numair: the early years


Dazai Osamu: “The Early Years”

“I was born in the house which was said to be the wealthiest of the countryside. I had many brothers and sister, and as the youngest child I was spoiled. As a result I was naive, which in turn caused me to become painfully shy. I constantly worry that when others look at me they mistake my shyness as pride.”

Headcanon #6

In book 2 of the early years, Crowley gets the idea of a formal uniform, which is, according to Erak’s ransom, worn for the very first time at Halt’s and Pauline’s wedding. Roughly twenty years later!  It took Crowley over twenty years to have an idea and execute it. and I bet that every time he attended some formal party, at some point he would look down at his clothes and curse himself ‘cause he forgot about the formal uniforms!

…If the Corps were going to return to its original strength, it would have to do it by recruiting and training new personnel.
“I hope you’re not planning to saddle me with one,” Halt said, preempting the suggestion that he was sure Crowley was about to make.
Crowley regarded him with a bland expression. “I can’t think of one who deserves such a dreadful fate.”
“I’ll let you know when I’m ready for one. I’m still feeling my own way.”
Secretly, Crowley was disappointed, but he accepted Halt’s position.
—  The Battle of Hackham Heath, John Flanagan