Hay personas que aun sin buscarlo o quererlo adquieren una extraordinaria importancia en la vida de los demás. Son hombres o mujeres que convocan mundos y crean paisajes, ventilan horizontes, desvían trayectorias biográficas.
—  Dolores Payás, Drink Time!

Early 90′s Achika

I’m a huge fan of Late 80′s early 90′s anime and animation. I”m a child of that time and I like to think that some of that stays with my work, even now.

So I did a b&w version of my little mascot character in a sort of 90′s anime style. Big eyes, painted facial marks, steam punk-ish plate metal armor, torn clothing, runes, elemental weapons, and dirty capes - that’s what I remember from the 90′s LOL

Thanks for viewing *_*



Lo que ha permanecido intacto, eso es, ése es el tesoro que reposa en el pasado, el tesoro ignorado que jamás tocamos, que jamás nos hemos dignado mirar y, por eso, se ha conservado íntegro, como entonces, sin que nadie lo sepa.
—  Heimito von Doderer, Retorno a la Juventud


[it’s Friday night and he’s out to get fucked up. and it takes him a lot to get drunk but he’s already managed to fall under the haze of intoxication. and now he has plenty of liquid bravado in him and he’s scoping out the club. he’s dressed in fairly tight jeans and a v-neck t-shirt that shows his collar bone, and there’s the slightest shine of sweat on his skin from the heat of the place.]