nukes in space

Tony Stark survives an explosion created by his own hands a few feet away from him with only shrapnel in his chest, survives chest surgery with no drugs to numb the pain, survives torture and waterboarding while having a car battery attached to his chest, survives the walk through the desert with no water, survives the climatic ending explosion, survives palladium poisoning, survives race car crash with only scrapes and bruises, survives god nearly strangling him, survives flying a nuke into space with no oxygen, survives multiple panic attacks, survives house exploding around him, survives snow and freezing temperatures in a shirt and pants, survives experimented human torches attacking him, survives climatic ending battle, survives battle against multiple buggy iron suits, survives thunder god nearly strangling him, and survives direct hit from the winter soldier.

All without his suit. 

Tell me again are we really sure Tony is just a normal very intelligent citizen and doesn’t secretly carry some form of recreated supersoldier serum that Howard probably experimented on him with. Because otherwise Tony Stark is a helluva tough guy. 

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Xylion is definitely not ready to hear about nuclear warfare

He most definitely is not.

Xylion was sitting in the break room, drowning out the cries of the humans as they played that sickly game known as Grand Theft Auto V. The occasional explosions and screams from pedestrians was terrifying.

However, after thirty minutes, the sound seemed to stop. Xylion was confused, so he took a glance at the Humans, only to see them playing a different game.

Fallout 4.

 Xylion carefully made his way over to the TV and sat down next to Human Jenny, who was carefully watching Human Fredrick as he navigated the world around him. Xylion was confused about the way it was put together. It was mostly destroyed, and was clearly not the Earth he had seen the one time he went down there. “What is this place?”

“Diamond City.” Human Fredrick said, absentmindedly.

“And what happened to it?”

“The world got nuked.”


Human Fredrick sighed as he paused the game. He turned around to face him. “I’m going to assume you’ve never heard of a Nuclear Bomb before, huh?”

“What is a ‘Nuclear Bomb’? I know what a bomb is, but those aren’t typically used nowadays.”

Human Isaac held back laughter after hearing that. Xylion looked towards him, but Human Jenny was the one who refocused his attention. He nodded, apologizing to Human Fredrick for losing focus.

“It’s alright. We humans do it all the time. Anyways, a Nuclear bomb is similar to a normal bomb, except way worse.”

Xylion was confused. A bomb was already terrible. When activated, it could kill hundreds to thousands of people. How worse could a Nuclear bomb be?

Before he could ask it, Human Jenny stood up. “Let me go get my textbook.”

He watched her run off. Xylion sighed, and began to knot his tentacles together. Human Isaac seemed transfixed on it. “Woah, now that’s some cool shit.”


Human Jenny came back moments later, carrying a few textbooks. She dropped them on the ground before grabbing one. “This one talks all about World War II.”

Xylion attempted to throw his tentacles in the air, but he only tightened the knot, and ended up crying out in pain. “World War II?” He managed to squeak out as Human mason helped him untie his tentacles.


“More than one?”


Xylion looked down as Human Fredrick grabbed the textbook from Human Jenny. He flipped through the book before showing a page to Xylion. There were models of some weird shaped objects labeled ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’. “These are the two nuclear bombs used at the end of World War II. Little Boy was dropped on a city called Hiroshima in Japan, and Fat Man on Nagasaki.”

“Why? What was the point?”

“Well, see, in World War II, there were the Axis powers and the Allies. The Axis was built up of Germany, known as the Nazis at the time and led by Adolf Hitler, Italy led by Benito Mussolini, and Japan led by Emperor Hirohito. The Allies were the opposing team that is considered the good side now. The three main ones, while there were others, is the United Kingdom led by William Churchill, the Soviet Union led by Josef Stalin, and the United States led by President Franklin Roosevelt, at least for a good chunk of the war.”

Xylion rubbed his tentacles together. “And why were the bombs used?”

“I’m getting to that. So, Germany and Italy were eventually defeated, but Japan had different beliefs when it came to war. It was essentially, surrender is never an option and death is more worthy than surrender. So, surrendering was not an option for them. The United States, worried the war would drag on for even longer, turned to president Harry Truman. Truman had to either decide to continue fighting as they had, or threaten them with Project Manhattan. No one really knew what it was, but all he said as a threat was that they would drop a bomb on one of their heavily populated cities.”

“And why would they do that? They could kill everyone!”

“That was kind of the point, Xylion.” Human Isaac said, rolling his eyes.

Xylion sighed, ignoring him. “Anyways…” Human Fredrick said, narrowing his eyes at his crewmate. “Japan refused to surrender, either not believing America or just out of their principle, I can’t exactly remember. So, America sent Little Boy off to Hiroshima. And they dropped the first nuke.”

“A nuke is essentially a large scale bomb. They not only have huge explosions, but they also release a ton of radiation, which is highly poisonous to humans. In large amounts, of course. It can cause different deformities and cancer, which can be incurable in some cases. 70,000 to 80,000 people were killed by the blast, and another 70,000 injured. About 20,000 military personnel were killed and/or injured.”

Xylion couldn’t believe what he was hearing. With that many dead, surely they would’ve changed their principle, right? Accepted defeat?

“So they stopped fighting?”

“No. They refused to surrender, so we were forced to drop another bomb on them. Fat Man. We dropped it on Nagasaki, another Japanese city. The death toll, in it’s entirety, grew to 129,000 to 240,000, though some believe the total death toll could be higher. Japan soon surrendered.”

