The sensation of flying by herself was indescribable , even if for a few moments. Francine laughed, and her laughter was regarded as a chime of bells sounding clear and nice, spreading the bright glyphs that symbolized the sound around there.
“Scarfy , look at meee ! Wohooooo ! This is so funny, oh mon Dieu ! ” 

When she landed on the ground, the blonde began to explain that in the place where she came from there was a large tower called Eiffel Tower, which was a very important monument. She drew a picture of that building in the sand, and also said that Francis was her older brother, an artist too.

“My brother and I represent the place we live, France. So, we can’t die until our culture die , or being extinguished by a political tract too, and also the other ways that I told you. Well… Gil almost disappeared because of this. But now he lives with his siblings , they share and represent the same land now. I could say he’s so old as I.”
She stopped walking to think a bit. how many centuries had passed since she was “born”? And still, she had the appearance of a beautiful young woman.

“Hm… I think we, humans and Rythulians look alike, my friend. But humans can’t fly without machines. Also … Is there any machine here ?”
Could even the Rythulians seek for power making war and using machines for it  ? She couldn’t believe it, and hoped that the poison of ambition had not reached a nation so magical.

The desert was large and full of ruins, but that place was so huge … Francine imagined if there was large cities too. Cities imbued with that rare beauty. Oh, such a beautiful view …that civilization was indeed very wise. She was curious about it , and when they walked a little more, the frenchwoman saw a little monument in the sand, covered with Ancient Glyphs. It showed cloaked figures, doing some kind of duty.

“Are they your ancestors ?” 



He couldn’t help but continue to smile at her as he watched her take flight for the first time, making him feel truly happy for her. He could hear her laugh in excitement as she flew over him, reminding him of that same feeling he had so many years ago when he experienced his own first flight. It truly was a wonderful feeling. The moment she had landed he wasted no time and made his way to her, quickly reached over to take her hands as he began chirping exactly for her. “How was it? Did you enjoy yourself? It truly is a fun experience!” He laughed cheerfully.

Once the excitement quiet down for both of them, he began to listen to her attentively as she began telling him more of the world she had come from. He would try to image buildings like the Eiffel Tower she spoke off possibly look like, being taken by surprise by the drawings she made as he saw how different yet beautiful it looked. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. I would love to be able to someday see it!”

Scarfy continued to listen to her as they began walking once again, feeling more and more curious of her origins and home as she spoke more of it. He couldn’t help feel a bit uneasy at the thought of one’s life depending so much on your own culture, that if it were to disappear you wouldn’t really stand a chance to even attempt to move on. Though then again wasn’t that what basically happened to his people? Maybe they really aren’t that different. “..Machines?” He frowned at the question, feeling his chest tighten somewhat at the thought of those creatures that roam the undergrounds. He reminded quiet for a moment before slowly nodding. “There are.. but they are no longer a threat up here.” He glanced at the broken down war machine they passed, seeing big scarf growing out of it and a couple of small cloth fishes flying around it. If only those things were never brought up for such destruction..

He was momentarily lost in his own mind when he suddenly heard her speak up, bringing him back from his thoughts to look at the wall that stood out of the sand with notable glyphs in it. He hadn’t even noticed how far they had come from where they were just a while ago. Scarfy walked closer to it and simple stared at it, taking in the image of the people who used to live long before his time. “Yeah, I guess they are.” He had seen this image before, yet he always felt a bit curious and sad at the same time when he did. “I wonder how it must have been back then. Before things became how they are now Was it always sand? Or was there more before?” He looked down at the sand before looking back at the wall.