numb lance

Numb prologue episode

Lance was lay on his grandma legs while she play with his hair “Abuela what is like to be happy?” Lance ask “it feels warm and like tickles you also get a smile when you feel happy” she answers “what is like to be sad?” Lance ask “it feels cold and empty that’s when you search for someone who feels happy to hug you so they can share their warmth with you” she answered “what it’s like to love?” Lance ask “well that’s more complicated you feel happy and exited also you feel butterflies on your stomach but love can also come just with happiness and tenderness like the love I have for you or you hermanos and hermanas also like the love you mamá has for you” she answer
“Lance cariño ya nos vamos!” Lance mom called “bye abuela” Lance said staring up “goodbye mijo” the grandma said “hay mijo why did you got to be curse like this” she said looking Lance with sad eyes as he got picked up by his dad.

Lance never felt anything like his family said he was numb so he will often ask what does it feel every emotion to everyone his older brothers or sisters his mom and dad but he ask his abuela more often Lance figure out that because she’s the one who has live the most she understand better the emotions.

“Lance bebe get dress we’re going to the doctor” Lance mom called Lance visit multiple doctors really often his mom will take him two times a month but the answers was always the same “miss your child is a very healthy kid” it was always the same his mom took him back home and his abuela was there “again on the doctor?” She said “si mama again on the doctor” Lance mom answers with an mad tone “stop wasting you money like that what Lance has is not a sickens is a curse” abuela said “he’s not curse it doesn’t exist such thing like curses!!” The mom yelled back “then what did the doctor said? Huh? What is his sickness?!” Abuela yelled “the doctor said his healthy is just an error I need to take him with a different doctor” Lance mom said “JULIANA ENOUGH! You’ve taken Lance to every doctor on this damn city! You’ve even took him back to Cuba you can’t keep wasting your money like this!!” The Abuela yelled “WHY NOT!? I just want my kid to be normal happy there’s gotta be someone who can help him…there’s have to be” Lance mom start crying and his grandma hug her “I know Mija I know” Lance he walk away from them and walk to his room just to get pushed to the floor by his brother.

“That hurt” Lance said with his normal stone face his brother push him again “stop it” Lance said being pushed again and again and again “get mad” his brother said with tears in the corner of his eyes “why are you crying?” Lance ask being answers with another push this time harder “get mad!” His brother yelled “stop that” Lance say standing up but getting pushed again to the floor “get mad damn it! Get angry yelled at me get annoyed!!” His brother yelled calling the attention of his other siblings “Carlos stop” Lance sister said “get MAD AT ME!!” Carlos said this time kicking Lance leaving him breathless his older brother grab him “Carlos stop Lance is only 6 you could kill him” the older brother said Lance only cough for a while then stand up and leave.

The years pass and Lance grew up always getting bullied for his lack of emotions and he dislike the faces his family made when he came back home hurt but honestly Lance did want to have emotions he wanted to feel something anything love hate he would’ve like to feel something even guilt so he try everything he could to feel something…nothing work so he fake it “mama what’s for dinner?” Lance ask “quesadillas” his mom answers “mmm yummy” Lance answers if he was going to lie to the whole world he will have to start with his family Lance start showing emotions his family was so happy he stop getting bullied he even fake his dream was being a pilot fighter it kinda was but Lance didn’t care if he couldn’t do it it’s not like he actually felt bad he couldn’t “MOM I GOT ACCEPTED!!!” Lance rush to his mom “IM GONNA BE A PILOT!!” Lance said.

On the garrison the lie kept going he will flirt with girls and make jokes play the goofball Lance faked he got a rival his name was Keith a guy who was an amazing pilot, he also fake he got a hero takashi shirogane who got lost on a space mission he got a friendship with this guy called Hunk he was nice then Lance meet Pidge a pretty cool and smart dude (he’ll know Pidge is a girl like it happen on the serie) he got a normal life but destiny had diferente plans for Lance he end up in space saving the universe maybe in space he could feel something?…no, he couldn’t not even when he was piloting his lion it did pass the idea of telling his team because when they discover Pidge was a girl they accept it really well but there’s a difference between lie of being a boy and lie about having emotions.

“La mentira tiene patas cortas” it was what Lance Abuela always said and today she was damn right it happen on a mission a galra grab hunk and it was
choking him “Now paladins give me the lions or I will kill the yellow paladin” the galra said the team couldn’t do anything there weren’t a lot of options but they couldn’t kill the galra they where defenders not killers but hunk he was going to die he was slowly stop fighting “Please let him go! We….we’ll give you t-” *BANG* shiro got interrupt by a shot the galra let hunk go and fell to the floor with blood coming out of his face hunk cough and drag himself away from the galra cadaver “wha-who did?” Hunk said and the team turned at Lance just to find this emotionless expresión Lance was carrying it took him a tick to show concern “Buddy are you alright?!” Lance said “y-you killed him” Pidge said “well it was him or hunk I didn’t have a choice” Lance said faking his emotions but now his team could feel the cold in his words.

