Character lineups for “Nueverso: Origins - Ariete!!!”

I’m working on a comic involving these characters.

I did the character designs for most of these characters and they are all part of a super heroes-heroines world called “Nueverso” created by Pablo “Optimus” Praino.

He wrote the Origins of the super heroe/heroines characters he created and he offered me to do this character’s origin story in a 6 page short comic.

Script/Story/Characters-Pablo Praino :Tumblr / Twitter / FB / Blog / DA

Artwork-Camila Fortuna: / Twitter / DA

Something I started for my buddy Hyoga

This is his character “Miss U” from his upcomic comic “Nueverso” that revolts around heroes, mutants and just crazy fun stuff.

I wanted to make a pair pic for this pic I made for him more than a year ago of his other character “Ariete”, you can see the pic here

I like how the pose came out, I don’t do as near as much hero/heroine art as I did a couple of years back when I started on tumblr but it’s always on my mind and heart =)


A long overdue gift for my buddy Hyoga.

This is one of his heroine characters from his heroes and villains univese called “Nueverso”

Other Nueverso works I’ve done:

More about Nueverso:

Script/Story/Characters-Pablo Praino :

Tumblr / Twitter / FB / Blog / DA / Youtube

Page 1 Preview for “Nueverso: Origins - Ariete!!!” Comic

As yo can see, this took a lot of work, specially for such short comic, but I think it worked for me this way. I’ll try more sketchier ways to get the work done faster too so I can make more comics =).

I’m not posting the whole comic online nor with text, I’ll post further cropped previews but the comic will be available anytime soon along with other short comics by other artists in case you’re interested. Character Lineups previously posted

Script/Story/Characters-Pablo Praino :Tumblr / Twitter / FB / Blog / DA

Artwork-Camila Fortuna: / Twitter / DA