nuka break spoilers

Nuka break had a more gripping story than i thought it would. 

  • Escaping from slavery and retribution but not just deciding the emotional depth of the abuse is vengeance/anger. It’s painful and complicated.
  • The emotional complications of Ghouls living through the War and the memory problems and maybe not wanting to remember, or even if you want to– becoming Feral isn’t a choice
  • There are heroes in everyone, sometimes it’s just bloody and hard to get to it. Other times its really easy. It depends. 

Also you have a cast of characters that know their shit.

A viewing list because the last post didn’t work, link wise:

  1. Nuka Break: Red Star
    1. Set in the Fallout: Nuka Break universe, this story follows a ranger on a mission to find a person of interest.
  2. Fallout: Nuka Break - Fan Film
    1. Twig, Ben, and Scar are introduced
  3. Fallout: Nuka Break - Complete First Season
    1. All of the first season compiled into one 45ish minute long ep.
  4. Fallout: Nuka Break - Complete Second Season
    1. What it says on the tin