SF9 reacting to you wearing a bikini

a/n: this is my opinion, no harm done (requested)

Inseong: he’d be speechless. ‘Nuff said.


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Youngbin: touchy feely. Stares down the member who looks at you differently. His arms over your chest to protect you from evilllllll

“Y/n don’t go anywhere without me!”

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Jaeyoon: stutters things in english randomly. Always touches your hand. Takes sneak peeks of you every once in a while. But still thinks his butt is better than yours :)

“You can’t beat this-” *slaps his butt* 

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Sanghuyk (Dawon): screams at the member who talks to you 'differently’ (in his eyes). Touchy!!!!!!! Grabs ur butt cause that’s just a dawon thing to do.

“Ouch, stop it Dawon!”

“I can’t resist!!”

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Juho (Zuho): hidden intentions. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN HIM DANCE SEXILY AND SAYING “YES, YES, YES” WHEN THEY WERE ON THE IMMIGRATION???!!!) Please don’t give him the satisfactory of dancing sexily around you, you will die.


“No, Juho I don’t want to dance with u.”

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Seokwoo (Rowoon): shy shy shy. However, will be a hoe around you. Sends suggestive smirks and hot touches. Never leaving ur side bro, u’re hella lucky tonight.

*smirks at you*

“Stop it Rowoon u look ridiculous.”

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Taeyang: possessive baby. Observing his hyung’s actions like a hawk. Makes sure you have a towel when you get out of the water. Girl, he’ll always touch you istg.

“Tae, get ur hand off me it tickles.”

*removes his hand* *stealthily touches you somewhere else*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): dies because of your sexiness. He definitely will experience mixed feelings and will be very conscious of the members’ actions towards you. Stays close to you and comes up with jumbled conclusions when a member compliments your physique. But smiles and covers his mouth every time you hold his hand.

you: *holds hwiyoung’s hand*

hwiyoung: *dies inside*

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*chani plays with sand*

*you nudge him*

“Uh noona, uh nice clothes???????”

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On MariChat = trueself troupe and why it disregards the Adrien/Ladybug sides of these kids

Okay so please don’t misunderstand. I like MariChat, like they both have unrequited feelings for their love interest and well seem more comfortable talking to each other and all those cute MariChat stuff they do, but what I do disagree with is the idea that Marinette and Chat Noir are their true selves like Adrien and Ladybug are not.

Marinette and Ladybug

Ladybug is Part of Marinette’s True Self and well the current norm that says that she’s ”who she has to be”. Like, she’s being bound by this suffocating duty that is the lady. But it’s not like that at all. Marinette, as herself, is a dutiful person already. Her choosing to do this things she has to do is her thing and does not magically happen when she transforms into ladybug. If you notice in episode one, Marinette, in her civilian form, is a girl who can’t just leave people alone and has a sense of duty.

Look here in episode 1. Marinette could’ve just went full-mood googley eyes on Adrien and his photo shoot but she knows what she has to do and chooses it over what she wants. (if it weren’t even for Alya backing her, she wouldn’t have gone to the park at all and would’ve just stayed with Mamon at home.)

If it weren’t for Alya and Tikki convincing her, she would’ve definitely acted out her duty to go and babysit Mamon than to watch/be in Adrien’s photo shoot. Ah yes, who is a duty-centered hero who does the things she has to do? Oh yeah, Ladybug, oh yeah Marinette.

Also, in our lil’ MariChat episode, we also see the usual LadyNoir dynamics through them.

Mari was definitely acting in ways that Ladybug does. Like, her “I’m-so-done-with-all-your-flirting-Chat” face. And the fact that Ladybug has formed this good dynamics with Chat is also why MariChat has good interactions.But it’s just not these stuff. She also finds way to solve problems just as the lady usually does in her civilian form.

Like how she instructed Chat to go throw his baton in the Bubbler episode so that both of them would survive the fall, she uses her head to get out of the box with Chat’s help.

The thing is, when ladybug is being creative and smart and her utilizing the tools she has, isn’t just a ladybug thing. It’s a Marinette thing too because Marinette and Ladybug are just this one person and both of them are true reflections of her totality. And nope, that’s not all.

Mari is a type of girl who can’t seem to leave people alone like when Alix’s watch got broken. Heck, I think everyone would be scared of a pissed off Alix but Mari followed her and tried to talk it out. And how when everyone wanted to go replace Mylene, she was the one to who stood up for the kid. And how she let Adrien think that the scarf is from his dad to make the kid happy.That part of her that always wants to help and save people who are confused and are in need, that’s the part of her that makes her a good ladybug. She’s brave enough to point out wrongs or handle people who are on bad moods which most people would just run away from. She’s a good person and she’s not afraid to jump in this sea of chaos so she could stop it.

She knows her stuff. She can show her headstrong, confident side. She just needs the stage for it. (which she is given in her Ladybug form and we see each episode.)

But it’s just not Mari showing attributes like Ladybug. Ladybug also acts like Mari does.

Like in episode 2, she gets mad at Chloe for trying to get her hands on Adrien.

And you know what she does, she uses her lucky charm ability right in the middle of the episode where in all other episodes, it’s somewhere around ¾ of the episode before she uses it all for Chloe to leave Adrien alone. And yeah, if you don’t remember, she used her Lucky Charm a second time and Tikki had to recharge.

