number 1 draft pick

Draft Night - Roman Reigns

You sat with the rest of the superstars as the pyro for the first ever smackdown live went off. It was the night of the brand extension, the 2016 wwe draft. You didn’t care which brand you ended up on just as long as you were on the same brand as Roman, your boyfriend of just over 12 months. All the women were worried about being split from there partners, the boys either didn’t care or weren’t showing it. Earlier in the night you had talked to Shane McMahon about it with Nattie.

“I just want to know if your going to pick me” you said “you’ll be my favourite McMahon”

“Look, Daniel and I sat down with the entire list of talent and made our own list. So when raw picks someone we’ll cross it off and list and go on from there” Shane said “everything is going to be fine”

“That easy for you to say” you mumbled fiddling with your hands “just don’t pick me if Steph and Mick pick Roman, please”

“I can’t promise anything y/n” Shane said placing a hand on your shoulder “if your our next pick and we don’t have Roman we’re gonna pick you. We want the best roster for Smackdown”

Now you sit biting your lip as everyone waits in anticipation.

“The first pick in the draft is….” Stephanie smirked “Seth Rollins!” A round of cheers went around for Seth.

“Smackdown live’s first pick is the current and future wwe champion Dean Ambrose!” Daniel yelled

“Well at least Renee has Dean” Naomi sighed. She was in the same boat as me, worried about the fact that Jimmy and her could be split.

“Raw’s next pick is…Roman Reigns”

“Okay…okay… that’s okay” you reassured yourself “I just have to go to raw, they wouldn’t split us up…would they?” Naomi just shrugged.

The night wore on and raw still hadn’t picked you. Nattie and Maryse had been drafted to Smackdown and Lana to raw.

“Yes baby!” Naomi cheered as she was drafted to Smackdown just after the uso’s were drafted. You sighed as the show went to an ad and walked over to Roman who was standing with Seth and Dean.

“Anything yet?” Dean asked

“Nothing” You sigh leaning on Roman’s arm. “I just don’t want to go to Smackdown”

“Gee thanks” Den playfully rolled his eyes

“Sorry Dean you know I’ve got friends on raw” you shrugged. He smirked at you knowing majority of your friends were on Smackdown.

“Your favourite shield member is there. What else could you want?”

“Well Seth is on raw. And you know how good he is. Number 1 draft pick and all” you mockingly swoon wrapping an arm around Seth. Roman looked down at you with an amused look before clearing his throat “oh and you, Roman’s there. You know…the boyfriend”

“But I repeat I’m on Smackdown and so is Renee” Dean said “I need both my lovers” that comment earned Dean a slap across the head from Roman causing you to laugh.

“Well I’m glad you have your girlfriend and your needs are fulfilled however I have needs to and I need my boyfriend” you shrug. As Smackdown came back on air you headed back to stand with Nattie, Maryse, Naomi, Paige and Lana.

“As much as I want you with us I want you to go to raw with Roman” Nattie said

“You have to come. They won’t split one of their top couples. Plus I need another friend” Lana said.

“Raw chooses… Paige” we turned to Paige who just shrugged.

“Smackdown chooses…” there was a long pause

“Shane doesn’t look happy” Nattie frowned

“Why wouldn’t he be happy?” Maryse asked

“Choosing someone he doesn’t like?” Lana suggested. Nattie turned to you

“Or someone who he knows won’t be happy” your eyes widened

“No he wouldn’t. Shane knows how much I want to be on raw” you bite your lip.

“Smackdown chooses y/n” Shane sighs. There it was. The worst thing that could have happened. The girls turned to you, not knowing what to say. Your sadness turned to anger. You turned and walked to Dean and Seth, you don’t know where Roman went or if he even knew you were on Smackdown.

“Y/n…” Dean trailed as you walked up to them

“I’m so mad” you sneered “I need to punch something”

“Punch me. Right here” he pointed to his abs

“Are you sure?” You raise your eyebrow

“Yep” that’s all he need to say. You pulled your right hand back and swung with all your might right into Seth’s mid section. Seth doubled over in pain and started coughing.

“I’m sorry” you winced as he kept coughing

“Feel better?” Seth coughed

“No” you whined

“What happened to Seth?” You heard Roman say behind you. You closed your eyes to stop the tearing threatening to fall.

“Y/n punched Seth” Dean shrugged as if it was the most normal thing in the world

“Why?” Roman questioned

“I said she could” Seth said through the pain standing up straight.

“I repeat why?”

“You didn’t see?” You whisper

“No? What’s happened?” You turn to face roman

“I was drafted to Smackdown” you say. For a split second you see Roman’s face fall. He had hoped you’d be on raw, hell he prayed for it. He didn’t want to be away from you. You only saw this for a second before he returned to normal, holding it together for your sake.

“Come here” he opened his arms and you just fell into them as your tears silently fell. “It’s gonna be okay”

“Okay? Roman your on raw you get home Wednesday, I get home Thursday and then you leave on Friday again. I don’t want to spend one day a week with you. If that”

“Then I’ll come to smackdown. We’ll text, FaceTime, Skype whatever. We’ll be okay. I won’t let this ruin us” he said kissing your head before lift you head to kiss you lips. “I love you”

“I love you too” you sighed wrapping your arms around his torso, holding on for as long as possible.

“That’s a hard punch you got” Seth winced “I honestly think you may have broken a rib”


Hope you like it. I was inspired by the episode of total divas. I apologise for any mistakes I have re-read it. It’s 11:36pm here.
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  • future number one NHL draft pick: i wonder who's going to be drafted after me
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