• Hoodlum Tribe: how much of the stories in the album ' greetings from Michigan' are true?
  • Sufjan Stevens: This is a complicated question. It is probably important here to distinguish truth and fact. Facts can be nullified and invalidated, but they may still contain something true. Even a lie is very telling. It conveys something true about the liar. Just because an event didn't actually happen doesn't mean it isn't true. A novel, a work of fiction, that is rendered skillfully, will affect us as something true. The careful fabrication of characters and events resonates beyond the words and symbols on the page. This is a successful work of art, one in which the world expands beyond the abstraction of the art itself, in which artificial things begin to live and breathe with us, face to face. This is the strange phenomenon of art.

anon said ‘yumeno being a kid and not being shipped with someone twice his age’ and i doodled these but the ask was already answered so imma post it here

maybe elise-chan shares cupcakes sometimes and they exchange gossip and judge people from the sidelines and yumeno can’t control elise since she’s a manifestation of mori’s ability so that’s good too

now, au where dazai nullified yumeno long enough for yosano to heal kenji’s wounds so nobody could hurt him by pressing against them and therefore he can’t use his ability. yumeno is currently held at the ADA under close surveillance, like kouyou was.

 yumeno with kenji (who can never hold anything against anyone bless him) now that would be different. yumeno does not understand what kenji is saying half the time. kenji is being nice?????? how. why. 

but its good. kinda makes yumeno happy.

just a bit.
An LGBT Bill Is Moving Ahead In North Carolina, But Activists Say It Causes More Problems
The Democratic governor is butting heads with the LGBT activists who helped elect him.
By Dominic Holden

The North Carolina General Assembly took steps on Thursday to repeal part of a law that restricts LGBT rights, but far from being hailed for moving in the right direction, the state’s Democratic governor is being criticized by progressive activists who say he colluded with Republicans to betray them.

The state senate voted 32 to 16 for the bill shortly after 11:30 a.m. local time, then sending it by voice vote to the House of Representatives where a tighter voted is expected later in the day.

Fueling the sudden flurry of activity, the National Collegiate Athletic Association had threatened to essentially boycott the basketball-loving state until 2022 by withholding championship games unless lawmakers substantially nullified the existing law by Thursday.

But whether the bill actually met the sports association’s criteria was unclear; the NCAA did not answer questions from BuzzFeed News about whether the measure was enough to schedule games in the Tar Heel State.

The underlying law, known as HB2, gained most of its attention for banning many transgender people from restrooms that matched their gender identity in government facilities — making North Carolina the first state with such a policy, while drawing corporate boycotts and federal lawsuits.

A lesser-known provision of HB2 blocked local jurisdictions from enacting their own LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances.

But a deal to repeal the law, which was announced Wednesday night by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and leaders in the Republican-controlled legislature, would only withdraw the rules as applied to bathrooms and other single-sex facilities.

The compromise approved by the senate on Thursday would continue to block local policies that protect LGBT rights until December 2020.

By continuing to ban local nondiscrimination laws, the proposed repeal only reinforces the state’s position that discrimination would remain legal, activists said.

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, which campaigned heavily for Cooper, blasted the governor on Twitter, saying, “This isn’t repeal. This doubles down on discrimination. This is a leadership test. And the Governor is failing.”

Cooper’s office did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ about how he responded to criticisms from the LGBT groups.

North Carolina is not be the only state to supersede local LGBT protections; Arkansas passed a law to that effect in 2015.

Previous attempts to repeal HB2 have failed. In December, a deal broke down amid partisan gamesmanship while a proposal from Cooper in February was ridiculed by the left and right.

brainstorming ways to fix the gigantic asspull at the end of part 3 (you know the one):

  • Dropping hints throughout the part that Starplat can stop time, without having Jotaro or anyone fully realizing it, e.g. Jotaro moves through stopped time for a split second sometimes and everyone just assumes he’s teleporting or something
    • Positives: the big reveal feels less… abrupt
    • Negatives: Jotaro doesn’t need to be more overpowered than he already was
  • Revealing that Jotaro could stop time from the very beginning, and having the big reveal be that Dio is the one who has the same stand as Jotaro instead
    • Positives: oh how the tables have turned
    • Negatives: probably even a worse idea than what we got, Dio isn’t as menacing, Jotaro doesn’t need to be more overpowered than he already was
  • Starplat’s extra ability isn’t stopping time, but something else instead like… nullifying/ignoring the effects of Dio’s stopped time?
    • Positives: ???????????????
    • Negatives: Jotaro doesn’t need to be more overpowered than he already was
  • Having Jotaro, Polnareff, and Joseph team up to defeat Dio together without Starplat stopping time, Jotaro lands the final blow because he’s this part’s Jojo 
    • Positives: wholesome teamwork, final fight feels more satisfying since they’re avenging the dead crusaders
    • Negatives: realistically, they can’t beat Dio with the stands they have unless they come up with a strategy that’s just as bullshit as Jotaro’s time-stopping asspull, or they fight until dawn and just fling Dio into the sun or something; Jotaro’s character wouldn’t be the same as it was in part 6