Xylion felt his body begin to get covered in mucus. He grimaced. “Surely you don’t use them anymore, right?”

“Of course. Nuclear weapons are strictly banned in military wars. Now, it’s used as energy and fuel.”

“At least Japan has moved back into those cities, correct? Rebuilt everything?”


“Well what?”

Human Fredrick scratched the back of his head. “The cities are still uninhabitable.”


“See, the radiation is still sticking around, and it will stay there for a few decades, I believe. No one can set foot in there without getting sick or dying.”

“So no one can live there?”

“Unless they want to grow a third eye or die of cancer, nah.” Human Isaac said, grinning at Xylion.

Human Fredrick sighed. “Essentially, yes.”

Xylion shook his head.

Humans were terrible, especially to themselves.

He stood up and carefully made his way back to his cabin. Once he got into his room, he sat on his bed, the horrors of what he heard still replaying in his mind.

Xylion didn’t think he could ever be the same, knowing just what humans did to one another.

I hope you enjoyed that.

I’m a huge history nerd, and I especially love learning and talking about WWII, mainly because of how it showed what humans are capable of, etcetera. I just think it was an interesting time period, because it helped dictate everything that has happened thus far. The Vietnam War, the Cold War, The Korean War, and so on.

Anyways, I especially know a lot about nuclear bombs and energy because we had to do a whole project on it in Chemistry last year. Me and my partner did the Yucca Mountain Power Plant in Nevada, but I still paid attention to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed the-blue-butterfly-effect!


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Hey, your writing is amazing! I was wondering if you can write a Peter Parker imagine where he is dating Starks daughter and they’ve been together for a while but he then cheats on her with Michele and it breaks her heart. Thanks! :)

Like usual, I have a song to go with the imagine, so if you’d like to listen click here

Also the song influenced the title of the imagine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You and Peter met when he was introduced into the Avengers, you both started hanging out a lot and then you started dating. Tony didn’t like the idea of you dating him, but eventually approved, but said there would be consequences if he broke your heart. Something he never thought he’d have to do.

Warnings: It’s just really sad and emotional

Word Count: 2,919

A/N: Okay I’m not gonna lie but my hands were full on shaking the entire time I was writing this because I got so into it?? I was getting super emotional and angry while writing and listening to Ke$ha’s new song Praying. Also, can we just talk about her new song though? There is so much emotion and power in it and I genuinely love it so much. This might be why I put so much emotion into this or because I’ve kinda gone through a relationship like this so I know how it feels in a way?? I dunno, read at your own risk because you will be hit with strong feels.

“Everyone, I would like to introduce a new member to the team, this is Peter Parker, aka the Spider-Man.” Tony smiled proudly, patting Peter on the back who looked nervous as hell.

“H-Hey everyone.” He waved awkwardly, making everyone chuckle at his hesitance.

“Well don’t just stand here, go mingle.” Tony motioned for him to go start up conversations with Steve and Natasha, while he went to talk to Wanda and Clint.

“So how old are you kid?” Steve smiled, observing his features, he looked kind of young to be on the team.

“I- uh- I’m fifteen.” Peter stammered, shifting his weight on his legs awkwardly, he hated that he couldn’t talk normally.

“Stark says you’re the Spider-Man?” Natasha smiled, looking at Peter who nodded slightly.

“Y-Yeah I am.” He gave a slight smile, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

“Hey, it will be okay, I know everything is new at first and a bit frightening especially for how young you are, but trust me, you’re going to fit in nicely.” Steve smiled, patting Peter on the shoulder, before disappearing into another room with Natasha.

Peter stood there awkwardly, he didn’t know where to go, or where he was even allowed to go.

He decided to go look for Tony, but bumped into someone right as he turned around.

“Ah, -Shit I’m so sorry I-” Peter stammered, his eyes widening seeing you standing in front of him.

“It’s cool, I always run into people somehow.” You laughed, shrugging your shoulders before moving around him.

Peter stared at you, his expression showing clear confusion written all over it.

You opened the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water, feeling his eyes burning holes into your back.

“Is there a reason you’re staring at me newbie?” You spoke opening the bottle without even looking at him.

“I uh- I mean- How did you- Uhm..” Peter stuttered, mentally face palming himself for being an idiot.

“I’m just messing with you.” You laughed, turning around to see his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Y-Yeah, right.” Peter nodded, trying to act unphased, but you and him both knew he couldn’t hide anything.

“What’s your name?” You asked, propping yourself up on the counter, swinging your legs back n’ forth.

“P-Parker Peter, -I mean, P-Peter Parker. Peter Parker.” He stuttered, making you laugh quietly, before he clearly managed to say his name.

He gave you a nervous smile, which you returned with a smile back.

You jumped off the counter, walking up to him.

“Y/N, Y/N Stark.” You grinned, patting his cheek before walking out of the kitchen, leaving a wide-eyed Peter.

Weeks after being introduced to the Avengers, Peter started fitting in really well, you even started hanging out with him more, doing homework together or just sitting outside, watching the sky change from day to night.

It was peaceful, something you craved to have, mainly since your life was far from normal.

“Y/N, do you ever wonder what’s out there?” Peter asked you one night, you two were sitting out on the balcony, staring up at the night sky, stars twinkling before you.

“I used to, but my dad blew it up.” You laughed, turning to look at Peter who’s eyes were wide with shock.

You laughed even more once you told him the entire story, of how your dad and the Avengers protected New York from Loki and his army of space aliens, and how he sent a nuke into outer space and blew up the alien ship.

Peter’s face was priceless after that, he told you how he got his powers, and how he could stop a bus with his own bare hands.

You two bonded a lot that night, you both kept growing closer and closer.

A few months had gone by and you were walking into your dads office, you were going to break the news you and Peter had started dating.

“Hey dad, you got a minute?” You smiled, peaking inside the room, seeing him smile and wave you in.

“Sure thing kiddo, what’s up?” Tony smiled, but it slowly faltered, seeing your anxious expression.

“I uh- I have to tell you something..” You twiddled with your hands nervously, feeling his intense stare on you.

“Peter and I.. We’re kind of dating now? But it’s okay dad, he’s really sweet and I know he wouldn’t hurt me.” You gave a small smile, seeing your dads face become serious.

“Y/N, he’s a teenaged boy, they’re unpredictable, I should know, I was one years ago.” Tony sighed, rubbing his face with his hands.

“I don’t like the fact you two are dating, but give me some time to get used to it okay?” He saw your eyes light up a bit, making him give you a small smile.

“Thanks dad.” You replied weakly, turning to leave, but he put his hand up in a stopping matter.

“But if he does break your heart, there will be consequences.” Tony spoke sternly, making you nod rapidly.

“I know, thank you.” You smiled, before leaving his office, leaving Tony to think over everything.

Weeks passed, soon months, then a year, and you and Peter couldn’t have been happier.

You two were what they called in school “couple goals” which made you laugh every time you heard someone say you and Peter were.

Everything was great, you felt like a normal person in high school, with high school friends.

You were walking to lunch with Liz, you had been helping her with homecoming decorations.

“So, can you come over later to go over a few things for homecoming?” Liz asked you, looping her arm within yours.

“Of course.” You replied, looking around the hallway before entering the cafeteria.

You were talking to Liz, before you noticed how she was staring at something else.

“Y/N, I think we should go do some homecoming prep work.” She tried to turn you around but you refused, but you wished you would have listened.

There sat Ned, Peter and Michelle, at your lunch table, but Peter and Michelle were holding hands, laughing over a stupid joke.

And then it happened, the thing that broke your heart.

They kissed.

Your mouth dropped open, you were stunned, how could the sweet innocent boy you met over a year ago do this to you?

Tears welled up in your eyes, but you refused to let them spill.

You felt your breathing start to become rapid, the amount of emotions rushing through you was too much to control.

You walked over to the table, acting as if you hadn’t seen anything, sitting down next to Ned.

“Hey Y/N.” Peter smiled, but you didn’t return the friendly gesture.

“Are you alright Y/N?” Michelle asked, seeing your stiff posture.

“I will be.” You replied angrily, grabbing Peter’s drink, before dumping it on his head.

He sat there baffled, before looking up at you and seeing your face flushed, eyes red.

“If you were going to cheat on me, the least you could have done was break up with me, I would of understood.” You choked out, before grabbing Ned’s drink and dumping it on Peter’s head again.

“I never want to speak to you again.” You glared at him, before backing away from the table.

“Y/N, wait! Please! I can explain!” Peter ran after you, catching your arm.

Don’t touch me!” You yelled, making people look over at you both.

“You betrayed me, how could you?” You shouted, his shoulders slumping, avoiding your eyes.

“You’re an asshole Peter Parker.” You bit your lip, trying to get it to stop quivering.

“Y/N, please..” Peter pleaded, looking up at you through his wet hair.

You shook your head, a few tears slipping down your cheeks.

“Never speak to me again, in fact, I never want to see you again Peter.” You backed away from him, Liz wrapping her arms around you before dragging you off.

She gave Peter a look over her shoulder, which crushed Peter even more, he really screwed up.

He turned around, but noticed everyone was looking at him in pure shock and anger.

“Nice going Penis Parker!” Flash shouted, which made everyone else agree with him.

This was the longest day of Peter’s life.

Back at the Avengers headquarters, you rushed into the building, slamming the door behind you.

“Whoa hey what’s wrong Y/N?” Steve stood up, glancing at Natasha who looked equally as concerned.

Tears were streaming down your cheeks, you slowly looked up at the two, their expressions changing from concern to anger.

“H-He cheated on me.” You spoke in a whisper, your voice wavering as you stood there, your heart crumbling even more.

“No he didn’t, there’s no way.” Natasha shook her head in disbelief, looking at Steve who looked pissed as hell.

Steve pulled you into a hug, you let out a few sobs, before going to your room.

You sat there on your bed, trying to figure out what you should do first, but a knock on your door pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Hey kiddo..” Tony walked in, his heart breaking at the sight of you.

“Hey dad.” You smiled weakly, wiping your cheeks from the tears.

Tony walked over to you, pulling you into a side hug, and before you knew it, you were breaking down, letting out every emotion you had been bottling up.

Tony hated this feeling, he hated seeing you so broken, and he was one to keep his word, there would be consequences.

You soon had found out Tony had taken Peter’s Spider-Man suit from him, he told Peter he had wanted him to be better, and that if he was nothing without the suit then he just shouldn’t have it.

A part of you was sad for him, but at the same time you didn’t have a single care in the world.

Oh sometimes I pray for you at night,

Someday, maybe you’ll see the light.

A few weeks had gone by since your breakup with Peter, you had gotten rid of about everything he had given you, except a box of his belongings that you needed to deliver.

You hadn’t seen him since that day in the cafeteria, so you knew it was going to be a bit awkward.

Tony had kicked him out of the Avengers building, so you had to travel to his apartment.

