diver-daddy  asked:

16(babbu), Nb, 5'2", grayish eyes and browny-grey hair with hipster nerd glasses. I draw fluffy ships and spend too much time crying over gay ANIME girls. Tbh a platonic Maccas date would be cool. Get a heck big box of nuggies and strawberry milkshake.

sych babbu, omg how dare u bribe me with my fav things

Rest in peace nxggie. It’s always a strange feeling when you feel like you’ve lost someone whether they’ve known you in real life or you’ve seen the insides and outsides of them via social media. I didn’t know you personally but you were such a light to the world, seeing you and Hosie together would just brighten my day. It’s a weird feeling, right? When you follow someone and they’re not even there anymore, gone. You’ll never see their name pop up on your feed again. You’ll never be updated on them again. But what will happen is that we’ll see posts from people who loved you, people who cherished you, people who needed you. We’ll remember you in good light. We just gotta remember that not everyone who comes off as happy is always genuinely happy. Sometimes the people who seem the happiest had the saddest hearts. Take it easy, Nug. You’ll finally be happy up there angel 👼