nuka cola quartz

wightworms  asked:

top 3 ways to kill the legion at nipton

The Eva Ohnoproblems Special:  blow vulpes inculta up with mines, grab his hat, put on his hat, grab his chainsaw knife, chase after everyone else with your chainsaw knife

My New Fighting Technique Is Invincible/That Last Fight Between Jackie Chan and Ken Lo In Drunken Master II: avoid nipton for almost the entirety of the game, careful not to progress the key plot to a point where the legion are coming up to you at NV to tell you caesar wants to see you. focus on leveling up unarmed to maximum. beef up your health, too. arrive at nipton, completely unclothed. pop a slasher, a turbo, buffout, ultra jet, rushing water, nuka cola quantum, quartz and victory, basically, whatever you’ve got. punch them all to death.

City Slickers 3: Curly’s Slow Revenge: set up a huge fucking goddamn group of mines on the legion’s walking path, DEEP into that path. bonus: shoot a nuke at it if you feel like it.

atomic-productions  asked:

I am a big fan. I must know though is Nuka-Cola Quartz and Nuka-Cola Cola Victory a product of the Nuka-Cola Co. Or is it like Nuka-Cola Fusion and made by people after the great was?

Quartz and Victory were both conceived as limited-release regional variants of Nuka-Cola.