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[160425] NU’EST Ameblo Update

Two People in Love
Everyone!! This is Minhyun!!
We Went to Odaiba at lunch today!!
We met a amazing couple in Odaiba!!
I wish both of them eternal love!!
Cr: Rainb0wMiLLi

I honestly don’t understand what is so god damn funny about those kpop gender quizzes. As a person who prefers being androgynous above anything else, I find it extremely humiliating. 

Very few idols have spoken about being misgendered, but the ones who are most often misgendered are Amber, Ren and Luhan. Both Amber and Red have spoken about it, Amber has even confessed to be verbally harassed because people misgender her. I honestly find it heartbreaking to hear how Luhan often says that he is “a manly man”… 

Those quizzes are wrong on so many levels and you should be ashamed for even thinking it’s funny or entertaining…