Wow, as the tragedies of adult life take over more of my time, I’ve definitely posted less and less (and haven’t written a thing in…years. Fanfic or original, like ~nothing~ ) and as we’ve all aged past teen!tumblr, I see it isn’t just me. I don’t know how many blogs I used to follow, but I know it was at least over 40. There’s only 15 left now, and given that I’ve only ever unfollowed facists/homophobes/racists ect., that means mostly everyone’s deleted their blog and moved on. I’m not here often, but I do like to come by occasionally and remember the good times. Cheers to those of you who have been able to hold on to the things you love and stayed connected with those fantastic communities built here. You guys know who you are. I hope all of your dreams come true ❤

unfinished Nejiino draft excerpt #1

“You toy with me.”

He has a look  many would call severe

-prominent cheekbones, angular jawline, slim nose, prim mouth, no softness to be found anywhere-

and it is only his eyes that tame the sharpness of his face. Right now, however, those perfectly stormless weapons are not doing their job.

Not unfairly Ino thinks Only a little.

“It’s not like that and you know it.”

He huffs in reply and turns away to stare at the starless sky above. It would be nice, Ino thinks, if they could be honest with one another. Have some firm footing for once. But one doesn’t have the luxury of wishing for such things when one is stranded deep in enemy territory with one’s ex-lover.

Especially not when one was expected to execute him for treason.

kaara, nukumi, i’m writing an outline for that fic, er, as i type this?  sort of? anyway point is REQUEST WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR IT. I AM COUNTING THIS AS BEING A GROUP EFFORT seeing as nukumi thought it up and kaara and i leapt on it with the force of a thousand angry swans

so yeah

hit me with your best shot as i cry over this 

edit this timeline is a little wack too, technically it’d be the third hokage but tsuande is sooo much more fun to write 

bluh bluh bLUH