You knocked on his door, awkwardly waiting for someone to answer.

When Peter opened the door, seeing you was a shock, he wasn’t expecting that at all.

“Y/N.” He breathed out, making your eyes snap up to meet his.

“I have the rest of your stuff.” You handed him the box, then crossed your arms.

“Uh, um, thanks.” Peter mumbled, setting the box on the ground.

“Well, bye.” You glanced at him one more time before walking down the hallway, only to be stopped by him.

“Y/N, please let me explain.” Peter pleaded once again, making you stop and turn around.

“No let me.” You glared at him, making his eyes widen a bit.

You almost had me fooled, but after everything you’ve done, I can thank you for how strong I have become.” You ran your fingers through your hair, trying to choose your words carefully.

“Y/N, I never meant to hurt you.” Peter tried to intervene but you held your hand up.

You put me through hell, I had to learn how to fight for myself, and we both know all the truth I could tell, I’ll just say this is I wish you farewell.” You gave a small smile, before turning around and walking down the hallway.

There was no way you were going to give into his bullshit speech about how he messed up and wished he never did what he did.

Peter watched you walk away from him, his heart breaking into pieces.

But he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

You were sitting at the table in the kitchen, listening to your music.

I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’,

I hope your soul is changin’, changin’,

I hope you find your peace,

Falling on your knees, prayin’.

You couldn’t help but hum along to the words, you felt connected to the song in so many ways.

Steve and Natasha were in the living room, hearing you sing along to the song, their hearts breaking a bit.

Peter had really hurt you, and it was their job also to protect you.

You were singing along to the song when someone walked up to you, you glanced up only to be met by Peter.

“Y/N, please just let me talk to you.” Peter begged, making you roll your eyes in annoyance.

Can’t he just leave you alone?

“What’s there to talk about? You cheated on me, the end.” You stated bluntly, making Peter cringe.

“Nothing really happened between Michelle and I, it was a dare.” Peter tried to explain, but you were already over it.

I’m proud of who I am, I don’t need you, I found strength I’ve never known.” You sighed, looking at Peter who was still stunned.

“Peter, you need to leave.” You motioned towards the door, he nodded slowly, knowing it was no use, he had really messed up the best thing in his life.


Oh, some say, in life, you’re gonna get what you give,

But some things only God can forgive,

I hope you’re somewhere prayin’, prayin’,

I hope your soul is changin’, changin’,

I hope you find your peace,

Falling on your knees,


People seem to act like Bucky is the only person with severe PTSD, when Tony Stark has been suffering from it since he picked the funvee.

Yeah Bucky deserves help. Yes Tony made some shitty choices regarding that situation, and if Steve had actually treated him like a person and told him about his parents, maybe he would have been in the mental headspace to be able to help Bucky instead. I mean I love Steve, but he treats Tony like piece of chewing gum stuck to his shoe. 

But people rarely seem willing to acknowledge the amount of mental crap that Tony has to deal with. I mean after we take into account the extreme physiological issues he has given the toxic environment he grew up in, having to be raised in the public eye, expected to become the most powerful private citizen in america, he was then:

1. Blown up by his own bomb, resulting in the deaths of multiple young soldiers who he was befriending

2. Confronted with the fact that his extremely advanced bombs were being sold without his knowledge on the black market and being used to kill civilians. 

3. Forced to undergo a brutal invasive surgery and recover in a dank cave.

4. Waterborded for 3 months (as a civilian, and with a massive electrical device in his chest that could short out at any moment)

5. Betrayed by a man that he viewed as more of a father than his own dad. Discouvered not only did he sell Tonys tech on the black market, but he also ordered the hit on him, and then attempts to kill him again- for monetary gain- by yanking out his heart.

6. Found out the only thing keeping him alive was also poisoning him to death

7. Came face to face with the man who his father idolised and gave him a massive inferiority complex over, and was told by that man that he was pathetic. 

8. Flew a nuke through a wormhole into space.

9. Had his home blown up on top of him

10. Was ‘killed’ and none of his newfound avengers friends showed up to help him

11. His girlfriend was hurt just to ‘prove a point’ to him which plays right into his guilt issues.

12. When he reached out to one of those absent friends to explain his story, said friend fell asleep, and it was treated like a comedy moment rather that Tony being activly ignored with he was trying to ask for someone to listen to him. 

13. Someone went into his mind and gave him visions of all his friends dead because of him. 

14. Was blamed for creating a mechanical supervillan who killed hundreds of people when a) it actually largley created itself, and b) his actions where triggered by someone who never got held accountable for any of it.

15. Lost one of the only ‘people’ he truely trusted- J.A.R.V.I.S. Ultron even says he ‘killed the other guy’. Once again no one sympathised with him- they instead yelled at him.

16. Was once again blamed for absolutely everything by the man his father raised him to idolise. 

17. The woman he loved dumped him because of his continued involvment with the avengers (which was probably a very healthy move on Pepper’s part, but not great for Tony’s guilt issues or his headspace).

18. Was confronted by a woman who actively blamed him for her sons death in the Ultron incident. 

18. Decided to sign a legal agreement which would stop him being able to create a program like Ultron again because of his guilt. Got yelled at for essentially ‘selling out’. Got told their judgment is still the best despite all of his choices being belittled and judged to the enth degree. 

19. His best friend is paralysed because of a massive fight with someone he trusted.

20. People who he used to trust and call his friends verbally deride him for trying to do the right thing for once, rather than actually try and talk to him and understan his point of view, or concil him against it. 