Back at the castle they all got undress and back to their normal clothes “well I’m gonna go to talk to blue alright bye guys” Lance said leaving to the hangar of blue while the team share a concern look “was just me or Lance words sound so cold now and back there” hunk said “yeah they do” Pidge answered “it was scary I’ve never seen Lance that cold” Pidge said “yeah but the thing that concern me is that he didn’t hesitate he wasn’t shaking or shook about what he just did he was…emotionless” Shiro said “we have to talk to him” keith say “keith is right let’s go team” Shiro said walking to the hangar of blue just to find Lance closed eyes probably receiving vibres of blue they where communicating, “yeah girl” Lance said “I’ll tell them one day but not today” he said and that’s what make his team walk in “Tell us what?” Shiro said looking directly at Lance cold blue eyes


(Nailed it….yes it’ll be shklance)

klance / keith / lance headcanons because why not

•lance always wears socks to bed because his sister told him if he didnt, the foot goblin would come and eat his legs 

•keith doesnt wear socks at all, ever 

•keith kicks in his sleep

•he also constantly rubs his feet on lances legs when theyre cuddling cause his feet are cold 

 •keith has a Thing™ for lances forearms 

 •he doesnt know why 

 •lance makes sure when hes wearing a long sleeve to roll it up to his elbows 

 •when the watched the titanic together, they made a bet that who ever cried had to do the dishes 

 •they both lost 

 •keith cries very easily 

 •like REALLY easily 

 •he will cry everytime he sees one of those wholesome meme posts 

 •lance is that one kid in highschool thats the captain of the football team but is also a drama nerd 

 •keith really likes music and knows how to play piano, violin, and flute 

 •neither of them have a side of the bed but keith must be on the side farthest from a window 

 •keith used to (still is) be a warrior cats stan 

 •lance was the biggest pokemon fan in the whole damn country 

 •his whole room was pokemon themed

 •lance used to be afraid of shrek 

 •they go to a carnival together and lance tries to be suave and win keith a stuffed bear but he CANT GET THE DAMN BALL IN THE HOLE KEITH GIVE ME MORE MONEY 

 •keith had never been on a roller coaster so lance takes him to disney world and takes him on the scariest one first and it scars keith for the rest of the day 

 •keith hates oranges and he will fight people on the matter 

 •keith kills the spiders 

 •keith can break a leg and wont cry but once he got stung by a bee and locked himself in the bathroom crying and wouldnt let anyone touch him 

 •keith is so in love with lance sometimes he will just stare at the ceiling and think about him for HOURS 

 •lance love love loves disney movies 

 •keith can talk about conspiracies for hours and of course lance listens bc he loves his bf 

 •they are both 100% convinced justin bieber is a lizard person 

 •if keith is sitting on a carpet he will run his fingertips in circles on it until his fingers go numb and tingly 

 •lance is a morning person, lance is lucky if keith wakes up by noon 

 •keith gets really sad when lance makes self deprecating jokes 

 •"no baby dont say that youre so great and wonderful :,(((“ 

 •keith takes astrology posts seriously 

 •theyre constantly holding hands 

 •they are THAT couple you know the one 

 •pda? yes yes 

 •the only part about lance that isn’t perfect are his nails 

 •he will bite them down to a nub

Numb episode 2

Lance looked at his team they all where there and they all heard him ‘shit’ Lance thought “Lance have you been hiding something from us?” Pidge ask Lance looked at her Pidge flinch at the cold blue eyes she could feel a cold climbing her back as Lance stare at her it was…scary she gulp “Lance buddy thanks for saving me back there I really really appreciate it but I think there could’ve been another way to do it” hunk say Lance turn at him “yeah there was another way give him the lions and let the universe get fucked up” Lance said cold it was so so cold hunk could swear the temperate of the castle was decreasing “Lance you didn’t need to kill him couldn’t you aim a different place? Like his arms or his legs?” Keith said stepping close to Lance if you want to fight ice you need fire “his arms where around hunk’s neck and his legs where behind Hunk’s body the only thing I had to aim was his face” Lance answered he couldn’t get himself to lie now there was no point they already notice Blue purr at Lance sending comforting thought that pulled a chuckle out of Lance “it’s ok girl I’m not sad” Lance said turning at blue 'wow that’s the most honest thing I’ve said in my entire life’ Lance thought “Lance if there’s anything you want to tell us please do it we are a team we need to know each other secrets right?” Shiro said Lance let out a sigh “alright if you want to know wait for me at the living room I’ll be there on a second” Lance said.

As the team leave shiro and Keith notice Lance go back to talk with blue, they all arrive to the living room in complete silence “Lance is kinda scary” Pidge say breaking the silence “what do you mean?” Keith say “guys he stare at me and we kinda lock our eyes together and it felt…so so cold it felt like I was staring into the eyes of a serial killer it was scary” Pidge said with her concern look “Well Lance did felt cold I mean his words where” hunk answered and Lance walk into the room standing away from everyone “so you wanna know what’s off with me?” Lance said “yeah Lance we’re concern” shiro answered “ok but get comfy…is a long story” Lance said and starts telling his team everything about his numbness “and that’s all” Lance said “that’s all? That’s all?!” Keith said standing up “Lance how could you hide something like this from us?! We’re your team!!” Keith said walking close to Lance “Keith” Lance said “you could’ve told us something of this magnitude before you being numb and all the times you flirt!? And joke?! It was all a lie?!” Keith keep yelling until Lance cover his mouth “Keith….you’re proving…my point” Lance said.

He continue explaining that his grandma said it was a curse but his mom took him to different doctors even out of the country and how faked it so people will be happy “the point is people freak out when I explain that I’m numb for some reason Blue choose me so maybe she saw something good on me” Lance said “or maybe is that I can kill without hesitation” Lance shrug “who knows” he said and leave the room he leaved the team in complete silence they looked at each other Lance felt like if they already know the true there was no point on keep lying so he did the flirting stoped so did the jokes and the rivalry at Keith the team felt so so empty without goofball Lance they needed him to be emotional because a week after Lance stop being emotional the fights stared Keith and pidge will often fight shiro will yell at hunk when he cooked a lot after a month even hunk start loosing his nerves and Lance couldn’t give less a fuck talking about Lance he was often on blues hangar she will send him messages vibes to his brain that kinda make him feel.