something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

✴️️ To Nullify a Spell ✴️️

sometimes spells just flop, and you want to redo them. but before you do that, you should nullify the first attempt, to prevent the first attempt creates conflicts with the second attempt of the spell. 



✴️️ gather the contents/ingredients of the spell you first cast it with

✴️️ separate the burnable and non-burning contents of the spell

✴️️ salt the burnable ingredients lightly (such as paper, herbs, etc)

✴️️ burn the ingredients, and cover the non-burning pieces with the ash.

✴️️ rinse the non-burning pieces clean and cleanse them. 


✴️️ gather as many of the same spell components as you used to cast it

✴️️ perform the spell backwards, speak any chants used backwards. 

however, sometimes it isn’t a spell you cast, and things can get a little trickier. how do you nullify a spell you didn’t cast?


✴️️ gather a bowl of salt water and a black candle

✴️️ place the candle in the center of the bowl

✴️️ burn a hair of fingernail clipping of yours on the flame

✴️️ let the flame burn down until it is extinguished by the water


✴️️ make black salt but combining ash and salt

✴️️ burn it safely. ward and cleanse your area. 

White Southerners certainly weren’t states’ rights doctrinaires. They were perfectly fine with an aggressive federal government if it worked to preserve slavery. They had no objection when Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, requiring free states to aid in the return of runaway slaves — overriding many of those states’ own laws. When South Carolina issued its secession ordinance in 1860, it even complained that Northern states had passed laws nullifying the Fugitive Slave Act; complained, in other words, that Northern states were refusing to obey the federal government! It was only when the federal government threatened the institution of slavery that the Southern elite invoked states’ rights.
—  William Black, in this article

BREAKING: A federal district judge in Washington state has nullified Trump’s Muslim ban for the time being! As of this moment, everything has been reset to normalcy in terms of how refugees are treated. 

The Tump Administion will most likely appeal this very quickly up the courts but as of this moment, THE BAN IS GONE. Now we see if the border police and customs actually comply.

For the last time, Feyre and Rhys aren’t married!!!

Feyre gets sworn in as High Lady of the Night Court towards the end of ACOMAF. THEY DO NOT GET MARRIED.

Chapter 60, Feyre says:

“After we nullify the Cauldron, I want to do it all. Get the bond declared, get married, throw a stupid party and invite everyone in Velaris – all of it.”

Feyre said she wants to get married after they have nullified the Cauldron. Not before. And Rhys isn’t exactly going to go against her wishes, is he?!

And just to confirm…

Chapter 68, Rhys says:

“If they had removed her glove, they would have seen a second tattoo on her right arm. The twin to the other. Inked last night when we crept out, found a priestess, and I swore her in as my High Lady.”

Feyre was sworn in as High Lady of the Night Court, they did not get married. This is the Night Court people!! You don’t need to be married to be High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court!!

BUT, this means we might get to see their wedding in ACOWAR, with a stupid party that everyone in Velaris gets invited to. And we can all cry happy tears together.


Null / male / ??? / doesn’t know you.

A young man with retrograde amnesia and yes, he doesn’t know why and how he found himself confined in a certain facility where strange people come in and out everyday to experiment on him, he hear them say that they must nullify him. These people would even conduct what they call a ‘special physical experiment’ on him, he doesn’t recall exactly how, but he knows the pain for sure and he’s not able to do anything but to regret his existence everyday. He’d be injected with different sort of drugs everyday that apparently contributed to his messed up head– there are even cases when his mind would breakdown and would reset due to trauma and pain. But at the end of the day, the strange people would make sure he doesn’t die. Because he is too weak to even break out, add to that his messed up head, Null can’t keep count of how long he’s been locked in that facility. On one miraculous day though, he was able to escape.

