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Eternal Steel and... what should I name Hancock’s?

So I was quite proud of myself. After months of self-doubt, I finally bit the bullet and mixed up fragrances for Maxson and Hancock.

The result? Fucking perfection. I based these on their coats. Both involve tobacco and booze, but that’s where the course alters. Maxson’s has leather, cold steel, rich bourbon and vanilla tobacco, a touch of ozone from laser rifles; an interesting mix of warm and sharp notes. Hancock’s has a hint of grape mentats, a touch of gunpowder, and a pleasant blend of musk, patchouli, and amber (all sweetened with a bit of caramel) because damn, that’s an old coat.

Show me some interest and I’ll reopen my Etsy shop. I’ve sold fandom-based perfumes/colognes for years, and before closing it, I did have scents for Danse (”power armor grease & testosterone”, indeed), Valentine, MacCready, Piper, Nuka Cola (and cherry as well), Fancy Lads, perhaps a few other things. If I’m being honest, they tended to sell out immediately.

I had already made base notes for things like hubflowers, tarberries, etc., and had a Cait fragrance in the works. I suppose Deacon will have to be limited to products like body butter, because he’d be fragrance-free, right?  ;)

Encourage me if this sounds like fun. Got any good ideas for companions I haven’t mentioned here? Please let me know!!  :)


“Atom Kitty” & “Nuka Girl” 8.5" x 11″

Vic Hollins, 2016.

Prints are 12$ each, or both for 20$!~

Oswald the Outrageous and two of his ghoul buddies

@smudgeless sorry i was going to draw a Vegas stage behind him but nah

the darker the screen, the cooler it looks(i swear)

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its a pretty good dlc tho i think it's worth playing. just make a new character to play it with?

The Inflation of Fallout’s World

The character isn’t the actual problem, really. The fact that I need a specific character to play the dlc is though. The fact that the dlc exists so that the player can fuck some shit up instead of giving us additional important lore, is. The fact that Bethesda chooses to over-use funny details that have been part of Fallout since the very beginning and became this game’s symbol, is. (x)

Nuka Cola has always been a symbol of Fallout, much like the Vault Boy. Bethesda chose to take such a symbol and basically strip it of its importance by overusing it. (x)

Bethesda knew what kind of effect Nuka Colas has on the fans, and realized that they don’t have to come up with new things for a dlc - they can well enough use something that has held an enourmous importance for the fandom for ages and just screw with this part of the world.

They did the same thing with Vault Boy. They put it everywhere, into every corner of the game, there was a Vault Boy popping up on your screen for every little shit, making sounds that made it impossible for it to remain unnoticed. And while the difference between the usage of the Vault Boy symbol in this game wasn’t that different from other games, the amount of Vault Boys in the game is still overwhelming. Why? Because it’s an iconic symbol. Because the fans want it, because the fans love it, and-

if we give them what they’ve always liked, maybe they won’t notice that we haven’t given much thought to the game at all?

If we give them a lot of cute Vault Boys, maybe they will think that this is a real Fallout game and won’t notice that we stripped it of basically everything that defined the game up to this point? There are Vault Boys!

If we give them a lot of Nuka Colas maybe they will feel like we explored the canon and feeling of Fallout? There’s Nuka Cola! Lots of it! More than ever!

More than ever, yes. By the way, remember this?

Good old Nuka Cola Quantum - the one and only. The thing Sierra Petrovita was after in Fallout 3. The thing that always was the reason for a joyful and surprised reaction it us: yay! Quantum!

The fact that it caused such a strong reaction because of its rarity isn’t the only important thing. Fallout 3′s canon showed that the company might have done a few questionable things, like adding a radioctive isotope into their drinks which made people’s urine glow for the next few weeks. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I have seen no indication of Nuka Cola’s shady business plans being a part of the dlc. I don’t see any information about side effects Nuka Cola’s other creations can have on the person. Instead there are various gangs, a lot of shooting and, of course, another “do it yourself” banch.

If you want to make a dlc about Nuka Cola, why not delve deeper into the lore you yourself created and show us what the company was doing inside their buildings, what plans they had? That would have been a dlc you could have played with every character. But no. Gangs. Shooting. Funny colored bottles.

Fallout 4 has one characteristic that is noticeable in many, many apects of the game: it’s that we have a lot of variations of one thing.

  • We don’t have ghouls. We have 14 kinds of ghouls. 3 of them are glowing ones.
  • We don’t have supermutants. We have 14 kinds of supermutants.
  • We don’t have Nuka Cola. We have 17 types of it.

They ultimately exist to do one thing: to fill the game with something.

While it was never boring to explore every little location in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, it is basically pointless to do so in Fallout 4. There are a lot of buildings, and they are empty. There is a wide world, but with these empty buildings, it is hollow. To fill it with something, 14 kinds of ghouls and 14 kinds of supermutants exist. 7 types of mirelurks. 9 kinds of radstags. 12 kinds of mongrels…

…and so on.

I’d like to call it the Inflation of Fallout’s world, meaning that the quantity of an object grows, but the cost of it sinks. The more Nuka Cola variations are being created, the less Nuka Cola as a symbol is worth. The more types of ghouls exist, the less we are interested in what kind of ghoul we are currently fighting.

We have a lot of things that cost nothing anymore. That’s what is happening to Fallout’s lore and world at the moment. This is also why I do not want to play Nuka World.

Long story short: I’m a Sunset Sarsaparilla person.


Fallout 3 trailer to Fallout 4 trailer gifset comparison.  

Look how far we’ve come Wastelanders… 

My first gifset, may as well be something I love.