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Theater Club AU

Nico and Maki are the lead actors. They bicker constantly over roles and lines and stage directions. Everyone is tired of them, but they’re impossible to stop. Nico generally takes the female lead in plays while Maki takes the male. Nico spends a thousand years in the makeup room getting ready.

Eli and Umi are the directors. Eli directs the play itself, and thus has to put up with Nico and Maki more than anyone else. Sometimes she gets a little snappy at the others, but no one can really blame her. She’s great at blocking and encouraging the actors to truly get the right emotion across. She won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Umi directs the behind the scenes stuff, like lighting and sets and costumes. She’s slightly less strict than Eli, emphasis on slightly. Kotori gave her a megaphone once and now Umi walks around with it all the time. There’s a betting pool on if she knows it’s fake or not.

Kotori is the costume designer. It’s a mystery on where she gets the materials for everything, but she spends hours and hours sewing them. She does a lot of the work on set, chatting with the other girls and giving advice to the painters. Usually she’s the last person to leave the stage, often bringing more work home with her.

Rin and Honoka design and make the sets. They cut out the wood, move the heavy props around, and paint absolutely everything on set. They have learned, through several accidental experiments, that Maki is the worst person to paint. Eli is next, followed closely by Nico. Luckily for those three, Rin and Honoka do most of their work back stage where the actors don’t go.

Hanayo is part of tech crew, doing the lights and sounds. She’s pretty good at it, when she can get over her fear of heights and can actually make it across the cat walk. Usually she brings a bowl of rice up with her to calm her nerves, and it’s not uncommon for stray pieces of rice to fall down on you during a show. Rin has suggested it be used for snow. Umi’s considering it.

Nozomi writes the script. She also films the play, when they get that far, but most of her time is spent calling out to Nico and Maki that they aren’t putting enough passion into her play. Nico is quick to shout obscenities back. Unfortunately for her, the next play has a big kiss scene at the end. Neither Maki nor Nico are told about it until they’re going through the blind run of the script. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go well.

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umm nozomi maki pirate au?

It was the perfect weather for a battle. Clouds drifted lazily across the sky, casting shadows onto the blue green water. The ocean was still, the air charged with anticipation. Maki stood at the helm of the ship,watching her enemy approach. She had been waiting for this for years, the day she would finally be able to capture her arch nemesis.

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