It was just a little bit Lance could feel a little of those tickle his Abuela said it was happiness or sometimes a little cold of the sadness but it wasn’t near enough of what his team felt they where all angry and they where always in that mood to the point that they where untouchable one time Pidge bump on Lance and…“Watch where you’re going Lance!!” Pidge said stumping away Lance raise an eyebrow on battle things where worse and today they needed to behave “Paladins I know this last month you all have been going through a hard time but this alliance is important so please behave” Allura said “you too Lance” she said looking at Lance “I don’t understand why you point at me I’m the numb one remember” Lance said with his cold tone of voice that pissed Keith and shiro.

Keith and shiro have been dating for the past two months but when the fight increase they stop showing affect to each other.

They land on the planet and got to a palace the paladins behave good enough to make the alliance the king of the planet was so happy that they threw a party for the paladins and at the party they where minding their own business but when it was time to go and they got together their notice Lance was missing the four paladins search him with their eyes until hunk spot him “there” he said pointing at Lance laying against at a pillar arms crossed and a leg against the pillar surrounded by a group of girls who where giggling and blushing Lance was just with his stone emotionless face “looks like Lance has fans” Pidge said Lance said something and the girls blush even more “what do you think he said?” Hunk asked “back on that time I would’ve said he flirt but…Lance doesn’t do that” pide said a pinch of sadness on her voice suddenly Lance was trying to get away when he walk out of the group some girls clench to his arms and Lance was trying to make them let go hunk chuckle “if I didn’t know better I will say he’s annoyed” hunk said “yeah..yeah” pidge said changing her smile for a curious expresión “guys…what if Lance can only feel if he’s pushed to a certain limit?” Pidge say winning the looks of her teammates “I mean looked at him that’s truly an annoyed looked his eyes are saying 'let go off me this is annoying’ am I right?” Pidge ask her team nodded.

Suddenly Keith and shiro attention was focused on other thing this guy pulled Lance away from the girls and hide him behind a pillar covering him with his body way closer than Keith and shiro liked they guy looked at Lance and crack a smile, “wow looks like the girl not only like the armor you’re pretty well looking” the guy said Lance raise an eyebrow “did you saved me so you could flirt with me?” Lance ask the guy chuckle “wow where are your feelings?” The guy said “I don’t have them” Lance answered “really?” The guy said with a flirty voice “my name is IconZeth but you can call me Icon” Lance roll his eyes “Lance” “huh?” “My name is Lance” Lance said “we’re officially not strangers anymore then” Icon said “babe do you ever smile” Icon said Lance give him a 'seriously?’ Looked “didn’t you hear me I have no feelings whatever I’m heading back to my tea-” Lance was shut up with a kiss Icon kissed him without warning and it wasn’t stoping it was just getting more passionate until Lance pulled away for a gasp of breath he should’ve react sooner it just took him by surprise.

Lance just walk away from Icon without saying anything he shook his head multiple times trying to force his brain to process what just happen that was…new Lance never kissed someone before that guy Icon stole his first kiss and when he found his team he could see the Rage on Keith and shiro’s eyes “Dude what the fuck happen back there?!” Pidge said surprise “are you alright?” hunk ask “yeah it wasn’t a big deal he just kissed me” Lance said shiro grab Keith’s arm when he felt Keith was about to head to the guy who kissed Lance Keith knew that grab means 'Calm down control yourself this is no place to behave like that’ “even tho that was my first kiss” Lance said that’s when shiro let Keith go and Keith understand that now meant 'fuck manners we’re fucking killing him’ Lance stretch his arms stoping both of his furious teammates “I’m not letting you beat him up Allura will get furious and I don’t enjoy Allura’s screams they give me headache” Lance say the team head back at the castle after that Lance was going to walk to blue’s hangar he rest his body against Blue’s paw and touch his lips they felt warm when Icon kissed him but he knew that it should’ve feel more.

He remember when a guy stole a kiss from his sister she got so so mad she freak out and his brothers got mad too he had to hold them before they killed that guy but he was focused on how his sister reacted she was shook and confuse and mad but Lance just got caught off guard so it surprise him “why do I have to be weird girl? I can’t even enjoy fly you I don’t feel the happiness the other feel flying their lions” Lance said blue send him the vibes of anger he should’ve feel that moment but like said before it wasn’t enough of what real anger was “thanks girl I’ll head to my hot head teammates” Lance said giving Blue a few pats and then heading to the control room where literately everyone was fighting, Lance sit down the fight was during longer than necessary two fucking hours Lance had a massive headache because of that and then he snapped “ENOUGH!!” He yelled gaining his team attention and FINALY some silence “you all screaming are giving a huge headaches damn” Lance said “Do you even know what we’re fighting for?!” Pidge say Lance looked at her with his cold eyes “no and I don’t care the only thing I care about is that you all shut up so my headache can stop” Lance said “Why the blue lion choose such a selfish paladin It always made terrible decisions” Allura say Lance looked at her and no one could’ve predict what was about to happen.


(haha!!! Cliffhanger!!! Nah I survive the hurricane or well I’m surviving I had to evacuate my house because there was a tornado alert so I’m on a university dorm hehe things are really fucked up there’s a fucking thunder storm outside but nothing stop me from writing langst fanfics MUWAHAHAHAH!!! Whatever I hope you guys liked this episode of numb and I’m gonna be able to write a little more because thanks to the hurricane I have no school
Spoiler alert: Lance is gonna be a badass fucker next chapter)


The team was at camp and at one point they all stopped and looked at Lance who was standing looking out at the horizon and looked down at his hands and he felt broken.

He no longer knew who he was he knew they were going back to Earth but he would no longer be the son she knew and loved.

He felt the water call him which he looked off the cliff to find a vast sea.

Lance used his jet pack as he jumped off the cliff to soften the fall Allura got up screaming after him. When she reached the edge he was in the water and she jumped after him and Keith was trying to process what was happening. Pidge ran after Allura and Lance jumping off as well. Keith followed after Pidge along with Hunk. When they reached the water and the bubbles cleared out there was a beautiful village and they were filled with merpeople.

Hunk took a moment and looked on the map and froze,” This is the planet me and Lance were on when we were shot out of the wormhole.”

Allura spoke,” Is this place bad?”

Hunk smiled,” No this was my favorite place in space so far.”

The mermaids swam up and smiled happily at Hunk hugging him and thanking him.

Hunk asked where Lance was and she bit her lip.

“He’s with the queen and Plaxum.”

Hunk paused,” Do you know why?”

The girl frowned,” No but Lance’s expression was beyond scary as we never thought a person as happy as him could feel so low.”

Keith stepped in,” Take is to them.”

They were lead to a castle and they all walked in and they reached a room with giant doors. The mermaid tapped on them and the doors opened up to find Plaxum hugging Lance tightly and protectively as he hugged her back and the queen was hovering around speaking to him with a face of sorrow.

“I could tell you were near and not feeling yourself so I drove you to me.”

She gasped looking over,” WELCOME BACK HUNK WE’VE MISSED YOU! And hello other paladins of Voltron.”

Allura walked up and extended out a hand,” I am princess Allura of Altea the honors all mine.”

Luxia looked Allura up and down,” Nice to meet you too I am Queen Luxia Of Otorica.”

Allura nodded quickly letting her hand fall to her side and Plaxum and Lance went to the back corner of the room where she held his face and smiled sadly at it and he others expected him to kiss her but she knew better and she loved him so much just it became for family like.

A guard stormed in,” The Baku is back-“

Lance snapped his head over his eyes puffy and red but his face gone frozen,” What do you mean?”

The guard huffed,” There is a small creature that is exactly like the one you and Hunk defeated long ago.”

Lance turned to Plaxum,” Shall we?”

Luxia extended a hand out holding an object. Lance looked her and held his own out and she placed it in his hand. It was his jelly fish hat and he put it on and Plaxum did the same and the two flew out. The entire room had windows around so they could see it.

Lance blasted off to find a not as big but still very large Baku and it came right at him. People came over and started to attack and Plaxum grabbed Lance close to her and he held her on protecting her as she handed him bombs and he chucked them at people dodging all attacks inflicted forwards him and the Baku constantly was a pain in the ass.

Lance bit his lip,” Common Blue… I need you for this. Please girl.”

The Baku slammed into Lance who used his jet pack to recover and blasted off to The Baku and gasped for air when exposed to air as when the Baku rammed into him his helmet flew off. The blue lion roared loudly and Plaxum was in the lions mouth he grabbed the Baku and slammed it into a rock wall. Blue used it claws to climb up the wall as the Baku swam after him. His lion pressed off the wall doing an impressive flip and blasted the worm causing its blue guts to fly everywhere and all the sudden it sparked and electrocuted blue Lance let out a bone chilling scream and Allura knew the silence after it all too well.

He screamed breaking the window and swimming to the blue lion as quick as possible. She got in and Lance was floating lifeless.

She sobbed pulling him close and through the hug she brought his back to life and he gasped shoving her off unintentionally.

He screamed and looked at his hands and groaned falling back.

Allura hugged him again,” You have to stop doing this.”

Lance didn’t respond and he couldn’t bring himself to feel any emotion.

Plaxum came in and Allura was confused,” What is wrong with Lance?”

Plaxum crosses her arms,” You are your ‘team’ broke him, you stripped him clean of himself because none of you liked the real him and when he tried to change you then just ignored him is what I’m talking about.”

Allura looked to Lance with a horrified expression.

“Oh no.”

Numb episode 4

“What do you mean?” Pidge ask “I…I don’t know I’m…” Lance said a feeling rush on his guts making them twist suddenly Lance felt weak, expose, scare “g-guys” Lance said the team was getting worried “Lance buddy breath you look pale” Hunk said and extend his arm to Lance who flinch and step back “Lance…a-are you…” Keith ask “scare?” Shiro complete “n-no that’s imposible I-I can’t I’ve never” Lance said the he remembered {“your numbness is inconvenient for you let me undo it stay still child”} “oh god no….no no no no no” Lance said “Hagar did something t-the shot she….she made me feel this she was trying to give me feeling but I-I doge it and a-and” Lance was rambling on panic he was shaking Hunk hugged him “hey hey it’s alright fear it’s normal it’ll go away once you feel save” hunk said hugging Lance “I dont like this” Lance said “why…” Keith mumble Shiro turned at him “why out of all the emotions he could’ve got it has to be fear?!” Keith said “I don’t know but Lance is gonna need help and we need to see if there are any other feelings blooming” Shiro said “the olkari could build something that scan Lance feelings to what he has” Pidge said “Good idea Pidge but ummm Lance needs a team hug asap” hunk said still holding a shaky Lance the team join the hug.

Lance was very….jumpy being new in this scare thing was difficult everytime someone touch Lance shoulder he would flinch “where’s Lance?” Pidge ask “I haven’t seen him in the whole day” she said “ummm I don’t know” Hunk answer “maybe he’s on his room?” Pidge said “nope already check there” hunk reply “he might be on his lion” Shiro said “do you think he’s ok? I mean with this whole ‘new to Fear’ thing going inside of his head” Keith said “Talking about that we will be arriving to the olkari soon” Coran said once with the olkari the figure they already had a feeling scanner with them “oh my” an olkarian said “what? What’s wrong?” Pidge ask “The blue Paladin feelings are bubbled” the olkari said “could you explain us?” Pidge ask “the blue paladin feelings are lock like in a container but when he got attack the container cracked letting a feeling scape” the olkari said “so how do we fix it?” Keith ask “oh y-you can’t it’s only matter on time until the container breaks it’s already cracked” the olkari explain “and what will happen when it cracks” Lance ask “well your feelings will be out all of them but it’ll be dangerous because once the container brokes all your emotions will come to the light at once

Maybe that wasn’t the best way to explain that to a person who can only feel fear because that scare the living shit out of Lance, he start rambling of that all the day and shaking at the edge of tears “what if it happens when we’re in battle what if I get capture what if I turn into one of hagars toys” Lance kept rambling about the bad possibilities of that container breaking “Lance calm down” shiro said “yeah the most probable thing to happen is that you get your feelings while you’re sleeping” Keith said “try to relax my boy” coran said “I wish I could be as calm as you” Lance said.

