nui jaga

Friendly reminder that Tehutti and Ahkmou were actually friends before the whole Great Disk incident.

“My friend Ahkmou told me all about Nui-Jaga long ago, so I knew they didn’t come from Ga-Metru.”

– Tehutti, Mystery of Metru Nui

Naturally, it couldn’t last.

“No. No. No way. If you five want to risk your lives, go ahead, but count me out. I’m looking out for what’s most important: me.”

“Then go. If unity, duty, and destiny mean nothing to you, run back to Po-Metru, Ahkmou.”

“We’ll see each other again. Don’t worry. And then we will see just whose destiny will win out.”

– Ahkmou and Tehutti, Trial by Fire

Saddest story in BIONICLE, right here.


Rock Scorpion (Po-Jaga Nui..?)

Tried my best to make an ‘01-style Rahi, but on a bigger scale.

See that little black cog on top? Turning that from side to side makes his pincers and legs move. :D

Obviously inspired by the Nui-Jaga. Made an ‘02 style Garan to accompany him too.


All of my 2001 Rahi remakes with the CCBS (Character and Creature Building System), ya know, the pieces the current Bionicle sets use.

From left to right
-Nui-Rama Duo
-Ussal Crab and Fikou 
-Manas Crab

These are directly based of the original sets and aren’t really revamps, more like remakes since they have everything the original sets had (except for the cool functions of course).

The Kahu in the pictures is a little bonus because a friend of mine demanded that I made one, it’s not that great but it was also a last minute addition :p


Another revamped Rahi, the Nui-Jaga in both purple and light blue forms. A bit simpler build than it could be, because I wanted it to seem like it could be a real set. It comes in at 70 pieces, so it’d probably be a $15 set. The pieces sticking out of the claws are supposed to have rubber bands for a claw snapping gimmick, but I have no idea if that would actually work with this build. Ideally it would also have a different head mold.