some johnkat i did for tendertransterror!

kind of based off their nukestuck forms, though I wish i’d made KK chubskier. it’s like it looks good in the sketch, but then i forget how flat my coloring style is so everything loses depth/volume the more i work on it oops

originally karkat’s face was in full-on “done” mode but i thought u know what i never drawn this pairing before may as well layer on the sweetness

Hussie’s plan had succeeded in getting the fandom to make a nuclear weapon every fandom had to have one, eventually it was a stand off until one argurement got too heated. No one knows who dropped the bomb first but we all know what happened afterward. The greatest flame war of them all left the earth a scarred ruin, the zombie and post apocalyptic fans were pretty stoked but most people mutated and wandered the earth.

  • carla ITS CARLA OK:did i tell you already i figured out voices for dave and gamzee in nukestuck
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:no
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:who are they
  • carla ITS CARLA OK:eazy e for dave
  • carla ITS CARLA OK:rick ross for gamzee
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:ok so
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:i don't really have any clue who those are and i'm in the room with people so i can't listen to music
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:but i will
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:also i thought that was rick astleyu
  • carla ITS CARLA OK:nO
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:gamzee's never going to give you up. even if you want him to
  • carla ITS CARLA OK:he'll never let you down. from the ceiling
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:he's... ok, yeah, he's going to hurt you
  • baquack zer0bamaorxist:a lot