For days nothing really happen Lance was still as jumpy as before “hey shiro?” Keith said “yeah?” Shiro answer “you remember when we both kissed Lance and he said he felt nothing?” Keith ask “yeah…why?” Shiro reply “would it be good if we tried again?” Keith said “I mean just to see if we can hurry that ‘container’ and break it faster” he add shiro just gave him a look considering the possibilities and scanning Lance situation to see if it’ll be a good idea or not, in conclusion it wasn’t such a bad idea “ok but remember he’s easy to scare so let’s try to keep it down” Shiro said “and if he say stop we stop” he add Keith nod “so when do you want to try it?” Keith ask “The faster better so let’s see if he’s busy”.

Lance wasn’t busy he was only talking with Blue like he always did Shiro and Keith could feel the calming Aura Blue was giving to Lance while he took deep breaths “being always scare sucks” Lance said “I mean I can’t even fly you because I’m too scare I will crash and hurt you girl UGH!!! Why can’t I be numb again it’ll be easier” Lance said and Keith talked before shiro could stop him “hey Lance don’t say that” Keith yelled making Lance flinch and jump out of his sit beside Blue’s paw “y-you w-weren’t suppose to be hearing” Lance said shaking “hey don’t be scare I’m not gonna mock you” Keith said “mullet you literally asked for the imposible” Lance said and Keith blushed of embarrassment “shit yeah right sorry” Keith said.

Shiro sigh and walk to Keith “hey Lance Keith and I wanted to ask you something” shiro said “yeah? What is it?” Lance ask “remember a weeks ago we tried something to see if we could make your numbness go away?” Shiro reply “you mean when you kissed me?” Lance said making the black and red paladin blush “y-yeah” shiro said “yes I remember what about it?” Lance said “we wanted to know if you’ll be up to tried it…again” Keith said “if that’s ok” Shiro add, silence…no one said a thing there was pure silence until Lance nod “you can try” he mumble “but not here Blue is way to overprotective to see” Lance said.

The three of them walked to Shiro’s room Lance was the last one to get in the room this time they couldn’t pin him to the wall he was too easy to scare to go rough on him “ok so let’s just go slow” Shiro said “Lance…c-could you…close your eyes?” Keith ask “ummm sure” Lance said and close his eyes ^What now?!^ Keith mouth to shiro ^Just go and kiss him try to go to his rhythm^ shiro mouth back, Keith took a deep breath and walk to Lance he lean slowly at Lance and kiss softly his lips Lance flinch at the contact but didn’t pull away Keith kept working with Lance lips and got surprise when Lance kiss back or well tried to he was moving his lips slowly but man he was bad at kissing it was like this was his first kiss…wait what if? 'What if this is his first kiss’ Keith thought but kept kissing Lance.

Once shiro thought Lance was comfortable enough he got closer and start to kiss Lance neck slowly nothing to rushed or pushing anything Lance also flinch at the new contact but was welcome pretty quick, after a couple of minutes Keith pulled away “your turn shiro” Keith said and kiss Lance neck while shiro got Lance mouth the moment was going good so good actually but they had to pull away and when they did a whine escape from Lance mouth and he cover it embarrassed “well that was…something” Lance said blushing shiro and Keith look at him and both of their eyes where shining “you two look like happy k-” Lance words got cut when his chest ache like hell and the whole room turned black.

The black and red paladin saw Lance fall to the ground eyes lost they couldn’t tell what he was looking at but they were scare he wasn’t answering “Lance? Lance?!” Keith start to panic “Keith calm down” shiro said holding Lance on his arms and laying him on the bed “how do you want me to calm down?! He pass out SHIRO WE BROKE HIM!!” Keith said and then it hit shiro 'broke’ the container might be breaking maybe what they did actually worked “Keith the container might be breaking” Shiro said but his lover was still panicking and he had to admit he was pretty scare at seeing the blue boy laying on his bed like a dead body.

[Lance POV]

There was all darkened Lance couldn’t see a thing everything was dark he was scare but then he he saw a small dot of light and he start chasing it yeah he knew you shouldn’t follow the light in a black room because that kinda means you’re dying but Lance wanted to get away from the darkness so he followed the light and at the end he found something a gigantic crystal ball with a bunch of colors inside they where moving some of them faster than the others some of them slamming against the walls of the ball and each of them where different colors the Lance saw the giant ball had a crack “huh?” Lance wonder as he walked closer to the ball.

When he got close enough he notice the colors stop moving like they where staring at him then one of the colors got close to the crack and start to hit the crack trying to make it bigger the crack open a little more and Lance felt how his heart clench “what the hell?” Lance ask as the red color slip out of the crack and involve him “Love passion hatred anger power determination desire” the red color whisper as it made his way into Lance heart he felt weird like he was suddenly full of energy and once the last part of the color got inside of him he yelled but it was silence and silence scream he yelled again it felt like something was burning inside of him and screaming to get out then Lance eyes snap open he was on Shiro’s room laying on Shiro’s bed where Keith and shiro where looking at him worry covering their eyes “oh god you’re away oh thank god” Keith said “hey Lance you give us a heart attack there” Shiro said “Lance are you ok?” Keith ask panic on his voice getting close to Lance, the blue boy extend his arm grab the back part of Keith’s neck and pulled him into a kiss.

