number 1

Baby Boy
Beyonce & Sean Paul
Baby Boy


The 2nd single from BEYONCE’s multiplatinum record DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE and her 2nd number 1 hit as well

The song ended up peaking at #12 on the US 2003 Hot 100 and at #69 on the US 2000-2009 Hot 100


Foolish - Ashanti

I’m away from my computer so I can’t make any gifs or editions but I want to share another classic with you, no need to make an introduction for this track but I like doing it
This is my favorite Ashanti song with her as a leading artist but I like her better on Ja Rule’s Mesmerize and on Nelly’s Body On Me

Foolish was the leading single from her debut selftitled album, the song got a great response spending 10 weeks on the top of the Billboard 100
Actor Terrence Howard and rapper Ja Rule both appear on the music video
Ashanti 2nd number one hit came with Ja Rule with Always On Time

Lately: she has released an album called BRAVEHEART with a music video for the song NEVER SHOULD HAVE


Lipgloss w/ XCX Brooke Candy and CupcakKe

ok so tonight simon:
•burned his hand to help clary fight off maia
•got the first lead to where madzy was
•refused to leave clary when she was dying
•figured out how to use the blood to find clary
•went all hulk on that one guy to get information
•punched valentine in the fucking FACE to protect clary and jace

if u don’t think simon lewis is a hero then u aren’t watching the show close enough tbh