He’s not good at tending to his own wounds. Nobody minded telling him where he’s from or his actual name. His right eye can’t see anymore, seems like it was nullified and it only reflects the color of the galaxy. Gullible child. When he got out he’s afraid of falling asleep or losing consciousness cause he thinks he’s mind would reset again. Doesn’t like being cold. A big crybaby. Tired. Needs help.

I wonder what’s up with him and why those people were using him.

They robbed all the stars.

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measuring the appropriate distance from my house to place cheeses and create suitable “cheese ring” safe zones in order to nullify the cheese paradox

rhythmstina  asked:

Wow I'm freaking slow! I Just Noticed that the Nullifiers target look like the Delta Rune! x'DDD

This is actually the first message I get mentioning it.

Thanks for noticing my details ♡

Every Valentine’s day in Sinnoh, girls will deliberately find and battle a Roselia. According to an old folktale, if the Pokémon counters her attack with the red blossom, she will find love that year. However, if it attacks with the blue rose, she will remain single. Catching it, though, is supposed to nullify undesired omens.

Feyre will be human again

Just to add my little take on what’s going to go down in ACOWAR: Feyre is going to turn human again.

“Unmade and Made; Made and Unmade– that is the cycle. Like calls to like.” -p358 ACOMAF

Feyre is going to have to give up her immortality to nullify the cauldron’s powers. The two lines come up frequently throughout the novel, but this is he first time they are together. Here Feyre is having a conversation with the first half of the Book. When it says “unmade and made; made and unmade– that is the cycle” it is referring to the fact that Feyre and the cauldron have been made. Therefore they must both be unmade “that is the cycle”.
Then “like calls to like”. I believe this is foreshadowing Feyre is going to have to become mortal again. She is the only one who is able to talk to the Book, and therefore the cauldron. She will have to call to like to get the cauldron to give up its own powers by giving up hers- becoming a human.

War Water

What is it? Basically, it is water + nails. 

Why nails? Nails contain a lot of iron. Iron has a strong anti-magic connotation. It is used to repel spirits/ fae as well. 

What is it used for? Repelling magic, reversing magic, returning magic to the sender, absorbing negative magic, protection, warding against negativity, cursing, psychic warfare (when you’re fighting with other witches).

Additional ingredients: urine, Spanish moss, blood, black salt, salt.

Additional information:  It might turn black. That’s normal. No worries.

Some witches prefer not to keep this in their house, and would rather keep it on the porch  or patio, perhaps because it may nullify any spells/ workings. 

If you add your urine, it may stink to high heaven. It may fill up your entire house with a wretched smell. I speak from experience. Maybe it’s something I ate.

ACOWAR theory

I hate my self. I honestly do. I’m Sitting here in my Biology class and this theory pops into my head.

So we all know that ACOWAR is based of off Snow White. And in Snow White she is poisoned by an apple and is put into a deep slumber. So what if The King of Hybern poisons Feyre out of fear of her power?? Or when/if they figure out she’s a spy for Night Court they place her in something that contains or nullify her powers? I have no idea but the thought of this scares me

depression + the art to stopping my downward spiral.

“the type of depression that affected me completely conflicted with the type of depression tv conditioned me to believe. depression didn’t involve me sleeping all day, unwashed in soiled pajamas. i wasn’t unproductive or in a perpetual emotional trance of sadness. most times, i wasn’t even suicidal. but, it was the programmed societal view of what depression looked like that left me overlooked and my emotional distress nullified for years. i was invalidated because the signs that fit the societal norm did not fit my personal norm. when i dealt with depression i was a fully-functional woman who was fully capable of having long spans of happiness. i got up every morning to go to work, i hung out with close friends, and still managed to enjoy the pleasurable moments in life occasionally. i just also experienced more-than-frequent emotions of sadness, restlessness, hopelessness, emptiness, lifelessness, and anger. it wasn’t until my counselor confirmed what i was feeling that gave me hope. for the first time it was real to someone other than me.

with my (renounced) depression came lack of self-compassion, self-understanding, and self-appreciation. i didn’t thank myself as much as i blamed myself. i found a system to change that. the place where i could be no more at peace emotionally and mentally, i considered my one hundred percent. whenever i was caught in a downward emotional spiral, i acknowledged it, stopped everything and gave myself a moment to assess myself on a scale of zero to one hundred. no matter where i placed, i thanked myself for being there— whether it was a twenty-two, eight, or negative six because it could’ve been less. it can always be less. i knew i was doing the best i could and that was commendable. everyone desires to be acknowledged for their efforts, even me.

