As promised, a species guide for the CHEMeleon, as seen (or more like “to be seen”) in my animated short, Nukeland. (Props to cameronaugust for the awesome species name!)
Chemeleons are a post-apocalyptic race of mutant chameleons grown to the size of a hippo (at max) with the level of intelligence similar to dogs’. They’re mainly carnivores that like to prey on the less fortunate creatures of the wasteland. Their cunning and formidability makes them the perfect hunter.
When two Chemeleons meet to reproduce, they decide which one gets to lay and hatch eggs by dueling and showing dominance. The egg laying parent then chases away the weaker partner and raises 1-6 hatchlings. Separation happens from one day to another, as the “mother” quickly loses sense of parenthood and chases off its own offsprings. Chemeleons are solitary creatures who seek out each other for mating/duels only.


  • you don’t have to ask me if you can make one, go ahead and do it! I would LOVE to see what you come up with! :)
  • if you do make one, please give credit to me for the species
  • I reserve all rights to the species and the designs I have displayed are not to be copied or used for profit

gfp-monster  asked:

would you mind telling us more about nukeland? it looks pretty cool!

Hey there! Thanks for asking! I’ve been whining here about Nukeland for at least a year but I guess it would be good to make an actual post about what it is and what’s going on and why am I so bitchy about it all the time. :)

So as you might know, I went to college back in Hungary (I’m living in the US now but I’m 100% Hungarian) to learn animation. I got my Bachelor’s degree and decided to go for Master’s. Why not, education is free! Where else am I going to get a Master’s degree without burying myself into debt, right?
I got all my credits and everything, all that is left to get my degree is to create/direct an animated short film and write a thesis.
After stressing way too much (~2 years) about what my movie should be, I decided on Nukeland and worked with a screenplay-writer on the story and developed the two characters, Fluffy (the ghoul) and Butch (the mutant chameleon).

The story has been severely cut since the original idea - the animatic now is at around 5-6 minutes. It’s practically slapstick comedy set in a Fallout-Metro2033 inspired post-apocalyptic world. Fluffy is trying to find a nuclear shelter (vault) but unfortunately for him, the tunnel leading to the entrance is the lair of the murderous mutated chameleon, Butch. They meet, chase and once some spare nukes get launched, they run for their lives.
I got a story consultant (who helped me immensely), a fantastic music composer and a sound designer I’ve yet to work with.
At this moment I’m stressing over backgrounds because I’m really not that good at them and I feel like someone else would do much more justice to telling a story through the environment. However, I don’t know any background artists from back home whose style would go well with my characters so now I’m drawing layouts for some painters my production manager found for me. (Sadly, I can only employ Hungarians because the institute providing us money does not pay foreigners.)

I also plan on animating it all myself in TVPaint. I’ve started on it but stopped at some point due to the overwhelming stress that came with handling the whole thing alone. At this point I do have to finish it because people need to get paid and I need a good showreel and a movie that was entirely made by me. (I’ve only ever worked in others’ movies.) I have to remind myself every day that I’m not an awful artist for wanting to make something silly instead of something deep and for wanting to be a simple animator instead of a director.
I am terribly thankful to all of you who have shown interest in Nukeland because I did not get that kind of enthusiasm from anywhere else but Cam.

There are plenty more posts about it in the Nukeland tag and also here’s an animatic that still needs editing and sound effects. This is the first draft of music so that will change a bit as well!