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Do you really think that President Obama squandered his first two years in office? He passed the Affordable Care Act and the stimulus package during that time. Part of his mandate when he was elected was to overcome bipartisan politics. Working with others has to happen to some extent because nothing gets done with only half the people agreeing on it. As a follow up, what will Bernie Sanders do differently? I honestly want to know because I love his policies but can't see how they will happen.

Yeah, I do think he squandered his first two years. As the leader of the Democratic party, he explicitly allowed Joe Lieberman to keep a powerful position in the Senate, giving Lieberman zero consequences for undermining votes that were important to Democratic voters.

It was painfully clear to everyone who was paying attention that the Republicans in Congress weren’t interested in working with him, or in compromising on anything, or doing anything other than trying to nullify his election. He had two years to push a liberal agenda before a Republican congress could start undoing it, and President Obama didn’t even try. 

That said, the ACA is a great step in the right direction, and I still mostly like the president’s policies (notable things I despise: the illegal drone war, the vindictive and unprecedented war on whistleblowers, the lack of urgency to fill federal judicial vacancies). 

As far as Bernie Sanders goes, I don’t believe that electing him will suddenly turn everything around in America. It’s not going to instantly undo three decades of our lurch toward oligarchy, and of course the Republicans in Congress won’t work with him. But here’s the thing: the Republicans in Congress won’t work with anyone, because they don’t have to. Thanks to gerrymandering, the worst of the worst in Congress are totally protected and they can pander as hard as they want to the lunatic fringe of the right wing of their party.

But I know that electing Bernie Sanders will begin to change the fundamental direction of our national political identity, the same way the election of Reagan did in 1980. Sanders will energize and motivate young voters to get involved. He has consistently said that he thought it was a mistake for President Obama to essentially say, “thanks for electing me, now let me take it from here,” instead of keeping the people who voted for him engaged and active in forcing policy changes.

But even if he doesn’t make the epic, sweeping changes I think we need, I know that Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate we have who won’t get our nation embroiled in even more wars in the Middle East. He’s the only person who is running for president who won’t expand or continue the drone war that has created a generation of innocent people who rightfully hate everything America represents, as they watch American military hardware kill their friends and families. I know that he’s the only candidate for president who isn’t taking money from Wall Street, and that he’s the only one who will aggressively lead efforts to take power away from the banks and people like the Koch brothers, and start returning it to the people.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that we have, at this moment in time, a choice to make: if you’re on the Right, have fun with that because they’re all lunatics. On the Left, we can choose between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. For me, that’s an easy choice, because I know that Hillary Clinton is the status quo candidate, and the status quo needs to change.

Mark, please listen

Mark, all we ask is that you treat us with respect.

I know there are some of us who have not shown you respect in the past. People sexually harass you, people don’t listen when you tell them not to do something, and people don’t treat you like a human being.


There are a large number of us who respect you greatly, and all we ask is that you treat us the same.  Call out our bullshit, but also listen when we call out yours.  This is a two way street.  And just because I’m “a fan” does not nullify this point.

It’s simple psychology; the way you treat us will become the way we treat you. And if you don’t listen to us when we need you to, you can’t expect us to do the same.

Treat us with respect.  That’s all we ask.  Please.

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So there's no way Cat doesn't know that Kara is Supergirl after this episode, right? She's just playing along now. 1, she sees two of them can exist nullifying her reason why she thought Kara wasn't. 2, she knows Kara lied (non-existent grandma) to Adam to end their date early just when Supergirl had a big public fight. 3, Cat even helped excuse Kara's ending the date shortly rather than acting mad. 4, Bizarro just randomly kidnapped Kara? Cat's not fooled and now I think hurt by the lies


I don’t even know what to add to this, but you can’t tell me that Cat Grant wasn’t glued to her phone when Kara and Adam’s date was, and all of a sudden she gets an alert that Supergirl is fighting her evil twin AND at the same moment gets a message from Adam that Kara ditched him and why don’t they spend some time this evening. Those kind of coincidences tipped her off once, she won’t be fooled twice.

And Kara labeled Cat as “family” herself, the way Cat treats Kara in regards to Adam seems like she already got the wedding planned for them, just to get Kiera into the family already. Now noticing that Kara did lie about not being Supergirl AND also breaking up with Adam just crashes something inside of her, and now she has to shut that down completely.

YOUNG JUSTICE and COMIC BOOK FANS can you answer this question?

