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Dj got us in the kitchen.

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So I made a big, risky investment with my tiny tax-refund. I could have: paid down some debt, saved the cash for an emergency, invested in our vehicle. But, with my significant other’s grace, I got this. The thought process is that this will allow me to do more with my deejaying - which will open up more gig opportunities - which will earn some cash - which will help us eat. I know that just because one gets a rad new piece of equipment - your skill does not improve because you own it. Your skill improves by learning to use it. 

Doing dj stuff has been a super fun part of my life the past few years; I’ve just been using my laptop and the free-version of Virtual DJ (with a few custom tweaks!). But it has also put me in a few uncomfortable and/or embarrassing situations as well. I djed a friend’s tiny apartment party - took tiny speakers, thinking they would suffice. I didn’t think of how dumb it would look to others. Hipsters huddled in the kitchen around a new iphone. It didn’t matter that I was fading songs together nice. The iphone was louder. I packed up and got the heck out of there.

But then there were nights like when I djed a youth group’s “Prom,” that was aimed at underprivileged teens. It was great. I played a ton of top 40 stuff - used silly effects and transitions - and the kids had a blast. It may seem dumb that my favorite gig was a church dance. But it was my favorite gig because the crowd had a good time - and THAT is what measures your success as a dj.

Well, maybe those kids just couldn’t afford iPhones.

I digress…

Enough blog distraction. I have to get back to work!