I was explaining to @nullet one of my favorite headcanon scenarios and had to do little illustrations to prove my point and the drawings ended up kinda cute and they told me to post them haha

the scenario is basically after yuudai and tai have hung out a bit yuudai gets a call from taisei who’s like “HEY CAN I COME OVER AND WATCH A MOVIE I THINK YOU’LL LIKE IT” but yuudai thinks there’s subtext just cause any time arata would say “lol im comin over” it meant… well… ya know. But yuudai thinks it over and agrees like “why not time to make another friendship awkward” and gets himself all worked up and then taisei shows up with a bunch of blankets for a blanket fort and about 5 bags of popcorn and all they do is literally watch movies and yuudai is very confused the end.