Mixtape made with lots of love for my fashion killa girlfriend

Track List
Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (GRIZ bootleg)
A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa
Falcons - Call Your Name (The Freshest x J. Cole x Missy)
Wantigga - Like That
Charlixcx - What I Like (feat. Danny Brown)
Grimes - Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Beyoncé - Partition
Clams Casino - She’s Hot
Ciara - Like a Surgeon (Evil Needle Remix)
The Zolas - Knot In My Heart (Nacey Remix)Pomo - Aerobix
Moon Struck - Two Inch Punch
Rhye - Woman (Eprom Remix)


Episode 2 feat Giles, Alicia, Nick, Lotte, Mie, Beckie, Mr Sweet, Team

video and interview from a live art event i was involved with in 2012, just found the finished video of the night. check it out

Nuff Jockeys Mixtape Volume 3 // PREMIUM

I’ve been traveling for the last two months and these songs were on some serious high rotation in my headphones. How good is having a musical soundtrack to go with all the new sights, smells and sensations of exploring new places. Now all those memories will be instantly triggered when I listen to these tracks, and what better way to listen to premium tunes than in a continuous, uninterrupted context. I hope you make your own exciting and inspiring memories to go with the spacious, bassy melodies featured here.

Mixtape Volume 3, all premium. Enjoy.

Track - Artist
Feel Me - Sweater Beats + Falcons Remix
Are you that somebody’s body party - Ben Aqua
Me & You (CRNKN Remix) - Cassie
Mad Sax - Guido
Kiss Kiss (Canblaster Remix) - Cashmere Cat
Nirvana (Two Inch Punch Remix) - Sam Smith
Will Calls (Diplo Remix) - Grizzly Bear
I’m God - Clams Casino
Coraz (Silent Rider Remix) - Camille
Phantasm feat Nicole Millar - Cosmo’s Midnight
If there’s time - ODESZA
I’m a flirt (Cyril Hahn Remix) - UZ x R Kelly

New track:

Had a lot of fun putting my own touch on a track that I’ve loved ever since I heard it. The message, the infectious good vibes, lyrics that articulate the paramount importance of having music in our lives. I’m really proud to have put this version together and to share it.

“Stand up, hands up, don’t sit down
Gather round everybody and get down
Slim, fat, white, black, all people
It don’t matter where you’re from where all equal.

All colours, all creed and gender
Races and faces please enter
To the centre of the floor surrender
To the sound of the music and it’s splendour”

What Makes a Good Mixtape

It’s phenomenal to be able to hear someone’s musical tastes within a coherent musical journey. Listening to mixtapes is satisfying because each song has the ability to take on a new form depending on its role within the mix as a whole. What was playing beforehand? Is there a satisfying lift or a nice mood change? Does it move in an unexpected direction? Part of good DJing is taking another artist’s sound and accentuating it with music that is both complementary and supportive. A quality mixtape can make you appreciate music you didn’t even know you liked.

Here is a small selection of some quality mixtapes that Nuff Jockeys has been thoroughly enjoying.

ODESZA - No.Sleep.Mix.01

This two person production team consists of BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid from Washington and Seattle respectively. In 2013 they released an unbelievable EP of original tracks called ‘My Friends Never Die’. Their sound is spot on - carrying on from that post R'n'B tinged luv step, trap sound with plenty of pop appeal. It’s really fresh, using pitched up vocal chops over chunky basslines, spacious beats and soaring, dreamy melodies. It was interesting to listen to the No Sleep Mix.01 (2 and 3 are also available) and hear where they are drawing inspiration from sonically. It all makes perfect sense. This mix is amazing.

Moods - ELEVATE Mix

I can listen to instrumental hip hop all day, every day. 'Nuff said. And this dude from the Netherlands has got the absolute Midas touch when it comes to making beats. In his words, his stuff is 'Moods Expressed In Music’. His ELEVATE mix is a great selection of really chilled out beats with minimal vocals. All tasty ambient hip hop beats.

mrcarmack - 7th and Los Angeles 12:57 AM

Continuing on the instrumental hip hop trajectory but taking it to a darker and more twisted place, is this mix from mrcarmack. A self-described 'independent asshole' he is paving his own musical pathway with 73,000 'followers’ and counting - myself included - enjoying the journey. I don’t know where these beats come from because there is no track listing, but who cares. It is progressive hip hop/electronic goodness that is mixed to perfection. This is a proper DJ set that moves through peaks and troughs, twists and turns, while maintaining an uplifting vibe through skillful selections that create a gradual build up and epic climax.

The amount of music freely available on the internet at the moment is totally overwhelming - so it makes a lot of sense to let someone else sift through the countless sources and hand it to you in an uninterrupted mix, ready to listen.

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