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Ok so everyone has heard about the new policy with enlistment but it seems that people are making stuff up about whats really going to happen. They are not getting sent to war, they are not being forced into anything and no one has attacked the country.

Honestly as a Korean(Im not speaking for all of us) you get used to it bc hey everyone does it not just idols, you go w/ the person to drop them off say bye/see you later/call me then go back home no tears nothing.

Im trying to say please stop over exaggerating it. Your “oppa” isn’t getting sent into an active warzone its literally just a boot camp. NOW LISTEN. IF something were to happen and we need an army then it may be dangerous/scary but a good majority of the time they just do their training then get stationed somewhere like a police station/base camp. NOTHING BAD/DANGEROUS HAPPENS.

Its mainly just a precaution that if anything were to happen to Korea(seeing as were not on good terms with some countries like NK) we have people trained and ready to be sent off. Unlike countries like America where if something happens your name is randomly chosen(if its in the database) even with no training.

My brother and father were both active in the army(Korean and American) they did 6+ months of bootcamp then were stationed(my dad was in Daegu my brother in Nevada) unless a country attacks they stay at their station for the mandatory amount of time then they get options 1. You can either willingly stay in the army and help or 2. You can honorably discharge. My brother left and went to college while my dad stayed, now my dad served for almost 10 years and only got sent into an active warzone THREE(3) times. He is now a veteran and working as a chef.

The ONLY time they will be sent into war is if absolutely necessary not “just because”. I know some other Koreans may not agree with me on the “its not that bad” standpoint because we all have separate opinions but please do not worry. Your fave kpop star will be ok, just as the rest of the men doing service with them. Please do not make posts saying that they are in danger, making false posts about their wellbeing or scaring people into thinking someone had attacked and that they will be stationed there.

As much as I want to marry my bias(even though I want to but anyways) in reality I just want to become friends with them. Like going to the mall with them, playing video games, watching movies, painting our faces, eating animal crackers.

I think that would be nice. I want to become friends with them.


So idk if you all know imma tiny late to this wonderful kpop world (I’m talking the last year..exactly the day BTS- Fire was released BUT THATS A WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY ILL WRITE OUT SOME OTHER TIME) but hearing about Beast rebranding as Highlight and having such a huge success with it made me happy. I honestly watched the MVs not knowing they were formally Beast… which I guess made it special because I fell in love without knowing their past. But, as I got filled in by my friends I got really saddened hearing their story. It’s unfortunate I entered this world as eras were shifting. I was lucky enough to see CL in concert before 2NE1 broke up and but that was just the first thing to happen. 10 years with Bigbang happened and TOP went off to the military, I fell in love with Winner before learning Taehyun left, I was so enthralled to find the Wonder Girls.. a badass girl band! But they disbanded as well. I’m currently watching Produce 101 and hearing the members of Nu'est admit they were close to disbanding shattered my heart. Learning about the whole BAP-TS battle I learned while watching their One Fine Day and I cried so much. The tragedy that happened with Ladies Code and the members leaving EXO I learned quickly getting into the kpop world, I’m sad it ended the way it did. I’m sure there’s a shit ton more I don’t even know about, but the purpose of this post is to acknowledge that, to the kpop fans who’ve been through it all, I can’t imagine being through that with the people you love the most and I really hope this new generation of kpop brings so much good. I may never know about how legendary TVXQ or H.O.T really was, or ever quite understand why everyone thinks SM is a bully to their idols, or even learn to love some groups before they leave, but I promise you, im going to try my best to learn it and appreciate what I have. Dang right I’m going to watch Shinwhas 18th anniversary special on vlive, and fuck yeah I’m gonna vote the shit out of Atom from Topp Dogg on produce 101, because they’re an underrated group who’s been around much longer than I have and they deserve that much.

Anyways. Now my little rant is over and I’m sharing this song because I just had a little cry over learning Beast’s last album was called Highlight and I think it really represents what I’m trying to say. I never loved Beast. I learned about them today. But I’m gonna support this new era called Highlight with my whole kpop heart and I hope you guys can do the same with me.



  • Daehyun:
    • Bunnies and Blind Dates (M): You go on a blind date but your date turns out to be pretty familiar. Your date starts out sweet but gets pretty spicy after you two get caught in the rain. 

Block B:

  • Zico:
    • Stormy Night (M): You have a fight with your boyfriend about why he has been getting home so late, misunderstandings get cleared up, and you get a few surprises along the way.
    • Bad Girl (M): Zico has had enough of your teasing. He put up with it in the morning and all through the day but come night time it’s time for pay back.
    • Shattered Glass and Roses: After waking up with a bit of memory loss and your engagement ring missing you know that Zico is going to be furious with you. You just hadn’t realized how bad things really were.
    • Eureka (M): During a Block B concert, Zico throws a water bottle out into the audience and hits you right in the head, knocking you out unconscious, but he makes it up to you backstage. 


