"Squad goals" as improvised and performed by the Squad Trolls

Context: On a series of floating islands with each island connected through a series of tricky portals. The team encountered a group of three stoic dryads stuck in this maze for twenty years whom gave a warning of oncoming threats. After hurdling back and forth through portals for other islands we see them again.

DM: You see the three stoic dryads up ahead, talking amongst themselves ignoring your group’s existence.

Heilik, the dumb Dragonborn: Guys, look! They are ignoring us. After all this crap we just pulled through on the other islands we should be celebrated and respected by these dryads, yet they ignore us. I have a suggestion… let’s try to show these guys up.

Tezu Tealeaf, the gay Halfling Arcane Trickster, Heilik’s boyfriend, currently riding on a wolf mount: I know just what to do.

Group: What?

Tezu Tealeaf (me): We have to ‘out fun’ their group. Show them we are squad goals.

Braghor, the Druid: How do you suggest we do that?

TT: I’ve got just the thing. *smirks and grabs his trusty instrument and starts playing some turnt beatboxing pan-flute solo while riding his mount*

Group: Continues towards the dryads, rapping about our journey over my sick pan-flute beat, getting their attention. After a few verses and some dabbing we stop.

DM: The dryads are amazed. Their palms are sweaty, knees weak, and arms are heavy. They are impressed specifically by Heilik’s rap skills so much they are charmed by him. They understand that your group is the real squad goals.

TL,DR: My group freestyled over my beatboxing panflute to show up some dryads. Heilik, the Dragonborn metaphorically spit so much fire, that the forest burned down.


What was it like when you found out the news that Rostam won’t be in the band anymore?

CT: I had heard that, I’d knew that for a while. I personally felt bummed, I sorta liked the idea of the classic phase being the only phase, the original member sort of thing. Would never put things in his mouth or speak to the reasons why he made that decision. I feel like he had sort of said and brought it up and after this point had more serious talks and heard about it; I love that guy, I hope he does very well, and like I said I just saw him play and he seemed really happy on stage, but yeah that’s all i could ever hope for.

If you look at the tapes from - if you check the books on Bonnaroo ‘14, well then I was getting a little emotional that show because that was fresh for me, and you know this is maybe revealing a little too much, but I’m a bit of a crier, straight up. I just remember playing that show being like “fuck, man”, like this is weird, this thing has been a constant and like this governing factor for my entire adult life is gonna change and like change is weird and change can be painful, and you know, even when there’s nothing you can do about it and even if it’s the right choice for everyone involved. I don’t think I shed tears but I definitely was like feelin’ it. I was feelin’ it. So I have no idea what exists from that show in a video sense. But at this point that was now 2+ years ago, like he’s doing his thing, everyone’s doing their own respective things, there’s still a lot of collective stuff to come, but you know I think Rostam’s happy and he’s doing what he wants and that’s all I would want for him.

REAL TALK: since we’re talking about fandom and age

let me just get this out of the way, i do not condone or encourage underage followers on my blog. but ultimately i know i can’t enforce anything. however, since i know you’re here, i wrote this for you. i hope you read it.

so… to any of you are kids under 18- and you are kids- read this post carefully and take it to heart. know that i am writing this based on my own experiences as well as many, many others’

  • there is a lot of content that concerns kids under 16 and adults having sex. please don’t take this as normal, outside of fiction. people who write/draw these things are usually similarly underage people who don’t yet grasp how unhealthy these dynamics are in real life, or adults who fetishize the content because they realize how unhealthy it is in real life.
  • please realize you are not the same person you will be a few years down the road. don’t assume you know everything about yourself or about the world.
  • please don’t be in a rush to prove yourself as an adult. there is plenty of time for that. i know you’re getting underestimated at every corner, and that you probably aren’t even reading this because i referred to you as a kid. i know it’s infuriating. but it’s also very powerful to be underestimated. you are always in a position to prove people wrong by simply being true to yourself.
  • stay away from any adult who says you are “mature for your age” as an excuse for their behavior.
  • stay away from any adult who knows your age and still tries to initiate romance or sexual conversation with you. there is no exception. no matter how nice or sensitive or pushy they are.
  • no is a full sentence.
  • you are not more or less mature based on the fics you read, the roleplays you participate in, etc. 
  • fandom is where adults, both mentally healthy and unhealthy, cope/vent/fantasize through content. what you’re seeing fictional characters say and do is not an accurate portrayal of society. real life is not a porno or a beautifully broken emo paradise. people are rarely sociopaths, sex addicts or saints. fan work is heightened reality and it is usually self-indulgent. don’t base your views on the world based on what you see on a03/tumblr/whatever you kids are using.
  • anyone who is on tumblr for 10+ hours every day is using it as an outlet. 
  • don’t expect adults to act like adults. a lot of them will disappoint you.
  • be the bigger person. take the moral high ground. it may not feel as fun, but it’s the better choice.
  • don’t assume anyone knows your age. mention it when you can. if it discourages contact, don’t take it personally.
  • realize there is shit you just don’t understand. not because you’re dumb, but because you don’t have the experience yet. these are two very different things.
  • don’t let anyone make you feel like shit just because you were born later than them.
  • on the other hand, if someone older than you wants you to understand something you don’t yet understand, listen. it doesn’t feel good to be out of the loop, i know, but in life lessons aren’t always easy to come by.
  • block anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. you don’t owe yourself or anyone else an explanation. trust your intuition. 

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i made another child?…I know there are a lot of existing children for them already.

i designed her long ago and i really liked her design.she is a fell!palette x goth child and her name is nina.I have some of her personality down though I’m not sure if I should really provide her with a back story or something. i might redesign her next time.

i need to stop making more now.

Fell!palette belongs to @angexci Right?..

Goth belongs to @nekophy

So sorry for tagging both of you in this,feel free to ignore~