number 1 asshole

White Demon.

I’ve been too impatient for the slow-ass One Piece updates so I’ve started watching Gintama and it is the bomb.

I especially feel Gin cause I also have naturally permed hair. It’s the main reason why I don’t have patience to draw long stuff, so I crapped out this 3 hour drawing of Joui War Gintoki. 

Also, I uploaded a bigass resolution for you guys. Click in, it looks great.

  • the courier: so yeah eventually i was talking to my own brain
  • the courier: and my brain was a real dickhead. i mean, a number 1 asshole
  • cass, veronica, lily, raul, boone, arcade:
  • the courier: anyway i had a lot of time to kill while i was gone and long story short, i know how to make my own sodas now
  • raul tejada: GREAT
  • Asshole number 1: Hello my name is Luke Hemmings.
  • Asshole number 2: Hi i'm Ashton Irwin.
  • Asshole number 3: I'm Michael Clifford.
  • Asshole number 4: Hey it's Calum Hood.