21. Found out that someone he considered a friend lied to him about his parents, and most specifically his mothers, death, and is now protecting their murderer from any justice or even formal treatment, for his own self interest, even when its been shown said killer can easily be reactivated

22. Beaten half to death by two supersoldiers and then abandoned in siberia.

I mean Tony is NOT perfect, he fucks up A LOT, but when other people in MCU fuck up or have trouble people sympathise with them, but when its Tony, all they do is just judge him and belittle him

average day

I feel so bad for Ivan. Like he has to deal with so much. I mean i’m pretty sure this is his daily life:

“Estonia, this is an important. Got off your laptop.”

“Belarus. Personal space, please, I’m not asking again.”

“Wasn’t Ukraine supposed to be at this meeting? Where is she?”

“Lativa, we were talking about economies! How the hell did you get on the topic of goth music? Stop rambling!”

“Liet, you’re giving everyone that ‘i’m scared for life’ look again. Is that expression permanently on your face or?”














“Wow, you actually punched me in the face…”

“Great, Poland declared war and Lithuania is dead.”

“I blame all of you. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

This is basically a very small examination of my favorite Marvel character, Tony Stark, based on this post

Tony Stark has always been a very dynamic character. He’s the confident, suave, genius, billionare, playboy, philanthropist wearing the badass metal suit. His sassiness, wise-cracking, and attitude are familiar and entertaining. To me, he can be downright lovable. I can see why he’s not a favorite to some. The narcissism, the unprofessionalism, the immaturity, the condescending remarks. But I’m not really writing this to recruit Tony Stark fans. This is more of an analysis (especially on his PTSD, like the post linked above) that I hope will deepen the already-existent appreciation of his character. Keep in mind that I STILL haven’t seen Age of Ultron or Captain America: Civil War please. Occasional ranting will occur, so I apologize in advance.


  • Just to start, both of Tony’s parents were murdered.
  • Fast forward a couple decades, Tony gets kidnapped by FREAKIN TERRORISTS! During the kidnapping, he witnesses the violent death of young American soldiers and gets hit by shrapnel. Then he’s taken back to the terrorist base, has an incredibly painful crack surgery done on his chest with no anesthesia, until he’s not knocked out with what looks like chloroform. Then he wakes up with a chunk of metal surgically attached to his chest and is obviously freaking out before that scene ends (I mean I would too, I would think I’d been fuckin cyborged!). AND he can’t take it out or he’ll die. He’s kept in captivity with those terrorists for 3 WHOLE MONTHS, and is even subjected to water torture on one occasion.
  • When Tony escapes from the terrorist compound, his only friend and ally in those 3 months of captivity is killed.
  • Tony’s mentor, business partner, and friend, who had been in his life since he was a child, reveals he’s been using Tony as a “golden goose”, and had arranged for him to be kidnapped and killed by the terrorists. I mean, THAT BETRAYAL. Then the guy tries to kill Tony again, multiple times.
  • THEN, Tony is literally dying. I mean he’s actually dying. He’s slowly being poisoned from the inside-out by the electromagnet in his chest, which he can’t remove or he’ll die. So he’s basically got a terminal illness (of which he luckily cures HIMSELF later).
  • While being a part of the Avengers, Tony flies a nuke into a wormhole to space to save millions of lives, while under the belief that he won’t make it back before the wormhole closes. He loses consciousness believing that he will die alone, in the empty nothingness of space.
  • Fast forward again, and Tony has PTSD. Like full-on flashbacks and crippling panic attacks. And just to top it off, he gets ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SYMPATHY FROM ANYONE, not even from his best friend or girlfriend. Even Bruce fucking Banner falls asleep while Tony is telling him his story. FOR REAL?
  • Aaaaand his home is destroyed and falls into the ocean, with him underwater trying to hold it up. I’m sure that does wonders for his PTSD.

Every superhero has been through their fair share of tragedy, I’m not denying that in the slightest. But I think people (even his own fans) forget just how much trauma Stark has experienced. It’s easy to; Tony Stark covers up so much with narcissism, wise-cracks, and attitude. Frankly the only times Stark really shows that he has some strictly mental issues to work through are during Iron Man 3. If you had first met Tony Stark right before The Avengers, you would never guess he’d been held captive by terrorists for three months (something for which I am shocked he doesn’t have PTSD) and had suffered through and survived a terminal illness. His personality wouldn’t allow you to even consider that. He effectively covers it up will rebellious antics and jokes and immaturity. 

But we know what’s happened to him. We’ve seen it. We’ve watched the movies. We have witnessed his traumatic experiences firsthand.

So when it comes to Iron Man 3, it’s always a surprise when I see some of his fans, y’know, hating on him for being…


Iron Man 3 comes along and so many of his fans are so confused and annoyed with his obvious emotional and mental issuesand I’m just sitting here like, “Honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.” For real, this guy has been through SO much, and some people in the audience and even in the movie itself don’t give half of a fuck about his mental state. He has PTSD and people are sitting there being disappointed that he didn’t wear the suit enough. WHICH WAS KIND THE THEME OF THE MOVIE. Sorry, ranting, ranting…

With all the trauma in his life, it’s honestly a miracle that it’s taken him four movies to finally experience any sort of mental struggle, and he gets very little understanding from the characters alongside him and the audience (even when it’s full of his fans). It’s more than a little disappointing and sad that such a large number of people are so unreceptive to his problems, especially when it seems very obvious why he possesses them. 