Keith pulled away confuse “wh-what?!” He said looking for answers on shiro who was as confuse as him “Lance what was-” shiro got cut “you two talk to much” Lance said giving them a look of desire that burned the two Paladins.


(AHA!!! I finish it!!! Finally after so long Numb is here so yeah Lance is gonna get emotions that belong to a certain color and thanks to shiro and Keith the red color came out and Red means a lot of things like passion anger desire determination love power ETC so yeah Lance is not gonna get all his feelings at once and super easy oh no no no I have other plans for our boy but anyway I’m tired and going to sleep hope you enjoy this episode bye bye 💜💜💜)

Steal My Body; I’ll Steal Your Empathy (Langst One-Shot)

Please enjoy! What to expect in this fic!

Galran Controlled Earth

Selective Mute Lance


Dehydration and Malnutrition


Galran! Keith (Like cannon but he feels more of his instincts and is aware of them) 

Shklance with focus of Keith and Lance (Only mentions of Shiro)

           The night was so quiet, the stars were out and shining. The only light in the room came from the open window of his room. Where the moon’s rays wormed their way into his room. It was the least liked dorm of the place. Seeing as many saw the window as drafty. Cooling the room to a low temperature, but Lance didn’t mind. The moon reminded him of the nightly tides on his home’s beach. The cool of the overworked air conditioner in his home of Cuba. Where the sun demanded the A/C to be turned on to artic temperatures to avoid heat stroke. In turn making Lance quite numb to most readings of hot and cold.

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Langst Prompt story part 1

Prompt Maybe

Lance yawned as he snuggled further into Shiro’s side, “Why is it so cold” he mumble, get a small chuckle out of the warm body next him.

He was about to dose of again comfortably in shiro’s side listening to shiro’s heart beat it was very calming, when he felt cold arms wrap around his waist and pull him to the side of the bed. He yelped as the cold haps touched his bare skin.

“KEITH, you’re freezing” Lance yelled struggling to get out of Keith’s grip. Shiro was already leaving the sea of blankets, Lance had trapped him in.

“Come on Lance, remember we were planning on buying a new heater today” Keith grumbled as he reluctantly let go of Lance.

“Yeah Yeah I know, its just so cold”

“Get over yourself, you big baby”

“I’m not a big baby, you oversized Chihuahua”

“What did you call me”

“Okay you two, let’s not start world war 3 over some name calling” Shiro said stepping in between the two men.

“Lance you go make breakfast. Keith you go get the car ready for departure”  

“On it’ Keith replied stomping out the door

“Yeah I’ll make breakfast. What do you want?” Lance said leaning onto Shiro and kissing him on the cheek.

“We have an option of Pancakes, Omelette, fried eggs, or his is the kicker cereal”

“Um… Surprise me” Shiro said returning Lance kiss, but on the lips which Lance happily accepted.

“Okay Pancakes it is” Lance said walking out of the room which a smile on his face. What did he do to deserve these two angels for boyfriend.

~At the Mall~

“Hurry up, you two are so slow” Lance just wanted to go home and drop shiro to bed so he can have his body warmer, when he goes to sleep.

“Trying to Lance, It would be easier if Keith would stop getting lost and just hold my hand.” Shiro said holding his hand out to Keith, but Keith had his Pride to up hold.

Suddenly the ground started to shake, everyone seemed to instantly go into a panic mode, as people rushed to the nearest safe space somehow Shiro managed to get separated from Lance and Keith but not before reaching out to grab Keith’s hand.

Keith was about to take Shiro’s hand, when Lance came running into him and pushing him out of the way of a falling pot plant

“Sh*t that was close” Lance mumbled to himself as he pushed himself off before offering a hand to Keith. As they both started hurrying after the crowd. Both failed to noticed the giant piece of the ceiling coming towards them until it was too late. Lance just had enough time to push Keith away before the ceiling came down on them and everything went black.

When Lance came too, there was good news and bad news. The good news was he was no longer felt cold, the bad news  was he had a metal pipe sticking out of him which for some reason kept him quite warm. He was about to call for help. When he heard a familiar voice, “Shiro” lance smiled even though his voice came out as a low whisper, he was happy to see Shiro was okay.

“Two People Under here” an unfamiliar voice said

“Yes they are my friend, please can you get them out” Shiro voice sounded panicked

“Well Young Man, you’d better decide which friend you like more because if we lift on side of the ceiling up, it most like will crush the other man”

“WHAT, ARE SURE THERE”S NO OTHER WAY” Lance could hear Shiro yell, he sounded stressed, lance thought maybe he’ll make Shiro favourite dinner when the three of the get home.

“Sorry, It either one or both of them die.” Man said starting to sound angry “Left side has a cuban boy and the right side has Korean boy, pick now or regret it later”

“Right side, Korean boy. Please save him” Shiro said slightly panicked

Lance felt numb, even when they lifted the concert slab, the metal pipe was the only reason it didn’t crush him. But lance wished it did. Because then he won’t have to replay the words over and over again in his head. How long had it been this way how long had shiro been more fond of Keith, he knew if Keith had the option he would pick Shiro. Its just an extremely sick way of breaking up with someone Lance guessed.

It took another hour for the rescue team to find and “rescue” Lance, the whole thing felt numb to him even when he was rushed to the ambulance and woke up in a hospital bed with his chest tightly wrapped up and a small lady with a folder and a phone with her.