I mean look at her. She isn’t calm, collected and calculating here. She’s just plain annoyed out of Chloe, a usual Mari thing. And that’s because Ladybug doesn’t turn into this other person, this “who she has to be”, when she’s in hero form. She’s still the same Marinette.

The thing is, Ladybug isn’t some perfect lady who’s never wrong and is practically unreachable and untouchable. She can harbor negative emotions too. Well, not deep enough for an Akuma to possess her but still, she has her not-so-good-sides too, sides that Marinette has too.

Oh yes. Do not forget as ladybug, she is still in love with Adrien. She’s less flailing because yeah, duty calls but that doesn’t change the fact that as the Lady she doesn’t like him and the same goes for Adrien. It’s not fake just because they are fans of each other or like because Adrien isn’t that upbeat like Chat.

Look at this two. Look at them look each other like ‘holy shit, he’s/she’s in front of me. What do I do?’ And then you go tell me in the face that this is all fake just all because they wouldn’t have a comfortable dynamics like MariChat’s and would probably blush or stutter or something that wouldn’t be like the usual LadyNoir banter. Mari’s feelings for Adrien do not disappear when she becomes the Lady and so does Chat’s for Ladybug when he is Adrien.

Adrien and Chat Noir

Okay so let’s go to Adrien and Chat now. Chat and Adrien are a bit more far apart in terms of behavior in comparison to Ladybug and Marinette but that doesn’t mean one bit that a side of them is fake. The Adrien side is also part of Chat’s true self. We don’t usually see it because well, their attitudes seem a bit like opposites, given how chat is always talks and flirts and does all these embarrassing things and those puns but Adrien is a bit more reserved and is less expressive. (I’ve actually made a theory on why they are different but it’s on another post, On Adrien Acting differently from Chat, if you are interested.)

There are times when you see each other sides of them too. This is how Adrien/Chat looks like when thinking about the Lady.

Look at him in awe. Look at him think about the Lady and have that smile on his face the same way in both his forms.

Here we have Adrien being annoyed and shouting like “nyaaaa” because plagg is stuck with Chloe’s bracelet.

Which he also coincidentally did too as Chat Noir in an earlier episode with the Alix incident when Ladybug yet again rejected him.

Oh and Chat Noir’s hand on hips habit

It’s an Adrien thing too.

And yes, he’s just as much a Ladybug dork as Adrien and as Chat.

I mean, he probably planned this. Like, how he heroically swoops in and tells her that he loves her. He thought of that and planned that as Adrien. I mean, how the heck can you say that Adrien is fake? He’s probably planning and thinking about ways on how to come on to ladybug and thinks that acting all cool and flirty is the way. Why would you say he is fake and that Cat is this wonderful true self thing? Point is both of them are true. Adrien, the nice guy is a real and important part of himself just as much as Chat is.

Where do you think he gets all those rad moves from? *wink wink*


MariChat is a good ship but NO it is not a good ship because they can be their ‘true selves’. I do agree that it has it charms. Among all the sub-ships of LadyNoir, it is the one where the charas can probably talk it out without feeling awkward around each other (except for well LadyNoir since they are partners and all) and it’s the only sub-ship where the other doesn’t harbor (hasn’t realized their) feelings for each other and could therefore go through the falling in love process much easier.

Still though, keep in mind that Ladybug and Adrien as just as true as Marinette and Chat are. They aren’t fake and aren’t the “who I’m supposed to be” only kind of thing and are restrictions to who they are. I do understand that, yes, they are more bound by duty than Chat and Marinette are but acting out the things you have to do doesn’t make you fake.

It’s not like Adrien is a expressionless robot. He smiles at girls and got mad at Chloe that one time when she went too far and shows his remorse every time his dad lets him down and does all this dude stuff with Nino. He’s not as hyper as Chat Noir but it doesn’t make his Adrien persona a mere facade. It just means he are a civilized human being who knows what you gotta do or is probably just not comfortable to show his more upbeat side to most people.

As for ladybug, she ain’t a different person from Mari. It’s not an on and off switch between them. We’ve seen sides of Marinette, as Marinette and not in her superhero form, that Adrien loves about Ladybug and are actually an inherent marinette thing and not something that just appears when she’s the Lady. We’ve seen her strong sides even without the mask so why in the world would you guys say that Mari = trueself and Ladybug is some kind of a forceful role to her? Because it’s not. She does not view her Lady side as some restriction. She’s ladybug inside and out, with or without her mask.

I’m gonna end this soon because it’s almost midnight and I have things to do too. To put it simply, it is not so that one of the other personas of Mari/Lady and Adrien/Chat is their true self. Both are part and important to make a whole that is their true self. It is just that they aren’t given lots of situations that let them use this side of them. We don’t see much of goofy, dorky Adrien probably because he’s uncomfortable being like that to a lot of people. Christ, the kid has been home-schooled. What do you expect? And yes, probably due to work too. And Marinette just needs situations where she could show her confident and creative side. Like the hat contest, the horrificator movie and all those times she tried to fix the problems when no one would the same way Ladybug saves the day when Akumas appear.