Iron Man is a superhero, but Tony Stark said it himself: “I am Iron Man.” You can’t separate the two. Without Stark, Iron Man won’t exist. Stark is the one who willingly put his life on the line to fly a nuke into a wormhole to save the lives of millions. Tony Stark is a human being, with human problems, a human brain, and human emotions. He’s not perfect. He’s human, and I think the very least his fans can do is judge him as such.

k but tony stark is literally that character that survives every single time even when all the fucking odds are against him.

obadiah stane orders hit for his assassination in afghanistan, “ha! bitch u thought!”

gets chest full of shrapnel that is dangerously close to his heart? “i’ll just build a miniaturised arc reactor from this box of scraps here in this cave to stop it from entering my heart”

is tortured and held captive by afghan insurgents for three months? “Laters, haters” he says, as he flies out of the terrorist base camp in a metal suit he made from a different box of scraps

slowly dying from palladium poisoning from the arc reactor core? “well that’s a Minor Inconvenience. i’ll just fucking synthesise a new fucking element in my fucking basement. there, Fixed”

flies a nuke through a wormhole into space and almost dies? “HA! BITCH. I BET U FUCKING THOUGHT”

That Would Be Enough (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: This has been in my google docs for months and I found it again this morning lol. It was like two paragraphs away from being finished. Sooo, I finished it. Originally this was going to follow the song more closely but it kind of got away from me once I started lol. But yeah, this fic is vaguely inspired by “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton. Also, I’ve never been pregnant or had a baby before so most of my knowledge comes from seeing other people I know do all this lol. So, I’m sorry if there are parts that are inaccurate.

Word Count: ~2871

Warning(s): Mentions of canon typical violence (this is post-fight), Pregnant!Reader, Enhanced!Reader (accelerated healing, healing abilities, high endurance), Vague Medical Stuff, Slight Angst, Fluff, and I think that’s all?

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I was on top of an empty medical supply crate, I think, nursing a nasty cut on my arm and intermittently looking out over what was left of the city. Mostly I was just staunching the bleeding as I waited for the cut to seal itself, I was pretty lacking in the energy department after the fight so my healing factor was a little slower than normal. I was a few blocks away from the Tower, too tired to head back just yet. Another world-ending battle over New York City, I mean, what else is new? We took a heavy hit, of course, but thankfully it seems like the city is mostly intact. The team, on the other hand, had seen better days. Everyone was alive but clearly more than a little shaken up. They had just gotten back from a month-long mission when the attack started and I had wanted to tell him then but I didn’t get the chance.

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Cold war cold war cold war plz. like how it started/ended and major things that went down during the time epriod

okay! sorry this got a little long, but it’s like a 40+ year thing, and i tried to hit every major event that affected america.

so basically the cold war starts in 1945 as wwii ends. essentially president truman is like “great working with you to take down those nazis and the japanese, stalin’s soviet union! but you’re actually a communist dictatorship so………..” and tensions between america and the ussr start rising again.

then in 1947, truman announces his truman doctrine, which basically states that the us will help protect and rebuild any countries threatened by communism, aka eastern european countries bordering the ussr. (this is called the theory of containment: keeping communism IN the ussr and not letting it spread.) the u.s. rebuilds a lot of europe using this massive aid package program thing called the marshall plan.

also, after wwii, we divided germany into pieces to be occupied by allied countries. this included splitting the capital, berlin, literally in half. the western half would be the “american” (capitalist) half, and the eastern the “soviet” (communist) half. so in 1948, stalin actually blockades the western half that’s supposed to be free from soviet rule, and we literally have to airlift provisions in until the blockade lifts in 1949. this, as you can imagine, is NOT good for our relations. also, around this time in ‘49, soviets start testing nukes and china becomes communist under mao zedong, so you can imagine how bad that is from the american perspective.

then in 1950, the korean war starts, and that’s going to last a bit over three years until 1953. communist north korea starts fighting capitalist south korea, and while this isn’t an ~official~ war between the usa and ussr, we both send in troops to back up our preferred side, and the war essentially ends in a draw, with the border in pretty much the same place as it was before and is today.

so the years after wwii are essentially a race between americans and soviets to contain communism and to spread it, respectively. this means that the 1950s are a time of MASSIVE paranoia in america. everyone is afraid everyone else is a communist spy. a bonus fact apush graders like: during this time, ethel and julius rosenberg became the first people executed for spying during peacetime.

there’s also this senator named joe mccarthy who becomes one of the most outspoken anti-communists, and he basically accuses tons of americans of being spies and brings them before this committee he formed called the “house un-american activities committee.” included in this list are even well-known and beloved celebrities, like lucille ball from i love lucy. he also said he had a list of 205 government employees who were communists. dude was TOTALLY off his rocker, and eventually his downfall comes about because of this thing where he was basically exposed as a liar in 1954. his whole deeply paranoid anti-communist zeal thing becomes known as mccarthyism, and the incident as a whole becomes known as the red scare. they don’t teach about it as much, but there was also a lavender scare at the same time: fear of gays in the government, because the theory was that gay state officials would be more likely to give up state secrets if they could be blackmailed into being outed.

also, this whole cold war leads to 2 important “races”: the space race, and the nuclear arms race. both names are pretty self-explanatory: the space race is trying to get into space/advance space technology faster, and the arms race is who can stock more nukes. we definitely remember the space race more; it’s what led to things like the moon landing in 1969.

also, the soviets build a LITERAL wall down the middle of berlin in 1961. it’s called the berlin wall, obviously, and pretty much no one can get across it.

anyway, in 1962 under president john f. kennedy we have this thing called the cuban missile crisis. basically an american plane flying over cuba (now communist under fidel castro, and after a failed 1961 effort on america’s part to get locals to overthrow the communists known as the bay of pigs invasion), which is only about 90 miles from florida, gets photos of soviet nukes pointed directly at america! which is bad. so we set up a naval blockade around cuba in response, and for about two weeks, we’re pretty much on the brink of nuclear war. after 13 days, we reach an agreement: the ussr will get rid of its cuban missiles if we get rid of ours in turkey, which is too close to the soviet union for comfort.

