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Women ask me about loose skin/stomach after c-sections, babies, etc…is it possible to tighten it up? Absolutely…you see it here for yourself…will you prob still have some loose skin in that area? The reality is YES! If its excessive loose skin…unless you choose to cut it off. However, as you can see its still possible to reduce it, lift it from hanging and tighten it up with diet & exercise! Many of us suffer from scarred tissue/muscle damage after babies…but you don’t have to flat out just give up hope!! #TummyTucks Are Made in the Gym! © Start Working on Tucking your Gut today! #transformationthursday #nulifefitnesscamp #weightloss #transformation #fitness #blackfitness (at

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60 Day Challenge Week#1: Start Date 1/9/12

Week 1 was truly a breeze, I was excited about the change, I was looking forward to the workouts, eating clean and feeling lean! Now I just have to keep this momentum going for the next 54 days! :) I’m actually looking forward to the next phase in my transformation. In fact, I’m actually even planning to take some bikini pictures to begin tracking my muscular development throughout this journey. The most exciting news is not only the fact that I’m down 2.8 lbs and weighed in at 146lbs and 31.6% Body fat! (smile) but that I completed 7 workouts as well. So, in case I didn’t explain this before, the challenge is to workout 7 times per week as opposed to 7 days per week. However, if one wanted to workout 1 time per day for the next 60 days they would be more than welcomed to. I had a bit of a time with training the rear delts and my leg day was brutal. However, I did a Personal Training session with Arvell and Tujuana to finish off the week and struggled my way all the way through it. Lol. For week 2 I’d like to incorporate a much more organized eating schedule, I found myself missing my protein snacks and I know that’s critical for my muscle building needs.

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My meal plan was 

Breakfast: 5 egg whites, veggies and a starch
Mid morning: Protein snack & veggies
Lunch: 6oz of lean meat, salad and veggies, a starch
Late afternoon: Protein snack & veggies
Dinner: 6oz of lean meat, salad and veggies, a starch
Evening: 5 Egg Whites & veggies
****No carbs after 7 and I eliminated all my unnecessary snacking. 

****Post Pregnancy, Toned and Tight, Lean Body…….HERE I COME!

Here’s some other shots of her..for those asking about loose skin…Yes you can still minimize the amount of loose skin you have when you lose weight…make sure to eat enough protein. And LIFT WEIGHTS! Ladies…don’t be scared of weights! It will totally transform your whole shape! & still keep your curves! Yes she does have some loose skin but not excessive amounts–From 248 lbs to 127lbs! W/ #NuLifeFitnessCamp #motivation #girlswithmuscle #weightlosssuccess #fitnessfridaysnulife

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