“Hello Sir, this maybe difficult to ask but do you have anyone that we can get in contact with, to tell them you were alive and kicking”



“……Um yeah”

“…that’s great will that be a partner or a parent”


The lady gave Lance her phone after dialling in the number.

“Hello Mamá….Sí I wanna come home” Lance said on the verge of tears.

~3 Years Later~

Keith wasn’t the same after Lance died, he was more closed off and would lash out more the only people to calm him down were Shiro, Hunk and Pidge. HE hardly talked when he did it was normal insults and self-destructive, So when he looked on the billboard and say a familiar face he thought he was dreaming this couldn’t be real. Shiro said Lance died in the earthquake but here was coming to town three weeks from now, book your tickets now.

“Hello, yes I would like to buy to tickets to meet behind the stage, I don’t care how much it costs I need to meet him.”

Shiro was shocked to see Keith come barging into the gym with a huge smile on his face, holding two tickets and his phone. Shiro had felt so guilt about that day of the earthquake He couldn’t bring himself to tell Keith how Lance died.

Shiro still hasn’t accepted that he had to choose between the two people he loved most in this world. He always has nightmares of the day and Lance screaming out to him as he moves to help Keith up.


Its been so long since last time Lance was here.  Lance was finally feeling up to dealing with his demons but if he were to see Keith or Shiro again he’d probably have some form of a mental breakdown, it took about a whole year to learn to walk again.

After the near death experience. Lance decide it best to live without regrets because next time he might be so lucky. So he was going to live his dream of being a famous singer and here he was living his dream 2 years later even with a slight limp.

“I can do this, I can do this, only for three days then I can get out of this town and away from this hell” Lance mumbled to himself as he practise his smile in the mirror.


“Lance, you’re on in 5”

“Thanks Coran. See ya in 3”

Lance did his signature finger guns as the Ginger man returned the gesture, still not quite understanding the gesture himself.

Lance looked into the mirror one last time before grabbing his jacket and heading out the door.

Blood drips from Lances numbing jaw, his breath ragged as he struggles to keep his balance. The rest of the team was strewn across the floor covered in bruises and cuts, barely breathing now.

Lances ocean eyes flick from body to body and his throat tightens as tears begin to well. In front of hi stands the glowing eyed monster that did this, still adorning his battered paladin armour acompanied by a sickly grin.

“You were never meant to be a paladin, Lance” Keith growls out to him, grin widening when Lances tears spilled down his cheeks. His grip on the red bayard tightened and he held his broadsword high.

“I am a paladin of voltron. And so are you Keith”


Inspired by all the theories I keep seeing about a rival battle in season 8 with Keith as Haggars puppet


I’m dying

ok but hear my out stand up comic Lance, shance au

- Lance would be a fantastic stand up comic, he has the perfect charisma, way with people, and fake confidence for it

- Lance started out as a comic after failing to get into the school of his dreams, he did it as just a in between gig at first while trying to decide what he should do next but he found he was actually really good at it so he stuck at it

- now he’s pretty famous and getting more fans by the day

- Shiro has the same sense of humor as Lance so of course he loves Lance’s shows. From the very first show he watched Shiro was a fan, Lance never fails to make him laugh and he’s easy on the eye too which Shiro is all for

- Shiro pretty much goes to all of Lance’s shows, whenever one is close. Even if Lance is hosting a show several states away Shrio will go if he can get the time off. Shiro is still at the Garrison, youngest ever pilot selected to go on a mission but everything went well and he returned safe and sound. 

- Lance is still his insecure self and tends to make a lot of jokes at his own expense, but in a way that most people don’t realise he’d actually being quite serious. however he finds making jokes about himself quite therapeutic, talking about his life on stage in front of a bunch of strangers can sometimes help him sort his thoughts out, so no big deal 

- Shiro has always wanted to meet Lance but has never had the courage to try and stay after one of his shows or anything like that. Shiro is too star struck. 

- One day at one of Lance’s live shows Shiro is in the audience as usual and Lance is talking about his past, what he wanted to be before he became a comedian. Turns out Lance wanted to be a fighter pilot and applied for the Garrison but didn’t get in. 

- Shiro can feel his pulse racing because he was so close to actually meeting Lance what are the odds? And he maybe loses himself in a day dream of what might have happened if Lance did get into the Garrison and they met there. 

- He almost misses what Lane’s says next - ‘There was this guy that inspired me, and I’ll tell you that guy is my hero even now. He’s the best pilot of his generation, youngest ever selected to go on a mission TO SPACE. He is such an inspiration to me’ and then Lance finishes with a joke that has everyone laughing but Shiro is numb. 

-Lance is talking about him. He has to be talking about him, there no one else it can be. He spends the rest of the show sat there in a stupor. He doesn’t hear any of the jokes, he’s too busy trying to figure out if he heard that correctly. Maybe Lance is just using the pilot angle for his material, he did his research and jut talked about someone everyone in the audience would know Shiro is pretty famous himself after all

- But Lance seemed so sincere 

- Shiro decides to stay after that show. He’ll wait outside all night if he has to he has to make sure. If he can just meet Lance face to face, just say hello even, he’ll know if Lance was serious. 

- And Shiro waits outside with a small group of fans that grow thinner and thinner as the night goes on until only Shiro is left. It’s pretty late and he’s starting to think maybe Lance snuck out through a different door when the doors opens and Lance comes out. 

- Their eyes meet and the both just freeze cue cheesy romantic moment of staring into each others eyes

-They go through a few moments of awkward bumbling before they finally manage to speak and Shiro is certain that what Lance said wasn’t just part of his act. 

- When Shiro admits he was in the audience tonight, that he’s been Lance’s fan for a while now Lance almost dies. 