THEN the vietnam war starts in 1965. (well, troops from france had been there years earlier, but we don’t jump in until 1965.) a lot like the korean war, it’s america supporting the south against the soviet union supporting communists in the north. very long, very ugly, very complicated, and two million people did, the vast majority of which were unfortunately vietnamese citizens. eventually we pull out in under president gerald ford in 1975, south vietnam falls to communism, and this is generally chalked up as an L for america in the history books. also, the ussr is now led by a dude named brezhnev, and he and nixon (president from 1969-1973) actually engaged in a policy called “detente,” which is actually a LESSENING of tensions? because we might have been fighting a war through proxy but at least we weren’t trying to nuke each other.

in 1979, the ussr invades afghanistan and we arm local militia groups to fight them. we end up regretting this very soon, as this is what’s going to lead to some groups we now know as al qaeda and the taliban. (the u.s. pretty much destabilized the entire middle east in the ‘70s, which is why it’s constantly at war now.) the soviets get kicked out, but we boycott the 1980 moscow olympics because of this.

okay, so now it’s the mid-80s, and reagan is president and a dude named mikhail gorbachev is the new soviet leader. reagan tries building a space weapons program literally called “star wars” in 1983. it doesn’t really go anywhere. gorbachev is actually more chill than previous soviet leaders, though. he has these policies of “perestroika” and “glasnost,” which mean “restructuring” and “openness,” respectively. during this time, he does his best to somewhat rebuild the corrupt soviet government in a way that’s more helpful and transparent to the people. reagan gives a very famous speech with the line “mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall!” about the berlin wall. finally, in 1989, the berlin wall is torn down. that year is easy to remember, because it’s the same as taylor swift’s megahit album.

finally, in 1991, the warsaw pact (which was what held the constituent countries of the soviet union together) dissolves, the ussr is no more, and while obviously tensions between the usa and that area aren’t just gone automatically, the cold war is effectively ended.

sorry this turned into a novel. hope this helped!

“I guess it’ll take more than a kiss to heal damage from the Diamonds.”


The Diamonds are directly responsible for corrupting the Crystal Gems.

This is HUGE.

I can see a picture forming in my head. Back in Same Old World, we witnessed a mass recall ordered from Homeworld. Gems rushed off-planet, then a huge blinding flash erupted from the sky. Using the information I know, I now have reason to suspect that said flash was the cause of Gem Corruption.

Why else would there be a mass recall order? The Diamonds were preparing to nuke Earth from space with their twisted magic. They wouldn’t want their faithful on the ground when the blast hit.

So… Rose, Garnet, and Pearl survived thanks to Rose’s shield. Amethyst was still in the ground. Lapis was in a mirror. Everyone else… are stuck in a shape-shift form.

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im sorry this'll be the only ask i send you in terms of the other avengers but just in regards to that previous ask, didn't tony technically 'die' in front of the other avengers already? like he flew a nuke into space and steve ordered the portal closed? they didn't really care back then, how will it change if he were to die in IW??? He deserves to live. He deserves better than the other avengers.

One of the things I hate the most about the way Tony is treated in MCU canon is that he’s just. Treated so badly?? By so many people?? And it’s considered NORMAL?? Like, no one bats an eye. Including Tony. It’s just. Horrible to see how they treat him sometimes?? And so often it’s played off as a joke, played for laughs, and that… is so much worse? Cause we’re supposed to find it funny, apparently, how these supposed friends are treating him, and it’s… actually not funny?

So the main example I’m thinking about at the moment (because I just saw the movie again and it’s fresh in my mind and I’m legitimately angry) is that Bruce, in IM3, falls asleep almost as soon as Tony starts talking to him, and then sleeps through the whole damn tale. And like. He doesn’t even apologise, I don’t think? He says something like “I’m sorry, I’m just not that kind of doctor,” but that’s neither an apology nor a valid excuse.

like, who gives a shit what kind of doctor you are?? You’re supposed to be Tony’s friend?? It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocket scientist or a pre-school teacher. Your friend opened up to you about a traumatic experience he had, and you fell asleep, and the only excuse you can offer is that you’re not that kind of doctor??

I mean, buddy. I’m not ANY kind of doctor, but if a friend opened up to me about a traumatic experience, I damn well wouldn’t fall asleep throughout the story.

If Bruce had been genuinely apologetic and had said something like “I’m sorry, I just - I haven’t slept for 72 hours and it just caught up with me” or something like that, that would have been at least understandable. Forgivable. But “I’m sorry, I’m just not that kind of doctor”?? Really???

Tony is a guy who never asks for help, who never reaches out - who retreats into himself and becomes more and more self-destructive the more serious the situation he’s struggling with is (lookin at you, entire plot of IM2), and here he has come to a friend, seeking a listening ear —- and his “friend” fell the fuck asleep because he’s “not that kind of doctor”.

