En dépit du soulagement que cela peut représenter de les savoir hors d'état de nuire, ne nous réjouissons pas de la mort de ces hommes, ils méritaient d'être jugés et de répondre de leurs actes.

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Micah and Nuire, "What did you expect would happen?"

“Kind of odd how we ended up this way.” Micah thought aloud.

He and Nuire were visiting; Micah was sitting in his chair, leaning it back with his feet on the table. One would think he’d have learned from the first time he did that around Nuire, but perhaps he forgot. Nuire, on the other hand, chose to stand next to him, rather than sitting. Like usual, the tall man had appeared out of black miasma that approached out of Micah’s view. Since then, they’ve been having talks and conversations that don’t always have a point to them. Regardless, Micah enjoyed the company.

Just prior to his words, however, there was a pause of silence. A point where there was nothing left of the previous conversation to bring up.

Nuire, turned his head towards him, showing no particularly warm expression but rather a cold, uncaring and maybe even angry one. This could be considered his neutral face, and Micah had since grown used to it. He wouldn’t yet respond to his statement, but he would look to him as if expecting him to continue.

“Given what happened when we met, that is.” Micah continued, giving him a glance. “We didn’t meet under ideal circumstances, nor was your stay here a pleasant one. I wasn’t blind to that. And yet now, here we are, talking like old friends. Certainly not something I expected.”

Nuire’s claw then raised, palm up, likely in thought. There was another pause, giving one the idea there would be no response. Micah accepted that possibility, going about his relaxation.

But then, the claw had taken the back of Micah’s chair, pulling it downward quickly but not letting go of it, preventing it from dropping to the floor. It might have been a playful motion, but it was enough to startle Micah. The gesture left him looking up at Nuire, whose inhumanly tall frame towered over him, looking directly at the man.

“What did you expect would happen?” Nuire asked, his voice even but almost thoughtful. “Did you expect some form of revenge? To harm you, as is my very name? Or, might you have assumed that you would be forgotten entirely, left all alone once more? Tell me, what would you have preferred?”

There he goes, again. All those questions and musings. The real question, though, was if he was being rhetorical or not. Micah paused then, thinking over the questions before deciding to assume the latter, giving the tall man a small, casual shrug.

“Who knows? I didn’t expect a puppet-creature to appear out of the form you took before that, or the vast difference in strength you turned out to have. Hell, I couldn’t have thought of this if I were psychic,” He replied, his arms crossing in a nonchalant way. “Not that I’m complaining. I prefer it this way.”

He would answer Nuire’s first question, but only half-answer his last. It ought to have been an obvious choice, even rhetorical– though, knowing Nuire, he may have really been curious.

Truth be known– or rather, not be known– Micah didn’t know which of those would be worse.

French notes

pas grande chose - not much (a good response to “what have you been up to?”)

“Or.. je pense..” = “Now… I think” (better in written language than spoken, can sound a bit pompous) ça me gêne pas - it doesn’t bother me provenir - to come from you can use the construction “comment + infinitive” for rhetorical questions. P.E: Comment le faire? = how [does one] do it? nuire is a verb that is only used with the pronouns “il/elle” and “ils/elles” ils font mal à … they harm… les voyages émettent (pronounced “ehm-et”) le voyage émet (pronounced “ehm-eh”) to give off (as in, to give off gas or to give off a smell): dégager, déverser, émettre. militant = activist répandu = widespread maillons = links in a chain vergers = orchards des vols à prix réduits/bon marché = cheap flights une frileuse = someone who is often cold (f) les factures = bills les dégâts = damages coup de soleil = sun burn transi = really cold (slang) quelconque means “or other” - as in “some place or other” and never changes to agree with masc/fem/plural ils se lassent de - they are fed up with ils ont marre de - they have had enough of eux-mêmes - themselves non plus - either (“they don’t run either”) baisser - to turn down (heating ect) revenir - to “come to” (the “devenir” for money!) ça revient cher! - It gets expensive!

Quand dans une de mes série, le chef empêche les 2 personnages principaux de vivre leur magnifique histoire d’amour (nan j’en rajoute pas) parce que ça risque de nuire à leur travail. (ouais, j’ai pas de vie alors je transpose, jugez moi)

Et c'est triste à dire,
mais je suis bloquée dans le passé.

C'est en train de me nuire
le vide que tu as laissé.

Dis moi comment agir,
face à mes sombres pensées.

J'ai pensé à courir,
pour essayer de te rattraper.

Le temps t'as fait mourir,
alors que j'aurais voulu te garder à mes cotés…


Bientôt 4 ans maintenant…
repose en paix petit soleil 💗

—  folledelavie