- Then Lance rambles on about how Shiro is totally his hero that wasn’t a lie and Shiro almost dies 

- They go get coffee, they are both star struck idiots for each other everything is so awkward but they have fun

- They keep going for coffee, and they start dating, and everything is good

- and they live happily ever after because Lance can always make Shiro smile, and Shiro is Lance’s hero, who loves him wholeheartedly.


For @beepbeeplettuceboi :  Do you accept prompts? Do you watch Voltron?? If so, what if Lance finds his family in a Galran prison, but he’s hurt real bad and is thrown in there to die. So he tries to explain what happened and so do they. Then they get rescued. But what if someone doesn’t make it???

Word Count: 1090

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Well. Since Y'all can’t chill with the whole “Lance dies and Keith revives him with quintessence” theroy, I’m going to tell you exactly why this is a bad idea.

First off, it would make Lance completely numb inside. He wont act like himself, in fact he wouldn’t act like anything. Take Zarkon and Haggar for an example. They were bound on only finding Voltron and finding the quintessence. So much so they ended up completely destroying Altea.

Two, quintessence makes you practacly immortal. So lets put this in perspective, let’s say nothing happens to any of the paladins and they all stay alive. But as a humans life course goes, they all would grow old and eventually die. But Lance would still be alive. And would he feel a thing watching his friends dying? Nope.

And if I am wrong about being numb inside, Lance would probably feel awful watching his friends die right in front of him. The only other option would be suicide.

And thus, is why this is a bad idea.

‘Happier’ (Klance Week: Day 6)

Lance sat sullenly in the dark, messy room, nursing an empty bottle. 
He remembered it clearly They were walking down 29th street when Keith had dragged him into the bar. Lance didn’t realise that bar would signify the start of the end of an era. A perfectly lovely man began flirting with his boyfriend. Worst thing yet, Keith laughed and flirted back. He hadn’t seen Keith laugh like that in months and it dawned on him that perhaps the spark they once had was fading. Yet Lance had ignored it. He tried not to say anything about the bar but that night he had laid sleepless. Wondering if Keith still loved him or if he would be happier without him. It turned out the latter was true.

He went to take a swig from the bottle but came up empty. Half the house was empty, and the room that was once so bright and loving was devoid of life. The fight was explosive. The shattered remains of a pot still lay upon the floor, it accidentally having been knocked down. Lance was numb enough to not feel the glass that pierced his skin as he laid amongst the shards. He continued his journey of reminiscence. The next time he had realised they were growing apart was one bleak December. They almost never actually saw each other, held each other, talked to each other. Christmas was right around the corner and no festive decorations could be spotted around the house even though the two both loved Christmas. When one tried to suggest they do something the other was too busy to participate. That year both Keith and Lance had given each other socks and chocolate that they had bought on Christmas Eve. The gifts only represented a sense of obligation and no love was in either. 

Back in present day he smiled sadly to no one. Keith was long gone and Lance had only helped get rid of him. ‘At least he’ll be happier.’ he thought bitterly. ‘I could just smile to hide the truth. Pretend it doesn’t hurt me…’ With that, Lance stood, glass shards falling from his pants as he went to the kitchen and poured himself another glass of wine. The sweet red liquid, spilling over the glasses brim at the same time tears started to fall down his cheeks.


(Quotes both direct and indirect are taken from Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Happier’ because that song is super sad!)

illnessandinjury  asked:

Aye, love! ❤️ my birthday is coming up on December 28th, so if you’d be oh so willing to write me a fic featuring Lance with a really, REALLY painful dislocated shoulder, that would be AMAZING ❤️ the more pain the better tbh. Like, 98% hurt and 2% comfort lmao Okay, thank you v much, and I love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

so I’m sorry that this fic is late and I’m DOUBLE sorry that it sucks… but I love you and I hope you had a great birthday!!

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Never Changing

“Can you just shut up for five seconds!” Everything went numb. Lance stared at Keith with one hand on his hip and the other pinching the bridge of his nose. His jaw clicked shut and he looked away shoving his hands into his pockets. “Sorry.” Was all he could manage to out before he felt his throat and chest constrict. Tears threatened to spill but he couldn’t cry, not here. He did his best to pay attention to what Allura was telling them about a planet whose name he couldn’t even remember but thoughts kept interrupting him demanding his attention. ‘What a screw up, you can’t do anything right.’ He bit his lip and tried to blink away the tears. 'Nobody wants you here and that’s all on you, you’re loud, to obnoxious, to Lance.’ Lance remembers when his name became and adjective, it was his junior year in high school and while he had some friend Lance knew he annoyed everyone in the school including them. It started with people he didn’t know, whenever someone was to loud or started to get really worked up they said to stop being so Lance. It hurt, but he didn’t let it show. Lance tried his best to ignore it, he put up a front smiled when they used his name as an insult. And then his friends started using it, and that hurt so much worse. But he never let the front drop. “Lance?” His head shot up and he looked around the room, everyone was staring at him with confused and concerned looks. He realized tears had started to run down his face. “Are you okay?” Keith spoke softly, so much different than when he yelled at him, like he cared. And Lance wanted to tell them, to tell them why everything hurt and that he was sorry for being so obnoxious. But he never did, he could never say that he wasn’t okay and he wasn’t sure why. “Um… Yeah Im good, I just need to be alone for a moment, I’m sorry.” His voice cracked at the end and he spun on his feet, walking quickly to the door. When he got no respond, no foot steps coming after him, it was like the damn broke. Tears started to fall to the floor and sobs threatens to escape so he opened the door and bolted. Nobody came for him. Nobody ever did. So he would go to his room, cry till he was dizzy from dehydration, maybe he would fall asleep, and the. He would get up and continue like nothing happened. He would put his mask on, be happy, make jokes until he was scolded then cry again. That would never change, he wished it would. But he wouldn’t change.