I mean, Bruce, I like you, but - do you even give a shit about Tony? Cause that whole thing kinda makes it seem like you don’t. Because if you gave a shit, you would have listened.

And there are so many of these kinds of moments? Like, Howard and Stane we can leave out, because Howard was a shit father but at least never pretended otherwise, and Stane pretended to give a damn about Tony but turned out to be a complete murdering, usurping dickwad, so for the sake of cleanliness we’ll leave them both out of this.

But Pepper has so many moments with Tony too that are actually really harsh? And you’d think she’d know Tony the best out of everyone, but even still, sometimes she does things and it’s like, can you not see how much what you just said hurt him? Can you not see? Do you really have no idea how deeply you just cut him? Like the scene where he comes to talk to her after signing over the company to her in IM2. I get that she’s mad at him for the whole birthday party debacle. But I genuinely don’t understand how she could have been present for that whole scene and not registered that something was Seriously Wrong with Tony, and also that he was Seriously Hurting, and then as if that wasn’t enough that he was Seriously Upset by the time he left her office. Like. It’s so clear to see? The guy wears his heart on his sleeve, it’s not hard to spot when he’s hurting, but she certainly missed it there, and has on other occasions too.

and Steve, wow that’s a whole kettle of fish. I’m team “they both have valid points and I can entirely understand where they’re coming from and can we all just calm the fuck down and talk to each other rationally and calmly” regarding civil war, but there is no denying that Steve hurt Tony DEEP with that whole thing. The whole thing, start to finish. There was no part of the interactions with Cap in Civil War that didn’t hurt Tony deeply. The “he’s my friend” “so was i” exchange still hurts me in my soul.

And - “Do you remember that time I flew a nuke into space” and everyone’s all like “Ugh, man, this again, seriously? when are you gonna stop riding that pony” and it’s like, um, guys. He LITERALLY flew a NUKE into SPACE to SAVE MANHATTEN AND ALL YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASSES. He can ride that damn pony as long as he damn well likes? How dare you reply to him with eye rolls and annoyed dismissal? What the fuck??

But like - these are all big moments. There are so many little moments as well. Throw away comments and little side reactions and etc. Like, from IM1 to Cap there’s a fucking litany of them.

But the worst bit is that Tony never even seems to notice any of that? Like, he just keeps on rolling, doesn’t even register that everyone’s mocking him, or sighing tiredly at him, or dismissing him, or etc. He’s so used to being treated like shit that he doesn’t even register it anymore? There’s not even a pause as he registers the hurtful moment and then elects to not respond to it, or not call them on it —- he just doesn’t notice. People treat him like shit, and he doesn’t notice.

this is the guy who gives his heart and soul to those he cares about - who pours his time, money, blood, sweat and tears into caring for the people he gives a damn about. And when they treat him like shit he doesn’t even notice.

In case you somehow managed to think, “Oh, gee! Adam Taurus sure deserves a Redemption arc!” How do we fix that?

One RWBY Season 5 Episode 2 later…

You are now back to having a desire to stab his testicles with forks.

Then sticking them in a toaster while they’re still loged is his balls and dick.

And then putting him, the fork and toaster in a bathtub.

And then nuking him from space.

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So I was at a airbnb condo in mid July. I cut my stay short because there were like little sesame sized little black bugs running all over my laptop in and out of my ports. I don't know what they are exactly but they did not like light. So I haven't used the laptop since that stay. I've kept it wrapped in plastic in a bin. I'm kind of scared to use it because what if it's full of bug eggs waiting to hatch. What should I do? Any suggestions would help.

Ah, yikes. I would have recommended like, wrapping your entire suitcase in plastic, washing all your clothes at super high temps to kill the bugs, and doing some kind of nuke-from-space decontamination, because that does sound like bedbugs. But eggs hatch in 6-10 days so if you don’t have a bedbug infestation you are probably ok? Clothing-wise at least. 

As for the laptop, Wired recommends Neem oil, which is stinky but effective. If they aren’t bedbugs, you’ll need to identify what they are (fleas? mites of some kind?) and then you can google for how best to kill them. The nice thing is that laptops have been around so long that anything which CAN infest them WILL…which means other people have had to deal with it too! 

Skywarp: His Powers and Abandonment- A Hypothesis

Yes, you read the title right. We’re going there. I’m going to be discussing Skywarp’s character and powers, and how it relates to the probability of him having abandonment issues. Well, I’m just experimenting with the idea, so there is going to be some speculation thrown around. It’s only a possibility, but it wouldn’t be too bad to give it a shot though.

I love the three Seekers and it’s understandable even with their IDW’s developments so far. I want to read Thundercracker’s moments on Earth, and Starscream being a ruler of Cybertron. So, for now, I’ll stick to reading All Hail Megatron online, The Transformers (Ex-)Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets the Eye in volumes for the time being. Skywarp on the other hand, well, his only development so far is that he can’t control his form because his teleportation is malfunctioning from getting stabbed while he was re-materializing. He’s been trying to get someone to help him and with no avail. Then joins G.I. Joe because he was left on Bikini Atoll in an abandoned EDC base filled with Dire Wraiths for two days straight, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be bitter about this. Yeah, I noticed that Skywarp is the most underdeveloped character in the Transformers universe. He’s a thug who pulls pranks and can teleport when you boil down his main bio, right? Personally, I think there is more to him then we realized. I will be using the comics as evidence for this post. But, how do I accomplish such a task without getting around to reading the later issues? Research, and lots of it.

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