number 1 gun


Number 1, or number 2? 💅


Okay, so I had been going crazy trying to remember whether or not ngozi ever said something about Kent’s introduction and how he was a little dorky because I could’ve sworn there was something about finger guns. 

After not finding anything after every possible combination of ngozi/ngoziu + finger guns + Kent/Parse/Kent Parson + etc, I almost began to think that maybe it was a very, very vivid dream I had and totally made it up. 


I decided to go through the extras because I don’t know when to give up. And guess what!


My little, dorky Kenny P greeting Jack with double finger guns. 

(Okay, so maybe I made up the dorky part, and the part about ngozi saying it. It was a in a draft as she was coming up with Parse I. I’m glad she changed it. Just know that the first time you were supposed to meet Kent Parson, he was supposed to be a big, dorky weirdo instead of the expensive watch wearing, hair antenna having all-star we know and love today.)