“Hyuuga-san, may I see you for a moment?”

The voice of Neji’s editor called out from her office doorway, deceptively cheerful over the low murmur of cubicle chattering. Taking one last look at the unfinished article hanging open on his computer screen, Neji made a few last-ditch keystrokes before abandoning his desk and navigating the narrow paths toward the corner of the room. His feet stilled just past the threshhold and he lingered pensively by the door.

“You wanted to see me?”

He wondered what it would be this time. The last time she’d called him into her office, it’d been due to the scathing nature of a piece he wrote condemning both sides of the Kusa/Iwa war. Did you think we could actually print this, Neji? It could jeopardize our neutrality! He had argued with her that he’d merely presented the facts in all their despicable glory, but in the end he’d been made to re-submit a watered down version. His boss, while not particularly stern as others, certainly had ways of persuading people to do what she asked. That talent, coupled with a nose for news was what made her one of the youngest editors in the company.

Now, he eyed the feather-tipped pen she tapped against her cheek as she considered something and jotted some words down on the paper in front of her before giving him her full attention.

“Yes. Come in, come in and have a seat. You can leave the door open, I promise you it’s not bad.”

Dubious, Neji drifted in closer but declined to sit, wanting to get the impromptu meeting over with before he lost his train of thought with the article still swimming around his mind. Ino pointedly glanced at the chair in front of her desk but said nothing. Neji relented, at last taking a seat. Ino beamed at him.

“So~ you’ve been a journalist with us for three years now, and certainly one of our more opinionated writers.”

Opinionated. He didn’t like the sound of that. News was supposed to be unbiased.

“Or perhaps ‘passionate’ would be the more appropiate word.”

She must have seen him wince at her earlier word choice.

“Anyway, I’ve called you in for a proposition: the company has recently had an opening and I’ve put in a recommendation for you. How would you feel about being an Administrative Editor?”

Administrative Editor? But…that was her title. Was she leaving the company?

“I don’t follow. Would there then be two Administrative Editors?”

Ino bit her bottom lip in a way that made him suspect she wasn’t giving him the full details.

“No, there wouldn’t be. The job would be in another division. The Economy section.”

He thought it over. It was a promotion, but it was also in another division. Each division, while working for the same newspaper, operated independently. He’d be on a different floor with a whole new circle of peers.

He rather liked the way his boss ran the Current Events team.

He gave a polite smile and a shallow bow in the chair.

“I thank you for your consideration, but I must decline.”

Her mouth opened a little and Neji was secretly pleased he’d rendered her speechless, if only for a moment.


“I joined this company with the dream of arming the public with the truth. If it’s me acting as editor over in Economy, the public’s going to get the undiluted truth; the numbers, the personal testimonies of those affected, all of it. It’s going to be raw, and I don’t think management will tolerate that as well as you have.”

She smiled at him, knowing exactly how brutal Neji could be, and smoothed her bangs out of her face. Standing up, Ino’s heels clicked as she moved around her desk and past Neji to close her office door.

“And if I were to help you in refining that rawness, would you be willing to take the position?”

He stood to look at her, uncertain. It was rare to be given a second chance for this kind of opportunity.

“You would do that? Why?”

She took a step away from the door, her hands clasped behind her back.

“What if I told you that this company takes fraternization very seriously, that it would look very badly if someone in a senior position dated one of their junior workers?”

Neji took a step too, more than a little drawn by the smirk on her lips.

“I would hope that one wouldn’t use a promotion as a means of subverting 'fraternization’.”

“One wouldn’t.” she countered, coming closer yet. “You are qualified for the position and what would you say if I said the rules only refer to employees working in the same division?”

He copied her, coming to stand a scant few inches in front of her.

“I would ask if you had plans this Friday.”

“And if I don’t?” she toyed with the ends of her hair; a small, flirty gesture.

“You do now.”

“I take that to mean you accept the job?”

“Absolutely. When do I start?”


“Good answer.”

They sealed the gap between them.


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