  • Jin
    • A Day At The ZooA day out with your husband Jin and your daughter at Seoul Zoo
  • Member x Member
    • Pillow Fight <3 (M): Jimin sneaks into Hoseok’s apartment for a little fun, but things get a little crazier than he expects (J-Hope x Jimin).
    • My Underwear (M): Suga has stolen Jungkook’s underwear yet again, but this time Jungkook catches him. As he tries to get it back things get a bit heated (Suga x Jungkook).
  • Threesomes
    • Let Me Show You (M): Both Jimin and Jin like you so they fight for you, but you end up pleasing both (You x Jin x Jimin).
    • Problem With Passion (M): You’re practicing for a dance competition with your partners but you just can’t quite get things right. Looks like there’s a little more to practice than just the dance steps (You x Jungkook x Junior from GOT7).


  • Mark
    • Shall We? (M): Mark sings ‘confession song’ to you and when y'all get home it gets ‘intense’.
    • My Werewolf Boyfriend (M): You’re a detective at a police academy sent to investigate a murder scene, but when you see the body, you have a feeling you know who the culprit is, and he’s not too happy with you, either.
    • Perfect (M): You and Mark have finally decided it’s time to lose your virginity to each other.
  • JB
    • Confession Love: You receive a mysterious red letter inviting you to meet a secret admirer. As you question who it is you wish it’s your best friend JB.
    • Merry Christmas, Elf! (M): Today is not only Christmas, but also your birthday, and what better way to spend it than with your boyfriend, JB?
  • Jackson
    • Hashtag Selfie (M): Jackson catches you looking at pictures of him on your bed and is more than happy to cure your sexual frustration.
  • Junior
    • The Graduation Present (M): You just graduated college and Junior has a few surprises for you.
    • Officer? (M): You get pulled over for speeding, but your cop gives you more than just a ticket.
  • Youngjae
    • Look At Me (M): Your boyfriend, Youngjae, has been spending a lot of time playing video games lately, but you discover a way to tear his eyes from the screen.
  • Member x Member
    • Thanks for Always Being There for MeToday is JB’s birthday, but his girlfriend just broke up with him a few days ago, so now he has no plans. Maybe the mysterious person knocking on the door could make JB feel better on this special day (JB x Jackson).
  • Threesome
    • Problem With Passion (M): You’re practicing for a dance competition with your partners but you just can’t quite get things right. Looks like there’s a little more to practice than just the dance steps (You x Junior x Jungkook from BTS).

Jay Park

  • Demon of the Night (M): A packed club full of sexy guys and girls is the perfect setting for a demon to sneak off with their next victim the question is who will it be? 


  • Member x Member
    • Lustful Destruction (M): JR an angel and Ren a demon have a chance meeting and share a forbidden night together (JR x Ren).


  • Threesome
    • Playful ParanoiaSome playful games and drinking turns into a much wilder night shared between friends. 
  • Member x Member


  • Taemin
    • How About We Take the Fun to My Place? (M): You and Taemin are at the club, and you guys are dancing together. Things get heated, so he takes you home.
    • Under the Stars (M): You get a surprise visit as you are gazing at the stars, but Taemin has more to offer than just his presence. PART 2 (M)


  • N
    • Dirty Girl (M):  N storms into the practice room completely infuriated by you, but you find a way to calm his anger.
  • Leo
    • Score! (M): After an intense game of water polo with the other VIXX members, you take Leo into the locker room to confess your feelings for him.
    • Defiance (M): You hear Leo rustling in his chains as you happen to walk by his prison. Curious, you go inside to find out why he’s being so noisy, but Leo won’t give into your demands so easily. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up” music video.
    • Save Me: You have a little trouble with some crazy fans while grocery shopping but Leo swoops in to save the day.
    • Your Highness (M): Leo comes back from a mission with unsatisfactory results, so now he has to make it up to you.
  • Ken
    • I Am an Accidental Bride (Series)// Part 1// Part 2 (M)// Part 3: In a crazy turn of events you end up taking the place of your mistress in her arranged marriage to a Prince.
  • Ravi
    • Love, Hate, and Library Nights (M): Ravi is your arch nemesis but he has a secret hold on you. All that sexual tension finally gets discovered during a late night study session.
    • Learning Curve (M): Getting paired up for an assignment with someone who annoys you doesn’t seem like the best way to start but maybe he’ll have a thing or two to teach you. 
  • Hongbin
    • That’s Right. Good Boy (M): You are Hongbin’s mistress, so you decide to go into his cell and have some fun with him. Based off VIXX’s “Chained Up”.
  • Threesome
    • New Years Resolution (M): Dancing in a club on New Years Eve and Sharing two hot guys (Hongbin and Ravi). What could be better?
  • VIXX Adventures (Series)

My NU'EST (뉴이스트) Kpop Album Collection
[please ignore the BTS albums 😸] The albums I have are: Face, Action, Hello 여보세요, Sleep Talking 잠꼬대, Re:birth, I’m Bad, Q is and Canvas. I don’t own any of their Japanese CDs yet 😭 and I have no idea when they will release another album. If it weren’t for Produce 101 they would probably have a comeback soon!
Please support them on Produce 101. Voting starts April 7th @ 11pm KST. You will need an Mnet account, so make sure you have at least one prepared in advance. You can also vote for the boys daily on 101maboy using your Facebook account. 101maboy votes will help win some rewards for the boys.

[160425] NU’EST Ameblo Update

Two People in Love
Everyone!! This is Minhyun!!
We Went to Odaiba at lunch today!!
We met a amazing couple in Odaiba!!
I wish both of them eternal love!!
Cr: Rainb0wMiLLi