most days no one, or nothing, was around to lift my spirits. i had to learn how to perform acts of self-love and speak life into myself on my own. i familiarized myself with becoming my own hero. it took years of practice, but learning to encourage and love myself was worth it. for one, because i deserved it. that was the only reason i needed. i made up in my mind to discontinue any reliance on outside factors to find peace. as long as my circumstances determined my mood, my circumstances controlled me. i began to watch my transformation. i could cease my obsessive-compulsive thoughts and pull myself out the spiral without too much thought being invested. when anxiety triggered, i noticed how i would look around the room and find five things to describe in complete detail to bring me back into this moment: the quantity & sizes of bumps in the leather of the arm chair, the air i breathed and if i felt it most in my nose or my chest, the fleece blanket that brushed against my fingertips. i used my carnal senses to bring me out of mind and into the present, even if temporarily. i practiced how long i could stay like that— present. it didn’t last long at first; it took a lifetime to come to, and lasted about five minutes. but today, it took me five minutes to bring myself out of my own decline. the best part is now i can stay out. there was a shift i couldn’t identify at the time— stillness was becoming my default. i also noticed i changed how i viewed depression. i stopped claiming depression as “my depression” in conversations. it was now just something i was learning to cope with when i felt it. for the first time, it didn’t belong to me anymore.

i kept a pocket gratitude journal with me that i wrote in throughout the day. i would start off writing ten things i was grateful for, and jotted down moments during the day that made me happy. i used it as a reminder of the good in my life when i felt there wasn’t any. i also kept a negative thought journal. i would take notes on the situation, the emotions i experienced, and the triggers (or moments) that led to my slump. this allowed me to see my own provocations in writing, and create a program on how to avoid or counteract it. i enforced a lifestyle of taking things a day at a time. i only bothered with the stress of today. every day will have its problems which meant i did not have room to use today’s bandwidth on what already happened, and what might happen. i focused my creative energy that i wasted imagining every possible tumultuous scenario into finding solutions. if i could fix it, there was no need to stress. if i couldn’t fix it, i let it go. from now on, i only focused on things could control. i kept a worry window in my daily schedule which was about thirty minutes that i gave to myself to sit down and worry about the problems i wrote down that day, and that day only. instead of resisting my thoughts, i allowed them. when i switched my worry window time from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, something magical happened. i rarely needed to use it anymore. nine times out of ten, whatever i was wrote down to worry about had taken care of itself by that evening.  i could no longer justify my happy ending, and i began embrace it.

just because others found my problems to be insignificant, did not mean they were insignificant to me. if i’m the only one dealing with it, then it didn’t matter how big or small they thought my storm was. me dealing with it was all the validation i needed. that was the last day anyone made me feel bad, broken, delusional, insane, or like damaged goods for seeking and investing in my healing.

i used every part of me to work on my behalf, even my anger. it was my anger is what kept me from complete and total hopelessness. i saw the little fight left in me. i saw that i was willing to fight for me. releasing anger was what lifted my vibration. i channeled my anger so that it made a beneficial difference. i had to determine if the goal of releasing my anger was to show that i was angry, or if the goal was to use it for motivation. anger was all i had to get through the day, so i used it. anger incited my change which proved it useful. i channeled it through my work, exercise, writing, painting, etc. anger is an e-motion, or energy in motion, and is meant to be used. anger is a transitive e-motion and it’s purpose is to be a vessel to transport one elsewhere, vibrationally. anger is not a resting place. i learned anger did not need to be manifested into aggressive to expel it.

through therapy, i began to realize i was always capable of coping. i had everything i needed to assist & expedite my healing. there were days when i didn’t believe in myself and there were days that i did, but i reminded myself who i was irregardless to how i felt about me. i needed to be consistent and dedicated to myself even when i was unwilling to cooperate on a deeper level. i gave my permission to be imperfect and began to feel comfortable in my own skin again…

there is this false narrative out there that enlightened, spiritual people just float over adversity and struggles effortlessly. it’s not true. everyone will have to “fight” to keep their equilibrium. just because it’s mine didn’t mean i wouldn’t ever have to fight for it. it’s a decision i make every morning . it was the moment when i had to reaffirm my priorities— peace over everything. peace is easy to attain, but difficult to maintain… at least at first. i gave myself room to fall into the spiral without judgment, and i was there to catch myself.”

once you find your peace of mind, problems won’t disappear; they will always be there. the difference is your tolerance and resistance— it strengthens. lastly, you are not alone. you are loved, and you are heard. this is your confirmation. it’s not just you, but the best version of you in the moment that we need. don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. i hope this helps. as always, i love you.