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Sam Wilkinson - Let Me Kiss The Pain Away Part Two

“Uhhh.” you added seconds after Sammy told Johnson he was staying at your place tonight. Jack looked at you skeptically. “Yeah, we’re going to have a Call of Duty battle.” You lied, making any doubt that Jack had hopefully go away. You weren’t quite sure what it was that made Sammy want to stay here with you but you were kind of happy that you wouldn’t be left alone with your parents tonight. You prayed that your parents wouldn’t have a problem with Sammy staying the night. Usually your parents don’t have a problem with any of the boys staying over but, this time you didn’t ask in advance and you worried about how they would react.

“Okay,” Jack answered still a little unsure, but came over to you and gave you a hug, “goodnight Y/N. Hope Sammy doesn’t annoy you too much.” Johnson joked before going over to Sammy and giving him a bro hug. “Bye guys.” He said once more before exiting the room and leaving to his house with Gilinsky. Once you heard the door close you looked over to Sammy, “What the hell was that?” you asked angrily. “What are you talking about Y/N?” he answered, pursing his eyebrows together, clearly confused by your question. You sighed and slapped both of your hands on the counter next to your sink. “Telling Johnson you were staying here? What was that all about? My parents are going to freak Sam.” You said, breathing a breathe of worry. Sammy flinched slightly at you calling him Sam. He knew you were mad when you called him anything but Sammy.

“Look, I know your mad but, I know something’s wrong and I’m not going to leave you here alone when something is clearly bothering you because I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” He confessed looking to the ground momentarily then back up to you. You quietly gulped, you thought that maybe he was thinking about the faint scars all along your arm, maybe he accidently stumbled across your razors not hidden so well in your bathroom and knew you were cutting again. The scars on your arm were quite old, and the guys did know about your past habits but they thought it had stopped. They defiantly didn’t know you continued on your legs as a canvas instead of your arms. Although, Sammy’s statement made you fear he found your razors and was suspicious about it. “You don’t have to worry about me Sam. I’m fine. Nothing’s wrong. It’s just you guys pissed me off, is all.” You lied, hoping he would believe you. He gave you a look and you were immediately let down. “Y/N. I’ve known you for a very long time, I know that is not all that’s bothering you.” Sammy said, making you sigh.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Sammy.” You said, your voice cracking slightly. Tears began to form in your eyes, making you turn away from Sammy so he didn’t see. Warm arms wrapped around you from behind, calming you down slightly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset.” He said quietly, kissing your head and holding you tightly. “Let’s go play some Call of Duty.” He suggested, unwrapping his arms from around you and grabbing your hand, leading you down to your basement where your gaming system were.

You really admired Sammy’s concern. You appreciated how much he really seemed to care and knew whenever a lie came out of your mouth. Although there was a slight annoyance that Sammy could tell whenever you were lying. The best thing about it though was Sammy didn’t push you to tell him what was bothering and stopped once you were clearly becoming upset.

“You do know I’m going to destroy you, right?” you teased as Sammy put the game in and handed you your controller. Sammy busted out on laughter, “Oh, are you?” he challenged with that sexy smirk of his. You rolled your eyes, “No doubt.” You said confidently. “I guess we’ll see about that.” Sammy chuckled biting his lip and sitting on the edge of the couch with the controller in his hand as the countdown of the round began. Sammy was a good player, you had to give him that, although you weren’t so bad yourself. This was going to be one interesting game.

The round began and you spawned in the bedrooms of the popular maps, Nuketown. You smirked and immediately headed to the window to search for any sign of Sammy on the map. Your eyes averted to Sammy’s half of the screen watching him walk out of one the opposite house that you were in and out into the street. “Shit, you got a good spot.” He cursed, rethinking his tactic of getting over to you. You chuckled in response. “Oh fuck it, we’re not going to get anywhere with me just standing here.” He said making a run for it and hiding behind the big bus. You attempted to shoot him as he ran, but didn’t manage to hit him. You brought out your sniper, your specialty, and waited for him to run again. You heard him quietly mumble ‘fuck’. You looked over at him with a smirk to find him looking at you with a mad face, making a bunch of butterflies fly through your body. He knew there was no way he was going to make over to the house you were currently in alive. You gave him a sassy smile and turned your head back to the game, giving it your full attention. There was no way you were going to let him distract you from winning.

Sammy made another run for and it and you quickly got a head shot, knocking him dead. “I know that was going to happen. But, be ready this isn’t over yet.” Sammy warned before respawning and continuing the game. After a while of waiting around you decided to roam around the house, searching for any new weapons. You instantly regretted your decision when Sammy began shooting you and killed you, but not before you shot him a couple times. “Damnit! Good one.” You laughed being a good sport about Sammy’s kill.

After about 30 minutes the round ended, you and Sammy eagerly waited to see the results of the first round. The screen finally popped up showing who earned the most kills, and to no surprise it was you. “Yes!” you shouted, clearly excited about your win. You got up and ran around the couch shouting, “Victory!” You ran around the couch about 3 times, Sammy watching you in slight annoyance but more amusement than anything, before you jumped on Sammy. He was expecting it at all, but he didn’t mind either.

“You only won because I let you.” Sammy teased poking your side. You laughed loudly, “Please I got more headshots than you did kills. Face it Sammy, I totally destroyed you.” He gave you his heartwarming smile, then you saw it turn into a smirk and knew he was about to do something mischievous. Sammy began tickling you, making you cry out in laughter. You started leaned back and eventually fell back, where your back was comfortably on the couch but your legs still on Sammy’s lap. The tickling continued and Sammy began to climb on top of you. He didn’t stop tickling you for several minutes but much to your relief he finally stopped. “Fine you win, but don’t tell the boys.” He whispered. You were panting and a whole new nervousness took over your body. You attention averted to Sammy’s position over you.

His legs were straddling you, his chest was slightly brushing over yours and his face was leaned super close to yours. The heat of his body giving yours new and wanted heat. His minty breath and adorable smile making you want him even more. You noticed his face inching closer to yours, his eyes searched yours, as if he was asking if it was okay to kiss you. You answered by wrapping your arms around his neck and giving him a reassuring smile. He closed his eyes and moved quickly, not wasting any time to press his lips against yours. The coldness of his lips meeting your warm ones gave you goose bumps. The feeling of his soft lips moving in sync with his felt like the best thing in the world. You never expected this to happen, and even if it was Sammy just feeling a little horny, you weren’t going to let the opportunity slip by.

“Y/F/N! GET YOUR ASS UP HERE THIS INSTANT.” You heard your mother yell, making you and Sammy break your kiss. You looked at Sam with a tremendous amount of worry, “I’ll- uh, be right back. Please, whatever you do, stay here. Do not go upstairs.” You demanded scooting out from under Sammy and running up the stairs, leaving Sam in the basement worrying about why you make the situation sound so bad and not to mention the kiss you two shared, giving him several avalanches of butterflies.

A/N: pretty shitty update tbh haha. sorry, ive been busy and this was what was closest to being done. sorry for the delay on bfb… not sure when the next part is going to be up, hoping for Jan 1 or maybe tomorrow if my mom doesn’t let me go to my friends house. but enjoy this for now. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE.