving something you’d normally need help on is really nice though!
  • She’s like you’re own little cheerleader.
  • Oh? You can’t do it?
  • Suddenly there was no possible way you could have.
  • There’s no way you can be defeated.
  • She doesn’t even acknowledge the fact than you failed.
  • It didn’t happen.
  • “It’s okay to be short. There are plenty of things you can do that tall people can’t.”
  • Now she can’t help but love this height difference.

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The very beautiful and busy young Canadian model Paisley Gerrits who is becoming more delightfully gorgeous as she continues her awkward phase through adolescents.
It is a supreme pleasure to see her becoming more popular among the model world and all those who are rivals for the overall position as as a super model. Paisley is a most likely candidate to be heralded soon as number 1 model.
I truly support Paisley Gerrits and will follow her for as long as I see her doing the whole modelling gig! You go Paisley you go girl!