So I’ve been rewatching Young Justice on Netflix and I was on the episode where the introduced the Inhibitor Collars

The Collars Nullify Supervillain Powers so they are able to be locked up without Hassle. Better put they take away their Metagene-Super Abilities so they become average criminals.

(With Collar)

(Without Collar)

They even work on Heroes like Superman, Superboy (I think they said cause it replicates a red sun) and Miss Martian

Now My Question is this. 
Would These Collars work on Anime Characters like Goku or Saitama Who did Physical Training for their Super Strength? 

Hell would it Work on Krillin? People make Jokes but Krillin is one of the Strongest Humans on the planet and all he did was Train his ass off.

Would they Just Rip it off Easily? Because its Not a MetaGene thing its just Hard Work and Pure Strength for them? Something i was wondering

wait, no, i think i do have a Rose Opinion

as ive said lots of times they both don’t trust the judgment of anyone that isn’t themselves, but while dirk would probably completely ignore or deflect if he felt someone was trying to manipulate him (i’m not sure because it’s not like anyone’s tried, or at least successfully) (UNLESS the person manipulating him is someone he has on a pedestal i.e. roxy in which case he internalizes what he’s being told), rose becomes aggressively paranoid if she feels someone’s trying to fuck with her. which extends to friends! (unlike dirk, whose #1 perceived enemy is himself) as we see in her reaction to john’s letter + present

the problem is: even though she’s overly sensitive to being manipulated, her (self-imposed?) blind trust in herself completely nullifies that, which results in her doing completely illogical things: “well, DUH, of course this omniscient being is trying to manipulate me! everyone could see that! …aaaanyways i’m gonna keep talking to him because now that i’m aware he’s manipulating me i’m completely immune!” bam, grimdark ensues

rose has a fairly bad judgment, while dirk has what could be a sensible judgment if it weren’t for his self-loathing, self-centeredness, and denial of his emotional bias

but they both force themselves to rely on their horrible judgments because of their tendency to think of themselves as the responsible one

which oh man does it backfire big time

I like the Josh Kirby Time Warrior series of films from the mid 90s. For a bunch of kids films on viewing when older they actually have some really complex underlying messages. Given that very few people remember these films and there’s hardly anything online about it, I thought I’d do my part to saturate the market :P

This is a screen shot from the fourth film. Azabeth Siege essentially pulling the Jim Cornette face. More to follow as and when I get round to it.

They promised us a debate over TPP, then they signed it without any debate

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a secretly negotiated agreement between 12 countries, including the US, Canada and Japan, which establishes punishing regimes for censoring and controlling the Internet, as well as allowing corporations to nullify safety, environmental and labor laws that limit their profits.

The corporations and governments that backed TPP dismissed criticism of the secret negotiations process (even members of Congress and Parliaments were not allowed to know about the substance of the negotiations, though corporate lobbyists were), promising that there would be a “debate” after the TPP was finished (that is, when it was too late).

Early this morning (US time), representatives of 12 countries gathered in New Zealand to sign TPP. We never got the debate.

Now, each of those 12 countries’ legislatures will have to ratify the signatures, passing bills that turn the secretly negotiated terms into the law of each land. The US Congress agreed to “fast track” TPP, with even Tea Party stalwarts surrendering their right and responsibility to evaluate the agreement’s specifics to the Obama administration’s bureaucrats.

The fight’s not over. This is the largest “trade agreement” in history, and that makes it the most fragile. Politicians will lose their jobs over this, one way or another (though the politicians that back TPP will doubtless walk into cushy industry sinecures in exchange for their willingness to shill).

Here’s how to join the fight.


Polar, birra brasiliana ha inventato un portabirra che non fa prendere il telefono nel giro di 3 metri.. cosi ti godi la serata con gli amici!

Se riusciavo a renderla più carina era meglio, però non male le intenzioni ;)


If you’re nostalgic for the days when you could sit in a pub with your mates and have their undivided attention, with no one stopping the conversation mid-flow to check their Facebook page, answer a Whatsapp message or snap a picture of their pint for Instragram, this next gadget is for you! The Polar Beer Cell Phone Nullifier blocks all cellular signals (both 3G and WiFi) whilst the phone is within five feet of the device. All the user has to do is place their beer inside (the phone nullifier also doubles up as a nifty cool box) to get the conversation flowing again.


This is pretty genius! Getting back to actual talking and communicating with real people is getting harder and harder thanks to smartphones. Not anymore, enter the Polar cell phone nullifier at bars.