numb rihanna

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‘cause i’m going…

Numb - Rihanna ft. Eminem

stripper!liv [listen here]

a playlist for zombies who eat stripper brain and just wanna give someone a lap dance. (livton if you squint a lil)


1. numb - rihanna 2. or nah (stwo remix) - the weeknd 3. 212 - azealia banks 4. persian rugs - partynextdoor 5. jewels n’ drugs - lady gaga 6. loyal - chris brown 7. work from home - fifth harmony 8. get on your knees - nicki minaj 9. lean on - major lazer 10. gimme more - britney spears 11. good for you - selena gomez 12. partition - beyonce 13. desire (hucci remix) - meg myers 14. 2 on - tinashe 15. beg for it - iggy azalea 16. do you? - troyboi 17. sleazy - ke$ha

L was listening to “Numb” by Rihanna in spotify:


I’m going numb, I’m going numb (5x)

I’m plastered, (dry wall)
Look me in my (eyeball)
Do I look high? no..
I love the way you lie girl, yeah, yeah, yeah
Come here dear, I’m trying to get closer to you
I’m motioning you to pull over you boo
I’m the siren that you’re hear, hear

4 hours after, C was listening to “Glowed Up” by Kaytranada:

You spent your whole life out in the spotlight
With something that can pull you back to the starlight
Cause even when you’re far out there in the sun
You’re still in the hands of the one who cares for you
And this a cold game that you play on
With something that can pull you back where you came from
Cause even when you’re far out there in the sun
You’re still in the hands of the one who cares for you

Not just another name
Not just some wannabe
In the hands of love
Just like I wanna be

coincidence or indirects?

crybaby-healy  asked:

I saw you mention in your tags that you wish you had control over the soundtrack, so if you could add some songs to the soundtrack what would you add?

Oh man, it would take me a while but here’s a few main ones:

- Hideho - Tropkillaz
- Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna (Diplo and Grandtheft remix)
- Forbes - Borgore ft. G-Eazy
- Antidote - Travis Scott (Dan Farber remix)
- Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez
- Queen Of Disaster, Without You, Hollywood’s Dead -  Lana Del Rey
- Daddy’s Girl - Natalia Kills
- Bottlez - T-Pain
- Nightcrawler (ALLxCAPS remix) - Travis Scott
- Monster - Kanye West
- Numb - Rihanna ft. Eminem
- Champagne - Neykee Heaton
- Outta My Mind - B.O.B. ft. Nicki Minaj

geekypunk23  asked:

Hi! What do you think Harley's favorite music to dance to would be (besides purple Lamborghini)? Oh and do think she mr. J go on movie dates?

Probably anything with a sensual sound and heavy bass (eg. Numb by Rihanna) I always picture that type of music for them at the club :)

Movie dates aren’t really their thing since Joker gets bored way too easy lol